resistance reaction;

< Creator 4QA > Now these new angels, these new humans, have had no previous experience on earth, but yet they have watched and studied carefully. They are the ones who are helping to bring in a new type of energy that will become important, for it is clean; it has not gone through the rigors of many, many lifetimes. These are "fresh angels." These are ones who bring in a new vibration level that is appropriate at this time. They will be extraordinarily sensitive to your earth, they will be extraordinarily sensitive to thoughts, and vibrations. They will have a tendency for allergies because they will not find it so easy to be in this human form, but they will have a light that shines within that is unmistakable.

< Creator 8 > As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

< Clarity 3QA > You already gave the prescription here. It is breathing through these. The body, particularly of a Shaumbra, has become very, very sensitive at every level. It has become sensitive to both the physical and non-physical energies. And, this sets off what appears to be an allergic reaction. But, it is really a rejection of certain energies. Most of these are blamed on things like pollen and dust and specific… whether it is a plant or food.

But, if you go into the core, it is more of a rejection of pure energy, of consciousness energy. It is not understanding how a sensitive, feeling being can be in such a dense energetic environment. So, you begin sneezing. You get body rashes. You get all of these other allergic reactions. That is one basis for allergies.

The other basis - the reason for having allergies - is that it is also a type of clearing. There are many different ways where the body can release old stuck energies. One is through things like sweating, skin irritations. Sneezing, sniffling helps to release many of the stuck energies in the body. They have the symptoms of an allergy, but underneath it is really a releasing. So, you have these two factors at work.

The breathing helps, not to deny the allergy, but to get you into the source or the core of the reasons for it. Once you understand that there is a reason for having this, whether it is either from being highly sensitive, or from releasing, or perhaps from both, then it won't be so troubling. You can now deal with the core cause.

For instance, how do you maintain a high sensitivity in a very dense environment? And, you can come to some new understandings. How can you release Old Energies from the body without having to go through all of the nasal drip and the eyes watering and the sneezing and the scratching and everything else? There are better ways to get rid of those energies - and again through breathing, through what we did today, going to the Shaumbra Service Center and allowing the energy of waters.

But, right now there is a rejection; there is a pushing back of energies. And, this is causing what you call the allergy. It is our advice to limit the amount of the medications that you're on because again they just mask the core problem. They don't truly address it. And, now you're just going to be medicated, but still highly sensitive or trying to get rid of Old Energies, but having plugged yourself up.

Occasionally, you're going to want to use some of the medications if it gets so severe. But, our advice would be to work with other Shaumbra facilitators - or even with yourself - in doing the breathing that's going to open up the energy pathways, not just your eyes and nose and body, but the etheric energy pathways and to allow the flow of energy to get back into place, much like what we did today.

< Clarity 4QA > Your dear baby is going to be a "crystal," as you already know. And, we don't like to use those type of terms, but this baby comes in… it's not a baby either. This dear angel, being, comes in very clear, very open. It will be very sensitive in the early days, sensitive to outside energies. You're going to have some - how to say - initial challenges with types of allergies and rashes and things like that because, when they come in so pure, and then they come down into the density of this reality, it is difficult for them at first. But, it will come in very clear.

< Clarity 9QA > As so many Shaumbra have found, that you develop allergic reactions even when you didn't have them when you were younger, suddenly you start to get them. What is happening here is your entire system is becoming very, very sensitive - extremely sensitive - and therefore things that never bothered you before now are affecting you.

This is generally a temporary situation as your new biology learns to adapt to the sensitivities and to the outside things... everything from things that cause allergies to even dense, thick energies that cause headaches... as you learn to adjust to not just being in a room filled with other people but now other entities as well. When you expand into the other realms, now you feel other entities. So it is a process of adjustment.

It's nothing that you should fight, but you can literally work with the breath - again we'll go back to the simples, we know some of you think we oversimplify it - but working with the breath will help re-balance all of your sensitivities and help you better cope with them so they don't assault your body, mind or spirit.

< Teacher 11QA > We're going to give you a very short answer to your allergic question. If you were truly able to breathe ... you see, allergies and breathing, they are tied in together, means that if you were truly able to breathe, you'll go beyond the allergies. Now, part of the problem is, is that as you breathe, it tends to intensify the allergy itself. But recognize that there is something within that is resisting, something that is holding back. Beautiful flowers here (pointing to a vase with flowers), a beautiful bouquet with their scent. But perhaps if you are allergic to these, look at the energetic reason. You're not letting yourself enjoy the beauty of life, the beauty of smelling or touching or seeing these flowers. It is causing some type of energetic blockage which shows up as an allergy. Great time to really move into those flowers and smell their essence.

Now, you are all becoming very sensitive beings in this New Energy. You are sensitive, you are more feeling, more aware. So you are more aware of the potent energies in everything, but it doesn't mean that it has to cause a reaction or an allergy. Just breathe it in, let go of anything that's causing the resistance - take a look at what is causing the resistance - and you're going to find your allergies naturally go away. If you cover up your allergies with medication, you are also covering up sensitivity and feeling and the real root cause of why you're not able to enjoy everything. Thank you ... especially food.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Many of you pick up things that you call colds and flus or even allergies, and you become very concerned about these, you wonder what's wrong with your body. Perhaps your body knows that a cold or a flu or any of these other things are also natural ways to release the build-ups that you happen to bring into your body. But then you doubt yourself. You wonder why you are a spiritual being who's getting sick. You're not sick. You're cleansing.

< e2012 5 > Every disease, every illness is an allergy. An allergy is a resistance to something, pushing away from something, incompatible energies, and it causes a reaction – trying to release it, trying to let it go, trying to sneeze it out or whatever. So every illness really relates to a resistance to something – to something, whether it's other people, whether you're resisting loving yourself – anything.

< Discovery 4 > The children didn't live very long. They died after Mary got to France. They had a very difficult time because they were the offspring of two very amazing beings, including one that wasn't in physical body. He was light sperm, so it was a little bit different than regular. (some laughter) It was! So they had a very difficult time handling the energies. They didn't last long, and it wasn't … it was said that it was a flu or some disease going around at the time that did them in, but it was just they could not handle it. Similar to a lot of the Crystal Children coming in right now. They come in so clear and so unfamiliar with the ways of the Earth that they come in and they end up with things like ADD and some of the other sensitivities, allergy sensitivities, autism and things like that. They're having a very difficult time adjusting to this energy.