standing behind the short wall
no agenda
no limitationno control;

< Embodiment 9 > We're not going to ask you try to change it, or do anything with it, but just be aware. What you are going to begin to see is a whole grid or weaving or matrix of belief systems - how they shape reality… how they cause reaction… how they make you do what you do… how they literally form energy. And, it is quite a beautiful thing. It is amazing to be at the point where you're coming to: where you're no longer just in the reality, and no longer the judge of the reality, but the observer of the reality that you are creating. That is where you are going - the observer of the reality you are creating. You see… the observer doesn't get lost in it. The observer can go in and out of their creations. The observer can walk in and out at any time.

< Embodiment 10QA > Indeed, you'll get to the point where you can truly be an observer without getting into all of the drama. In other words, you can see things for what they are. And, Adamas gets quite - how to say - emphatic about the churches. But, he sees it as a tremendous overlay, a tremendous state of hypnosis that is serving those who enter through its doors. But, for so many other humans, like Shaumbra, it is now - how to say - a barrier. It is a heavy weight. It is literally holding you back. For those who still go there, there is total honor. But, for you who are asking us to come here and help you to understand what is going on - why you feel stuck, why you are frustrated, why you feel empty - we have to be very direct.

And, we are not saying it is good or bad. We are just saying the churches - which are simply a consciousness of humanity - the church energy is holding many of you back. Go back and look at the controls that you have, particularly through the parent-self, based on the early church teachings. Then, go back and look at the controls, the massive series of controls, that you have from past lifetimes when you were in the churches. You took the vows. You spent hours on your knees and hours in very disciplined types of procedures or ceremonies. And, it does carry a tremendous overlay. We are not - how to say - saying churches are bad. We are not saying they are good. They simply have an overlay or hypnosis.

< Embodiment 10QA > Your painting opens inter-dimensional pathways. And, that's why you have the ability to do soul paintings because you pull in from all aspects, not just the physical being who is sitting there. You pull in from all of their different - how to say - multi-dimensional personalities.

But, you also have the incredible empath energy where you feel everything at such a deep level. And, now you are literally taking it on as your own. You are not just processing it and letting it move through you in a creative way. You feel you have to live it in order to paint it. Well, you can bypass that. You don't have to bring it into your system. Again, it's being the observer of the energies flowing in.

< Clarity 2QA > Empathy is the ability to feel. It is the ability to have a sense of things. It is - how to say - it is understanding, based much on your previous experience, understanding what others are going through. But, truly when you get down to it, it is the ability to feel a situation.

Now, empathy in the new age is the ability to feel another's pain or feel their burdens, feel their darkness, any of these things, without taking it on as your own, without playing that little trick that takes their energy and turns it into yours. It is the ability to absolutely be aware of it, but know all of the time that it is theirs. And, the awareness will give you a greater understanding of its root causes, why it is there, what their energies are truly seeking. And, it gives you clarity. But, again you want to be able to sense and feel without absorbing.

So many of you will go into a crowded airport and have empathetic energies where you are picking up on everyone else, but then you'll also convert those into your own energy. You'll start feeling tired. You'll start feeling fearful, or angry, or any of these things. And, you do it all the time. Empathy allows you to be the observer of feelings, of energies.

And, there is one way to become an empath. It is to give yourself permission to feel again. Give yourself permission. So many of you have closed down because the feelings were too overwhelming. So, you closed down. You closed the gate and threw away the key. It is time to give yourself permission to feel again with the understanding that you don't have to own it.