DNA / energy structuring

crystal staircase; strands;
kundalini; a swirling, rising potential of energy; snake;
physical template of a divine action;

< New Earth 10 > With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year (1999) and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their "judgement."

< New Earth 10 > As the past continues to file by, as you continue to thank them and bless them… it is also, my friends, your ancestors who pass by, for they are you also - your grandparents, and their grandparents, and all who are in your biological lineage. Make no mistake about it, that you are also tied to them. But as your DNA changes and as the Christ consciousness emerges from its sleep, your own ancestors - who are you - also file past, file through the gateway and thank you and ask you for release to return to the oneness of your soul.

< New Earth 10QA > As the DNA specifically is accepting more light vibration, there is a very complex series of mathematical codes associated with this. Most who are here tonight have been seeing new sequences of numbers, either in their dreams or in their waking state. There are also sessions that you specifically and others are involved in in your non-waking state where you are helping to construct or to architect the energies and, as we have called them, the tunnels that are being created now, the tunnels of ascension.

< New Earth 10QA > There are deep changes taking place within all of you at the DNA level, but they start well before that level. There are certain Earth elements that will have the most impact on those changes. They will not make the changes happen, but yet they will sooth and make the changes more comfortable. Amongst these are what we would call "activated waters" where there are certain chemical, certain elemental changes, that are made to these waters that will stimulate and are compatible with the changing DNA process.

< Creator 2QA > Now again this (divine moment) does not come from outside of you. It comes from within, and it comes when you allow and accept all things as they are. It is when you accept your human that this divinity, this light - the light that is waiting to be released from every cell and every strand of DNA and every vibration within you - can come forth. It is waiting to be released. When you open up and allow and release the fears, it can find the path up through your being.

< Creator 3 > The two tines of your tuning fork represent the DNA, the two known DNA strands that form the helix. There is a light and a dark, or a positive and a negative. They have been singing out of phase with each other intentionally. They have been operating at frequencies that cause friction. This was to help you understand duality. Now, dear friends, as you live in the divine moment, as you allow this tuning fork to come back into frequency, it is at your very cellular level. It is at the core of your DNA that these two strands will begin working together again. As they do, it will draw to you all things that are appropriate in your life. As they do, it will also help to heal all of the past scars within your body. It will reverse the process of aging that is taking place within you. It will mend the wounds both physically and emotionally, but it will require you to live in the divine moment.

< Creator 3 > In addition to the two known primary strands of DNA there are at least ten secondary strands. Around each primary strand, there are two secondary strands that embrace it. And then around these bundles of strands there are other magnetic DNA strands that embrace and encompass it.

< Creator 3 > As you begin to allow the two primary strands to come back together in appropriate vibrational harmony, it will then change the way the other magnetic strands interact and embrace. It will change the whole way all of the strands are composed. As you live in the divine moment - as you change the frequency within you - understand that all of the appropriate things will be brought to you. You will be like a magnet with a new charge that will attract things to you.

< Creator 3QA > Dear friends, we will go back to the example of the tuning fork that we discussed earlier today. Within you feel this tuning fork with two tines, each that have been vibrating at different frequencies, opposing frequencies. Now go in and allow them to begin vibrating at harmonious frequencies. This will be the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. It is within you. It is within your DNA. It is yours. You already own it.

< Creator 5QA > There are recent changes that have been occurring at your deepest inner levels, levels deeper than even your DNA, levels that go into your magnetic structure and your vibrational structure. It is now becoming much more efficient and much easier and much more clear for you to start translating these inner communications. This will take practice. This will take work on your part, but once you begin to grasp and understand how this is done, this will be a very large step in your own empowerment and in your own ability to become a creator.

< Creator 6QA > Yes there is. Indeed. And this would take a while to discuss. But we can say here that there are those who are working on this that are beginning to understand. The advent of what we call "quad math" will help to define these strands and it will help to identify them in a way they could never have been done before. Again, this would be an entire discussion and some of it truly would be speculation on our part. So, we will go no further with this other than to say you will see the quantification of the 12-stranded DNA even in your medical and scientific journals in your lifetime.

< Creator 9QA > In a sense, the new energy passion is the kundalini. Passion rises up from within you. Passion becomes the fuel of the vibration of who you are. Passion will help to rejuvenate your biology. Passion will go into your DNA strands, the strands that do the dance together, that emulate the very nature of kundalini itself. The kundalini of the new energy is the passion that comes from the rose.

< Creator 11 > Let us talk of another type of karma here. It is an "ancestral karma". It is in the DNA, it is in your biology. It is a "family" karma. We discuss it because your fathers and their fathers and their fathers and theirs are here. They are here now to heal that karma. You have chosen to get off the karmic wheel of your soul. But there is another karma that still lingers. It is the ancestral karma.

< Creator 11 > This space fills up with many who are simply waiting for you to say it is time to release the ancestral karma as well. Do you know that within your being, and within the setup of your life, it is not only your soul karma but it also your family karma? It is karma for things that were done five generations ago and ten generations ago and a hundred. It is carried forward in the biology. Indeed you see it with diseases that are prevalent within certain blood lines. If there is a tendency for diabetes in your family, it is carried karmically in your DNA. There are also emotions - ancestral karmic emotions - that are carried within you. There are events that were created by your father’s forefathers five hundred and a thousand and two thousand years ago that you are trying to heal in this lifetime of yours. And you wonder why life can be so difficult and challenging? As we have said, it is not just about you anymore.

< Creator 12QA > You come here to this conference to learn of some of the most advanced developments in medicine, the most advanced understandings of what is taking place at your DNA level, which is, dear friends, quite simply the awakening of your divinity. Your divinity is wrapped around your DNA. That is why you are here. All of the potential for instant healing is there. All of the potential for limb regeneration, for life extension is there, but understand even the great one Thomas Edison did stumble at times. He did not always get it right the first time. Allow yourself. Allow yourself patience in your process.

< Ascension 2 > This thing called divinity is like a child. Even though it is you, it is the essence of you from as far away a time as when you left Home. It is your divinity. It is your Full Self. And, we have to interrupt here for a moment, but we ask each of you to stop imagining your Golden Angel, your True Self, as some external, twelve-foot tall, winged being, for it is not so. As long as you continue to think of it that way, it will be difficult to integrate a twelve-foot being into yourself! (audience laughter) It is not an external thing. It is within you. It is not an outside angel. It is the essence of who you are. It is making its way through your body, your DNA, your cells. It is asking for expression through your body.

< Ascension 3 > We ask you to feel the energy of this snake. It is your fears. It is the outer manifestation of your fears. It is also a swirling, rising potential of energy that sits at your feet at all times, metaphorically. The snake is depicted in the DNA. It is your kundalini, a rising energy potential, but one that holds much fear.

< Ascension 6QA > You will find in this year of 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) that the balance is (human) consciousness and spiritual awareness. But it births the application of science and technology. Science is changing. There is much work taking place with what you call "stem cell" research and cloning. This is a way of trying to increase the longevity of life, of healing the body. This is appropriate, for it changes the human molecules and DNA to enable you to live not just one lifetime in the body, but multiple lifetimes in the body.

< Ascension 6QA > It is that your DNA, and even at levels below your DNA, has been worked on, so you are very, very sensitive at that point. Your whole body is at a heightened sensitivity level. It is a good thing that you wake up at 4:44 when the energies around you will not affect you nearly as deeply as other times. What you are sensing again is something that we and Metatron will speak of in the next few lessons that we deliver here. There is a - how to say, human words are sometimes limiting - but there is a universal pulse. It is a cycle, in a sense, of energies, but somewhat different than what you may be used to.

< Ascension 8 > Each night when you lie down your physical body is like a factory. It goes to work. It cranks up. The third shift comes in. And, many changes occur within you. There is a literal changing of your DNA and sub-DNA. There is a literal sweeping of the floors and cleaning house and throwing out the trash. And, the trash has to come out somewhere! Sometimes it comes out through your skin. Sometimes it is in your muscles. Sometimes it comes out in ways that Cauldre does not want us talking about! (much audience laughter) But, you know of what we speak. Allow these things to happen.

< Ascension 9 > And, the quakes that come up… indeed, Metatron was also speaking of the shakings and the rumblings that come up within you, the body aches and pains. Your very DNA is being changed right now by you. Indeed, we are there at night. We stand around and help to provide a buffering effect for this. You are changing your own DNA structure, your own molecules, your atomic-level being. You are changing within, and this will cause quakes. You hold energetic imprints from the past in your tissues, in your bones and all over your physical body. Sometimes it takes a quake to release these imprints from within.

< DivineHuman 6 > What they have developed is just the beginning. They have an understanding of the basic issues that are at the levels simpler than your DNA. They did this by allowing their minds to expand and then putting it to practical application. They did this by surrounding themselves with high vibrations, and also tapping into your vibrations. They will be ridiculed by the scientific community. The scientific community has to put them down because they didn’t invent it. (audience laughter) But behind the scenes, some scientists will understand the value of the Raelians' work, something so simple that it has been overlooked.

< NewEnergy 5 > It has the natural ability even to re-grow limbs. But, that portion has not been exercised in so long - re-growing an arm or a leg. You're already doing it on a rather crude sense with things like teeth and some tissues. But, it has the ability to re-grow limbs. It is not one of the strong suits of your DNA structure right now. But, it has the ability to come back if you give it permission. You will see great advances, even in this next year of your time, in medical research. You will see many more over the next years. And, you will see this accelerate even more rapidly after our date of 2007. But, dear friends, still the fastest and the most effective way is to allow your body to rebalance itself.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see advances in medicine in - how to say - so the doctors don't cut out large parts of the body. We consider that here on this side of the veil to be somewhat crude. Even back in the days of Atlantis we used pinpointed energies, directional energies - generally from crystals, but also from other apparatuses that we had manufactured - to change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA.

< NewEnergy 5 > Contemporary medicine has gotten away from that (change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA using energy from crystals.) to where it is cutting off limbs, thinking that that is the root cause, thinking if there is a cancerous area of your body to cut it out because that must be the problem. Dear friends, that is so far from the truth. The cancer, the signal for cancer, starts in other places in the body, and the spirit, and the mind. To cut that out is only temporary. To cut that out is also not honoring that portion of your body.

< NewEnergy 5QA > There is another one in your not so long ago history that came in to draw attention to the importance of DNA. So, dear friends, when you come from a place of compassion, you get out of judgment. You understand what is truly happening, how these dear souls are bringing enlightenment to Earth.

< Embodiment 7 > To take something, to take raw energy and convert it into matter is a very complicated, very complex equation. It is a massive series, massive series of pluses and minuses. The pluses and minuses tend to align themselves in a type of spiral. The spiral generally would have 12 elements to it. In the center of the 12 spiraling elements is a neutral element, or what you can say the connection back to "the field." If this sounds like the DNA model, it is. But, we don't call it DNA. We call it "energy structuring." Off of any of these 12-stranded energy structures, it spins other structures in every direction, every dimensional direction.

< Embodiment 8QA > The major reason right now for the distortions and the disease in the biology, as well as the - how to say - the changing of the human mind are not so much directly related to Atlantis, although there are some fringe elements there. But, right now it is more a combination of individual karma of a human. And, when there is the non-acceptance or the anger with who they are, and they bring this into biology, it shows up in the biology as disease and imbalance.

There are also some overall group consciousness reasons for some of the things that are going on. There are groups of humans who are working literally at changing DNA structures. And, this has a tendency at times to cause some distortions in the biology. There are those who are living out group or family karma. And, this again will bring in the distortions.

There are, for instance, in this disease known as AIDS… it is a manifestation of humanity's sexual guilt consciousness that those who are 13-stranders - what you would call gays and lesbians - are bringing onto themselves on behalf of humanity to help better understand the sexual guilt. But, as we have said before, it is not necessary for them to do this any more. There are other ways of handling energy changes and problems.

The mental imbalances that you speak of (ADD) are so often right now caused by this change of energy going from mental, or a mind-type of intelligence, to a Divine Intelligence. The mind is almost rebelling and almost shutting down in many cases, for it wants to be relieved of the burdens that have been placed on it. And, this is causing - how to say - deterioration of the Old mind skills. But, for those humans who are ready, the Divine Intelligence will quickly pick up where the mind leaves off and will expand far beyond that.

So, biology is an interesting thing. It is a very delicate fabric. It is a very, very delicate type of organism. It has been susceptible to disease and all sorts of other types of fluctuations. But, as we have talked about recently, we are coming to the point where the biology doesn't have to suffer. And, the biology doesn't have to take the brunt of what is going on inside the soul of the person.

We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally, as with the energies of Saint-Germain, he maintained an appearance of looking approximately in the mid-30s to forty-ish… he felt that was the most appropriate age to be at. He maintained that look, even though the biological body that he had was at well over a hundred years old. And, this is something that all of you can do as well.

< Embodiment 10QA > Indeed… any of you who have come from a family have a curse (audience laughter). Indeed there is an element that we spoke of recently and that you have this. You not only have your own past life karma - and karma simply means an energetic type of influence or balance - but you do definitely have a type of ancestral karma. In your case, in particular, there are some very - what you would call - very dramatic, wicked, and violent energies that are associated here. And, there are some - what you would say - some very deep, dark secrets. And, they influence you because they race through the DNA.

As we spoke of recently in our gathering in the "mecca" of the Midwest, Minneapolis, that there are certain attributes in particular that flow very easily through the bloodline. Diabetes is one. Alcoholism is another. Many physical attributes that are passed down through the DNA… some do not pass as easily as others. But, when there is - what you would say - dark ritual combined with torture and combined with death, as in the case that you are speaking about in your family tree, then it does have an influence. And, it flows down.

< MNEC2006-T > In Ault we began to work with the body and the mind (brain) to try to standardize and conform, to try to create a oneness, a conformity to bridge our energies together. A lot of work was done on the physical body, going into... using energies - not electric energies - but using types of energies that are not around right now, vibrational energies... to go into the DNA and to start changing the body, so that when the being reincarnated, it would carry a different type of coding with it and eventually all of the bodies would be relatively standard.

< MNEC2006-T > So in the days of Ault there was much work that was done on the bodies that is literally woven in or coded into the DNA. We're going to say that one of the things that we're going to do this weekend is let go of some of that old coding so that your body can really get back to some of its pure energy and pure essence. Some of you have been plagued with types of sicknesses or diseases, illnesses for a long time, because you continue to carry forth the coding from Atlantis and it comes to you in many different ways. It is a memory from Atlantis that stays with you.

< Teacher 8 > So we're going to take a moment here together just to rejuvenate the biology, to let the biology catch up with your consciousness. You see, sometimes they tend to get out of balance. Your consciousness races forward and your body's not sure what to do, partly because you don't have the type of relationship with your body yet that is totally balanced and harmonious; partly because your body is still functioning and moving through its patterns as it assimilates New Energy into it; partly because your entire DNA and other aspects of your particle being are changing right now.

< QuantumLeap 6QA > Yes, why you are so desperately tired is because it is very energetically consuming right now going through these tremendous changes. Your DNA, as you know, is going through a remodeling process, but at the same time there is what you might call a mental DNA. It is not just physically related, it is related to the mind, and DNA is much more expansive than what anyone is even talking about right now. So there is an energetic template reworking that's taking place. Now, Cauldre and Linda will appreciate that, that have you ever lived in a house during the remodel? (laughter) Well most of you aren't that foolish (more laughter) but it is very difficult, it is very challenging. And that's exactly what is taking place right now and that is exactly why we took you all to the Shaumbra Service Center today - and paid for it too! (laughter)

< QuantumLeap 8QA > Let go of the whole concept of DNA activation. Very, very strong - in what I've seen and what Saint-Germain and Kuthumi have seen - it is not appropriate to try to artificially activate DNA. DNA is naturally activated through consciousness, and consciousness, again, is awareness.

< Returning 6QA > Let me say here that every animal on Earth is here in service … is here in service. The angelic/human kingdom is the grandest. Every animal - chicken, every cow, every deer - every animal is here in service one way or the other. They give of themselves to feed Earth, and right now it is a way that protein is supplied on Earth. It will change, indeed, but it's not a religious or a spiritual thing. The body will change how it brings in and utilizes proteins and nutrition and other things. But it doesn't mean that you have to convict yourself to a life of being a vegetarian. There are times, literally, when your body does need that meat. Not every day and not in huge portions, but it does because of the genetic coding that's in it right now.

Simply ask your body. What does it want? If there is days you feel like going lighter or nothing but water. There's other days when it's going to need or want meat of some sort. Indeed, you are correct in saying that sooner or later the enlightened humans move away from meat, because they don't need that heaviness. But it's not about because of the poor animals. Honor the animal, whether it is while it is in growth, while it is in slaughter, or while it is in the plate in front of you. Honor it. That is a transmutation of energy of what you call the cruelty.

Humans are going to become more aware of the raising and the production and the honoring of livestock - and plants, by the way. On your list here, you didn't say anything about those poor heads of lettuce (laughter) and the bean sprouts, because it is not that much different than the animals. It is about the human honoring them. So, we thank you for your question …

They all have consciousness, indeed. And I do not say that jokingly. Honor the food that you put into you and you'll find your own biology changes what it needs. There'll come a point, absolutely, question being asked - "Will I be able to drink just water and breathe air?" Absolutely, but don't force it. It will happen naturally.

< Returning 8QA > The symptoms of menopause have much to do with the integrating of the masculine/feminine self and really ultimately about loving the total self. So they are very, very similar to an ascension symptom, because it's about integration and evolution and going through a life change.

Go back into yourself. Your DNA is changing. You're actually able to produce balancing hormones and balancing antibiotics within yourself. The whole concept of Standard Technology is that you are the healer. Your body already has either the direct cellular potential or the cellular future potential to absolutely balance your body. But don't have expectations, because sometimes in a balancing of the body it also first does an unbalancing, which you're going to perceive as getting sick or getting certain types of problems.

There are some days where that's challenging, indeed, and you don't know if your body's going to make it through, but that's when you really do the breathing and the allowing and the loving of your body, and let it adjust itself to the consciousness. The body tends to be the last in this whole chain of adjustments that are going on.

< Returning 11QA > Much of the work that Shaumbra and others have done around the world in the integration of the new DNA composition is going to actually make it easier for them. And the other thing that's going to add to it is a lot of the information, whether it's on the website or in the form of books, explaining that the body aches and pains are a natural part of the process. The more you resist them, the more painful it is. The more you actually embrace and embody the changes, well, the faster the transformation goes. It is going to come to a point where humans don't have to go through … they won't need to go through the suffering in the body. But right now, actually, one of the benefits Shaumbra feels from this is they know something is really happening. It's actually a good indicator that there are deep-level changes. But in answer to your question, no, the painful part will become less and less.

< Master 5 > You forget, so what does a wise messenger do? Call in a few spooks to remind you that you are the messengers, into your DNA, deep into your DNA. Your DNA is different than - in a lot of ways - to a lot of people outside of this group. It doesn't make it better or worse; it just is, because deep within your DNA is a passion or desire to be a messenger. Messengers constantly bring forth the reminder for all humans. And the reminder again, very, very simple: You come from the one; you are God also; you are always loved; there is no need to forgive - that was a strange message that was brought in. There's no need to forgive or be forgiven. That's so Old Energy. It's really about just acceptance and compassion.

< (Next) 1 > So I've laid this out in a very horizontal manner. What happens as we get deep into the "X" zone and we start going out, horizontal changes to vertical. What does that look slightly like? Absolutely like DNA, because DNA ultimately is a physical template of a divine action. It's showing up in your body as strands. There's more than two, by the way. There's a lot. It was known at one time that there were up to 12, and then as some of you know, there became the 13th with the integration of masculine, feminine. Some of you right now are carrying 15,16, 17 different strands, some of them not really activated yet, but they're in design. They're being architected for things you're going to be doing very, very soon.

< (Next) 1 > So now the dance of the divine and the human actually shifts. It actually shifts, because you're no longer on a linear path through life. In a sense you could say that when the shift occurs, you have set up all the potentials to transcend time and space. And because it's so intimately connected to your DNA, your DNA - the work that you've been doing at the deep levels of your DNA over these last few years - now starts to activate. It starts to activate, and you don't need to do a damn thing. Please don't do anything. You'll interfere with the process. Don't do anything. So this is actually very important that you've had this flip occur from horizontal, linear to basically vertical.

< (Next) 6 > Is it (New Energy beam and magnetic shift) going to strike you? Is it going to throw you off? Probably not, because actually the human magnetic system, and how the DNA relates to magnetics, is actually not as sensitive as an animal's. However, that being said, your DNA is much more complex than what any scientist, what any researcher even knows about. Your DNA is very complex. It's blossoming right now like a flower, opening up to reveal parts of itself, parts of your encoding that have always been there but have been closed down.

< (Next) 6 > So in a sense the timing is perfect, because these New Energy waves come in and they're not really going to affect the old parts of you, or the Old Energy parts of you; they're actually going to stimulate and inspire the new parts or the unfolding parts of your DNA. That's where you can breathe it in. It's your energy. You created it. New Energy, not vibrational but expansional; it's here for you.

< (Next) 7 > You want to produce more from the seeds that you plant in the ground? Carry them with you for a month. Put them in your pocket. Put them in your mouth the night before you plant them in the ground. They will contain your DNA, your energy, your essence. You'll have beautiful phenomenal crops without having to have fertilizer, they are more resistant to pests and to droughts and to other elements. Food is not a problem.

< (Next) 8 > Do you know right now as we're sitting here and we're kind of playing with you, with your permission - maybe not - and by doing so we're tickling your DNA right now. Yes, we're tickling the DNA. And it needs a good tickle now and then, because it's changing, transmuting. It's exploding, in a very good way. It's breaking outside of its old box, of its old structures and components, and it's evolving right now. It's opening up, and actually, kind of the less you know about it the better it is, because otherwise you're going to start doing diagrams and books and studies and then you get all doubtful and then just make it painful. It's happening anyway.

< e2012 4 > Now, we talked this year about re-ordering. Re-ordering means that you are changing the way you are focused or centered into external things around you – gravity, polarity, duality, electromagnetics, regular magnetics, light and energy being the primary ones. You are connected into all of these things – you've made the choice to get connected into them – because those connections, with those primary elements, allow you to have an experience in the physical reality. They've kept you in this kind of a hologram. They've kept you focused, but they've also kept you limited – part of the life design.

< e2012 4 > So this was about you're going to allow yourself to reorient into these various conditions. Why? Because they were changing anyway. Why? Because your consciousness is changing. So it was basically you allowing yourself to readjust into magnetics, gravity, energy, light, Earth, air, water, all these things. Ultimately, it had an effect on your DNA. DNA is not what it was a year ago. It's happening, not to all, not to many humans, but it's happening, because you're allowing it to.

< e2012 10 > They are supporting or facilitating the physical change in the template of humans – the Adam Kadmon body – literally changing the DNA, changing the biological structure, literally separating or pulling apart some of these Atlantean conformity energies that have been so much a part of biology. Particularly, for those who are ready, and there are not many, but for those who are ready, this energy is literally going to go into their biology and start pulling them out of their family hereditary characteristics, pulling them out of their ancestral karma, and they're going to notice it first in their body.

< Discovery 7 > Your body, when it was in its old ancestral DNA, could not have handled that rapid of a transition, transformation. Could not have handled that quick of a change, and it would have caused such an energetic imbalance that it could have led to things like – and very specifically – things like diabetes. If the body tries to change too quickly, the energy inputs and throughputs would cause diabetes. Secondly, cancer. It would, again, send stray signals throughout the body and cause cancer in certain parts of your body. So you're bringing it in, this new level of light energy, as you're making your changeover from your ancestral biology to your own true light body. And it's happening most of the time while you're sleeping, but sometimes in your waking state. Sometimes you feel that your body is going to hell, but it's not. It's reorienting. It's changing.

< Wings 4 > It's been a quiet journey, a lonely journey and a difficult one, because of the doubts, because once in a while you lose that inner compass, that inner knowingness of why you chose to be here. You didn't come to try to save the planet. That does not work. But you know, because of what you're doing within yourself, taking on things that aren't even yours; you know what you're doing by being here, being a presence. Not a lecturer, not doing sermons, not preaching, but being a presence on this planet and staying in the body and actually totally changing the dynamics of the body, the DNA.

< Wings 4 > The DNA is this amazing, hardly even understood, kind of what you would call a light thread, spirit thread, we sometimes call it the angel thread. It's the life-giving force behind everything. It's the programming. It's the software of life. But even that's changing right now. You're changing in your body, and I do have to chuckle to myself when I hear Shaumbra's like, “Oh, my body. The aches and the pains and what I'm going through.” And I'm like, “Breathe it in. Accept it, because you asked for it. Don't resist it,” and I know that sounds opposite of what you think you should do – run from it, fill yourself up with supplements and holy oils and everything else. No. You're going through a phenomenal change. Can you let yourself experience it?

< Emergence 9 > Changing the orientation to energy sounds wonderful, but it creates tremendous stress on your body. Stress in your body, because it has to change all the ways it's been bringing in energy. The body essentially uses something we call an anayatron, the body's light communication network. The way all cells, the way even the DNA communicates with each other is called the anayatron. That's what has brought in the energy and that's what's distributed the energy to the body. The anayatron has been around for ages, and ultimately the DNA has been around for ages. It's all changing. All changing.

< Emergence 9 > At one point, as Atlanteans, you had an information kind of a thread, something where all the information about living as a biological being was kind of placed on this kind of a flexible thread, so that when you came back for another lifetime, you wouldn’t have to go back and relearn everything. So, it was put on this thread, and that eventually became the DNA and eventually became a very rigid – very, very rigid – two strand system, but the original DNA, just a single strand for holding and carrying information.

< Emergence 9 > When you redo your relationship with energy, it changes all that. It's literally changing the DNA, and it's changing your anayatron. Ultimately, you'll have this thing called a Free Energy Body, a lot of you call it the light body. Eh, I'm not so fond of that term, but your light body, your Free Energy Body. You eventually end up with that Free Energy Body after you've completely changed the relationship with energy in this lifetime.