< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in, dear friends, through your sense of feel, through your sense of feel, or touch, as you would call it. You are used to nerve endings in your skin. You are used to the physical, the body touch. But, as the Language of Ah emerges, it will come in through that sense also. You will have a new touch of things, a new feeling of things. It will allow you to do things much more powerfully than ever before, such as healing that is associated with the hands, feelings and sensations that are associated with the skin. You will have a type of intuition and understanding and premonition that comes in through the touch, through your skin.

< Ascension 5 > Now, about your skin… you will notice changes here. You are not going through puberty again. (audience laughter) Those rashes and that itching and the dryness and all the problems with your skin, dear friends… this is the biggest organ of your body. Your sense of feel, touch, sensation… it is changing, and the Language of Ah is singing out through every nerve ending that you have. Certainly it will effect your skin for a period of time. It is not to worry here. If you run off to a doctor - (chuckling) as even Cauldre was known to do recently - dear friends, they will not understand what you are going through. And, we caution you - we cautioned Cauldre - do not glop yourself with these ointments that the doctors give you, for you are preventing the new sensitivity from coming through. These things that are happening to your skin… they will balance out shortly, just like with the farmers, and their intranet, and their new equipment. It took a bit of time to make the changeover.

< Ascension 8 > Each night when you lie down your physical body is like a factory. It goes to work. It cranks up. The third shift comes in. And, many changes occur within you. There is a literal changing of your DNA and sub-DNA. There is a literal sweeping of the floors and cleaning house and throwing out the trash. And, the trash has to come out somewhere! Sometimes it comes out through your skin. Sometimes it is in your muscles. Sometimes it comes out in ways that Cauldre does not want us talking about! (much audience laughter) But, you know of what we speak. Allow these things to happen.

< Ascension 9 > "Are you ready for the fires that will sweep through your physical body?" You may know this fire as the flu. You may know it as skin irritations. You may know it as hot flashes. These are the fires that come from the clearing within, for there is much friction taking place right now in your energetic being at your deep, deep levels. The friction causes heat, which brings on the inner fires. These fires clear the inner being, and clear the old scars. In your forests there are trees that are down. There is debris on the ground. In your own being it is much the same. There are things that need to be cleared now. The inner fires help release them.

< e2012 5 > If you have rashes, like a constant rash that just won't go, what is that? Yes. Generally, doubt. It's an allergy, but generally doubt. And it's a part of your body that's trying to release old things, and you're basically not allowing it. So it's going to manifest as a big rash. You can go to the doctor and you can put a cream on it. But if it gets rid of it, if you haven't addressed the underlying cause, it's going to come back as something else, somewhere else, and it could be more serious. If that energy of doubt wasn't addressed by you, and it's still a nagging issue, it could come back as bad coughing. Bad coughing.