New Age


< Creator 1 > My friends, it is also a time to release your grasp, to release your grasp. You have held tightly to belief systems. You have held tightly to concepts of who you thought you were. You have held tightly even to your 'new age.'

< Creator 3QA > Indeed it is not that the old self has died. The old self has completed its journey, its contract. The old self has taken a job, so to speak, that it has done very well and worked very hard at. And now it can be released. It can return back to what you would call Home. There is much honor in this. The term ascension is not one that we use so much, for there are many misunderstandings of this that come from your churches and even from your New Age materials. There is the assumption that when you ascend, you will immediately be healed of all things, that you will know all things, and that you can do all things. But in a sense, yes, indeed you are ascending. You are changing. You are now being able to accept your divinity into this reality. But we only caution you about what you assume ascension is. Again we ask you to understand that things will be quite different than what you have thought. They will be powerful and wonderful but we ask you to hold no assumption of what this ascension process is.

< Ascension 1 > You knew you came in to be ones who planted energy and love to prevent these type of things from happening. If you had left the planet at that time (early 60's), you would still have done a great service. You would have fulfilled so much for all of humankind, simply by being an energetic presence (ghost) on Earth to help prevent this from happening. Many of you began your spiritual studies in earnest shortly after this, this thing you would call the New Age, your spirituality. Others of you simply knew it was not time. Your energy would be needed again later, and you set out in life, seemingly apathetic to all of this spiritual stuff.

< Ascension 8 > You are learning to release the Old Energy with honor, not to throw it out with the trash. Honor the ways of the Old Energy, even the ways of what you would call your New Age, because it brought you to this point. (chuckling) Oh, we know, some of you have called us crazy when we asked you to release many of the New Age things -the crystals, the prayers, the meditations, the aliens. We know these things have been a comfort, like a comfortable blanket, for you. We have challenged you to release these things, for indeed they too have been agendas. They too have been like boulders in the river.

< Ascension 9 > You ARE creating New Energy. You thought this New Energy was just a replacement word for New Age! It is not. The New Energy is a new physics, and it is beginning to happen now. When we speak of New Energy, YOU ARE CREATING IT.

< DivineHuman 5QA > There are old rules in the old churches about what is right and wrong. And, these do nothing but to intensify duality. There are many rules even in your New Age about what is right and what is wrong. We find that so many who are awakening on the spiritual path seek out teachers of the New Age and find themselves confronted with as many rules as they had from the old churches.

< NewEnergy 9 > The churches of the Western world have emanated from that very spot (Canaan). They started there. Yeshua walked there. The religious leaders all have been there as the Mecca for the Abrahamic religions - this very spot. Oh, the land itself… there are more beautiful in the world, more beautiful places. But, this land in Israel held the energies of a time when God could walk on Earth, a time of "You are God also."

So many religions in the meantime have felt this energy and have tried to own it, tried to make it theirs. So many of them have camped out there. They have put their own energy holders there, from every aspect. Oh, indeed, even from the metaphysical, even from the New Age energy holders. But, there are different types of energy holders. There are the energy holders that never want to let go of the Old way, that want to keep a lid on it, that want to place nails in the lid to hold it down, never to let it out. There are energy holders who are there, like Shaumbra, simply holding a balance, holding a balance in duality, so that these energies could come forth at the right time.

< Embodiment 2QA > You feel imbalanced because you keep searching. You keep going back to duality for validation. We are going to ask you now not to go back to that space. And, what we call duality is even what you think are some of your New Energy beliefs and concepts. Those are also based in duality… you see. You have some very old beliefs about New Age. So, we are going to ask you now… we are going to ask you to step back a moment here. Be the observer. See how you set this up. Stop looking back to the Old Energy for validation.

< Discovery 4 > The new age movement, for instance. There's not a central office. There's not a hierarchy. It's pretty loose. Really loose. But in spirituality, it's a lot of searching and seeking. It's a lot of putting your toes in the water to test the temperature, and it can lead to a lot of makyo. Not that it always does, but it can lead to that, because you can forget about the true desires, the knowingness that I talked about last month. You can forget about that and get all caught up in, let's say, an essential oil, and you spend years and years going through all of the essential oils. The only essential oil that's really worth a damn is your own sweat. You can quote me on that!

< Discovery 4 > Again, they're wonderful, but easy to get caught up in certain rituals of the spiritual group, of the new age, certain books, classes or anything else; can lead to a lot of makyo. Generally, those on the spiritual path are still searching. They haven't made that commitment. Not in all cases. Please don't send emails to Cauldre – he's telling me to say that – but there's a marked difference between if I was standing here with you versus standing here with a crowd of just spiritual new age types. A tremendous difference.

< WalkOn 10 > Sedona is new age central for United States and actually for a lot of the world. It's also makyo central.  But I did make that announcement. I said, “The new age is over,” meaning that it's time to stop talking about it. It's time to stop exploring all the different modalities and methods. It's time to wrap that up. Blavatsky and Jung and Steiner and a few others were so instrumental in starting the new age 140 years ago. It was a time when the world needed new thinking and a new approach, to dive into mysticism and spirituality in a way that none of the churches were providing and really none of the other religions were providing. But it came time for the new age to close, and basically in closing to say, “It's either time to go back to ordinary regular life as a human or it's time to come into your enlightenment. It's time to be that embodied Master on Earth.”