< New Earth 5 > But first we will explain a little of the energy here. I, Tobias, have been a human. I have walked upon the Earth many, many years ago. And I have not walked upon the Earth so recently as our friend Cauldre (the channelinger) reminds us of. Thus, I am not all that familiar with what is taking place, with the transmutations of energy, but we are certainly here in love and support. The energy that is brought in through Tobias and the others that gather here is of what we have called before the Crimson Council. To put it quite simply, the Crimson Council is a spiritual energy group based on teaching. The ones who are part of this group go into new energies and new creations throughout all of the universes to learn to deal with those new energies and then to teach them to others. There is a frequency of color of what you would call crimson that is associated with this. It is, in a sense, a fraternity of teachers. It is not exclusive.

< New Earth 10QA > There is a group… there is what we would call a spiritual family that has been together for eons of time. They have gone and created many new energies in your universe and other universes. You and the others that are here, the ones that are impacted by these messages are of that family, what we call the Crimson Council. There is a band of energy or color associated with those who go into new energies to understand how to work with them and then go to teach others. For instance, you in particular as part of the family have been to many other parts of this universe, not necessarily in this dimension, but dimensions that exist in this universe to teach others of things that you have learned along the way. That is the purpose of this family, of the Crimson Circle. The attributes of crimson itself are embodied in an energy of love and an energy of " high will." When combined this creates the vibration and the color attributes of crimson.

< New Earth 13QA > Now in your Biblical times it was that you and others - you that lived during those times - would gather for what were somewhat secret meetings. There were times when the message would go out to gather together in family meetings such as this. The code that was used at that time was a type of garment. It was a scarf or shawl that was worn by either male or female. It was a distinctive color that let the others of family know it was time to meet. And this color, of course, was crimson. So there is in some of the languages of your Earth the reference to words similar to "shaumbra" that relates to a garment. This was picked up at that time and then carried into many other languages.

< Creator 5 > We look into this group on this night, and there are many crimson auras here. There are bands in each one of your auric fields that are shimmering with crimson. This is the true sign of a teacher. Oh, there are other colors, but tonight the one that glows above all is the one that proclaims you as a teacher. Make no mistake about it, any of you here, any of you connecting with us here. You will at your choice be a teacher for the ones who come after you. That is why we gather here.

< Creator 12QA > There was a group 2000 years ago that was part of this. Dear friends, most of you here and most of you reading this were part of that group. You were not necessarily in this place of Jerusalem at that time, although many were. But you came to Earth at that time to bring an important attribute, which we will discuss tomorrow. You would gather. You would meet. You came up with the name for yourself of Shaumbra. It was, in a sense, a quiet society, a quiet group. You had understandings when you looked each other in the eye that you had come to Earth at that important time to bring something was much needed. You would communicate your gatherings. You would communicate that there was a gathering to take place by wearing an article of clothing, a shawl, or other piece of a crimson color. You called yourself Shaumbra. There are agreements that go back amongst you, amongst all of us, back to the very times when you came to Earth, of the journey that you would take. Look at each other in the eye now. Do this. Look at each other in the eye. (audience looks into each others eyes) You are family. Look at the love. Look at the Light. Remember how you agreed to be back together again, even for a brief period of time. Look around. This is Shaumbra. This is family - Shaumbra, meaning the family of Home. We gather here now in this love.

< Ascension 7 > We are shimmering on this day in the reds. It is appropriate not only for this time of the year in your calendar (Valentine’s Day). It is not only appropriate because this is the Crimson Council. It is appropriate because the reds are about love. The reds are about compassion and feeling. The reds are about the relationship of a teacher to a student. That is why the color that fills this room on this day is red, is crimson, and is shimmering.

< Ascension 8 > There are also those from the Crimson Council who come in today. This is the family that you join when you come back to this side of the veil. This is like a Home away from Home for you. When you reunite with those who you had known in the most immediate lifetime of yours… and you hugged your grandmother… and you hugged that dog that you loved so much as a child… then, you realize that all things are all right. And, you realize that there is purpose and meaning and flow in Spirit.

When you get back to this side, then generally you return to the energetic family of the Crimson. You return to this group that you have spent so much time with, this group that has been working with the understandings of the energy of teaching. You return to those who you have known since nearly the beginning of your time, those that you have worked with in helping to create this universe and this beautiful place called Earth.

< NewEnergy 7 > You were teachers long before you ever came to Earth - all of you. There is not an exception with Shaumbra gathering, Shaumbra listening to this, or Shaumbra reading this. You are all teachers. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what the color crimson is about. It holds the energy of teaching. And, as you know, the very best teachers are the ones who go into experience… who experience it for themselves… experience it from every different direction. So, you go into challenging and difficult circumstances - as well as beautiful, easy situations - so that you can understand how energies work, so that you can then share these, teach these to others.

< NewEnergy 10 > And, ultimately, as you know the story, she has to do what? To return home! She has to click her crimson - oh, I'm sorry - ruby slippers (audience laughter). When we were helping to channel this script and this music, we insisted on crimson, but the writers felt that ruby would be better… such a shame (more laughter).