vow / oath / locked box


< DivineHuman 5QA > Rules! Your rules! Your self-worth! All of these issues that we speak to you about over and over again… old issues from past lives that are still stuck, past lives when you gave the vows of poverty… rules that you give yourself now in his lifetime! Do you know, dear friends, that your greatest fear is your ability to create? You worry that, left without walls, left without rules, and restrictions, and barriers, and filters, that you might create something ugly, or terrible. You think back to the days before you ever came to Earth when you were creating the physical universe, when there were great wars and great battles. And, you said to yourself, "I will NEVER express my power in that way again!" And, here you are, standing before us, asking why you can't create?

< NewEnergy 11 > This is caused by many lifetimes of vows of poverty. It is caused by, basically, a perception of your own limitations. YOU think you are limited. You forget that you are the Masters. Then, you try to create the abundance and the money through hard work, and you wear your damn bodies out, working and working at multiple jobs, thinking that the more you abuse your body, the more money perhaps it will bring. Or, you believe that money is manifested through the mind. It is not. It is not because someone is smarter than the other. We look at some of the - how to say - the leaders and the wealthy ones, and ones who are at the heads of corporations. And, they are not so very smart at all. It is now working against them.

< Embodiment 4 > Oh, and Shaumbra, one of the greatest of all, one of the greatest crosses that all of you bear is the cross of Yeshuaholding the energy of Yeshua… and the times 2000 years ago… holding it tightly… holding it deeply… and holding it in suffering… holding it with such vows… vows that you gave to never let it go, to never let it be lost. Well, Shaumbra, it's not lost. It's very present on Earth right now. You can see it all over. It is built in churches all over the world… your energy. The work of Yeshua and the work of you in bringing the divine seed to Earth is not lost; it is not gone.

< Embodiment 10QA > Indeed, you'll get to the point where you can truly be an observer without getting into all of the drama. In other words, you can see things for what they are. And, Adamas gets quite - how to say - emphatic about the churches. But, he sees it as a tremendous overlay, a tremendous state of hypnosis that is serving those who enter through its doors. But, for so many other humans, like Shaumbra, it is now - how to say - a barrier. It is a heavy weight. It is literally holding you back. For those who still go there, there is total honor. But, for you who are asking us to come here and help you to understand what is going on - why you feel stuck, why you are frustrated, why you feel empty - we have to be very direct.

And, we are not saying it is good or bad. We are just saying the churches - which are simply a consciousness of humanity - the church energy is holding many of you back. Go back and look at the controls that you have, particularly through the parent-self, based on the early church teachings. Then, go back and look at the controls, the massive series of controls, that you have from past lifetimes when you were in the churches. You took the vows. You spent hours on your knees and hours in very disciplined types of procedures or ceremonies. And, it does carry a tremendous overlay. We are not - how to say - saying churches are bad. We are not saying they are good. They simply have an overlay or hypnosis.

< Clarity 5 > One of the things that holds so many of you back are things that you don't even recognize. There are still some levels of old vows and oaths that you have taken in the past, past meaning this lifetime. Some of you even took vows and oaths last week. There are some of those that are still holding you back from past lifetimes, lifetimes when you said, "I will never…" and then fill in the blank, lifetimes when you vowed to - how to say - some of you vowed to never enjoy sex. You took a vow, a holy vow for a religious order that "I will not enjoy sex." Some of you said you will not have abundance. There is an old overlay that said in order to discover God you had to be poor, you had to do without. And, it served a purpose for a while, but that too is last week's news. It is time to let go of that.

< Clarity 5 > When you're looking at all of these things that feed you, now take a look at them from a different perspective. How many of the things that feed you are there because of an old vow or oath? Like we said, we have spoken about this before. We have spoken about how you create a belief system through a vow or an oath that is - how to say - very energized, very strong. And, vows and oaths have a tendency to then go invisible, you see, because you've asked them to. You forget that they were ever there. You forget that you ever vowed something. Then, they become part of your feeding, but you don't even see it or recognize it. Or, perhaps you see it for something else.

< Clarity 5 > There is still an overlay of what we call unbalanced discipline in your life. Oh, it's an overlay for humanity in general. But, we are going to ask you to take a look at it in your life. So many of you have an old vow or a series of vows that were done in a number of different lifetimes that helped to build up this belief system, old vows that you continue to hold onto that create the reality that you're living in right now.

< Clarity 5 > That overlay of discipline has been built up in societies and cultures all across the Earth to where it is still very prevalent. And, that disciplined overlay, triggered by old vows, is one of the things that literally help sustain - how to say - this consciousness of Earth right now of just enough, just barely enough. It's perpetuated in schools and in churches and by governments. You have to work hard. You have to stay disciplined. Your parents reinforced it for you because they were part of that consciousness. Discipline… discipline yourself. Focus… focus.

< Clarity 5 > Discipline is like that hamster in a cage running on the wheel, thinking it's going somewhere, thinking that it's accomplishing something. But, it's just going in circles. This overlay is very interesting. It would be interesting to do an entire study on the overlay of discipline, especially as it relates to old vows, and how it influences your life right now. You think that you have to discipline yourself in order to maintain your weight. You don't. You only imagine yourself if you want to have your weight in a balanced place. You think you have to discipline yourself to succeed in business… if you want to be like everyone else, perhaps. But, if you want to discover the fast track, the easy track, really what we would call the sacred track, you let go of this whole aspect of discipline.

< Clarity 5QA > What you are really doing is picking up on an overall grief from humanity. You are doing the suffering for others literally because you have taken a vow in the past to help and serve others, and therefore your belief system also focused around the concept that you needed to suffer. Now, you are continuing to pick up on the grief of humanity.

< Clarity 6 > Another thing that definitely holds it back are vows, oaths, and promises that you've made to yourself. Every one of these vows and oaths and promises in this lifetime, or from past lifetimes, serves as a type of barrier… or blockage… a stone in the road… or a boulder in the road… or a nail, a nail that you nailed into the wall of your soul, to hold yourself in… a vow that you would never deal in the dark arts. My gosh… why not? Oh, you abused them; yes, we've heard about that before. It's time to get over that. Some of you said, "But I was a witch. I was a sorcerer. I was influenced by the dark." Rethink dark, Shaumbra. "Yes, but because of the type of magic that I carried at one point, others abused it." Well, that's true, but you didn't. Oh, some of you say, "But, yes, I did abuse it."

< Clarity 6 > So, you see, the biggest blockage of all has been what you consider to be your agenda, your desires versus the soul desire. We are going to put these together. We're going to bring them back together. We're going to put them into an eclipse together, a soul eclipse, a complete understanding. You see, you think your soul knows everything your humanness wants. It doesn't because you've shut it out. You've barricaded it. You've had so many vows and oaths and promises. You've cut out soul and (human) self. And, let's bring them back together now.

< Clarity 6QA > We said before that through some of the oaths and vows and promises that you gave yourself, you boarded over, you nailed over those connections that you've had. You've even hid those boards and nails pretending that they're not there. Only you can open those back up, Shaumbra. If you've hid them, you can unhide them. We can't. We literally, and we mean this literally, because you hid them, even we can't see them. If you come to us and say, "But where did I hide that? Where did I fool myself?" We don't know, because you fooled yourself so well, you can fool the rest of us. That is how hypnosis works.

< Clarity 7 > Not the typical choices that you think about either. We had to go in and take a look at your garden - your reality landscape. Your reality landscape - the reality that you choose to live in - is filled with things you don't even know are there. Implants, suggestions, overlays that are lifetimes old. Vows, oaths - they don't need to be there anymore. You planted them there for some reason, for some purpose, and then you kept them in your reality landscape. You don't need them anymore. Start weeding them out, cleaning them out.

< Teacher 4QA > There is a locked place within you that you have been afraid to open. It was opened before you were about 14 and it closed down. And in its closing you said to yourself, I won't get what I want. Something happened and you didn't get what you want, and so there has become a self-sabotage. When you get close to grabbing that golden ring, the horse goes too quickly around. And so, dear one, look not at money but look at that deep locked box that says I can't have what I want, because it's not just money. You get so close and it dissolves and then you say there I go again. I get so close and it dissolves. Change that decision. Go back to when you were young and it flowed and you saw it flow. Now you don't see it flow even when it flows.

< Returning 10QA > Because you have and you told yourself that "I will never, ever do that again." Now you have a vow, it's an aspect that is created out of the vow, and you're not going to do it again until you disavow, until you let it go. But right now it's at work for you. You created it, it's serving you. It's on its hands and knees serving you - "I will screw up your life so you never have to do that again," you see? So take a deep breath and decide when you're ready to disavow. Let that one go. In this New Energy … I don't want to go off too far here, but in this New Energy you almost can't do wrong. In other words, it will come back on you. If you decided you were going to take some of these wonderful teaching and use it as Black Magic against others, it won't work. It used to work, it won't work now. So get over the fear that you're going to do it wrong.

< (Next) 4 > How many of you have money issues? So it's a pattern you've got into. Somewhere along the line you developed a pattern of not ever having quite enough or, as Tobias would say, you bought into the 'just barely enough' consciousness - just barely enough to fill the gas tank to get here, just barely enough to pay the rent - but not enough to absolutely enjoy life.

It has its origin - I'm speaking generally here - it has its origins in some of your early church work, you know, the vows of poverty are still hanging around. And I would say, actually, for most of you now it's more of a matter of thinking that if you suddenly got a lot of money that it was going to overpower you, that it would affect you, corrupt you, make you do something bad. You would get off of this disciplined - crap - path that you've been on, and it would somehow keep you stuck here on Earth. Part of you is thinking, "You know, this is going to be probably my last lifetime - maybe second to the last - and if I get a lot of money, I'll probably want to stay, because I'll be rich and I can do all these things. And you know what? I really don't want to stay, so I'm not going to have any money."