vibration and energy (consciousness) perceived at lower level; light;

< New Earth 10QA > Outside of the human realms in what you would call the spiritual realms, there is not physical matter as you know it. Things are composed of vibrations and energy and at their lower levels they are perceived as light and color.

< Creator 5 > Then something will happen, dear friends. At this point the white marble will lose its attributes of white. The black marble will lose its attributes of black. The clear marble will cleanse itself. And all of the four marbles will begin to radiate a new type of color, a multi-dimensional color. They will shimmer and glow and will begin singing and dancing with each other. They will begin spinning together. They will begin celebrating together. They will have no single color, but they will contain all colors in perfect clarity. And they will shine and glow. They will be in unison together.

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed, the vibrations of colors and sounds, in particular, can have a very soothing effect on those who are transitioning. But, you do want to be careful that these are vibrations that are appealing to them, not just you. In other words, what is your musical or sound vibration, what is your color vibration may be different. And, you have to go very deep within. You have to clear, and go into their energy to feel it is appropriate.

The colors in the human spectrum offer tremendous support in any facilitation, healing, even transition process. But, we are going to ask you to also not inflict these. These are very potent energies. And, it is not about inflicting them. It is about allowing them into the space, but if they are not welcome to let them go.

More importantly the color spectrum for the human eye is quite limited. Many of you understand this because in your dream state you dream of colors that don't possibly exist back here. And, there is no way you could even begin to explain them. So, if you are going to work with colors, it is important, particularly in the death and transition process, to open yourself up to a spectrum that exists in other layers and levels. You do this by clearing, taking off the illusion that there is a certain vibration range or frequency range for the colors.

You can actually now begin to get into the colors that exist in the expansional energy range, that exist outside of vibration. They are not green and blue and red. These are a whole new set of… it is basically a - it's hard to explain here - but a light resonance, not even a vibration. But, it is a light expansion that exists.

So, if you are going to go play with these, play at the highest level. Use them as you would use a candle with your transitioning client. In other words, don't poke them with the candle. Don't put it in their face. Just gently place these color frequencies around your space, using the imagination, breathing these colors in, gently place these. Then, as you are working with them in hospice, and they begin to make their transition, again just a few of your new color frequency or resonance candles along the way to help guide them. But, again you don't want to inflict any of this.