contract / commitment

; directing; plan;
restriction; control; limitation; agenda;

< New Earth 8 > We ask you to remember a time that most of you here were involved in. That time was 2000 years ago, and most who are here walked with one known as Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus. Most of you met Yeshua personally at that time. Most of you sat together in groups like this, talking of the need for the Christ consciousness to be brought to Earth, not by one but by many. You experienced a very interesting time then. We ask you not to be ashamed or embarrassed within yourself to know that you were there at that time, that you walked with the Master of Love. It was part of your full contract, to come into contact to learn. For this one, known as Jesus, was the seed that had germinated, that sprouted the fruit that you tasted of. It was important that you tasted of that energy while you walked on Earth.

< New Earth 11QA > In a sense you have already created that new contract through your intent, through your prayers that have been heard. You have created a new direction for yourself. If you could back up for a moment and look from my overview or perspective, look at the major challenges that you are going through right now, whether it is the challenge of relationship, the challenge of truth, the challenge of inner trust. The things that are affecting you the most right now are the things you will be teaching to others in the future. This will be your contract. Why do you think it is so difficult right now? It is because you are working through the most challenging parts of that energy. For those who are having difficulty with relationships now, you will be teaching others of a new type of relationship. For those who are facing the issues of truth, you will be teaching others of the simple, pure truths of Spirit. Look at the issues that you are working through now. That is the contract that you have already penned for yourself for the future.

< New Earth 13 > Now as most of you in this room (and most of you reading this) know very clearly, there came a point in time in your life within the past several years when you were asked, or when you came to a decision point, about whether to stay here on Earth or whether to leave. You came to a critical time.
The reason why we mention this on this day, dear friends, is that each of you here knew you were coming to the end of your old contract. You had fulfilled what you came to the Earth to do. At that point you could have left. You could have departed the physical body and come back Home. Obviously the ones here (and the ones reading this also) chose to stay! In a sense, as we jokingly say, you "re-enlisted" in spiritual service. You "re-upped." You knew that there was additional work to do on this Earth. That is why you are here.

< New Earth 13 > Now since this point of decision in your life, there have been many things that have happened to you. Some of these events have been quite painful or difficult to walk through. There have been relationships that have been pulled apart or that have gone the other way, relationships that were long and meaningful and are now being dissolved. There were perhaps job changes. There was perhaps losing much, if not all, of the material goods that you had. There was perhaps losing friends, losing family, walking the lonely road. All of these things, dear friends, have been part of your plan, so to speak, of what would happen if you chose to stay. Those things that needed to be released, those things that were not appropriate, found a way out of your life. We know and we understand that the path has been difficult. But it has been an important part of the journey.

< New Earth 14 > You are no longer bound by karma or contracts. Your contracts have been fulfilled. You are not bound by the past. Your karma is released, dear friends. Many of you are still living in the residue of the old karma. It is time for that to leave. It is time for that to depart. We said earlier that in the first circle that gathers here on this day are all of the past lives of who you have been. They also represent nearly all of your karma. They have been waiting for you and for this incarnation to be released. For indeed as each of those lifetimes passed away and were buried or burned upon the Earth, much of their energy remained in the Earth. Much of that energy of who you were in the past has been held by Gaia. It is now time to release. Oh, your past lives, the ones who stand beside you on this day… they are desiring to return Home. That is why we said earlier that they thank you for the work that you do, for what you are doing is releasing them.

< Creator 1 > Now let us talk for a moment about this lifetime of yours. You (designated ascendee) have come in to this lifetime to complete the last chapters of your book of life here on Earth. You have come in to clear the last portions of karma and to fulfill your contract. You have spent much of the early years of your lives doing this. You met others who you had karmic conditions with that you were choosing to get over. You had family relationships that provided the conduit to resolve karma that had accumulated, that had brought experiences for lifetime after lifetime. You spent much of your early years working with these matters.

< Creator 1 > During this time period there were many difficult experiences for you and what you would call lessons, although we choose not to use that word. There was much final clearing, for in a sense what you were doing was completing the book of your life, and the book that contained the stories of many, many lifetimes. You have been working on completing those final chapters. And then, my friends, as this was done, you came to a point of feeling perhaps lost, confused, or disempassioned. You had completed your main contract in life, and your main goals in life.

< Creator 1 > There are no contracts anymore. You are not bound to the old. You are not bound to karma. There is residue. There are old remainders that come back to haunt you. But my friends, you are not creating new karma. The book of life for each of you has been written. You have penned the final chapter. Henceforth, it is a new book with open and clean pages. There is no spiritual directive on those pages that you must follow. You are the ones creating the new energy. You are not bound by the past.

< Creator 1 > As you wrote those final words in the final chapter in the book of your life, we know many of you experienced great sadness and then a feeling of loss, a feeling of lack of purpose. That is because you finished what you came here to do, but there was one caveat in that. You knew if you could finish that book in record time, you could write a new one. That is why you are here now. But that book has no guidelines or margin lines or preset number of pages. You are creating it as you go. That is what you are doing here. 

< Creator 2 > What you are experiencing right now in your life is not about past lives! Your contracts are over. The rumbling that you are feeling, the experiences that you are coming to you at night, the terror in the night dreams, relate back to this feeling of the original separation. It is not about past lives. It is not even about you in this lifetime!

< Creator 3 > You wonder why sometimes in lines you are ignored, like you don’t exist. You wonder they forget your order at a restaurant! (audience laughter) Dear friends, that is because the old self that you saw in the mirror has been slipping away for some time now to make way, to make ready for the newest incarnation of Self. This new Self is not bound by karma and contract. It is not bound to the past but lives only in the present!

< Creator 2QA > We ask you to understand that your new house is a metaphor for your new consciousness, your new physical being, and your new divinity to come forth. Your new house represents all that you are. There are many humans, perhaps your spouses or family or those that you work with that have not built a new house yet… they are still living in their old house. Their old house is about karma. Their old house is about contract.
This is also to say that there are two distinct energies that are working together at this time. There are two worlds (two earths), as we have called it. We have portrayed it to you this way so that you understand that you are moving once again into new realms but that co-existing with those still old energy.

< Creator 3QA > Indeed it is not that the old self has died. The old self has completed its journey, its contract. The old self has taken a job, so to speak, that it has done very well and worked very hard at. And now it can be released. It can return back to what you would call Home. There is much honor in this. The term ascension is not one that we use so much, for there are many misunderstandings of this that come from your churches and even from your New Age materials. There is the assumption that when you ascend, you will immediately be healed of all things, that you will know all things, and that you can do all things. But in a sense, yes, indeed you are ascending. You are changing. You are now being able to accept your divinity into this reality. But we only caution you about what you assume ascension is. Again we ask you to understand that things will be quite different than what you have thought. They will be powerful and wonderful but we ask you to hold no assumption of what this ascension process is.

< Creator 7QA > For all who are touched by these words, your contracts have concluded! There are residual energies that continue to cling on. These are, these are very interesting. These are things that we are studying on this side. When you have moved through a door and you’ve gone to another room, why do the old energies cling like they do? We are finding through you that as you spend more time in what we call your inner room of your new house, the quiet room; and you spend more time allowing these old energies to run their course, there is a smoother transition. We are learning through you that the energy structures of the old habits are not so easy to release. When you struggle with them, rather than love and accept them, when you try to arm wrestle them, when you try to fight them, they become stronger and they tend to hang on longer.

< Creator 9QA > Focus on how you are now able to be creators for the first time, true creators in all of your existence on Earth. Why will this be challenging to you here, with the lessons that we are giving, with the lessons of dancing with what comes to your front door? It is because you have never truly been able to be full creators. You have been following a plan. You have been following contracts that were somewhat predetermined. Now there is the complete ability to be creators, so we ask you to focus on these things now. Stay with us in these series. Stay with us as we move forward. There will come a time soon enough when we journey off with you into the other realms. You will see how you can not only affect and create things here in this human reality, but all around you and other levels as well. These are very powerful concepts, but let us learn first to walk before we run.

< Ascension 1QA > We would like to make a point also that you are not bound to any contract here. Your contracts are done. They have long been done. You do not need to do anything. You will not be punished if you do not accept this role. We are here recruiting in love. We are asking you - if you so feel - to step forward. There are difficulties and challenges. One of the potentials that you may select on this day - (and that is why the energy of your spiritual potential exists here; it has never been brought in before, but it comes in) - you may choose at this time to not continue in this process, because it is difficult. You may choose to lead a quiet life, what you would call a "normal" life. We will love you just the same. We will still come to you in your dreams and be beside you. Life will take on a somewhat easier pace, an easier role. We will still love you. But we also encourage all those who are ready to continue moving on that your energies are needed at this time.

< Ascension 2 > Ascension. Ascension is when you do not need to die in between lifetimes. You do not shed the physical body. You do not need to go through this very difficult and challenging experience of death and rebirth. It is all done while you are still contained in the same package. Ascension is when you move from one lifetime to the other. In the past it was important to work on a single set of contracts in a lifetime, to complete those, and then to leave, and to not have the memory that is carried forth.

< Ascension 2 > When the human goes through death there is so much emotion and fear in this. There is so little understanding. In a sense, the anticipation of death by all, not just by people who are lying on their deathbed, but by all… this anticipation builds up a tremendous wall of fear that needs to be released now. In ascension status, dear friends, you do not need to die. You continue on. You do not have all of this anxiety associated with the process. There is a period of grieving, indeed. And there is a long period where you are going through deep inner changes. All of you who are connecting to these words in one way or the other are experiencing this type of thing. But you do not have to die. You do not have to leave your body. You move into your next lifetime. What is different about this new lifetime versus your other ones is that you are not bound by contract.

< Ascension 2 > Even before you came to Earth in this lifetime, you had a long set of goals and objectives. You had an extensive spiritual contract. You had a checklist of things to work on. In a sense, this was the lifetime of final clearing. Now you are transitioning, as you have ascended. There are no contracts. The difference between ascending versus dying is that now you get to write the book. Now you get to create what it is you want and who you choose to be. It is no wonder then that in your new ascension status things are blank, things are in neutral. Things are waiting for you, waiting for you to react. The transformation process you are going through… it will last for a period of time. There will be ups and downs in your journey, but understand that it is all simply part of a process.

< Ascension 2 > For any of you, there are no large lessons at this point. There are just things happening in your life. It is not about you anymore. There are no contracts. There are no lessons. The angels and the guides and Spirit and Tobias are not trying to bang on the door of your house to get your attention. It is not so much about you.

< Ascension 2 > In ascension status - that you are in now, all of you - you are in new territory, uncharted territory. None of us who come here today to join you from the other realms has been to where you are. We are observers. We are counselors. We are guides. But WE follow YOU. None of us has been into this new ascension status. The difference is that there are no contracts, or karma, or lessons. That is the difference. It is up to you to create whatever it is you choose.

< Ascension 2 > You have forgotten how to play, haven't you? You have forgotten! We knew it. Our lightworker Rachael forgot how to play, because there was so little of it in her lifetime when she was young. There was so little. She had such a serious contract, as all of you have had. We are jesting with you on this day. We know you came in with serious contracts, heavy contracts, challenging contracts. We know you took on the most difficult things that you have ever taken on. That is why you have forgotten how to play. You had so few games when you were young. You had to be so serious about life at such an early stage and work so hard. Even those who came from well-rounded families, even you… you had to prove yourself early in life.

< Ascension 2 > You are the ones who had the heavy contracts, and you were very specific about your time frames to get them done and how to do them. And you continue to push yourselves. You continue to approach your divinity in the same way - that it must be studied hard, worked hard, that in order to be worthy of it, it must exhaust you, and must be painful.

< Ascension 2 > Now, hold that flame. Play with it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Walk from this room on this day with a new attitude, with an attitude of enjoyment of life. You have reached your goals already. You have fulfilled your contract. Allow yourself to enjoy. When you do, you change the cycles (vibration) of energy. You change the way that the outside world reacts to you. And it will start reacting differently. It will start coming back to you more joyfully. It will come back to you with more fulfillment. The things that come to you will not be so hard and difficult and challenging. You can drop that from your energy makeup right now. You can drop that difficult, challenging setup (old contract) that you brought into this lifetime. You do not need it anymore. It is, above all, for each of you, the time to play, and the time to enjoy. And that is how you will truly take ownership of your divinity.

< Ascension 10 > In your "new identity" you will not be bound by old contracts. You will not be locked into a mold. You will have wings of new consciousness. It will not be linear. It will be multi-dimensional. You will not have to develop and protect your identity. You will be secure unto yourself, complete within yourself. Your "new identity" will want to express. You will want to expand. You will want to soar, dear friends.

< Ascension 10QA > It would be inappropriate to say all accidents or traumas are planned long in advance. When you are planning your lifetime, you do not write in every specific incident and accident. In a sense, you are only defining the flow and the rate of experience, much like the flow and rate of a river, but the river can take many turns along the way. Do you see? The river can divert. The river can create new channels and new conduits. You simply determine the overview of where you want to go.

So, when there is an accident in your life, and you say, " I must have planned this before I got here," it was not that way. The planning, particularly as you move into the New Energy, becomes almost spontaneous and immediate. It becomes very rapid in relationship to where your consciousness is.

Now, you are also not locked in to any contract or even to any plan. You can change the river of your life at any time. But, understand that at certain levels within you there is a need to know and to understand things, so check in with yourself to see what type of experiences you are looking for. You are not bound by contract, or plan, or any of that any more. Understand that you are truly the creator.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, create our own job descriptions. We came into this lifetime to complete some of the soul level contracts that we had. In our new lifetime in the same physical body, we write our own job descriptions. We create each moment, and each day, and each potential in the future. We know we are without old contract. We know we are without karma. We know it is up to us what we want to create. We write our own job description.