< Teacher 2 > You see, gnost is the antithesis of busy. They are opposites. You can either be gnost or you can be busy. Gnost takes care of so much of it for you. It takes care of all the busy-ness and the running to and from. Gnost brings the energies to you. Gnost simplifies the most complex situations. Use gnost. As dear Jean said in her tee-shirt: "Got Gnost?" Should get it - it's a good thing!

< Teacher 2 > Humans get busy for a wide variety of reasons. They think they have to. They're told - by their parents, their teachers, their employers - they have to be busy all the time. But the real reason is humans stay busy because they don't want to have to take a look at the reality of their life. So they stay busy. It keeps them from having to look at things. They justify it by saying, "I am busy so therefore I must be doing my job. I must be worthy of being here on Earth."

< Teacher 2 > Humans use the busy-ness as an excuse for not looking at their hearts and their desires, their needs. They use busy-ness for a reason not to look at the beauty of life. They use busy-ness for not looking in at the beauty of their spirit. So they are always busy running around, going here and there, and the only time they take a moment is when they're totally exhausted at the end of the day. Shaumbra, you don't need to be busy anymore and you don't need to work hard. Work gnost! Be gnost. Gnost is a beautiful energy. It is yours. It doesn't come from your Correspondent, doesn't come from anybody else, it has always been yours. It is the answer. It is the simplification of any situation.

< Teacher 2 > In using gnost instead of busy-ness, you will become much more efficient. Saint-Germain would venture to say that ... I'm having to check with him here ... 92.5% (laughter) of your energy is inefficient, is absolute wasted energy. With using gnost, you're going to become much more efficient and, like Kuthumi, you're going to become much simpler. Life will get much easier.

< Teacher 2 > With all of this extra energy efficiency you have, you're going to be able to create. Sometimes we know you complain to us and you say, "But Tobias you talk about creation, you talk about being these bountiful creators and yet nothing happens." You're too busy. You're too busy, the energies have no way of getting to you and you have no way of being efficient in your creator energy.

< Teacher 2 > Shaumbra, let go of the busy-ness. We're going to remind you - and your Correspondent is going to be reminding you - if you are getting too busy, you're not being efficient. Then it is time to take that deep breath, bring gnost in - your gnost, not anybody else's - let gnost go to work for you, streamline and make your situation much more efficient. Much more. Continue to use it on a daily basis. In 30 days, Shaumbra, your energy will go from being 92.5% inefficient down to about 73.1%, according to Saint-Germain.

< Teacher 2 > It's always been there. This isn't a new tool, but it's been neglected, forgotten, downtrodden. It's been pushed away because you have been giving your energy balance away for so long. You didn't want to even know that there was something so simple, so sweet. You were so busy that you didn't want to take a look at what really works.