2000 years ago

the time of Yeshua;

< New Earth 8 > We ask you to remember a time that most of you here were involved in. That time was 2000 years ago, and most who are here walked with one known as Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus. Most of you met Yeshua personally at that time. Most of you sat together in groups like this, talking of the need for the Christ consciousness to be brought to Earth, not by one but by many. You experienced a very interesting time then. We ask you not to be ashamed or embarrassed within yourself to know that you were there at that time, that you walked with the Master of Love. It was part of your full contract, to come into contact to learn. For this one, known as Jesus, was the seed that had germinated, that sprouted the fruit that you tasted of. It was important that you tasted of that energy while you walked on Earth.

< New Earth 8 > This is not an energy that could be delivered by asteroids or comets or the planets. Oh, they play a part in it, but it was energy that had to be brought in within you. That is why there was a time 2000 years ago where you walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph, when you saw what it was like for a single seed to germinate, to be part of that energy, so that one day you too could be a carrier. Each of you in this room has felt from time to time that you were perhaps crazy for feeling like you were Christ because your books had taught you that this is wrong, because they had taught there is only One. But the Master of Love Himself, the one you call Sananda, the one that you walked with, stands here tonight asking each of you to accept the Christ consciousness that you carry in order to allow the melding of the germinating seed with the divine light that comes in - to carry on, to bring the energy that you carry into this new Earth, to be the plant, to be the fruit of the Christ consciousness here on Earth. This is needed. This is needed.

< Creator 9 > As Yeshua was on the cross, his spirit stepped down and walked amongst those who were standing there. And his spirit extended throughout the land, and there were many, many, many who thought they saw him at their sides at that particular moment and that particular time. Many of you here were close. Many were in other lands and felt this one that carries the energy of Christ walking beside them. How could he be in two places at one time, you wondered? How could he be upon the hill on the day of that storm and walking beside you? He came to show you that life renews, and that you renew. He comes here on this day to say that you renew once again. You rejuvenate, but not the old human mind and not the old human body and energy. You rejuvenate, and you transform much as he did at this time 2000 years ago. The love pours from him and from us to all who continue the vibration of Shaumbra that began some 2000 years ago.

< Creator 12 > There was a time again when we gathered, but I was not in human body. We gathered together as family, as Shaumbra. This time was 2000 years ago on your planet. I worked closely with many of you, many of you. This was an important time, which we will discuss. You may know my energy from then. I have walked with you, along with your guides - (chuckling) your former guides. I walked with you for many lifetimes since, serving as one who loved you, one who held the energy of family for you, one who reassured you. Together with your angels and your personal entourage, we worked together. We had a mission. There was something important to be done on this place of Earth.

< Creator 12 > Then there was a group also, the ones we call Shaumbra, who came in 2000 years ago. You came in, knowing it was time to bring this Christ consciousness from the outer realms to Earth. You were the carriers of this. You helped to bring this in. Many of you here walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph. Many of you lived in surrounding lands at that very time. Many of you came in right after the time of Jeshua Ben Joseph when the energy was still strong and sharp. You helped to set up the new churches. These churches were the incubators for the Christ consciousness. You are the ones who helped to bring this in.

< Creator 12QA > Dear friends, we will speak more of this tomorrow when we gather again, but we will answer in part tonight. 2500 years ago and 2000 years ago and 1000 years ago there were major influxes of humans, of angels who came to Earth, carrying special energy attributes with them. It was not one person. It was not just Siddhartha. It was not just Yeshua Ben Joseph who came here to bring Light. It was a complete entourage of humans.

There was a group 2000 years ago that was part of this. Dear friends, most of you here and most of you reading this were part of that group. You were not necessarily in this place of Jerusalem at that time, although many were. But you came to Earth at that time to bring an important attribute, which we will discuss tomorrow. You would gather. You would meet. You came up with the name for yourself of Shaumbra. It was, in a sense, a quiet society, a quiet group. You had understandings when you looked each other in the eye that you had come to Earth at that important time to bring something was much needed. You would communicate your gatherings. You would communicate that there was a gathering to take place by wearing an article of clothing, a shawl, or other piece of a crimson color. You called yourself Shaumbra. There are agreements that go back amongst you, amongst all of us, back to the very times when you came to Earth, of the journey that you would take. Look at each other in the eye now. Do this. Look at each other in the eye. (audience looks into each others eyes) You are family. Look at the love. Look at the Light. Remember how you agreed to be back together again, even for a brief period of time. Look around. This is Shaumbra. This is family - Shaumbra, meaning the family of Home. We gather here now in this love.

< Ascension 1 > 2,000 years ago, many of you who sit in this very room, and who read these words and listen to them in other formats… you came to Earth in strength and in numbers, and you placed yourself all across the world. You placed yourself in Jerusalem, in England, in the Africas, in Asia, some as natives here in this country of the United States. There was a shower, a rain shower, of you who now call yourself Shaumbra, of you who came in to plant the seed. The one you know as Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was the one who got much attention. But all of you are the ones who have helped bring this seed in. In the subsequent years and lifetimes since then, you have been working in earnest. You have been working diligently to provide the fertile ground, the fertile energy for this Christ seed to blossom.

< Ascension 1 > You are the ones who started the churches all over the world. No wonder that you feel somewhat ambivalent about them on these days! But you were the ones who started these. These were the temples. These were the churches where the Christ seed would begin its growth process and would reach out to the others. For these past 2,000 years, dear Shaumbra, you have been coming back lifetime after lifetime, learning how to bring this energy in, providing the space and the energy for it to grow. And you know from our past words with you, now is the time for this to come forward.

< Ascension 2 > But we see one thing - and it became very obvious to us after our last gathering, very obvious to us, dear friends, that you have all of these things happening. You have the availability of energy like it never was before. As I said earlier, we could not gather together like this in my days two thousand years ago and have the type of energy you have here. We had nothing like it! You have all of this available to you. You even have us letting you know that you have gone into ascension status. You have the tools to create.

< DivineHuman 4QA > The Master Yeshua tried, and tried, and tried to tell us. The master Yeshua is even more emphatic about the dammed churches of this world than I am! (audience laughter) If he came back now - we won’t even use the words to describe - but, he would kick down some doors. This is a message that he tried to give 2000 years ago and was put on the cross for it. This is an issue on our side.

< NewEnergy 2 > For those who asked the question, "Did Jesus indeed die on the cross," the answer is, yes, he did not continue living as a human on Earth. His energy stayed very present on Earth. It still is. He can't help it. He's nailed on the cross. But, the man, the body died. The work continued. It continues today in you and through you. So many of you are so deeply invested in those times of 2,000 years ago, so deeply invested in the suffering and the struggling that took place. You can't let it go. So many of YOU are still nailed on the cross. When are you going to allow yourself to live without struggling, without suffering? Take Jesus off the cross. Take yourself off the cross!

< NewEnergy 11 > There are indications in the scientific community that all of the energies of Earth are changing, going into a state of flux, not sure how to act anymore. This thing that is used to measure the pulse of Earth, the Schuman resonance, has been fairly stable and steady for nearly 2000 years… a very interesting timetable, by the way. It started changing 2000 years ago. It is the frequency - or what is measured in hertz, or cycles - of the vibration of consciousness of Earth… that includes humanity and Gaia.

< Embodiment 1 > You have felt it (the darkness is the divinity). You have known something that was being taught by the spiritual teachers, the churches, wasn't quite right. You have tried to make it right. You have tried to join in and participate. You have tried to make yourself feel perhaps what the others were feeling, but you couldn't because you have always known something different. From 2000 years ago you have understood inside what this whole issue of the light and the dark is. You have understood that there are no outside demons… unless of course you want there to be, you see.

< Embodiment 4 > Oh, and Shaumbra, one of the greatest of all, one of the greatest crosses that all of you bear is the cross of Yeshuaholding the energy of Yeshua… and the times 2000 years ago… holding it tightly… holding it deeply… and holding it in suffering… holding it with such vows… vows that you gave to never let it go, to never let it be lost. Well, Shaumbra, it's not lost. It's very present on Earth right now. You can see it all over. It is built in churches all over the world… your energy. The work of Yeshua and the work of you in bringing the divine seed to Earth is not lost; it is not gone.

< Embodiment 8 > This hypnosis of religion holds so much of the consciousness of Earth right now. I am not speaking ill of the churches. I'm only trying to state facts. I can't speak ill of the churches. You and I helped to create them. We created them for a different purpose, especially two thousand years ago. We created some of the initial churches, some of the initial ways of humankind, as we were birthing this divine seed, this Christ consciousness on Earth. As you came into incarnation, you realized it was so hard to maintain the divine seed, the Christ consciousness in a very hostile and difficult world. So, you started to build churches, physical places that could be sacred, that could hold the sacred energy, that could house the divine Christ energy until it was time to truly radiate throughout all of the world. So, you helped to build the physical churches.

< Clarity 7 > The crystalline energies are within you. They are yours. They are there. You brought them (Christ seed) there. Two thousand years ago you said, "I'm going to bring them to Earth with me. I'm going to bring them out at the right time. I'm going to disconnect from the overall crystalline realms so I can discover my own." That is being sovereign.

< MNEC2006-A > Then there is the Shaumbra University, which has been created as a support tool, a training and learning tool for Shaumbra who are teachers - and you are all teachers in one way or the other. Shaumbra University was initially created in the nonphysical realms over two thousand years ago of time, and it has been incubating. It has been preparing itself for the work that you would be doing here on Earth if the New Energy era came to be. And it has come to be.

< Teacher 5 > I did incarnate in that lifetime 2,000 years ago as Balthazar, helping to bring in the Christ seed energy. I was a Babylonian king at the time, but I knew, just as you knew, that there was something happening on Earth. Couldn't put a finger on it, couldn't necessarily identify just what it was, although the prophets, they talked about the new Messiah coming. But who would have thought the Messiah would have come in the way he did. What I mean by that it wasn't just the baby Yeshua. It wasn't just about Mary and Joseph. It was about the birth of the Christ seed on Earth at the time. It was about not only Yeshua coming to Earth, but about you coming to Earth. About you incarnating.

< Teacher 5 > And then most of us incarnated again about 2,000 years ago. It was a special lifetime for you and for me. We were in the midst of an energy change and an era change on Earth. We were in the midst of watching our own selves beginning to unfold, getting out from the heaviness of duality, the heaviness of being in the human physical body. We were starting to come out of the bottom part of this cycle called living on Earth, called incarnations. We were starting to move our energy back around - coming out - coming out so we could finally get off of this whole circle, this whole wheel of incarnations.

< Teacher 6 > We begin a New Era. Now there's not a specific point in time that this era begins. You can't say that it starts today. It has been in evolution and process for thousands of years. Remember? Remember how 2,000 years ago you helped to bring this to Earth? It has been evolving and expanding ever since and it comes in now, this new era. I'm going to christen it the Consciousness era. We move beyond the Christos era, which was the time of bringing in the divine seed, the time of beginning the birthing process for the integration of the human aspect of you and the other aspects of you.

< Teacher 10 > Over the period of particularly the last, from about ten thousand years ago to about eight thousand years ago, the spiral of human consciousness kept on expanding and kept on speeding up at a fairly consistent rate. But then, again, two thousand years ago, it took another change. The speed became even faster, so much that, from your human perspective, you could say you almost couldn't even see the speed of the spiral, it was going so fast. And now it was opening up, this spiral, but the distance between the circles of the spiral were no longer consistent.

You see, the spiral in the past always had a very patterned or very predictable spacing between each cycle of the spiral. This is like a big spiraling wheel that's turning. Two thousand years ago the spacing between the individual circles within the spiral changed the spacing so that the more further out levels of the spiral had much more distance than the spacing of the inner circles of the spiral two thousand years ago. And once again the speed picked up.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Consciousness measurement has a benchmark that was taken at the time of Yeshua, not because of Yeshua but because of timing. At the time of Yeshua approximately 2,000 years ago, there were approximately 200 million people on Earth. And the consciousness benchmark that was created back then was one - the number 1. I'm using human terms here now. Prior to that, it was a fraction of 1. For instance, in approximately 600 B.C.E. (Before Current Era), the consciousness measurement was approximately .81. The significance of the number "1" is simply the understanding at a conscious level that there is a trinity, there is different aspects of self - a self-awareness first of the “human aspect,“ secondly of the “human's divine nature” and thirdly of a “divine nature within all things.”

< Returning 4 > Your spirit has called you to be in the energy and the consciousness of this group known as Shaumbra that has been gathering like this for a long, long time. If you can believe it and imagine it, back into the times of Atlantis - oh, there was an Atlantis - this group has been gathering. Back in the times of Yeshua, also known as Jesus, they were the Essenes. They were the ones who studied at the deep inner levels. They are the ones who have been helping to plant the seeds of new consciousness as far back as 2,000 years ago, preparing for this time that we now live in.

< Returning 11 > There's other pictures as well, pictures of some of the work that you've done; pictures of gatherings when you called yourself Shaumbra 2000 years ago; pictures when you were Essenes; pictures of you with your families back then; pictures of you when many of you had lifetimes under the surface of the Earth, when the surface of the Earth was so violent after the downfall of Atlantis where you lived under the Earth. Oh, let yourself feel it again. Amazing times.

< Master 8 > Yeshua woke up on the cross, and in that moment released the physical body, which by the way, 2,000 years ago you had to do it that way. You don't have to do it that way now. He released the physical body and he really came to life. He went on merrily with Mary Magdalene. They had children together, even though he didn't have a physical body. Beautiful children. Yes, you can have sex even when you don't have a body. Very true. You have better sex sometimes. (looks at Linda) Not always.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

< Discovery 4 > You know Yeshua. Why? Because Yeshua is a composite made out of you and me and a bunch of others. Yeshua was the biggest composite ever, in other words, more souled beings gathered together and said, “Let's create this composite.” Not a souled being. By the way, for those of you who are still online with us who are relatively new, yes, Yeshua, Jesus wasn't a souled being. It was a composite of all of you. It was about bringing the divine seed to this planet 2,000 years ago.

< kharisma 9 > So much of this energy of Shaumbra goes back to the time of Yeshua, and I know many of you feel a closeness, an affinity, a deep love for Yeshua, for Mary – Mary Magdalene – for all of those who were there at the time. You relate to it in a beautiful, but sometimes angry, way. I'll explain that in a moment, but that's where you started coming together. That's where the essence of Shaumbra … of course Atlantis, but that was a long, long, long, long, long time ago. So much of it came together in the time of Yeshua, where you made a commitment to bring in the divine seed, the Christ consciousness, Christos consciousness. Many, many, many lifetimes ago, all of you were part of that, even you, dear Linda of Eesa. You weren't in a physical body, but you were here. You came as close as you could from the other realms to be here, to accompany those who were coming to Earth. You could say you were in your angelic form, most of you in your human form.

< kharisma 9 > Whether you personally knew Yeshua or any of the other cast of characters, doesn't make a difference. You were somewhere here on the planet at the time. You had made a commitment that you were going to bring in the divine seed, the Christ consciousness, the pure consciousness, and then you'd come back and at some point you would reap what you had sowed. You would harvest what you had planted for yourself and perhaps for others. So that time has such a meaning to you, has such a depth for all of you. A couple of thousand years ago coming here in human form, some of you in angelic form, and saying “Now. Now.” A lot of you met each other back then. You meet each other again at our gatherings or in your Internet space, and there is that sudden remembrance, that sudden recollection. You met the likes of Tobias, who was such an influence on you, also in an angelic form at that time of Yeshua. But that's when you could say so much of this really started taking hold.