love of Spirit / love of God / love of All That Is

/compassion of Spirit; expression/creation of Spirit; energy from source;

1. unity of the king and the queen; and its offsprings/derivatives/all that is/all of creation;
2. energy; universal energy; energy of Home/kingdom;
3. soul; angel; entity; prince of the kingdom; all of consciousness;
4. melding with Spirit; oneness with Spirit; divine integration;

< Creator 7 > There is an innate fear within each of you of creating something that is not appropriate. This has frozen many of you up to this day. You have been reluctant to create because you did not know if it would be the right thing. You have been waiting for Spirit to tell you how to create and what to create, because you did not want to be inappropriate once again. The Oven of Grace, your own divinity and the love of Spirit will make it so that you do not create inappropriately. With the four marbles and the balance within you, you will not create bad or dark. With the love that is within you, you will not create the wrong thing.

< Creator 11QA > Dear friends, as we said earlier today, when Spirit and All That Is reflected for even a brief moment about "Who Am I?" it created, instantly it created, two separate beings, the King and the Queen. They looked each other in the eye and connected in the heart and loved each other so much that they created an offspring called Jack. You are Jack. The love of Spirit brought you forth. You brought this attribute to Earth in a biological way. When two humans love each other, they can create offspring like Spirit created you. Even when offspring are not created, there is tremendous love and tremendous energy that is created.

< Creator 12 > And dear friends, with the consciousness you have created, it is now possible for a piece of Home to come here into this very sacred space, to come here to visit you on this day, at this moment. Home comes to you! We ask each of you to breathe deeply. Breathe in this energy of Home into your being, this love, the love of Spirit, of the king and queen, of the original creation. It comes to love you, to thank you and to honor you for the work you have done.

< DivineHuman 7 > What are you doing on Earth? You are helping come to new understandings and new wisdoms for all of Spirit. You left Home so very long ago - but not long ago at all - on behalf of Spirit to be a creator in your own right, to go expand the love of Spirit. That is why you are on Earth. It is that simple. You are here, living and experiencing in the moment, and creating in the moment on behalf of All That Is.

< DivineHuman 7 > Yes, there is a God, a God that is within you, that has always been you. There is a God-source, a Home, which birthed you. There was the energy of the King and the Queen who loved each other so much. When they looked each other in the eye, and their love connected… this birthed you… yet a new energy… the Explorer energy (Jack)… the energy that would take the love of Spirit and bring it to new places… bring it to new dimensions… bring it into what had never existed before.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 2, Moses/Mohammed says is to be in the Now moment with God, the God that is within you, the God that is in all things. Allow yourself to feel it. Be in this space. At one point he would have said to honor the Sabbath, to honor a single day. Oh, it was a big challenge back in his time to get people to stop for one day to feel Spirit. What he says now is, "Be in the moment with Spirit, with yourself. Feel that." You do not need to take a separate day. You can be in the love of Spirit every moment.

< DivineHuman 10 > That is where the churches are going wrong right now. That is why their walls are coming down. They try to define God through rules, through rituals, through Old ways. It will not happen. God, and the love of Spirit, and the love of all the angels, and the love of your divinity can only be felt in the moment as you breathe, as you allow creative flow.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications is helping to open the First Seal. As it does, that will help bring Home into the energy of Earth. All of this works together. The First Seal is the seal of separation when you left the Kingdom of All That Is. Oh, you have carried that with you ever since - that separation… that longing to go Home… that longing to feel the love of Spirit. But it will be opening. It will be opening through communications. It will be part of this quantum leap. Separation also goes into the veil. It helps to create the elements of the veil. The separation is no longer, as things come back together. As Home comes to you, the veil also begins to disappear.

< NewEnergy 5 > Spirit has always been there within you, but it has been dormant, in a sense. Now, the love of God, the God that you are, the God of all things, the Elohim, can come in and be with you. When you try to figure it out, when you try to grasp it in your mind - like some of you are doing now - it is elusive, isn't it? It goes away. That works through the heart, through the soul, and through the spirit. God defies explanation or definition, so that it can simply be "is-ness." Can you open now to feel the "is-ness" of Spirit here in this room? Can you be in such a place of peace with yourself… to know the presence of God is in the molecules in the air… in the cells of your body… in the light that shines all around? The essence of God dances in the fire. It flows into you through the foods that you just ate.