Crimson Council

family of crimson;
The Crimson Council brings together some of the highest angelic energies from the Order of the Arc, brings them together for the sake of teaching in all realms and on Earth. It is a special task force or unit responsible for teaching.

< New Earth 1 > It has been the theme of the Crimson Council, from the very first, that there are many changes for you at this time. You have recently entered into a new energy.

< New Earth 3 > Now what happens to us? What happens to those angels that have been at your side through these many lifetimes with you, who have watched over your True Self while it has been in this egg? Now it will be our turn. You have been the first to go through this. You have been the first angels to go through this process. What you have learned will now enable the rest of us, the rest of your family of Crimson, the rest of your family of Spirit to go through the process. Indeed, we will not have to go through all of the difficulties and the separations that you have, for you have done this in sacrifice for us. We will go through a type of metamorphosis after you are complete and after this place of earth comes into its ascension status. Then the rest of us will follow you.

< New Earth 5 > But first we will explain a little of the energy here. I, Tobias, have been a human. I have walked upon the Earth many, many years ago. And I have not walked upon the Earth so recently as our friend Cauldre (the channelinger) reminds us of. Thus, I am not all that familiar with what is taking place, with the transmutations of energy, but we are certainly here in love and support. The energy that is brought in through Tobias and the others that gather here is of what we have called before the Crimson Council. To put it quite simply, the Crimson Council is a spiritual energy group based on teaching. The ones who are part of this group go into new energies and new creations throughout all of the universes to learn to deal with those new energies and then to teach them to others. There is a frequency of color of what you would call crimson that is associated with this. It is, in a sense, a fraternity of teachers. It is not exclusive.

< New Earth 5 > Those who gather in the room here today, those who have been brought here by appointment, as odd as the circumstances may seem, have all been part of this family of crimson. For each of you, as you know in your hearts, is a teacher. Each of you is a minister of love and of light. Each of you has worked with us, and we have all worked together in the Kryon energy. So there is a familiar feeling here.

< New Earth 9 > You are the first to be going through this. You are the first to be learning of the new energy. You are the ones that are creating the pathways and the tunnels for the other humans to follow. Then the other humans follow. When you the teachers that are gathered here on this night teach other humans how to create their own reality in the new energy, they come through the tunnel into the new energy. As we have said before, my friends, what happens then is that those of us who have died - your angels, your runners, those in the Crimson Council, those in the Brotherhood of Light - then we come through that tunnel also.

< New Earth 9 > From the beginning of our channels there have been two themes of the Crimson Council. First is that there are many changes that are occurring, and certainly you have seen this in your lives, in your own world. The changes have come from the work that you have done, the work with the understandings of the light and dark. The changes continue to happen. As you know, many times when there are changes occurring, this causes difficulty or conflict in your own life. It is not because of anything that you have done wrong. It is not because of judgement of Spirit, but many of the challenges are because you have simply asked to be there, asked to be the ones to know of the workings of all things. And now you are the ones who asked to be the first to understand and to work with the new energies.
From the beginning of our discussions with you, we have also said that you are never alone. As many times as you have felt that way - that you are walking the path alone -you should know that there have been many, many entities supporting and surrounding you. There have been your guides. There have been angels, archangels, and now your runners. There is a full entourage that is here. You are never alone, my friends. Perhaps that is the perception from being on your side of the veil. If you could see the entire picture, if you could see all that gather here on this day! There are aspects of your past lives that gather here. There are the ones who were your guides that gather here. There are teachers from all parts of the angelic realms. They are here in support of you, but as we have said, they cannot do it for you. They are simply here in support and love.

< New Earth 10QA > There is a group… there is what we would call a spiritual family that has been together for eons of time. They have gone and created many new energies in your universe and other universes. You and the others that are here, the ones that are impacted by these messages are of that family, what we call the Crimson Council. There is a band of energy or color associated with those who go into new energies to understand how to work with them and then go to teach others. For instance, you in particular as part of the family have been to many other parts of this universe, not necessarily in this dimension, but dimensions that exist in this universe to teach others of things that you have learned along the way. That is the purpose of this family, of the Crimson Circle. The attributes of crimson itself are embodied in an energy of love and an energy of "high will." When combined this creates the vibration and the color attributes of crimson.

< New Earth 13QA > Now in your Biblical times it was that you and others - you that lived during those times - would gather for what were somewhat secret meetings. There were times when the message would go out to gather together in family meetings such as this. The code that was used at that time was a type of garment. It was a scarf or shawl that was worn by either male or female. It was a distinctive color that let the others of family know it was time to meet. And this color, of course, was crimson. So there is in some of the languages of your Earth the reference to words similar to "shaumbra" that relates to a garment. This was picked up at that time and then carried into many other languages.

< Creator 6 > Part of our responsibility in the Crimson Council is to offer you perspective, to show you what we see. There are times that you cannot see your own progress, for you are in the midst of your life and your experience. You are so much a part of duality that it is difficult for you to see who you truly are. So we offer you our perspective. And indeed, dear friends, you are not of the same consciousness as you were only a few months ago. You have shed much of the old, and you are beginning to embrace the energy of the new. And this energy is your own divine self.

< Creator 6 > We will give you information that we are receiving from you about your own path. We will give you information that a part of you is telling us that you need to hear. We are simply the one who relay information that is coming from you. That is why it seems so familiar. That is why at times the energy of Tobias and the Crimson Council seems so close, so much like it was meant just for you. Because it is. It is information you asked us to give to you.

< Creator 6QA > The Crimson Council is in a sense coming to you. We are coming to You, and in a sense when we meld energies, it is like you are allowing us into YOUR council. Cauldre says we are not answering well here, but we would tell you there is nothing that any of you must do to be accepted to OUR level, for our level in a sense is lower than YOURS. You are accepting US into YOURS. The white robe you see is the acknowledgement on your part of the purity of who you are.

< Creator 7 > You chose to leave the kingdom for something of incredible honor. Here you are on this tiny place called Earth, thinking you are just a human, thinking that you live perhaps eighty or ninety years and struggle to survive, struggle to do the right thing. You do not see who you truly are! It is part of the purpose of the Crimson Council to help awaken this understanding from within you. As was said earlier on this day, you will not get there through your mind. You will get there through your heart (center), and more specifically, through what is called the one chakra, the Christ seed that is within you. Be "out of your mind" for a while. It is a wonderful thing!

< Creator 8 > There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families. They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

< Creator 10 > You have looked outside of yourself to find what is inside of you. That has been appropriate, but now things are changing. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what your human angel group of the Crimson Circle is all about. All of the work you have done, all of the challenges that you have been through, have been to transmute the energy. They have been part of a process that has ignited a fire (a light) within you, the Christ Fire that we have talked about. It is coming into being. We tell you that from where we sit, for we can see it in each and every one of you. No matter how much you doubt yourself, we do not, for we see it within you.

< Creator 10 > The ones who come into this room on this day are what you would call the leaders, the assemblers, the figureheads of the other councils that work with humans. Oh indeed there are many councils. The Crimson Council is but one. The Crimson Council from where I, Tobias, come from and each of you is associated with, is one that works to refine the energies and the vibration of teaching. You are part of this. Your energy makes up the Crimson Circle on Earth. You are the ones who are the teachers. Not "will be the teachers" but ARE the teachers of the new energy.

< Ascension 3QA > I, Tobias, am one who walked the Earth thousands of years ago. I am one who is an old friend with you, back to the times of Atlantis. I have also walked with you in non-physical form, even in these past several thousand years.

But there is a grander, broader Tobias family energy (Order of To-Bi-Wah). I am not just a dead human, or as Cauldre calls me, the "old Jew." (audience laughter) There is a much broader family energy. It is in direct lineage to the Order of the Arc. The Tobias family energy has been written recently by others as TO - BI - US. This is not so much an accurate interpretation. It energetically would sound - these are very difficult to translate - it would energetically sound like "To-ah-mus." But, you call it the family of "To-bee-us." This is a very broad, very large, very dynamic spiritual energy that I, Tobias, am part of, and you are part of. It is different than just the Crimson Council, for that is a group within this energy of "To-bee-us."

This group, this family that we are from, comes to Earth at specific times. We work closely with the Sananda energy, but we come in as the workers of change energy. We come in at times when there has been a major consciousness shift. This is the time to send in the seasoned energy workers. You are the ones who know how to take the change in consciousness - to take this etheric energy - and to help implant it, to help it move forward, to help it materialize.

< Ascension 8 > There are also those from the Crimson Council who come in today. This is the family that you join when you come back to this side of the veil. This is like a Home away from Home for you. When you reunite with those who you had known in the most immediate lifetime of yours… and you hugged your grandmother… and you hugged that dog that you loved so much as a child… then, you realize that all things are all right. And, you realize that there is purpose and meaning and flow in Spirit.

When you get back to this side, then generally you return to the energetic family of the Crimson. You return to this group that you have spent so much time with, this group that has been working with the understandings of the energy of teaching. You return to those who you have known since nearly the beginning of your time, those that you have worked with in helping to create this universe and this beautiful place called Earth.

< DivineHuman 1 > I am Tobias of the Crimson Council, of the order of To-Bi-Wah. And, you are family. We are here today to move to our next level, to move to our next step.

< NewEnergy 7 > You were teachers long before you ever came to Earth - all of you. There is not an exception with Shaumbra gathering, Shaumbra listening to this, or Shaumbra reading this. You are all teachers. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what the color crimson is about. It holds the energy of teaching. And, as you know, the very best teachers are the ones who go into experience… who experience it for themselves… experience it from every different direction. So, you go into challenging and difficult circumstances - as well as beautiful, easy situations - so that you can understand how energies work, so that you can then share these, teach these to others.

< Embodiment 7 > There is this thing called the Crimson Council on our side of the veil. You are all participants and members and strong influences in it. This is where we get together during your dream state or during your multi-dimensional travel. The Crimson Council is not one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. We all come from different places, different families… the family of Michael… and the family of Raphael… the family of To-bi-wah. We converged into this thing called the Crimson Council at this time. And, as you know, it also consists of the energies of Ohamah, Kuthumi, Tobias. (and of course St.Germain) There are strong influences with Quan Yin and many, many others. You are active participants in this. We are not at a higher level than you. You are simply manifested on Earth right now, and we are not… possibly.

< Embodiment 7 > This group, Shaumbra, the Crimson Council - that is who you are, the Crimson Council - you are ready now on Earth to understand what it is like to truly work with the essence of energy, to understand the alchemy of energy, to understand how to make things manifest in front of you. We are not going to get into the details of this today. We are going to ask you to sit with the simplest things - air or water… or fire… either one. We are going to ask you to simply feel the energies… how they are flowing… how they are working.

< Embodiment 12 > We have been working with you now for some six years of time, going into our seventh. Our initial call in service, our initial request from you was for us to come down to help you through your personal and individual awakening. It was also to help you through this whole time of releasing and allowing. They go hand-in-hand, awakening, calls for releasing and allowing. Releasing means taking the energetic structure off of what you've molded it into. In a sense, you could say we are coming to the completion of our service with you. We have done what you have asked us to do. We have made a commitment to be with you through the end of 2007. And, it is basically up to you at that point whether we continue to work with you like this in this fashion or not. There will always be those who come to work with you, angels and groups… always. But, the way we have set up between us and Shaumbra is unique.

< Clarity 11 > Because we both know that it's easy to get stuck in this thing of Earth. It's easy for the doubts to come in. It's easy to play this game of a victim. It's easy for you, a grand angel, to get lost in this whole energy and overlay of Earth. But if you're hearing or reading these words, you didn't need to be here. You gave of yourself in an ultimate type of service to Spirit, to loved ones who you have known in other lifetimes. You gave yourself in love to the Crimson Council, which you are a part of, to come back here and pretend, to go through these things which, yes, have been very real. Some of you have the scars, physical and emotional, to prove it.

< MNEC2006-A > Shaumbra, you have many, many pieces that are in support of what you are doing. From our side of the veil there is the Crimson Council. It is a special Order, it is not directly part of the Order of the Arc. It is a special task force or unit responsible for teaching. The Crimson Council brings together some of the highest angelic energies from the Order of the Arc, brings them together for the sake of teaching in all realms and on Earth.

< MNEC2006-A > The Crimson Council is what supports you in the work that you do, the angelic beings who come in to help guide you as Teachers, to help guide you in your own life, to help bring you some of the new information that you have been storing for yourself to bring in at the appropriate time. That is the role of the Crimson Council.

< Teacher 11QA > When you are in the energy of a Shoud like this, then the angelic beings and those from the Crimson Council can come in much closer, much easier, and there is work that is being done. That is why so often you leave from here or you turn off your computers and you feel a different sensation. You're not quite sure what it is. You can't put a finger on it, but you know something just happened, because you allowed us to work with you.

There are literally adjustments that are taking place within your body, your DNA, even within the fluid computer that you call your mind. And also there is an entire very elaborate grid of your personal consciousness as well as mass consciousness. And during this time that we have together in this very safe energy, it allows us, with your permission, to help make those adjustments, a little at a time, instead of all at once. So if you look back to where you were a year ago or five years ago, you'll see how you've changed, you'll see how you've grown, and probably more than anything how you've simplified. Simplified.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > One of the things that ... by the way, in the past with Shaumbra: Shaumbra come from many different celestial families - angelic families - and Shaumbra have spent many, many lifetimes on Earth, more than any other group. Shaumbra has killed each other and stolen from each other and warred with each other - and that's the good news! (much laughter) Because they come from such different lineages and have had so many conflicts in the past, they've also said, "This isn't going anywhere. Let's gather ourselves together in this energy of this thing we call the Crimson Council and the Crimson Circle, and let's work on a way to help evolve the consciousness, not only for ourselves and between ourselves, but for humanity if they choose to accept it. Let's find a way to come from diverse backgrounds and be together."

And Shaumbra has found that the best way to be together is to be "you" first, you see. I know I've harped on this today, but when you are "you," totally complete in yourself with no need of anything from anyone else, well then it's easy to get along with everyone. So through this whole process of families and lineage and groups, you have learned to become individuals.

< Returning 10 > What you have heard in these Shouds and what we have experienced together is not new. Is not new. We don't deal with the new, you see. The Crimson Council does not deal with the people who need new information. That is why there are many different types of channelers or inspirationalists around the world. Sometimes we're asked, "Why is the message from Tobias or Saint-Germain different from the message of another channeler or another entity or angel?" Because each deals with a specific group and a specific focus, a specific energy. Ours has never been to deal with those who are just coming into spiritual development - not at all.

< Returning 10 > Our job, our role as the Crimson Council has been to come in here to remind you of what you already know, but to put it in a New Energy context. Our job has been to come in when you get very, very dragged into the energies of Earth and mass consciousness, to come in and to be the Fruit of the Rose for you, to be the reminder of what you already know.

< Master 4 > I want to share with you that back in 2002, as Crimson Circle and Shaumbra were truly solidifying, so many of you heard this call to gather again and not even Tobias knew how many. It could have just been a few. It could have been a lot. It turned out to be a really lot. A lot lot who remembered that they were Shaumbra, they were family. They - you - are participants in the Crimson Council. Here on Earth you call it Crimson Circle, but in the other realms you are active participants in the Crimson Council. You have a role or you have taken on a responsibility of understanding the nature of consciousness and energy.

< Master 4 > We're sharing the experience with you. In other words, how does consciousness respond in this dimension of Earth, which is very solid, very dense? How does your consciousness respond here? How do you bring in energy as one of your tools? And we're learning with you. You're bringing that wisdom and that knowledge back to the Crimson Council, which includes some beings who have never been to Earth before; it includes beings who have been here to Earth and have decided not to incarnate again for a long time; and it includes, of course, you - human beings, angelic beings that are bringing back your wisdom.

< Wings 5 > We have this thing called the Crimson Council in the other realms, and it's made up of, you know, angelic beings. Originally, these angelic beings came together – there's about 4,000 of them – these angelic beings came together for the purpose of teaching, and that was the Order of the Crimson Council. And the color crimson – and you could say in the other realms, the spectrum that you would perceive as the color crimson – has to do with teaching. And the Crimson Council, that Order, is involved with teaching in many, many different dimensions, different parts of creation. They'll take things that were learned in one part and bring it over to another part. So that color crimson is very important and that's kind of the … well, the Crimson Circle is the earthly affiliate. So you were originally the teachers for consciousness on the planet.

< Wings 7 > I say that because of where your energies are at and I know it's still challenging at times. I say that because of the kind of the reorganization of the Crimson Council. I said recent that the Crimson Council, about thirteen hundred of the members, left to go work with humans and in other realms, really continuing to focus on the teaching that the Crimson Council has always done. But now, what remains of the Crimson Council, all the entities and angels and the ones who support it, are here just for you. Just for you. Not for others who are off doing different things, who are going through an awakening or teaching in other realms, but here now just for you. You have their dedicated resources.