creation / creating

giving birth to something and let it flow and evolve, expand, express;
expressionmanifestationaspects of yourself;

< New Earth 3 > You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness any more. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

< New Earth 6 > Now there was a question at the core or the center of All That Is. There was a yearning for a type of creative expression that came forth. And to help manifest and to help understand Creation, this physical universe of yours was created. And the question to be understood was that of polarity or balance or one of opposites. Again, this is somewhat difficult to bring forth in human language. So this place of Earth was created. Indeed this entire universe was created, but it was known that the ultimate experience would take place on your Earth. Now each of you here has created and been in many other parts of the universe and other universes. But when this call came out for those to come to Earth, all that are here agreed to do this.

< New Earth 8 > These are the ones that we will call "runners." They are the entities that gladly and joyfully serve you, gladly and joyfully serve you. And when you command, when you intend and you create, they are the ones that will move energies in response to your intentions, appropriately on the other side of the veil. They are needed on a somewhat short-term basis for you, for you are still not used to working with the other side of the veil. You will learn soon, but you are still under the veil. These runners, these loving entities, will be in service to you.

< New Earth 8 > The more you work with your own Christ energy, the more you learn the power that lies within it, the more adept you will become. The runners are there in service to you, to help you carry out committed intent. You will begin to see your creation happen quicker as you begin to voice committed intent and the runners begin to serve you.

< New Earth 8 > It is time for each of you to begin creating. It is not time to sit back in the chair and do nothing. It is a time for each of you to begin the true work that you came in for, and we use the word work, but there will be joy in it. There will be joy as you help (guiding) others. There will be joy, teachers. And each of you are teachers in guiding others. There will be competence as you begin to guide them. There will be a knowingness within you. You will see fast results, for you are now beginning to bring in the new power to help you work both sides of the veil.

< New Earth 8 > It is a time of creation. It is a time of new adventure for each of you, but it is a totally new empowerment also. You cannot fail in this, for the energy does not even allow for that. You can simply do nothing, but you cannot fail. Do not be afraid of using the energy.

< New Earth 8 > As we mentioned in our last group of sessions like this, the energy of the new Earth is different in that you can sit upon your bike each morning and the environment will change around you. That is meant to say that everything appropriate will be brought to you. You do not need to go out in search for it. All things appropriate from this moment forward will be brought to you. Then it is up to you to open up the energy of the Christ consciousness and to begin creating.

< New Earth 8 > What is it that you should create? You will know, my friends, when you ask yourself, when you ask yourself what it is that you should do. Look around you from this moment on, that everything is appropriate. There are no mistakes. There are no coincidences. Look at each situation and ask "what brings it to you?" A person comes into your life, ask their Higher Self, ask within your being "why is this person being brought to me?" And you will have an answer. Perhaps not immediately. It may take some time but as you learn to work with your own empowerment, it will happen faster and faster. It will amaze you how fast it will happen.

< New Earth 9 > Your emotions in the new energy will be quite different. There will not be the reason nor the necessity to understand the light and the dark, for, my friends, remember at the core of things, the core of creation, a unity has taken place once again. There is no reason in your new energy to continue understanding or playing the light against the dark. Your emotions now will be free to begin true creation.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< New Earth 9QA > In the new energy there is not the cause and effect that you have been used to in the past. In the past you have called this "karma" at times. You have been playing in the old energy between the energies of light and dark to help understand the balance. In the new energy it is not cause and effect. It is INTENT and CREATION.

< New Earth 9QA > This is an area where we do not know the answers. We know that creation will not - full creation - will not come simply from thought. These are old energy characteristics. It did work in your old energy, but it will not have the same effect in the new energy. Your emotions, as we said before, are a fuel or a driving force. It is a combination of your entire being (all of who you are), though, that will make your creations. This is one of the challenges that we put forth to this group to begin experimenting, to begin trying different places of consciousness. We know it will not come simply from your heart or simply from your mind. It will come from an over-all allowingness and desire in your being. It will take some work to begin to find that area.

< New Earth 13 > In your new house, all of the energies will remain in a neutral state until you create it otherwise. This is important to remember, for if you just sit in your chair and wait for things to come to you, nothing will come. When you choose to be a creator, when you choose to accept the Divinity of who you are, all things will start coming into play. The energy that appears to be in neutral, that appears to be dormant, will now come to life.

< New Earth 13 > As you enter your new house in the future, it may feel a bit awkward. There may be an initial feeling of mistrust. The mistrust is that if you give this a try and it doesn’t work, then you have failed. Indeed this is not so. If you give it a try and it does not work, it only means that you are trying too hard. There should be no effort involved. It should be intent with love. If there is struggling involved as you stand in your new house as a creator… if there is struggle or effort involved, you are not listening to your vibration, to that "hum" you heard when you first walked in. You are only listening to the intellect of the old human.

< New Earth 14 > Creation had reached an impasse. The way to get through this impasse, the way to come to understandings that would allow creation to go forth, was a tiny little place called Earth. You chose to come here. You chose to take the veil. You chose separation from Spirit. You chose something very powerful called duality to help move past the limits of creation as you knew it. That is why you have gone through so much here on Earth. That is why you have not understood who you truly were. That is why you have been limited in your ability to create - or seemingly. That is why you are here.

< Creator 1QA > Your intent of things presupposes that there is a particular path for you. Your intent for things was based in an energy of duality. Your intent that you have created for yourself in the past was based on old energy ways of creation. And again all of these things have brought you to this point. All have helped pave this path for you. It is time now to release all intent for all things. This is difficult concept perhaps, for you have been filled with intent. You have been filled with direction. Challenging. Challenging, to release all intent. Intent is based on a belief system that you currently hold, whether the belief is about abundance or relationships or love or the way things work. Your intent was being funneled through a belief system that we are telling you - and those who are in the forefront of the new energy - no longer serves you. As we said in our channeling earlier today, we know this will be challenging for many.

< Creator 3 > Because you existed outside of All That Is, in a sense, you existed in a void, and you were turning void into reality. In order to create in your Earth environment, it was necessary for you to go into the future. It was necessary for you to go into the void and create based on thoughts of what would come to be. In other words, you were always projecting yourself into the future. These vibrations created the pathway for your tomorrow. This is the way you have operated ever since you first came here to Earth. You were bound by the memories of the past (karma), and you created the future by projecting yourself into your tomorrows. This is how most humans on Earth create. This is how the future is created. The future reality is an assimilation of vibrational frequencies from all the humans on Earth.

< Creator 3 > We have said before that Spirit does not know the outcome of things. That is because it does not exist! It is not a pre-planned maze or an obstacle course that you must run through in hopes of finding the finish line. No, indeed each of you here, each of you in the second creation is taking void and nothingness, and transforming it into a new reality based on the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts that go into the future (guessing based on the past experience?).

< Creator 3 > It may seem difficult to comprehend how you can be a creator by not pushing thoughts and vibrations into the future! But, dear friends, as you learn to accept all things as they are, and as you learn to accept your human self, and you learn to "live in the divine moment", you will be able to go to places, like Aaron, that you could never have imagined before. These are places that you could never have charted and plotted and directed yourself to "in your mind." As you go to these new places, you will begin to understand a new power within. You will begin to understand a new way of creating.

< Creator 3 > We will help you to understand more of the physics of this. As you are in the divine moment, there is a new type of vibration that emanates from you. It attracts all of the appropriate things to you. In the past you have had to seek those things to bring them to you, to seek your abundance, to seek even your happiness, to seek a mate. You have had to go out into the void of a future that does not exist and to create a reality within it. That is how reality has been shaped on Earth, but you as the new creators will be discovering a new way.

< Creator 3 > The tines of your tuning fork will still have duality, but they will sing together. As they do, as there is harmony between the two. As you live in the divine moment, all things that are needed and all things that are appropriate then will come to you. They will come to you! You will not need to go searching for them. You will not need to force them into your reality. You will be creating in a new way. You will still be transmuting the void into reality, but you will be creating in a new way, in a very powerful way.

< Creator 3 > But for now you are going through many changes with releasing things from this lifetime. This allows the divinity that has always been within you to truly begin coming forth. As you live in the divine moment, this allows your divinity to come forth. As you allow yourself to live in the divine moment, it changes the very nature of the duality that has always been part of you. It changes the vibration of the two sides of who you have been. It changes the way you create on Earth.

< Creator 4 > Lesson 4, which will be a foundation lesson for applied creation in the new energy, is to "Create in Grace." You must first understand and learn how to create in grace before we can move to the more dynamics steps. Again we remind you to use this Oven of Grace only for yourselves right now. In future gatherings such as this, we will talk about affecting group situations or family situations, but for now use this in your own being. This is - and you will find this to be true if you should choose to use it - a very, very powerful tool. We present it here in a story, in a metaphor as an oven, but it is a practical way of bringing balance and resolution in your life.

< Creator 4QA > In the old energy you created the future by projecting your thoughts and your energy into it. This essentially took the void and transformed it into a reality. Creation in the new energy will be quite different. It will not be projecting into the void, it will not be projecting into the future. It will be staying in a moment, in a space, in an energy, creating in that moment, and emanating the energy out, not specifically to your future, but into all moments.

< Creator 7 > This is a simple lesson but a profound one. In these next 30 days, you will enter into your first real understandings of creating. You are no longer being a victim, and no longer simply reacting to things that happen in your life. You will actually create. We ask you to sit in your house, to feel the vibration of your house, and when you are ready, take this large brush, dip it in the paint, and create a broad stroke. Just one, no more. Then put the paintbrush down, sit upon the floor, and watch what happens with that broad stroke that you have created. Observe it. It will change. It will morph. It will find its own balance. You are in your New House, and within this energy is a divine balance. Your first creation - your first broad stroke - will find its divine balance.

< Creator 7 > First you may come to some fear here. You may wonder what you are really creating, and what is going to happen as a result of your new creation? This fear relates back to the time before you came to Earth. It relates to the shame that you have felt for crossing through the Wall of Fire, for leaving the kingdom. Address this fear. Sit with it in your new house. Understand it and talk to it. This fear could be your best friend, or as a creator this fear could be your worst enemy. This fear, if left unattended, will come back to you. It will come back looking like an alien. (audience laughter) We mean that seriously. If you allow this fear to grow and to have power, it will take you back to places where this fear was birthed.

< Creator 7 > There is an innate fear within each of you of creating something that is not appropriate. This has frozen many of you up to this day. You have been reluctant to create because you did not know if it would be the right thing. You have been waiting for Spirit to tell you how to create and what to create, because you did not want to be inappropriate once again. The Oven of Grace, your own divinity and the love of Spirit will make it so that you do not create inappropriately. With the four marbles and the balance within you, you will not create bad or dark. With the love that is within you, you will not create the wrong thing.

< Creator 7 > What is it you should create now? It is simple. With your broad stroke you create a new balance of relationships, a balance of abundance, a balance of health, and self worth. When you take that broad, brush stroke, you are creating a new balance. Do not worry about how many dollars that balance means, or what this new lover in your life will look like. Divinity will handle the balance and bring to you all things that are appropriate. As you change things on the inside, you change your vibration level. You change your energy patterns, so that when you walk out the door of your new house, you have changed the perception of what things appear to be. You change reality without affecting another human being. This is very interesting. That is why we have said, "Do not pray to change the world. Pray only to awaken within yourself." As you do, you will change the way your reality looks.

< Creator 7QA > You are moving into the energy, and it is quite different than the old. You are still trying to rebuild yourself based on the old energy and the old human ways and all of your past lives. In a sense, the new energy is an inversion of the old ways. In the old energy, you tried to create from the mind to effect your situations. You prayed for certain outcomes. You tried to affect an outer world without understanding your inner world. Do you see this?

As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

< Creator 8 > There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families. They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

< Creator 8 > Here you sit not understanding who you truly are or understanding what is truly taking place! Some of you think your life has little value. You think you have not accomplished much in this lifetime. You have fear of being a failure. Dear friends, we weep at this thought! We weep at this perception. We know you are the first to take on the new energy, and at the same time, you are healing the past. You are resolving the conflicts that occurred in your universe and your galaxies. These occurred on dimensional levels than what you would expect. You are working to resolve these, to bring these together, to move from duality into the new energy of quad. The energy of the quad is balanced. It is the energy of creation in your material world. That is why we honor you so deeply. That is why we know you will be wise and compassionate teachers.

< Creator 8 > If you are in question of the appropriate use of your new passion, seek the answer from the ALL. Seek the answer from the place that is above, that is more encompassing than where you have looked before. If you are not so sure, dear friends, simply sit in a quiet moment. It will come to you. You will have an answer of knowingness. This will help to ignite your new passion and bring you to new ways of creating.

< Creator 8 > It will be one of the key lessons in helping you to be the creator. How can you create in the new energy without your divine passion, your divine passion combined with the broad strokes, combined with the other lessons that we will review with you? The lessons will help you to truly understand creation in the new energy. They will ultimately help you to become the teachers of the others coming into the new energy.

< Creator 9QA > It is difficult to transition from the old energy into the new. You are looking for tools that you used in the old energy to try to move into the new. It is time to put these down, your old thoughts, your old ways. Within this circle, within Shaumbra, we are channeling back to you the new ways that you and others are discovering. These are the methods that work, the methods that are effective. Spend more time in your new house. Create WITHOUT intent. This will challenge you. Create without intent. At the core of you, you know of all the appropriate things, but you are getting in your own way. Intent, in the sense that you use it, does get in the way and limits the potential of creation.

< Creator 10 > Then in the next three lessons (Lessons 7-9) we discussed how to begin the process of creation. We talked with you about the broad stroke of creation (Lesson 7), painting with a broad-brush stroke. We asked you at that point to give up intent, specific intent. Simply initiate the process of creation by moving the broad-brush stroke. This starts a process that takes things out of neutral and begins to move them. Not to the left or not to the right, but it begins to expand the potential outward in all directions.

< Creator 10 > After initiating the process with a broad-brush stroke, after taking in your passion which is the fuel, then vibrations go out of your new house, out into the world around you. These are vibrations of love and compassion and wisdom that you emanate to others. It is like a light that is shining out to them, but there is also a reverse vibration that comes back to you. With the assistance of your runners, this vibration brings back all of the appropriate things to you, to the front door of your house (Lesson 9). This is part of the creation process. It is being in your new house, it is saying I AM, it is initiating a process that then is fueled by your passion, then goes out into the physical world around you and what comes back are all of the appropriate things for you.

< Creator 10 > Jack’s journey is your journey. Each of you felt what it was like to go from One Will to Free Will. This has caused many interesting experiences for you. This has caused you to be a free creator in many ways and all of this has been appropriate. All of this is blessed by Spirit. For given Free Will - you and Jack and all the other angels and all of the humans - given Free Will you have been able to expand creation in ways and means that have never been done before. Do you understand the impact of this? You had singular Will - loving indeed, blessed indeed - but it was singular in the original Creation. When you came through the wall you were given Free Will.

< Creator 11 > This creation (Jack) of the love of the King and the Queen was male in energy for many reasons. The male energy is generally - and again, we use metaphors and symbols - the male energy is an energy that goes to journey. It seeks and journeys. Even in the Kingdom, the male energy was one that had the strength and stability and was also the one that journeyed. So the King and the Queen gave birth to a son, one of male energies, so that it could journey on their behalf.

< Creator 11QA > One of the challenges that humans have of moving into the new energy is a fear of creating. There is a core fear within all of you. It has come from experiences in the past on Earth and before you came here. The outcome was not what you would have expected. It comes from a feeling of guilt - a spiritual guilt - that you did something wrong when you left Home. This fear comes from knowing, at the core level, how truly powerful you are, knowing that you have the power to create anything. Anything is possible. Then what happens is this old fear, the old spiritual guilt, hits the brakes and won't allow you to create in the way you would truly like.

< Creator 12QA > We do not want to define for you what this shift, what this new energy will be like. We do not know. Nobody is there yet. We do know, based on what we see in all of you, that it is creation that happens quickly, but it is of a divine nature. It is not limited to simply creating a grander paycheck, for that will have very little meaning for you. You will find that all things will come to you. You will not have to struggle for them. They will be there.

You will be amazed at how easy it is, and we can tell you now from watching you that there are those who are beginning to experience this. It is so easy that you might have a difficult time accepting it. You might purposely sabotage it to make it difficult. You might feel uncomfortable that there is no struggle, that there is no strain. You might think you are getting something for nothing. In the new energy, as you transition into it, the struggle is gone. The struggle is released.

We will talk more of this in the coming year in our new series. We will talk about it over and over until you are quite tired of it. We will continue to tell you that it is not about you any more. It is not about the old self. Your needs do not need to be fulfilled in the way they were. They will be fulfilled in a new way. You will not have to worry so much about the small details. It will not be about you and how much money you have or how much health you have.

You will transition into a new consciousness where you understand now that you are ones who are in service. You are the ones who are the teachers. And surely all of your needs will come to you appropriately. Understand that it is not Spirit or the angels bringing these to you. It is you creating them. There will be a new balance within, a new vibration within that brings forth all of the appropriate things.

< Ascension 3 > We want you to understand some of the terminology. We are limited, in a sense, by your human languages. We want you to understand first that there is a difference between "void" and "creation." There is a difference also between "light" and "dark." When you left Home, to create the Second Creation, you went into the void. This was not dark. This was not evil. It was nothing. It was so "nothing" that not even darkness existed. You went into void, into consciousness that had never been gone into before, in order to create something new out of nothing.

< Ascension 6 > Now, going counterclockwise on this star with five points is the divine SENSE of IMAGINATION. Imagination. When you imagine something, it begins to bring it to life. It begins to shape it. We also call this the Sense of Creation. Each one of you has something in your imagination that we spoke of before, that you are holding the lid on. It is there. It will be coming through. This is what we challenged you with before. The divine sense of Imagination takes the energy and places a type of energetic form to it. It starts to coalesce it. It starts to bring it in. This is the sense of Imagination.

< Ascension 8 > As you release the energy of duality around you, you will come to new awarenesses, and in those awarenesses new potentials of what can be. You will come to a new way of creating. We are not talking here, dear friends, of months or years from now. It is happening now. These changes are already within you. You are already starting to experience these things.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, take responsibility for our creations. We don't blame it on others. We understand that we are the ones doing this. We take responsibility for who we are. We own our divinity. We, Shaumbra, answer our own questions, then we look to those all around us… to Tobias… to Mary… to the others. We look sometimes for confirmation. We look sometimes to simply see the expression on their face. But, we answer our own questions first. We go within, for the answers are contained there. We, Shaumbra, have our own solution.

< DivineHuman 2 > In the New Energy silence will be so golden. Silence is how you will renew yourself. It won't be through saying mantras and doing chants, reading books, listening to tapes. It will be sitting in the moment. It will not even be about having a prayer or trying to do meditation. We have seen so many well-intended humans just messing themselves up with trying to meditate! In the silence there is the breath… the breathing in and out… a knowingness that the life force continues… the knowingness that creation continues to expand.

< DivineHuman 2 > On this side of the veil, we can create whatever it is we want to create. We can create a beautiful cottage. I, Tobias, have a place I love to create, based on my experience of being a human. It is a cottage in the country filled with trees, filled with sunshine, and a stream out back, and animals all around. I loved my animals when I was a human. So I recreate this place. But, dear friends, it is nothing like being able to create it in material form like you can do as humans. It is like the wind, compared to the human experience where you can be in material form and truly experience it. You can best experience it as a human when you live in the moment, rather than worrying of the past, or what will come in your tomorrows.

< DivineHuman 2 > There are entities on our side who are lost. They get lost. You see, here there are dimensions like you could not even imagine in the human mind. Imagine being able to create anything you want, not in material form, but energetically. There are some who get lost in this maze, lost in their own creations. There are many of us on this side who go out to try to help them find their way back. We are beacons for them. And, once they understand that there is a way out of this maze… oh, dear friends, they are tremendously relieved. We help guide them back to a safe energetic space.

< DivineHuman 5 > When you asked the question, "Who am I?" it started a long journey. You went out to learn what it was like to have your own identity. You learned about the deepest of the deep. You learned about the widest of the wide, and the longest of the long. You learned about the color blue. You learned about birds. You learned about stars. You created all of these things. You created them and then experienced them. You created water. And, then you put yourself in body so you could experience it. You created energy waves that float around in space. And, then you went and played with them. Using these energy waves, you created whole groups and societies.

< DivineHuman 5 > The New Earth will be a laboratory for studying the applications of New Energy, and how to use it for creation. The New Earth will be a learning place where the energies of Home can come in fully. Yes, indeed the New Earth will be a beacon to Home, to allow the energies of the Kingdom, of the King and the Queen, to now expand outwards.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Rules! Your rules! Your self-worth! All of these issues that we speak to you about over and over again… old issues from past lives that are still stuck, past lives when you gave the vows of poverty… rules that you give yourself now in his lifetime! Do you know, dear friends, that your greatest fear is your ability to create? You worry that, left without walls, left without rules, and restrictions, and barriers, and filters, that you might create something ugly, or terrible. You think back to the days before you ever came to Earth when you were creating the physical universe, when there were great wars and great battles. And, you said to yourself, "I will NEVER express my power in that way again!" And, here you are, standing before us, asking why you can't create?

Also you have to practice creation before anything will happen. We see humans who sit, waiting, waiting to create, but not expressing. It will not happen unless you take the first step. Abundance begins when you begin. Health begins when you begin. Relationships, and all of these other things that humans worry about… it begins when you begin. Take that magic wand that you have and do it. So be it! You are a creator!

< DivineHuman 9 > You can use your consciousness and your understandings to truly create. The universe, the omniverse, is constantly unfolding and becoming, constantly fulfilling. You can allow yourself to be at that point of separation to receive the blessings of the fulfillment at all times. It is that simple. It is that simple - different than any way you have ever behaved, or thought, or acted before. This is the New Energy. It is different now.

< DivineHuman 11QA > You have been waiting for quite a while. So, you have expressed this. You have shared this. You have shared these deep feelings with all of us. So, you have also created it.
[ When we place our consciousness into a potential or probability, we transmute what was neutral energy into new reality. (DivineHuman 1) ]

< NewEnergy 1 > God is always creating. There is always a movement of energy. There is an expression of love, and it is creation, always creating. God finds great joy and celebration in creating. You are God also. You are Creators in every way, constantly creating whether you know it or not. Now is the time to be the conscious Creators.

< NewEnergy 1 > But, within very recent times there are many, many, many of you here… we have been right beside you in the midst of your rather traumatic dream. You have stopped in your dream, and you have said to yourself consciously, "This is only a dream. I can change it. It is an illusion that I am creating. And, because I am the Creator, I can now change the dream to be anything I want. I'm no longer simply a victim of my dream. I am the Creator of the dream."

< NewEnergy 1 > As you sit here now, you are in a dream. It is an illusion. Try to find me. (audience laughter) It is an illusion that is very, very real. It is a potential (reality) that is being acted out in a very intense, and a very focused, and a very material way. But, you see, there are other potentials (other realities) being acted out on other levels (other dimensions). This is the one where the prime focus is, however. We do not need to go off into the hinterlands. We will remain here.

But, dear friends, sitting here as God also, you can do the same thing that you have done in the dreams. Stop for a moment. Breathe in. There you go. You can change it. You are the Creator. You are not the victim of your life. You are the Creator of it. You are the Creator of your life. And, that is one thing that makes you so unique, even from Spirit.

< NewEnergy 1 > That is a big difference between you, God, and the God from Home. You can change your creations. You can direct them in any way. The God of the Kingdom, of Home, has no particular - how to say - he, and she, has given you that right of creative choice. You can sit here today and change it. You do not need to get specific. We have talked to you in the channel about "create in broad strokes." Don't go down to the minutia. You don't have to worry about how your body processes food into energy. That is taken care of on divine levels. It is the same with your creation. Create with broad strokes.

If you don't like what you're creating, change it. How do you change it? Simply take a deep breath. Release the Old. Remind yourself that you are in a type of very real dream state, and now choose on a broad general level. We will talk to you at some point in the future now about - how to say - more specific creations. But, first you need to understand the very nature of creation.

< NewEnergy 4 > The changes take place when you take responsibility, when you, and then others, and others and others take responsibility. That is what's going to happen in the New Energy… if you continue doing your work. You will start a whole chain reaction of "I am responsible" because "I am the creator." You will get out of victimhood. You won't have the governments to blame anymore. You have to understand that you helped to set it up. You won't have the churches to blame. You take responsibility. At some point when enough people take responsibility for their creations, the need for government, as you know it today, goes away.

< NewEnergy 5 > First, understand why you chose a physical body to begin with. You wanted to experience. You wanted to come into this material world, this world of matter and mass. You wanted to feel what things are really like, what creation is like. It is difficult for entities on our side of the veil to have the full level of feeling that you can have on Earth. So, you took on the physical body as your vehicle. You don't necessarily own it. You are borrowing it. You have responsibility to care for it, and to love, and to nurture it. But, it is not you, as you know. Your soul is not hidden inside of it somewhere. In a sense, the body is the animal inhabited by a spirit… by God… by you.

< NewEnergy 7 > Truly what you are doing when you are creating and expressing - you are giving life to thoughts, ideas. They are yours. You are the Creator of these things. But, you give them life of their own, in a sense. It is playing the role of a Creator right here on Earth. These ideas then take on the New Energy attributes. And, they continue to expand in every different direction. They emanated from you, but now they have a life of their own. That's what the New Energy is truly about, dear friends.

< NewEnergy 8 > The imagination is not mind control. If you find yourself in your mind, take a deep breath and get out. We are opening a whole new center, somewhere between the heart and the mind. We are not speaking geographically. We're talking consciously. It is about creation. It is about bringing in potentials. It is nothing that has to be pushed. You don't have to struggle with this. You allow yourself to soar… to open up… to have freedom.

< NewEnergy 9 > Now, what do you do? You give it freedom. You don't try to control it. You give it freedom. You allow it to find its highest level of Truth in your reality. When the mind controls it, it cannot be free to find the highest level of Truth. So, you breathe it in, and you give it freedom. You give it a life of its own. And, now as the Creator - as you, the Creator - you watch it unfold in your life. You don't try to control it or define it. That is limiting a Truth and a creation. You watch it unfold. Because you are in a safe energy, you can do it fearlessly. Because you are in a safe energy - you've released the dualism in your own life - you can watch it unfold in sacred ways that you could have never imagined in the Old human mind. But, now in the New Energy imagination you can allow it flow.

< NewEnergy 9 > The other night we were working with Cauldre. He was talking to us about this imagination energy. We told him to keep it simple. Breathe it in. Don't define it. Remember this was the lesson of the broad stroke. Don't define it. Create in broad strokes. Give it life of its own, and watch it unfold. This is the amazement of creation. When Spirit created you, he let you go. He gave you freedom… she gave you freedom. She has been watching you and loving you ever since. He does not give you rules. She doesn't punish you.

< NewEnergy 9 > It is the same with your own imagination and your own creation. Now, you think perhaps, "This is odd. They are my creations. I should be able to tell them what to do." This is the New Energy. It is about watching them unfold. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a creation unfold. It even makes the joy of giving birth to a child look so small in comparison. You are giving birth to something. You are watching it unfold. The Creator has the greatest joy in watching the energies express themselves… you see… no control. You don't have to breathe in the specifics. You don't have to breathe in the details. You don't have to figure them out in your mind.

< NewEnergy 9 > What will limit the imagination and your creations? First and foremost - Old belief systems. Belief systems are like a prison cell for the imagination. They limit it. One of the reasons why we took our recent trip to Israel was to let Old beliefs go, to open the doors of this prison cell of Old beliefs. Shaumbra, you have discovered how Old beliefs get you in trouble. You even have beliefs right now that - we have to say - are still limited. You still don't understand the full potential. You still sometimes see yourself as a limited human being because that is the way you have lived, so that is all you can see in front of you. Belief systems are the prison of the imagination.

< Embodiment 2 > Ohamah has a saying that we chuckle about here on this side. He said he learned to stop thinking and start creating. There is a big difference, you know. Humans tend to think their way out of situations with force again. He learned to stop thinking and to start creating. The thinking slowed him down. The thinking was one of the barriers. Trying to think everything in your heads would be like a rat in a maze, not able to get out.

< Embodiment 7 > There are also many, many layers of energy that have been expressed. They have been created by you, shaped by you. They have been formed by you over eons of time, long before you came to Earth when you were in angelic forms, many energies that you shaped. They are not in material form. But, they are in a type of creation in the other dimensions and realms. Many times, even now as you are in human form, you go into the dimensional realms and play with potentials. You play with energy. You shape them. You create. Sometimes you leave your creations in the other realms, just sitting there, energy that has been formed into something. It's been sitting there, waiting to go. Sometimes you just leave it there like you would leave a book on the shelf.

< Embodiment 7 > There are so many misconceptions about energy in your culture right now, misconceptions that you have to use types of instruments to detect its strength and its power… and it's biased. That is not energy. That is an expression of energy, but it is not energy itself. You are energy beings. You have much stuck energy around you. You have stuck it on purpose. You have molded it like clay, and now it has hardened to create your story. We are going to unmold it. We are going to set it free between now and going into our next discussion. We are going to liberate you from your own creation. We are going to show you how energy can be played with.

< Embodiment 8 > We know it is difficult to see at times because you try what you call "creation." You try to - how to say - blow out a candle without literally blowing, without touching it. You try to do it in your mind, and you struggle, and you strain. And, then you fall back and say, " I must not be a Creator. I don't understand why Tobias keeps saying I am." Perhaps, you are looking at creation in an Old Energy way. Perhaps, so much of your energy is tied up with making your story work… you see. Sometimes you don't get what you ask for, do you? Sometimes you pray to God, and you pray to angels for certain things to happen. Perhaps, you're just trying to make your story bigger. Perhaps, at the inner soul level there is a deeper desire, a deeper understanding. And, perhaps now is the time to bring that to your consciousness.

< Embodiment 11 > You are designed to run that way, designed to run on multiple levels and dimensions at the same time. We come you today in this new persona to help you to understand that you don't have to be linear, that you can be very multiple. You can exist on different dimensions. You can receive from different sources all at the same time. And, it is easier to do than living linearly. It is easier than trying to hold your focus and maintain a control on a single dimension. You were never designed to run that way. You were never designed to create that way.

< Embodiment 11 > Spirit, the essence of Spirit, doesn't create on one level. Spirit creates on every possible level at the same time simultaneously. And, one of the things that you are learning as Shaumbra, as the New Energy teachers, is that you can be many things at once. You can have many stories going on. And, it doesn't need to be a negative. Oh, integrated stories indeed… the difference between having many stories and being - what you would call - a multiple-personality disorder is that they are integrated. They know about each other. They come from the same active source of energy. They love each other. They honor the roles each other plays, whereas a multiple-personality - in your psychiatric sense - plays hide-and-seek games with the aspects. There is tremendous denial. But, Shaumbra, one of the things that you are already learning is how to operate on these different levels.

< Embodiment 11 > Every Creator being, every souled-being has the ability to re-create, to continue perpetuating the creations, to create over and over again. This Creator ability is not inherent in inanimate objects, in things like trees and most animals. Most of your pets even are not Creator abilities. They do not radiate an energy like you do. You are a Creator being. Your radiance is the extension of your creation. But, yet you have been living in this very controlled vessel that you sculpted. And, you are not radiating any longer, not to the degree that you could be. There is no continuation of your energy. In other words, you have everything so tied up in your story, tied up in the overlays, the belief systems, and the hypnosis that your true Creator energy is not free.

< Embodiment 11 > True creation is giving birth to something… giving birth to an idea, a feeling, a concept… giving birth to it… and then granting it "being-ness"… letting it continue to evolve… letting it continue to grow… not holding it back. Part of you feels a bit odd about that because you think when you create something that you then have to limit it. Then, you then have a responsibility and an obligation to it. And, it has a responsibility and an obligation to you. But, it doesn't.

< Embodiment 11 > A true Creator creates and lets go. It will always be your creation. But, now it will take on its own life. It will continue to expand and to grow. It will continue to redefine itself over and over again instead of being a piece of clay turned into a vase and put on a shelf. It will be a piece of clay turned into living energy that at one moment can be a vase… the next moment can be a tree… and the next moment can be a bird… and the next moment return to its clay origins. That is alchemy. That is transmutation. That is the very nature of energy.

< Embodiment 11 > You are radiating out energy. You're just letting it dance. You're not trying to make it go anywhere. You're not trying to make it do anything. It doesn't even need to be a certain color. It doesn't need to be a certain frequency range. It is just radiating. This… this… this is creation. This is pure creation because what you are radiating, shining out for all to behold, shining out, singing out for all to behold, that angel that you are, the divine that you are now comes back to you. Now, everything comes back to fill in, to serve you.

< Embodiment 11 > You're the flame. You are creating. You bless your radiance. You bless your energies that are going out with livingness. Then, the flip, or the turn, the transmutation - whatever you want to call it - occurs as the flame just radiates, just glows, just rejoices in creation. Then, everything comes back to you. That is the synchronistic life. You never have to define it. You never have to structure it. You never have to worry about it. It is that simple.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was.

< Embodiment 11QA > The surprising information in all of this is quite simple. It is that in creation you don't need to create. In other words, there is no such thing as creation, at least not in your terms. Your terms were always such that there was a proactive outer force taking place that would cause creation, that would make things happen, that would manifest things in your life. But, ultimately there is no creation because it always is, and it always was. Everything is there.

Creation is no creation. It always is, and it always was. That is the spiral of Spirit… Spirit was… Spirit is… Spirit loves to create… which always is… and always was… it is a spiral. That is who you are. Allow yourself to shine from this moment on.

< Embodiment 12 > When Spirit, the raw energy of Spirit, creates, there are no limitations. Spirit creates, then blesses the creation and lets that creation continue expanding and evolving without controls, without dragging old baggage on it, without agenda and without limitation. That is the way you are remembering to create.

< Clarity 2QA > You are whole and complete unto yourself. And, to have creation, you don't need destruction. That is an old dualistic concept. Creation is unto itself. It is constantly evolving. It is like a spiral. It is constantly moving and expanding. And, expanding can be in and out all at the same time.

< Clarity 6 > Now, with the spirit entered into the car, the car also takes on a whole new aspect, a whole new understanding. It realizes that it can re-create itself over and over again. It can re-create itself, going from being a Chevy Lumina, and now can re-create itself as a Mercedes, to use a few of your overlay examples. It can create itself as a Jeep. It can re-create itself as a taxicab. The spirit in the car understands creation and re-creation. Then, the spirit says to itself, "If I created myself once, I can create myself and re-create myself over and over and over," you see.

< Clarity 7 > Somebody mentioned earlier today, "We create our own spaceship, we create our own planet." You are. You're creating your own personal reality. You're creating your own new dimension. This is the whole part of the process that leads to becoming the sovereign being where creations are fast, where creations aren't dependent on mass consciousness and other people. So much of your life right now is still tied into mass consciousness. Years ago you voiced your approval to start releasing it, and you have been, but you've hit a new level of what you would call release or letting go of even mass consciousness.

< Clarity 7 > The Whole or the Oneness splits into pieces. The pieces then help to recreate the Whole but each piece stays independent, totally free, totally sovereign. It was the plan that we all agreed to when we left home. Tobias talked in our last gathering about the Soul desire versus the human desire. He said the Soul sometimes truly doesn't care about the human desire. It doesn't. The Soul simply wants to discover what it's like, what it's absolutely like, to be sovereign. That means total freedom, total creation, total empowerment. If you look deep within yourself, there is one purpose in the Soul of yours - total discovery that you are God also. It's also, by the way, the total discovery of what love is.

< Clarity 7QA > Indeed! We know! (Laughter.) We were laughing about that! "That Tobias, causing all of this trouble!" Now, I, Adamus, will come in and give you some actual tools to work with. (More laughter). Shame that Tobias hasn't done that! (More laughter) I want you to take a look at you are the grandest creator I have met in a long time. I want you to re-listen or to re-read your question, you are getting exactly what you're creating. Now make a choice in how you want to create in a different way. Thank you.

< MNEC2006-T > They just followed. They went into a long type of sleep, a long dream state where they just followed energies, and it's been taking place ever since. You see, without the fourth leg, without gnost in place, it is very difficult to create. Everything becomes a struggle. You're missing a piece. It is time to bring gnost back. But it brings up some very interesting dilemmas. It brings up a paradox because gnost also is a big stop sign, is a big warning. You were programmed, in a way, to not have it anymore. It became a "no." It became something you shouldn't have.

< Teacher 5 > Your own creations should be free. You don't want to put too much structure on them. You don't want to lock that structure into place. Creation was meant to expand and have its own type of life. Have its own type of identity and meaning. Even though you created it, you give it freedom. You let it continue evolving. That is when you come to truly understand what creator energy is like.

< Teacher 7 > People talk about success, and they talk about it in terms of money or notoriety, fame. Those things are human and they are temporary. They go away. The real feeling of reward or success comes from just the idea of knowing that you created something. That surpasses all of the money you could get paid. That surpasses all of the fame. Those things - money, fame - they go away quickly. The knowingness and the reminder that you are a creator are the greatest.

< Returning 2QA > They do happen. Now 'where' they happen is a different story. The creative energy - anytime you're allowing creative energy flow, you are creating somewhere. It could be in another realm. It could be in another, oh, what you would call a galaxy. It could be a half step away from you in a different realm. But creative energy never, ever, ever goes to waste. You may not be manifesting it here on Earth right now for a variety of reasons. Some of you build the models and do your beta testing in the other realms until you're ready to bring it into this realm. So actually you're very active in some of these other realms, and sometimes, oh, your energy is just all over the place.

< Master 4 > You are divine consciousness. You are a souled being. Nobody can ever take that soul away. Your soul is consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. If you took away your physical body, your mind, your memories and everything else, you're still awareness, because you're always going to be aware of yourself. Even if everything is stripped away, even if you go back to the time when you went through the Wall of Fire into nothingness, you're still aware of yourself, and that was the scary part - aware of yourself in nothing. It's also a wonderful part, because it caused you to start creating.

< Master 4 > Now, you have this energy now participating with consciousness and it wants to do something with it. It wants to create. It does that by manifesting. So we're going to put a box down here - "M" for manifesting. And I put it in a box because it means it is real. It's kind of a universal symbol for manifesting. You have, now, the energies kind of coming down into your manifestation like rays of energy. In this area here, from consciousness drawing in energy to your manifestation - to the manifestation, bringing it into some sort of reality - you have a number of different elements that come into play. Time and space (dimension) come into play.

< Master 4 > And then you also have elements that are key here. I want you to pay particular attention to these words. You have desire or passion or - how do we say this - your intention, the forcefulness … not quite the right word, Cauldre. Your … your desire - how much desire do you have to do this? Intensity. Absolute brilliant word - intensity. These are actually the biggest factors that come into play in this very important time between when you bring in energy into what you would like to create until it gets manifested. It might get manifested on a different level, different dimension - it's out there somewhere. If you desired to win at a casino, it might have been somewhere else, maybe not here. Desire, passion, the intensity of what you want comes into play, and that will make the biggest difference in your life.

< Master 4 > I'm going to add one other element for my good friend here - simplicity. Simplicity makes a big difference. Could you just take for a moment to feel into … you have some sort of desire of the soul, something your soul wants to create, and then your mind gets in there and makes it complex? And the mind is what doubts. Your soul never doubts really; the minds doubts. It all gets in the way of this terrible drawing that we're doing here, but you're getting the point and I love to draw.

< Master 5 > You've created New Energy because you've contemplated and you've allowed coming back to yourself. That in itself has created New Energy. It is yours; you have created it. It is very personal to you right now. But it will go out into the rest of creation, because you can never own what you create. You can use it. You can love it. You can have grand passion for your creations, but never own your creations. Sooner or later they want expression in their own right. Sooner or later the energy has to flow. And the most beautiful thing from the original creator, from Spirit, was giving you absolute divine will - I don't like the word free will; divine will - "Go out and discover yourself."

< (Next) 12 > And any time you create something - a book or a project or anything, just a new identity for yourself - and give that thing freedom, it can endure through the most difficult storms. It can endure through absolute chaos. It can endure through the collapse of every other structure - actually, in a way, it does better in those situations - because it is a free expression of Spirit. It has liberty. It has grace to it. So if you're actually wondering about your own life, your own creations or your own I Am-ness, remember that.

< freedom 1 > Now, a creation is not something that you have to construct in your mind. A creation is not something that you have to plan. You really can't plan creation. Planning is a very human – very human – mental thing. Creation is the allowing of the free flow of energies, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But what happens so often is there are a lot of ifs, ands or buts, or worse yet – let's add it to that list “if, and, and but” – “I just don't know.” That's probably even more dangerous or more painful than “if, and or but.”

< WalkOn 2 > You are a being of consciousness, and that consciousness activates energy. You create because you are consciousness, and the creations activate energies. And the energies call forth this element of Timespace, or what I prefer to call bon, and the river starts flowing. The river moves. This river, the beautiful river of life now flows through you. Your heart isn't moving. Oh, there's the perception that it is, but the reality is Timespace is moving. You are constant. When I threw the ball in the air, what was really being warped, changed, moving was Timespace. The ball, in a way, in its own Timespace, creating its own gravity, perceived by your human eyes that thought the ball was moving. But take a look at it now, feeling, sensing what was really happening – the movement of Timespace.

< Transhuman 5 > The good news is that you've gone through the most compaction, limitation, restriction, and you made it. You're here, and now we come out from the underbelly. We come around to the top side with a whole new understanding of creation and you, the creator. And, as you probably can sense, that there is a direct correlation between sensuality and creation or creativity, true creation.

< Wings 7 > You just have to understand there is consciousness, there is energy. Consciousness brings in energy to serve it in a variety of different ways. That's it. That's Adamus Physics 101 and 901. We're changing the relationship of energy, how it comes to you. You've been serving energy for a long time. You've been a servant for a really long time – servant to your body and to your mind. You just scrape by. We had such a grand time at the recent Ahmyo Retreat. There was a change that occurred there, not just for the people who were there, but for Shaumbra. We're at this point now where we are changing the relationship, the dynamics with energy, and energy is the thing that brings creation into expression.

< Wings 9 > The merabhs play an important part. They actually integrate everything that's happening, particularly in the Allowing. And, again, the Allowing is a very quiet, graceful process. Your body's not going to start twitching and shaking and getting imbalanced. You're just allowing, so it comes very gracefully. I love Allowing, and it's gotten us to where we are now, where we can really talk about creation, and this is where it gets fun. All the rest of it's been a little hard. But this is where it gets really fun when we go into our own creations. You're going to be experiencing your own creations in the embodied human form. You're also going to be experiencing the multidimensional nature of creations that just aren't on this reality level, but they expand out. And that's where it gets colorful, fun, dynamic, amazing.

< Emergence 1 > It is the trinity of the Master, the I Am and the human working in unison, for they are the same, but working in unison. The human having its experiences, but now experiences of its choosing and of its joy, the Master always bringing wisdom to everything. And now, instead of wisdom occurring at death or years after an experience, the wisdom occurs simultaneous with the experience. Therefore, no wounds. Therefore, no doubts. It is brought to wisdom in the moment. And the I Am, in its constant radiance of joy, its constant knowingness of the I Exist, I Am, its constant being in its own creation, for true creation is simply the I Am in joy, the human going in to experience that creation, and the Master always bringing it into wisdom and back into the heart of the I Am.

< Emergence 2 > You were out there in nonphysical reality, but yet you existed and you're having experiences. Not of the physical nature, but really actually what you were doing back then was creating some of the initial senses. I talk about 200,000 senses. Over half of them were created back in the angelic realms way back when, outside of time, no physical body. You were playing. You were creating all these senses, ways to perceive reality, so that someday, someday when you allowed yourself to be a true creator, you would have the senses to perceive your creation.