Shaumbra Service Center

Angelic Spa;

< Clarity 3 > Now, over to the side here… you see a building, a beautiful old-style stone and wood building with a beautiful slate roof on it. This is the Shaumbra Service Center. This is where we're going to go today. Oh, it's not like a service center that you have for your automobiles. Those are… they smell of oil. There are loud noises. There is foul language and spitting on the floor (audience laughter). Ours is beautiful. Ours is luxurious.

< Clarity 3 > Some of you have very intense jobs right now… oh, and intense families. But, here in our Shaumbra Service Center, you can just let that go. Your body has been under a great amount of stress lately. You've been trying to deny it, trying to say, "What's wrong with me? I have to keep pushing, pushing, pushing." I'm going to say, "Stop doing that now." You try to deny sometimes that your body is overtaxed, overworked. You pretend that you have the strength of 10, or 20, or 100, and you can keep going and going. It is taking a toll on your body. And, you know that. We're going to slow it down right here. Listen to that water again.

< Clarity 3 > Let's open those doorways and let them flow in through the Shaumbra Service Center. Let them into flow all the way into your body, your mind and your spirit. Reality is a funny thing. Energies are amazing things. Reality is whatever you choose it to be, whether it is tangible or not. What you have done today is real. It is very, very real. You don't even have to work at it. You just had to be with us here in this beautiful place of rejuvenation. By the way, if it sounds a little bit like the Temples of Tien - if some of you were thinking about that - it is quite the same energy.

< Clarity 6 > Today we're going to go back to the Shaumbra Service Center. We were there a few months ago. This is an energy, an imaginary place that is very real. Yes, I love that - an imaginary place that is very real. You think that the two are not compatible, but they're absolutely compatible. The imagination and reality - they actually are the same thing. It's only how the energy manifests; that is different… you see.

< Clarity 6 > In the Shaumbra Service Center right now, as we have been talking, we have shifted - with your permission - we have shifted out of the mental. Some of you have fallen asleep because we have gone into the crystalline. Some of you are keeping your mind occupied with games or pretending you're listening. But, we've actually been in the crystalline. From here - and again I am going to emphasize, and underline and exclamation point, if you do this in the text, please - in the crystalline realms the mind doesn't work! And, if your mind is working away, you're not in the crystalline realms… period.

< Clarity 6 > "Now how is it that I open up to new potentials and probabilities? How do I bring the shadows in now, now that I'm having a soul eclipse, bringing the light and dark together? And, there are a myriad of new potentials available for me right now. How do I bring those in?" Come up to the crystalline realms. Start out here in the Shaumbra Service Center. If you need an escort or a guide, that's fine. There are many here who will bring you. Go out to the crystalline realms. And, then be quiet… and experience creation being birthed… experience yourself being re-invented. And, do it without fear.

< Clarity 6 > Every one of you has a crystalline connection that has not been used in a long, long time that goes beyond the near realms, connects directly with the crystalline realms… you see. That has not been used in a long time. And, your homework for these next days, 30 days or so of time that we have, is to go in and look - when did you shut down your crystalline connection? And, why did you shut it down? And, listen. Come into the Shaumbra Service Center and listen for the answer. It is important. This is not trivial homework this time. This is important homework. That crystalline connection is inside of you. You just deactivated it. You pulled the plug. Why did you do it? When did you do it? And, are you ready to activate it again?

< Clarity 6QA > We continue our gathering here in the Shaumbra Service Center. A place where you can truly just be. A place where you can ask the questions of yourself, put them out, let them go. And the answers come back. Sometimes from this place we call the crystalline realm. Sometimes from synchronicities all around you. Sometimes it comes into your heart or into your mind. Sometimes the answers are delivered by other people or circumstances into your life.

< Clarity 9 > The New Earth is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation - rejuvenation in ways that you couldn't even possibly imagine in the Old Earth. There are those of us - I, Tobias, Saint-Germain, the others - we go there now to this New Earth to rejuvenate. You could say the essence of the Shaumbra Service Center is on the New Earth. It is a place of rejuvenation and a library.

< Teacher 9 > What is the Shaumbra Service Center? It's the energy of Shaumbra. It's your group energy. Shaumbra Service Center is a place that you can come anytime you want - to rejuvenate, to learn, to teach. It is a virtual space, but because of the consciousness and the agreement between all of Shaumbra, it is a reality. It is there.

< (Next) 10 > Now, you go there, there are some very safe beautiful places. The Shaumbra Service Center is a great place in the Near Earth realms. It's not all bad, but you can imagine that this is where a lot of beings hang out in between lifetimes. Most of them never make a conscious choice to come back here to Earth. We need to get over this whole story about these grand planning sessions and making choices. A lot of these beings are sucked back in here. It's like an energetic vacuum tube that just sucks them back down, back into the physical body, back into the womb. They suddenly appear and say, "I'm here again."