soul eclipse

of light and dark when it seems to cast a shadow,
but also creates shadow potentials;

< Clarity 6 > You went through this reversal, and now they are coming back together. Now, think in terms of an eclipse… you see… a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse… when you have one element passing in front of the other, temporarily blocking or shadowing the other… you see… almost like a reverse shadow. That is what's happening with you right now in your lives. You're integrating, melding and marrying your dark and light.

< Clarity 6 > But, you're reintegrating. Now, you have a type of soul eclipse going on - not solar - but a soul eclipse going on right now, the dark and the light melding back together, but almost casting a reverse shadow… you see. So, while this is happening, you wonder sometimes why there is all this stuff in your life, why can't things just settle back down. But, it's a process you asked for, a process that you want, a process that you would be disappointed with if you didn't go through with it. If you came back to our side right now, you would say, "But why didn't you encourage me to continue. I was almost there. It was re-melding back together." That's what is happening right now.

< Clarity 6 > So, it is very appropriate during this time of a soul eclipse, of dark and light, a soul eclipse, by the way, that instead of them separating back again, they meld together. At this time of soul eclipse we talk about the potentials, the shadows… you see… that are created. Behind the eclipse of the dark and the light within you, coming together… behind the eclipse are then many, many potentials.

< Clarity 6 > While you always had nearly infinite potentials to choose from in your life, the ones that were more within reach or grasp were somewhat limited… you see. The ability to bring in a whole different type of potential was limited. It was there, but it was beyond the conscious understanding or the ability of the biology to truly bring it in. But, with this soul eclipse that's taking place in your life, the number or potential of potentials is now closer. The ability to bring in things that would a year or two ago have seemed impossible, incredulous, now are possible. This is all as a result of the soul eclipse. The number of shadows or potentials that are now within reality's grasp are far, far grander… far grander.

< Clarity 6 > It has to be balanced. Why? Because you're understanding the light and dark… you're bringing them together. You're doing a soul eclipse. You're marrying the two. Money doesn't ever have to be out of balance… relationships never out of balance… love…sex… food… all of these things, never out of balance because you've chosen to come here. By the way, some of you worry; you say, "Well, but I'm coming into balance. I'm learning these things. I'm truly ready to accept the gifts and the joy into my life. But, what if I slide backwards?" There is a spiritual physics that almost makes it impossible - not totally, but almost makes it impossible - because you reach a certain level of enlightenment. You cannot erase enlightenment… you see. You cannot erase it. So, you're not going to slide backwards. You're not going to go do evil, dark things. You're not even going to do imbalanced light things. It'll be a balance.

< Clarity 6 > So, you see, the biggest blockage of all has been what you consider to be your agenda, your desires versus the soul desire. We are going to put these together. We're going to bring them back together. We're going to put them into an eclipse together, a soul eclipse, a complete understanding. You see, you think your soul knows everything your humanness wants. It doesn't because you've shut it out. You've barricaded it. You've had so many vows and oaths and promises. You've cut out soul and (human) self. And, let's bring them back together now.

< Clarity 6 > "Now how is it that I open up to new potentials and probabilities? How do I bring the shadows in now, now that I'm having a soul eclipse, bringing the light and dark together? And, there are a myriad of new potentials available for me right now. How do I bring those in?" Come up to the crystalline realms. Start out here in the Shaumbra Service Center. If you need an escort or a guide, that's fine. There are many here who will bring you. Go out to the crystalline realms. And, then be quiet… and experience creation being birthed… experience yourself being re-invented. And, do it without fear.

< Clarity 6QA > Also to remember from today's Shoud was that as these aspects of the Self - what the Self has been constructed of in its reality base on Earth - you have the light and the dark and how they are eclipsing together. They are coming back together providing in a sense a reverse shadow of themselves and a reverse shadow of potentials. Again, it is appropriate because shadows just don't have to be behind where the light source is coming from, or where the reality base is focused on. It can also have a forward type of shadow. I want you to think expanded and to be expanded in every possible way. Take nothing at its face value.