self worth / unworthiness

worthiness; one of the four issues;
trust in self; love of self;

< Creator 2 > As she lay awake at night with a tremendous feeling of release surging over her, she came to another realization. She realized that she had been living in the future, and she had been creating a picture of fear for what the future might hold. She realized that she was worrying about unpaid bills in the future that never existed. She was worried about illness that may come to her. None of these were real, but she was projecting her own sense of unworthiness into the future. The future represented a lack of trust in her divinity. She found that she was spending much of her time and energy in the future with her fears.

< Creator 2 > She realized that the Spirit within always provides the divine moment - always - but that she had been blocking it. Much like when she was a child, she had blocked her own light and had not helped to teach and heal others, as she knew she was capable of. She had put up a wall, the wall of unworthiness. But now as she brought this down in her adult life as a Lightworker, as a teacher of the Crimson Circle, she realized that she could trust in herself to provide the divine moment.

< Creator 6 > we see four areas of human concern.
Finally, dear friends, there are the issues of self worth. These are issues about who you are, about your own worthiness. These issues can now be directly tied back to time when you went through the wall of fire. You have done much processing and releasing in this lifetime. The releases that you have not been able to get through, relate directly back to this traumatic time of crossing through the wall of fire. With this knowledge within, dear friends, you can begin to solve your worthiness issues quite easily. What you did when you came through that wall of fire was in service to All That Is. You went through the wall of fire to explore a new area, a new circle that had never been created before. That is how you came to be here on Earth. We honor you for doing this on behalf of Spirit. So we ask you now to put your self worth issues aside. There was nothing you did wrong. You did this in love and service.

< Creator 6QA > We call you Lightmasters because we see you as Lightmasters. We know there is much work that you do, but indeed you are the ones who are the "Masters." The entities who are the outer circles tonight, who have never been to earth before, see you as the Masters. It is difficult for you to see yourself in such a lofty role. But as we have said earlier, there are four issues and the fourth one is self-worth. Dear friends, look deeper into this area. Begin to understand that the work you do as Lightworkers, is at the very leading edge. You are at the very leading edge of this transformation of void into creation. It is why we call you the Lightmasters and we use the terms together; workers and masters.

< Creator 10QA > There have been prophecies of a quantum leap in the year 2012. It is now predicted to come much sooner. They are somewhat amused that you have so much doubt. If there was a report card, you would all receive high marks for your endurance (audience laughter) and your perseverance. You would receive very high marks for your continual commitment to being in service to Spirit; for your continual commitment to keep going forward. The only low mark on your report card would be for the tremendous amount of self-doubt you have. If you could release that - and we understand that it is heavy - but if you could release that, you would soar so much higher without the burdens that you carry now. But there is also empathy for those of us who have had human experience.

< Creator 10QA > This self-doubt is thick and it is deep and it does relate back to the Wall of Fire. There was tremendous doubt on your part when you crossed over, for you felt that you gave up Spirit. You felt that you deceived Spirit in a way. You felt like a child who had done wrong to a parent. Spirit does not feel that way. There is no original sin that you have performed. What you did was done for the good of all. And here you sit, having coming this far, and we assure you that Spirit loves every step of your journey.

< Creator 12 > This (breathing) is like air to a fire. It fans the divine flame within you. It brings it (divine flame) into your reality, into your humanness. It is through the breath that you bring in the new relationship with Spirit. Through the breath you bring the essence of Home into your reality. It is so simple. When you wonder what it is you should be doing, and you wonder about your own self worth, and you wonder about your mission here now in this new energy, simply breathe in your own self worth. Breathe it in deeply.

< Ascension 5 > This issue of worthiness… all of you… is one that I would like you to release. That has been so challenging for all who are here and connecting. You have felt unworthy of the god that sits within you. You have felt you have done things wrong in your lives or in the past or before you came here. In this New Energy that you walk in, release any feelings of unworthiness, and know that it is time for you to integrate your birthright as God, as a divine human.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, are learning to accept love into our lives. We have been ones who have loved others, but done much to resist love for ourselves. We have done this for several reasons as we are opening up and becoming more sensitive. It was difficult to have the conditional love of other humans in our lives, so we shut it off. We also thought, "We are unworthy in our deep inner search for Spirit." We did not think that we were worthy of the love of others, so we shut it off. In a sense, this helped us to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper within. Now, we are learning and accepting within our being that the love from others is very fulfilling, is part of life, is part of sharing, and part of the oneness. We, Shaumbra, are learning to accept the love unconditionally, even when it contains conditions. For, the condition that it may contain from the other humans does not affect us then, if we open up to them unconditionally.

< DivineHuman 5 > The answer, dear friends, was that Joe had no self-worth. Joe did not value himself, or what he was doing. So, how could he possibly have enlightenment? Joe felt that he was less than perfect, and less than God. Each time he came to sit in the Chair of Enlightenment his lack of self-worth showed. When Joe sat in the Chair of Divinity and asked if he was ready for his enlightenment, all of the angels had to respond, "No, you are not ready yet because you have no self-worth. You view yourself as something less than God, as something less than perfect."

< DivineHuman 5 > Joe realized that he didn’t have to ask if he was he ready for his enlightenment. The answer was already there. He didn’t have to ask the angels. All he needed to do was to accept himself with total compassion and love, just as the angels accepted him. But, he needed to do it within himself. At that moment, Joe achieved his enlightenment. At that moment, his divinity glowed within him. He realized, in the moment, that everything was perfect and right. So ends the story of Joe.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Rules! Your rules! Your self-worth! All of these issues that we speak to you about over and over again… old issues from past lives that are still stuck, past lives when you gave the vows of poverty… rules that you give yourself now in his lifetime! Do you know, dear friends, that your greatest fear is your ability to create? You worry that, left without walls, left without rules, and restrictions, and barriers, and filters, that you might create something ugly, or terrible. You think back to the days before you ever came to Earth when you were creating the physical universe, when there were great wars and great battles. And, you said to yourself, "I will NEVER express my power in that way again!" And, here you are, standing before us, asking why you can't create?

< DivineHuman 6 > We realize that we no longer have to get involved in dramas. Our families try to pull us into it. At work we are always pulled into someone’s drama. We get pulled into drama about world events. We get pulled into drama about things within ourselves, about our own issues of self-worth. We get into our own health dramas. "Why is that negative, dark energy invading my body? I must go annihilate it. I must go wipe it out with light and good stuff." In a sense, we have not understood what to do if there was no drama. There seems to be such a void if there is no drama.

< NewEnergy 1 > It (Mohammed's energy) comes back on this side to work with the peoples who do not believe in themselves, who do not understand or feel the nature of divinity within them. That is the only thing that is holding people as slaves, that is holding them in a tyrannical government - it is their own lack of self-worth.

< NewEnergy 5 > And, they come in now, knowing that you have chosen to heal, bringing back together all of the energies. They come in today… particularly for those who are going through some of the struggles of healing the old wounds… a feeling that they are not worthy to let go… a feeling of shame for things that have been done in the past… and for you who have been physically abused. For you women who have been physically abused, this is a sign that you did not feel worthy, that you opened yourself up to this type of abuse. And, it is time to heal that now.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will continue to see problems such as AIDS, which relates to the immune system - the ability to heal self, the ability to have the biology take care of itself - because there is a lack of self-worth. There is a feeling of - how to say - negative energies consuming the person. From our perspective we also do not see this being healed, being eradicated in your lifetime. It will come under control. It will take more consciousness surrounding the root causes of these things.

< Embodiment 6 > You are like a magnet, but a magnet that works different than your physical magnets on Earth, for the opposites attract in your magnets on Earth. But, with the type of magnet that you are the likenesses attract. If you feel disempowered, disempowered things will come to respond to you. You will be surrounded by disempowered people, or people who use their power to take yours away. You are asking for it. Like responds to like. If there is a lack of abundance in your life, it is because you are feeling that you are not worthy. You are energizing yourself, or spiritually magnetizing yourself, and you bring it into your life. Everything around you and everything in your life is a direct literal response to who you are. It is not being inflicted on you. You are bringing it in. You are manifesting it. That is how strong and powerful a Creator that you are.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you get into that low self-esteem energy. And, it's a way to feed yourself. But, my gosh, there is tastier food out there than that! Sometimes you just can't accept that things are just beautiful and wonderful no matter how it is. Perhaps, that pet just would have done anything to come back and be with you in this lifetime, just because it loves you for no other reason. It's not that it was indentured to you. It's not that it had to be with you. It's not its bad karma that it ended up with you one more time. But, some of you feed off that energy of low self-worth. "A dog couldn't have possibly wanted to come back," you say. "It probably had to. It probably felt so bad for me that it had to be here." Well, now you're feeding off an energy of low self-worth, one of Kuthumi's favorite topics. It's just a food, Shaumbra. It is just something that's feeding you.

< Teacher 2 > Perhaps an envelope shows up at your door - that's the most obvious. Or perhaps gnost will come in and help you to remove the issues that have really been holding back on abundance - self worth. Self worth. So gnost - the solution - might come and knock you on the head regarding your self worth, to get over some of those hurdles so that the natural flow of abundance can be in your life. It is that simple.

< Returning 7QA > You have a very interesting game that you play called unworthiness. You won't let yourself believe that you're not only working with me, but many, many others. But then you keep it in these outer realms rather than bringing it down here. So I'm going to ask you to really let yourself just go a little bit crazy. I know that's one of your concerns - too much of a concern. Are you going to go absolutely mad? Yes, but there's nothing like going mad (laughter) - from my own personal experience. The craziness is actually when you try to hold back; and the craziness is when you play the game of doubt that keeps you from discovering who you are so that you can keep playing the game of doubt, you see. So go crazy. Let yourself talk to me or Adamus or whomever out loud. That will bring it, solidify it in this energy. But there's this incredible "I don't think I can trust myself; I don't think I am worthy enough" kind of energy.

< Wings 10 > You would go insane if you tried, if you forced your way – tried to force your way – into enlightenment while still having issues of unworthiness. You would go insane. Some have tried it before. They've tried to battle that dragon at the door. They have tried to force their way in, and some have done it with somewhat unnatural means – drugs and some of these ceremonies, these extreme ceremonies. They tried to trick the dragon that is at the door and they end up getting very, very mentally imbalanced, because if one is unworthy – feels unworthy – and tries to go into enlightenment – boom! – it all breaks down.

< Wings 10 > The dark night is meant to do a couple of things: Go in and find all that crap, those feelings of unworthiness that are at many different layers and levels. They're coming from past lives. They're coming from this lifetime. And you can tell yourself all day long, look in the mirror and say, “I'm a good person. I love myself,” but you don't really believe it. It's kind of makyo. It's kind of like trying to frost the cake with crap. That was a nice visual.

< Wings 10 > There is another important component to the dark night that plays in so well to everything we're doing right now. We're talking a lot about how now energy serves you. Energy. That's where we're at right now, allowing energy to serve you. It's the easy life, allowing energy to serve you. But a lot of you don't think you're worthy. I hear the words. You say, “Yes, I'm ready for Realization. Yes, I'm ready to let energy to serve me.” But I've been watching this last month, because we're really amping it up now with allowing energy to serve you, and there's a lot of feelings of unworthiness. You put a toe into the water of this pool of energy, but you're not letting yourself jump in. It's a huge issue. So I say that the physics – the true physics – are: There is consciousness, the I Am; its passion creates energy; the energy is here to serve you.

< Wings 10 > There is so much energy that's right here ready to serve you, but if you're not feeling worthy, you are going to block it. You're going to stop it. If you're feeling that you're going to be seduced by power, by money, by control over others. You've got this wealth of energy that's right here, right now. But I'm observing this phenomenon of you turning your back on it, of you waiting, of you not applying it, of you saying the words, but saying the words like it was a mantra, but you're not believing that you're ready. You're wondering, “Am I worthy? Am I going to abuse it? Am I going to just then get sucked right back into the human ways?” You've restrained yourself, you've stopped yourself from an energy flow that's actually very natural.