standard technology

mirror/reflective healing technology;
the ability for energy to replicate and mimic and mirror itself;

< Teacher 2 > It is called - thanks to Saint-Germain - Standard Technology. It is sometimes also referred to on our side as "mirror" or "reflective" technology and the principle is very simple. We'll take you through an experience first and then describe it.

< Teacher 2 > Feel... and we're saying the word "feel" very specifically here, it's not about forcing... feel one healthy cell in your body. Any cell - pick it. Just feel it. Observe it. Don't try to change it. Don't run from it. Just feel a healthy cell. Feel it's resonance. Perhaps it was just created in the last day or two. Feel its vitality. We're talking here... we're not talking trying to visualize... we're talking feel, and we say the word very specifically. This is not a mental activity, we're asking you to feel that healthy cell in your body.

< Teacher 2 > It is filled with life force energy. That healthy cell is here to serve you. It is. It's one of billions of cells, here to serve your biological needs. Feel its essence. It's here, it has an assignment, it knows what to do. It knows how it interrelates and communicates within itself. Feel how it communicates, this cell. You don't have to have a science background here, by the way. Feel how the cell communicates with itself.

< Teacher 2 > Take a breath and feel how this cell communicates with the other cells that are contained within the organs, the blood and the tissue of your body. This healthy cell is in perfect, perfect order and within the healthy cell is all of the information about every other cell in your body - about every atom, about every energy wave. In this one cell is the information about every organ, every hair, every drop of blood. It's all contained in this one cell, and this one cell can communicate efficiently with every other cell, every other organ, every other part of your body.

< Teacher 2 > This one cell that you are feeling right now is healthy and happy and knows what it should do. It's a standard, you see. It's a standard for every other cell - every other part of your living biology. This one cell that has this wonderful living energy and healthy energy can, if you allow it to, communicate with every other cell in your body. And it can send out a radiant Standard Technology energy that says, "I am healthy. I am vital. I am here serving the Master" - who is you - "and you (other cells) can do the same." So every unhealthy cell in your body can hear this if you let it.

< Teacher 2 > These things are happening regardless of you, but you're not letting them manifest. You put together a barrier or a wall that keeps it from happening. But you're going to take that down now, if you choose, and let that one standard cell now communicate with every other cell about health and harmony, flowing life force energy. Every other cell, every strand of DNA, every part of your biological beingness can hear this. Let it. Let it happen. Let that one standard cell communicate to every other cell and sing its song of health, of life.

< Teacher 2 > This is for you Shaumbra, and this is healing. Forget everything else, unless of course you want to make it complex. This is healing. You see, we call it reflective or even mirror healing because the other cells in your body can pick up this example of the healthy cell, the cell that you are intimately feeling, and they can start picking up the resonance of health also. You have cancer? It can clear the cancer out of your body in a very short period of time and it can do it naturally, without the invasiveness of some of the human techniques right now that are designed to kill, not to exemplify. A standard cell, in this case, can heal the entire body.

< Teacher 2 > The Standard Technology works with everything in your life. Take a moment here; imagine yourself in an experience that you have had, driving down the road by yourself in a car, enjoying the moment, enjoying the peacefulness and the tranquility, just getting away for a while, being with yourself. Feel that energy for a moment. Perhaps you are singing. You feel so good. Oh, there might be all these other human issues surrounding you but you feel good so you can sing for a moment, driving in the car all by yourself ... feel that moment. This is a consciousness moment. It is a bit different than the biological example we just gave. Now we're moving into consciousness, a different type of energy.

< Teacher 2 > So feel that energy. It is consciousness. That consciousness about being happy with yourself and content in the moment is a Standard Technology. It is a Standard Energy. Now, this Standard consciousness has the same ability as the cell example we just used. You can use this energy of pure delight and happiness with being a human on Earth, in your safe and sacred space. Consciousness is interrelated in much the same way that cells are interrelated.

< Teacher 2 > Every moment of consciousness, every measure of consciousness, contains within it the essence of all of your other consciousness. Every moment, every measure of consciousness, can communicate or connect to every other part of your consciousness. It's not like a submarine. The various compartments are not sealed off from each other, but you've allowed yourself to believe that they were. You've separated consciousness. It's all the same, it's all interrelated.

< Teacher 2 > If you take this one fine moment... maybe not a profound, you know, type of moment where you have cosmic consciousness, but just a simple, beautiful human moment... this becomes the example. This becomes the standard for your consciousness. And you can let it now radiate out into all of the rest of the parts of your consciousness, and it can send the same signal to them. If you want to be happy, if you want to be peaceful, if you want to love yourself: "I am the way; I am the example; I am the standard for happiness within myself." That single moment of consciousness now has an impact on all of the other consciousness.

< Teacher 2 > Yes, the piece of consciousness over here that says "Life sucks, I had a bad day, I just got fired"... you see you have that in your consciousness field. It exists. You separate it and segment it from your "feel good, singing in the car consciousness." You've created different boxes and compartments for them so they don't even talk or communicate any more. But now you can use this Standard Technology. It is very simple - very simple physics - to reflect out on every other part of your consciousness.

< Teacher 2 > Take that moment of winning something... perhaps in the lottery, perhaps at a casino, perhaps through the mail... that is a moment of consciousness, what I would call a point of separation, where a variety of energies come together at the same time to create a happening - a point of separation. If you feel that moment of abundance and joy, that can become a Standard Technology also, that communicates with all of the other parts of your consciousness that may be feeling lack, may be feeling closed off, may be restricting your pipeline of flow of abundance in your life. That one moment can be used to radiate and shine out to the others. You've had it all the time. You just haven't used it. You've blocked it. You haven't let it permeate to the rest of your consciousness.

< Teacher 2 > Consciousness, when put into the human body in the human dimension, has a way of establishing for itself patterns, and you've been involved in those. Much like the old records had a groove in them, a pattern in them that created the vibration that created the sound. Consciousness in the human form is much the same way, it tends to follow patterns. That is why you continue to... if you're having problems in your life, you tend to continue having problems until something so overwhelming happens that you change out of the old pattern.

< Teacher 2 > You can use a standard example, a Standard Technology, to recreate the patterns in the way that you choose to create them. You don't have to get into your brain about this. You don't have to struggle. You don't have to have all of these complex methods and systems. Other humans may want those or need them right now, but you can come to what Saint-Germain calls the Standard Technology.

< Teacher 2 > It's always been there. This isn't a new tool, but it's been neglected, forgotten, downtrodden. It's been pushed away because you have been giving your energy balance away for so long. You didn't want to even know that there was something so simple, so sweet. You were so busy that you didn't want to take a look at what really works.

< Teacher 2 > Your ability, with the Standard Technology, can literally cure cancer in another person - if they let it - because their consciousness and their inner self is going to see what you have done and they are going to start reflecting it, mirroring it or mimicking it, within themselves. Your clearing of things that don't serve your body is going to start occurring within them as well.

< Teacher 2 > This Standard Technology is profound and simple. Some of you are going to argue with it or have a difficult time because you want a complex system. You're in the wrong place. You're in the wrong time. We're going to keep it simple. We're going to talk about some of the most profound what you would call healing, but it isn't healing at all. It is just re-balancing, the most profound. It doesn't involve any complexity. It is simplicity.

< Teacher 2QA > The ability for energy to replicate and mimic and mirror itself. We call it now Standard Technology because you set a standard of energy. You choose that standard of energy and then use it, to set the example for everything else. It has been used since the beginning of creation, the beginning of the omniverse. Notice how galaxies mirror other galaxies, they have many of the same components? They each may rearrange their energies in a bit different way, but they are essentially examples or reflections of each other. Planets and stars - very much the same way. Life works like this. Creation works based on previous examples and then it builds on it and expands it. This is a very natural flow of energy.

< Teacher 2QA > But now, as Shaumbra, we add in New Energy. We're no longer just recreating by example. We're using example as a foundation and a basis, but we're opening up or expanding the ability of the example to expand much more rapidly and much more inter-dimensionally, you see. That literally takes you off of a linear path and puts you on an expansional path. You're still using the example of something in your body, in your consciousness or anything, as your base ingredient for new creation, but now you're letting it expand and go even further. Plus, with your use of gnost, it allows the whole process to be done more energetically efficient. It'll happen faster, bigger and much more efficiently.

< Teacher 2QA > It shouldn't be anything that you have to struggle with, it should be a joy. It shouldn't be a discipline, it should be something that you are choosing to do as a creator and wanting to do. Watch how this simple example of a healthy cell has a profound impact on the rest of your body. While you're doing this process stay out of the head. Don't try to control it. Don't try to manipulate it. Don't try to say that this "healthy example" has to go to a specific area, for instance your knees or your shoulders or any other place. If you've been having particular health problem in a certain part of your body, don't force or direct this radiant standard energy to go just to that place.

< Teacher 2QA > You're letting it flow naturally. It may end up going to your fingertips first, for energetic reasons. It may end up going to other places. Usually the source of the ache or pain - or where you're feeling it - is actually not where it's actually originating from. You just happen to be feeling it there. There are energy conduits and energy highways in your body. What you're doing is allowing the standard energy to flow appropriately. You don't have to control anything. You simply create.

< Teacher 3 > In this safe and sacred space we're going to take a standard, to use the Standard Technology of pure consciousness. Now, here's the challenge: you're going to want to try to figure it out - and you can't. Sounds a bit like gnost, and it is. They are related. They are relatives.

< Teacher 3 > Pure consciousness has no agenda but it has passion. Pure consciousness has clarity. Pure consciousness doesn't need direction or control. It is in a constant state of evolving and growth. Pure consciousness is the antithesis of conflict. We'll talk about conflict in a moment. Pure consciousness is beyond mind thought description, but it can be felt. It can be experienced.

< Teacher 3 > This single pearl of consciousness, allowed to make its way into your reality - in other words, your acknowledgment - then has the potential to upgrade or to rejuvenate all of your other consciousness. It sets a standard. It has purity and balance. It is in a state of expansion, constant rejuvenation. It has clarity and is not burdened by old patterns. So now that comes in to your life as a standard, as a reflection into every other part of your consciousness.

< Teacher 3 > Your other part of your consciousness has been in your brain, in your mind, in this relational database that you have. Consciousness that you exist in right now is based on belief systems more than anything else. It is a series of belief systems: beliefs in right and wrong; God; self; humanity; beliefs in how much you can push yourself; how smart you are; all of these other things. A myriad of belief systems at the top level that then create themselves, as you would say, moving downwards to create physical reality and, ultimately, your experience within that physical reality.

< Teacher 3 > So as this standard of consciousness (pure consciousness) moves in from the suspended realms, the realms where you haven't gone in a long time, and it comes down; let it, for a moment, radiate to every one of your belief systems. Let it radiate to every thought that you've had today. Every thought you've had today. Let it radiate to every experience that you've had today, based on your thoughts and your beliefs.

< Teacher 3 > And now, let this standard of consciousness technology radiate into the rest of your potentials of this day. The rest of your potentials. You think your day is laid out, you think you know what the rest of your day is going to hold. That's a belief and that was a limitation. Now let your pure consciousness radiate to the potentials for the rest of this day.

< Teacher 3 > Deliberately and wisely, this process of radiance of the Standard Technology works - what you would call - slowly. Works with the rhythms and the cycles that are taking place. The rhythms of your own biology, the rhythms of your mind. Your mind has a definite and deliberate set of rhythms that it follows. The Standard Technology works with the rhythms of the sun and the moon, the rhythms of Earth itself, the rhythms of the planets. It's not controlled by it, but works with it. Your human identity is a byproduct of rhythms and patterns: of beliefs, thoughts and experiences.

< Teacher 3 > So the Standard Technology of consciousness, the purity of consciousness (fourth element), is so wise it knows how to work with those rhythms. It understands that at the core those rhythms are also wanting to evolve. They're also wanting to increase their consciousness. So the Standard Technology of consciousness doesn't come in and blow apart the old patterns and rhythms. It works with them. It radiates under the rhythms of your physical body, for instance, knowing that your body is on a pattern of cycles and gets into that cycle right with you. And then, once it's in there, starts helping to evolve that cycle. Maybe helping the cycle to understand that it's not needed anymore.