Abraham / Abram


< NewEnergy 8 > We know her by the energy of Myriam, a dear one who comes from the lineage of Abraham, who was also known as Deborah, who led one of the twelve tribes of Israel, a great, great leader of man and woman. Myriam embraces the Quan Yin energy also and helps bring it to life. Myriam is a teacher, a disciple, an apostle who walked with Yeshua, first as Yeshua's student and learned so much, but then fell into her own power and her own right to stand side-by-side with Yeshua… for there had to be a feminine balance, you know.

< NewEnergy 8QA > But, there are major shifts that are needed in this birthing place (Israel). And, we are going there. We are going there with Myriam. We are going there are with so many of the Crimson Council. We're going there with Abraham. We're going there with David and Solomon. And, we're going there with the humans who - how to say - will accompany us and help us to make some very interesting shifts in this land. We are going there to bring back something called compassion.

< NewEnergy 9 > Back when the Earth was first being formed, long before you had physical bodies, so many of you came here as angels and planted an energy into the Earth (crystalline grid). The Earth held it for you. Gaia held it for you. In this place that you now know as Israel, very close to this - how to say - "Lake" of Galilee (some laughter over Tobias using Cauldre's word to describe the Sea of Galilee), was placed an energy in the land. And, it was the energy of the divine melding, the melding of the human and God together. It was a potential that was placed there… you see. It would come forth at the right time.

It was the energy of God walking on Earth as human, realized in material form. It was the energy where there was no separation anymore between the two. It was placed there so very long ago, waiting for the right time to come forth. Is it no wonder then that Abraham found himself drawn to the area, drawn to the land that was known as Canaan (pronounced as KAY-nen), Canaan (now pronouncing it as CANN-en)… that he made his home there… and that over millennia of time other groups have come there?

< NewEnergy 9 > The churches of the Western world have emanated from that very spot (Canaan). They started there. Yeshua walked there. The religious leaders all have been there as the Mecca for the Abrahamic religions - this very spot. Oh, the land itself… there are more beautiful in the world, more beautiful places. But, this land in Israel held the energies of a time when God could walk on Earth, a time of "You are God also."

So many religions in the meantime have felt this energy and have tried to own it, tried to make it theirs. So many of them have camped out there. They have put their own energy holders there, from every aspect. Oh, indeed, even from the metaphysical, even from the New Age energy holders. But, there are different types of energy holders. There are the energy holders that never want to let go of the Old way, that want to keep a lid on it, that want to place nails in the lid to hold it down, never to let it out. There are energy holders who are there, like Shaumbra, simply holding a balance, holding a balance in duality, so that these energies could come forth at the right time.

< NewEnergy 9 > It wasn't until the time of Abraham when - how to say - God talked to Abraham, and said, "There is just me… one God… that's all. We don't have to have many gods. There is one." It was really the consciousness of humanity talking to Abraham, saying that it is time to understand that God was within… that there is a oneness to God… that there are not all these separate gods fighting each other, vying for control. You see… that was human consciousness at the time. That is all consciousness could comprehend.

< NewEnergy 9 > So, God came to Abraham, and said, "There is me. There is one." And, consciousness embraced it. Humanity embraced it. This drew together, once again, so many of what we call "the family of Hapiru," the ones who are the Jews. They have been working on this concept, this understanding, long before humans ever came to Earth. So, they were drawn together, and there was one God then. The many gods seemed to disappear. They became one.

< NewEnergy 9 > Yeshua came to Earth to try to help others to understand that God is within. It is one. It is many. But, it begins from within. From Abraham and all of the descendants and all of the energies in the area came many religions - the Christian religion… the Jewish religion… the Muslims… and many, many others - all claiming to have a truth about God… all claiming that if you didn't follow this truth, god would send you to some terrible place.

< NewEnergy 9 > So many of you were there during the time of Yeshua, even were there during the time of Moses and the time of Abraham. You've been following… you've been actually leading this whole thing. So many of you were there in the early days of the church with Peter. So many of you helped to start churches all over the world. Some of you got tired of what you had started in the past, and started a whole new church, a whole new way. But, it was just based on the Old Energy, the Old consciousness of God - God is male… God is punishing… God is separate… you see… always separate… living off there somewhere in the heavens, but not manifest here on Earth.

< NewEnergy 10 > Indeed, also within the House of Sananda were the energies of Abraham, and the energies of Moses, many, many, many other entities. Some of the individual entities within Sananda have come in to the groups before. Certainly Moses has been a guest… Yeshua a number of guest appearances on this Tobias show (some laughter)… and indeed Mary, Myriam.

< Teacher 8QA > You can find an abundance flow very easily if you are in your passion. If you have developed the relationship with your Self, then all of these things come easily and naturally. You don't have to worry about them. The abundance is there. This is a universal principle. It's the law of attraction. It's something that Abraham talks about quite a bit. If you're interested in more information about this natural law of attraction, this is one of the areas that Abraham is focused on with their teachings. When you are in your passion, when you are listening and not compromising your Self, the abundance is there. It takes care of all of this debt.

< (Next) 12 > So finally a wonderful Atlantean - great Atlantean, been quite a leader and known to many of you in your Atlantean days - by the name of Abram - Abraham - came around and said, "Let's knock out all these gods and let's come down to one God." His concept was very clear, and he was actually quite right. He said, "Let's understand this concept of just a Source." And that was fine until many, many, many years later humans started to mess with that one. Because Abraham, which, by the way, most of the major religions of the world are derived from - Islam, Judaism, Christianity - Abram had the concept that it was one God and this God was a living God, a real God, and the God was of all things.