Moses / Moshe

Moses also incarnated as the one you call Mohammad;

< DivineHuman 8 > Our guest is one who has walked in human form and gained notoriety on several different occasions. Our guest stood before the burning bush and heard the words of God. Our guest stood atop a mountain one day and felt the skies open up and was inspired in a way that changed the world and still influences the world. Our guest brought forth to his people a message. We would like to bring in Moshe - Moses.

< DivineHuman 8 > The energy of Moses comes to be with us now. Yes, he was human. He knows what it is like. He delivered his people from enslavement, to free them at a time when they were so down. They were held back. They were slaves to the Egyptians, to the great rulers at that time.

As a child, Moses would have been killed if his parents had not hid him and then given him up to a royal family. He grew up not knowing that he was a Jew. It was not until his later years that he discovered that his lineage was as a Jew, that he had been saved and protected. Through this experience he held his hand out to God in thanks for saving him.

Moses went through so many things in his lifetime as a human, experiences similar to what many of you have had in the past or perhaps in this lifetime. He was educated. He was in the higher ranks and orders of society at the time.

One day, Moses saw a guard beat a Jew slave to death. He in turn killed the guard. His anger, and his love for his own people, came to the forefront. He went and hid for many, many years after that, like so many of you, hiding from your past, hiding from your past.

But he had made such a strong connection with Spirit and his own divinity in that lifetime, that he could not truly hide, just as you cannot truly hide. You cannot hide from your divinity and from who you are. So, one day in front of the burning bush, Moses received the message again, a message that there was work for him to do, to take his people out of slavery.

Dear friends, Moshe - Moses - was a stammerer. He stuttered. And, he said, "Dear God, how can I be a leader? How can I bring my people out of bondage if I stutter?"

He was trying to get out of what he knew his job was, what his mission was. So, indeed, Spirit working through Gabriel and Michael, planted the idea to have his brother speak for him because, at the core, he was still afraid to come forth, still afraid to be bold and daring.

Dear Shaumbra, do you understand what Moses is telling you?

At one point Moses went atop Mount Sinai. In meditation and prayer, he asked Spirit for understanding about how to guide and to lead his people. It was there that the Ten Commandments were delivered. In a sense, you could say they were not commandments. They were commitments from God… commitments to Moses… commitments to his people… and commitments to all humans on Earth.

It is interesting how the churches that you helped to create have changed these into commandments. Why would God ever have commandments? God has commitments. Spirit has commitments to you. We will talk about those in a few moments.

So, dear friends, Moses helped to take his people out of bondage. He led them on a long journey through the desert, a wonderful metaphor… and partially true. He led them on a long, long journey through the desert, through their own clearing, through their own dark night of the soul. He led an entire race. Moses and the consciousness of the Jews at the time then created the new state of Israel. And you know so much of the rest of the story.

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses helped to create new guidelines for humans at the time. He helped them understand how to live a better moral life, as well as a better spiritual life. He helped create rules that were needed at the time, rules that would help a person understand their place in the community, their place in the family, and their place with God. He gave hope to a whole new nation.

< DivineHuman 8 > His word still has so much influence across your entire world, particularly with the Christian and the Jews. What Moses started almost 4,000 years ago still has such a strong influence on your world (age of consciousness). Moses helped bring in the Age of Christos, the time when humans could begin to bring their divinity from the outer realms onto Earth to integrate with their humanness. Moses was the instigator, the implementer of this, working with so many of you.

< DivineHuman 8 > Yes, many of you who walked with Moses. Oh, you thought he was a tough, old ruler. And he was. He was strict at the time. He had to be. He was trying to show you, and trying to show others, the way into your own divinity. It was very difficult at the time. Consciousness was so much different than what it is now.

< DivineHuman 8 > After leading a long and rather challenging life, but very fulfilling and rewarding, Moses left the Earth. He saw what was beginning to take place, changes sweeping over the land. But he also saw that there was an imbalance. He saw that there was another group of people who were treated as slaves… who were owned as slaves… who had no hope… who had no guidance. They needed a different message at the time for their group. So, dear Moses came back. Dear Moses returned to Earth, accepting another challenge, being bold and daring once again, and returning to Earth as Mohammed. Moses and Mohammed… the same… the same entity.

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses returned as Mohammed to create Islam. Islam, the surrender, the release, the letting go. The people of the land of Arabia had an old karma that needed to be released. They needed someone to guide them out of the prisons of their souls. Moses and Mohammed had such a tremendous influence on society. So, imagine how he feels right now when he sees this duality, when he sees the conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now, you would think that he would be sad at these events. But, dear friends, he has great, great compassion for humans.

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses and Mohammed understand what is taking place in the world right now. He understands that humanity is at a time of great change. He understands that the religions that were appropriate back then, are not so appropriate now. Moses comes here today to encourage you in your work. He encourages you, dear friends, to stand at the burning bush, to hear the word of God within you. He encourages you to sit on the mountain, like you are doing right now - not Mount Sinai, but Coal Creek Canyon (audience laughter) - to understand the commitment that Spirit has to you, the commitment that you have to your spirit.

< DivineHuman 8 > He comes here now to ask you to be bold and daring, as he was. Moses, the stutterer, the one who could not even get the words out of his mouth, but yet followed his heart to change the world. Moses, who returned as Mohammed to help lead another group out of their bondage (of their soul), to help give rise of consciousness, to help release this group from their past.

< DivineHuman 8 > He tells us now that the Ten Commandments were appropriate, although somewhat misworded, for they really truly were ten 'commitments'. But, Moses tells us that if he were to write something now for the New Energy… if he were to work with Shaumbra right now, there would be a new set of commitments. Here is what Moses/Mohammed would write as the commitments of the New Energy: First and foremost, dear friends, Moses says, "You are God also. You are God also." Honor this. Accept this. Be in love with this. Feel the God within you. You are God also.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 2, Moses/Mohammed says is to be in the Now moment with God, the God that is within you, the God that is in all things. Allow yourself to feel it. Be in this space. At one point he would have said to honor the Sabbath, to honor a single day. Oh, it was a big challenge back in his time to get people to stop for one day to feel Spirit. What he says now is, "Be in the moment with Spirit, with yourself. Feel that." You do not need to take a separate day. You can be in the love of Spirit every moment.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 3, Moses/Mohammed says, "Honor your lineage. Honor your ancestry. Honor your past." You have gone through so many lifetimes and incarnations to get to this point. Sometimes you do not even want to acknowledge who you were. Why do you think you forget about your past lives? Because you put them under the rug. You try to hide them. Honor everything you have done, even those lifetimes that you would consider despicable. Honor yourself and your past. Nearly 4,000 years ago Moses said, "Honor thy mother and father." Now, he says, "Honor your lineage. Honor who you were. Honor who you are today, indeed."

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 4, Moshe says, "Dear friends, be in your truth. Be in your truth at all times." Humans avoid their truth. Yes, indeed, they tell lies because they do not like to see their truth. Now, be in your truth. It will give rise to new consciousness within you. It will help you to feel. It will help you to understand and to even hear the true words of your divinity. If you are in the Now and in your truth, dear friends, this gives you all that you need (the road moves). When you try to avoid the truth of who you were in the past, or even actions in this lifetime, it distorts the reality. In a sense, you live in an altered state. You go outside of the Now. Be in your truth. Be proud of who you are. Admit to all of your actions and take responsibility for your life. Be in your truth, dear friends.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 5, Moshe, "You are the creators. You can create your own abundance of life. You are the creator of everything that you need in the moment. Again, take responsibility." In the days of old he would have said, "Do not steal from another. Do not covet thy neighbor's goods." But he says now, "You are the creator. You do not need what anyone else has. You can create for yourself… everything… everything in your life." Do not look to another and have envy about their lives and the good things that they appear to have, for you do not truly understand the challenges that they go through. Be the creator of your own life. Take responsibility.

< DivineHuman 8 > And finally, Moshe says, "Dear friends, celebrate life. Breathe in life. Be bold and daring. Feel life." Tell yourself, "Yes, I choose life. I choose to live. I choose to be here on this planet Earth right now, fully aware of who I am, fully aware of what I am doing here."

< DivineHuman 8 > Dear friends, the energy of Moses and Mohammed come back to the Earth right now so very strong. He will be here for a while, particularly during the transition time for your churches. He will be here for a while. Moses' energy will continue to be here - and, yes, to the one who just asked - yes, indeed there were what would appear to be miracles created at the times… the parting of the Red Sea, not so much a miracle, but at the time it appeared that way.

< DivineHuman 8QA > So many of the commandments that were handed down by Moses had the look and feel of what you see now… "honor thy mother and father," "thou shall not kill," "thou shall not steal," "thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods." But, what Moses truly received on top of the mountain was the commitment and assurance from Spirit that the angels were with him. What he heard on that day on top of the mountain was the commitment from All That Is that there was purpose, and there was meaning. There was a movement of energy in the universe. There was a commitment from Spirit to always be there.

< DivineHuman 8QA > It was commitment that was given to Moses on the mountain that there truly is no death, that there is simply transition. There is simply change. There is simply new experience. What was given to Moses was that there was a commitment from Spirit to always love all of the angels. There was a commitment that was given to Moses that Spirit would come to each of you one day, that you were not lost, that you were not forsaken. There was a commitment from Spirit to honor you for the work you do. There was a commitment from Spirit to one day be birthed from within you while you were in human form, while you sat in the Divine Moment. There was the commitment that Spirit would be there to support, and to love, and to honor. Those were the true commitments that were given to Moses. These were interpreted later in a way that the people could understand, interpreted as the commandments.

< DivineHuman 8QA > Let go for a moment. Let go. This is what Moses/Mohammed tried to tell the people of Islam. Islam means "release" and "surrender." Let go. It had to be presented in a different way back then also, so people could hear it, and understand it, and accept it within their being. So many of the messages that were told thousands of years ago are so very relevant today, so much more a part of your realization and consciousness than even they were thousands of years ago.

< NewEnergy 1 > And, fourth today the energy of Moses comes back. He has been such an important base energy for the religions of the world today. He is one who indeed helped to liberate his people. He is one who helped to define the conditions of living as a human and spirit. Moses comes in today, as he has done in another gathering of ours, to say it is time for him to withdraw his energies also. It is time for him to leave so much of the wisdom, so much of the enlightenment of his work with you.

< NewEnergy 9 > But, then humans tried to control it and make it their God and their way. God became a man… a white man… with a beard. And, he was old, and he had a bad temper (audience laughter)… one moment saying, "I love you. I love you so much." And the next moment saying, "You will go to hell forever." What kind of God is that? It was a God that supposedly gave all sorts of rules to Moses. Moses was not given rules or commandments. They were commitments from Spirit. But that is a whole other story.

< NewEnergy 9 > So many of you were there during the time of Yeshua, even were there during the time of Moses and the time of Abraham. You've been following… you've been actually leading this whole thing. So many of you were there in the early days of the church with Peter. So many of you helped to start churches all over the world. Some of you got tired of what you had started in the past, and started a whole new church, a whole new way. But, it was just based on the Old Energy, the Old consciousness of God - God is male… God is punishing… God is separate… you see… always separate… living off there somewhere in the heavens, but not manifest here on Earth.

< NewEnergy 10 > Indeed, also within the House of Sananda were the energies of Abraham, and the energies of Moses, many, many, many other entities. Some of the individual entities within Sananda have come in to the groups before. Certainly Moses has been a guest… Yeshua a number of guest appearances on this Tobias show (some laughter)… and indeed Mary, Myriam.

< QuantumLeap 4> Moses also incarnated as the one you call Mohammad. Moses is wonderful for taking on the issues of people, whether they were slaves, whether they were impoverished, he was excellent at that. Going into the groups of some of the neediest and taking on their issues. I would tell this to Moses - I have told this to Moses himself in some of our discussions - he wasn't much of a leader, actually. He carried too much on his own shoulders. He got so upset about things. Moses had a bad temper - a really bad temper! But he was also a martyr in his own right.

< QuantumLeap 4> Moses, in approximately 1300 B.C., a long, long time ago, Moses went up to the top of the mountain - Mount Sinai - and encountered a burning bush. Well, he thought he did. It was a type of illusion, but it was his own anger and his own frustration at his own people and at himself, at his leadership. He felt "What kind of leader would spend 40 years wandering around the desert? (laughter) What kind of leader couldn't really give answers to the people? What kind of leader am I?" he thought, going up to the top of the mountain. But also really upset with his group. He felt they were inept. He felt that if they were stupid enough to follow around an ineffective leader, they were really stupid!

< QuantumLeap 4> So he went up to the top of the mountain and encountered the burning bush (fire), which was really a symbol for his own anger and frustration. And it was also a symbol of transformation because he and his people were choosing now that it truly was a time - it needed to be - for some changes. So in this inspired moment of consciousness Moses heard the voice of God, but it was actually his own voice, his own higher consciousness, and the voice of his people. He was having a Shoud right there up on top of the mountain with the burning bush. He attributed it to God, of course, because he didn't know who else to attribute it to.

< QuantumLeap 4> But in this inspiring moment, he received the Ten Commitments from Spirit, the commitments to what Spirit - your spirit - will do for you. The commitments that your - what you would call - your Higher Self, your divine self has for you each and every day. Moses received these. Of course he really didn't truly write them on the tablet at the moment. That would have been too heavy to carry down the mountain. (some laughter) But he went down the mountain after this incredibly transformational, sacred experience filled with what you would call light, filled with new consciousness, excited to gather his people together and to talk to them about the Ten Commitments of Spirit or of God. To share with them God's willingness to co-create, to share with them the fact that the Spirit was already there and it was already (within) them.

< QuantumLeap 4> But as he was walking back down the mountain, back through the villages, he saw people fighting with each other. He saw merchants cheating the customers. He saw people stealing food and stealing goods from each other. He saw people cursing each other. He saw a couple in the back alley making love to each other even though they were not married to each other. You get the point, don't you. And he said, "Dear God, how can I possible share these Commitments that you've given with these decrepit humans who are still following me around? How can I possibly give them these Commitments, because they'll just profane it. They'll just make it even worse. Dear God, we have to talk again."

< QuantumLeap 4> So he turned around and walked back up the mountain - this time no burning bush - feeling very angry and upset with his people and said, "They don't need to know about the Commitments of Spirit, they need commandments. They need rules, and they need laws." So he threw out the inspiration that he had received. He walked back down the mountains, and he found one who could record, and he sat before them as they recorded his thoughts, and he actually originally came up with twelve commandments.

< QuantumLeap 4> Over a period of time these have gotten changed and revised and translated into what you now know as the Ten Commandments, and for some 3,300 years these have stood as a basis for consciousness in your society, because so much of the world today follows this type of religion or philosophy. So these are very ingrained in consciousness, and it is our desire today, with Saint-Germain and Kuthumi and I, and the energy of Shaumbra, to talk about the Ten Commitments in the New Energy, the Ten Commitments of Spirit.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< Discovery 4 > Where did Yeshua go? The desert. Began wandering in the desert. The Essenes were very familiar with Moses. But they also had a different set of commandments. Understandings of Moses have been so distorted and rewritten over the years. The Ten Commandments actually had about 10,000 changes in the commandments since they were given. So he begins wandering in the desert. Where did he end up, as the first major part of his journey? India. More specifically in the area known as Kashmir. Ah, Kuthumi's backyard. Yeah. They didn't know each other.