The Wings Series SHOUD 10 - Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Presented to the Crimson Circle
June 2, 2018
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I Am that I Am, Adamus of St. Germain.

Let's take a good deep breath, dear friends, as we start this gathering.

It's really just a recording of your journey. That's all it is, just a recording of your journey, a journey of a thousand or more lifetimes, a journey of such joys, a journey of a lot of hardships, a lot of searching, a lot of questioning, a lot of dark nights.

But this is all really a recording of the history, and the finest part of the recording that we're doing – this very historic journey of a group all around the world who's coming into embodied enlightenment, really the crux of it, where we're really getting into the good chapters – is in the Master's Life. The Master's Life. If somebody wants to really understand what we're doing, when we get to this point on the journey, Master's Life. That's what it's all about.

We've recorded seven so far. It's your story It's what you're learning. It's what's in your heart. Others will come, years from now. Not right away, but years from now, others will come and they'll see what you've been through. They'll hear the stories of many, many humans who have gone from really the depths, the irritations, the frustrations, the anxieties of lifetimes on Earth and how you emerged. It's a beautiful story and we're capturing it, of course, in every Shoud. How many Shouds have we done now together since Tobias' time, 1999, hundreds? How many gatherings have we had? Workshops?

I feel it's just been a moment since our last gathering, the one in Denmark and Norway. I barely had time to go back to the Ascended Masters Club, have a cup of coffee, use the toilet. I know I don't really need to use the toilet, I just like to use the toilet (some chuckles). You know, there's a lot of things you do as a human you take for granted. Using a toilet, it's a nice quiet time. It's a time of relief and release (a couple of more chuckles). So, yeah, I still go to the toilet. Don't have to, but want to.

It was barely a moment ago that I was at the Ascended Masters Club, and now here. Oh, and what gatherings we had in Scandinavia. Beautiful. Beautiful Shaumbra, beautiful information. And, again, the information isn't coming from me. With Cauldre and with Linda I'm putting it into words, but it's your journey. It's your story. It's exciting to see how it's unfolding.

There were some points a couple years ago where it was a little frustrating. We'd kind of hit some snags, we weren't getting through them. I got a little annoyed with Shaumbra, I have to say. Not that it ever showed I'm sure, but just … (some laughter) I got a little annoyed. It was our makyo time together. You were immersed in makyo, I'm trying to pull you out of it. Makyo is your spiritual b.s., your distractions, your spiritual noise. It happens to everyone. Everyone who comes along this way on their spiritual journey, their crap. But these last few gatherings and even the last few Shouds and especially in Keahak, we're doing something different. We're going someplace new.

These gatherings, the last two that we had, Threshold – so different than any other Threshold. And the new Master's Guide, I guess that's the name it's called. Well, it was a Master's gathering. True Masters from how many different countries, dear Linda?

LINDA: Twenty-four.

ADAMUS: Twenty-four different countries gathered in one place, and we really changed some things. We actually invited the human to leave. Got them out of there the first day and then it was just the Master. We brought the human back on the third day, even though some of the Masters weren't so happy about that. We brought the human back and we really allowed an integration process to occur.

It was far beyond what I've expected where we would be, as I mentioned in our last Shoud. We're getting there through Allowing. Not through hard work, not through a lot of thinking, but through Allowing.



We're getting to the point – would you mind writing on that device there?

LINDA: Let's see.

ADAMUS: We're getting to the point right now where we're combining the human – if you would write “human,” just down the list – “human, Master, I Am.” We're integrating, consciously integrating the human … (he pauses, a couple of chuckles) I see Linda writing, I don't see anything appearing. (The writing device isn't working correctly.) Ah, technology. Don't you just hate it (a few chuckles).

We're getting to the point now where we're combining the human, and the human … eh, I'm over here (Peter comes up front to fix the equipment). You're all watching the commotion! (laughter) That's makyo. That's the distraction. You notice everybody shifts over here (to Linda and Peter), like this is where it's happening. I guess I have to stand here with you while we talk (more laughter).

LINDA: It's a distraction. You're the master of it!

ADAMUS: Yeah, but they were all watching you.

LINDA: Oh, well (laughter).

ADAMUS: No, isn't that so typical, a little drama, a little common. And here I'm imparting the greatest spiritual wisdom of all times – your wisdom.

LINDA: So what'd you want? You want human and …

ADAMUS: I forgot now.

LINDA: Human, Master, something or other.

ADAMUS: Eh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Make something up. Make something up (someone says, “Human, Master, I Am”). Human, Master and I Am. What we're doing right now is a very deep integration of the human, which is … no, no, no, no, no. Human, Master …


ADAMUS: Like this way.

LINDA: Be specific if you want it specific!

ADAMUS: Like go like that. Not like that …

LINDA: God! And you're such a pain!

ADAMUS: … because then you create confusion (some chuckles). I kind of like that device.

LINDA: There, I fixed it (she erases everything, more chuckles).

ADAMUS: Human, which is the experience. That is the purpose of the human. You wonder, “Why am I here? What's the meaning in life?” The meaning in life – to experience. That's it. As I've talked about recently, if it was up to the human, you would come back for another lifetime, ten lifetimes, a hundred lifetimes, because you're driven, kind of obsessively driven, by experience. The human loves experience. The human loves to immerse themselves and really, whether you believe it or not, it doesn't really care whether it is a good or bad experience.


ADAMUS: You say, “Now I just want happy experiences. I want unicorns and cotton candy and everything else.” No, you don't. No. Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking over there while I'm talking over here. You want some drama, some excitement – “What's broke?!”

LINDA: I'm not drama!

ADAMUS: (chuckles) That didn't sound like drama to me (some chuckles). You want the drama and the human loves that and really, praise the human for that. Praise your human self. You're hard on the human self so often. You love experience and you say you don't like the tough stuff, but you do. It's kind of fun. It's kind of experiential and it makes really good stories.

The human is the experiential part of the I Am. The I Am is Presence, it's consciousness, but without some great experiences – great, meaning really good, really bad, anything but dreary – then the human's doing what they came here to do. And that's the fun of it, so give thanks to the human for all their experiences.

The interesting thing is there's no test. There's no test in it, in the human experience. There's nobody judging it. There's nobody saying, “That's good or bad.” It's not until humans kind of started, well, judging it, and then they attached a lot of energy, a lot of gravity to it; they said, “Oh, that was a sin. That was bad karma. I've got to come in and do it again.” You know, and I see them chuckling, “Oh, I've got some really bad karma. I've got to come in for some more lifetimes. I get to experience some more, and I get to make some more karma, which will bring me in for more experiences.” It's a self-perpetuating experiential zoo. But that's what the human really does well.

Now the human's going through a whole new experience, what it's like to be realized, what it's like to integrate with the Master. It's a little scary at first, because the human is like, “Hang on, who's in charge here? I'm the human, this is my experience. It's all about me and my ego. I've got a name. I've got an ego. I've got an identity. What do you mean, the Master's moving in? Oh, yeah, the Master; the human's going to become the Master.” No, no, no. Human is not. The human is making room for the Master and the Master is the wisdom component in here. Human, experience; Master, wisdom.

And as good as the human … the human loves this – “Oh, I get to experience being a Master” – not really. Your experiences now have the wisdom of the Master, but it's not that we're masterizing the human.

LINDA: Masterizing?

ADAMUS: I am allowed to make up words (some laughter). And you know why?

LINDA: Because you can.

ADAMUS: Because every word that exists has been made up (audience says “Ohh”).

LINDA: Mmm. Good point.

ADAMUS: That's Master of the obvious (Adamus chuckles).

LINDA: Good point. Good point.

ADAMUS: Now I get to make up words.

So it's not about the human becoming masterized. And you actually really don't want that. It's about combining the wisdom, and it gives you a whole different experience. For those of you who have really allowed it, you're beginning to realize the experiences are different. They're really different. They're combined now with wisdom, and the human is not necessarily trying to control or take over the wisdom – you can't anyway; you can pretend to, but you really can't take over the wisdom – and suddenly, the experiences are changing.

In a way, the human could not have imagined what this is going to be like. You couldn't. That's one of the reasons that I've had to do a lot of distracting over the years. A lot of, “Look over here while we do something over here,” because the human has a concept of what this is all going to be about. And some of you are beginning to realize that it is nothing like what the human would have imagined. It couldn't. It couldn't.

You know, we talk about singularity. Singularity is a term that I guess the philosophers and the futurists came up with. Singularity is a word that means when the human experience – humanity – reaches a tipping point that could not have been imagined before, and it's happening with technology. You could not predict, you could not go out – the typical human – and look out 50 years from now and say, “Here's what the planet is going to be like.” You know, there's groups and organizations that do that; they're going to be so far off, because from a perspective down here, you just can't. You can't imagine. It's not within the qualia of the mind, the background, the reference point of the mind, so it can't at all.

You're going through that yourself. You couldn't have imagined this whole thing of being a Master. If you had, let's say, 10, 20 years ago – “I'm a Master” – you're going to resort to the images of walking on water, manifesting something out of thin air into your hands, that type of stuff, and it's all makyo. It has nothing to do with Realization.

So, there are enough of you now that are really beginning to allow the wisdom of the Master, of all the lifetimes, to come in and combining that with the experience of the human. Now we have a wise experience. We have an experience with a new form of depth to it.

The human was wanting this, in a way, this new depth. It was tired of the dreary life, tired of every incarnation being so much like the last incarnation. It was desiring this new experience, but it couldn't imagine it. It tried. The human tried to imagine the new world, the new life, the new whatever, but you know what, it really wasn't. It was just kind of a little bit of an iteration of the old one. It was, as I've said so often, it was a little richer, a little younger and a little happier, but it wasn't really new.

Now the human's getting a new experience with the wisdom of the Master and the I Am – the I Am consciousness, its Presence. I like the word “I Am” rather than “divine.” There's too many Jesus things around the word “divine” and New Age stuff around it. I Am is Presence, awareness. That's all it is. And what we're doing here is integrating those three together, and it's happening right now. And, again, the human can't really imagine it. All it can do is allow it.

It's actually the Master who has instigated the whole process. It's the Master who wants the Realization. The human wants a new experience, but the Master with the Realization. So we're going through such an exciting time of this integration. We'll talk about it more in just a moment, but for right now, just take a good deep breath and feel where you're at.

Feel where you're at, and feel it from the perspective of the human and the Master. What changes, what challenges along the way.

Realization is really one of the most simple things. It's so simple. But because of its simplicity, it's made complicated and difficult at times. It's so simple but then it's covered over with makyo and hardships and difficulties and a lot of self-examination combined with self-loathing. It's really quite simple, and that's what the next group who comes after you is going to learn from your experiences. How … over here, over here. Over here (some chuckles). For those watching in online, there's a little commotion on the side here, technical problems. I think I've said a lot of times, you're going to have a lot of problems with technology.

LINDA: It's your fault.

ADAMUS: Yeah, it's my fault, as always. But … a lot of problems. So, we do have on standby, we do have the old traditional writing board, which we're going to be resorting to in a moment, I do believe (a few chuckles).

I've said before, I made a bold statement that this is the first group of humans going into Realization. I've been challenged on it a little bit, given examples of other groups – not even close. Other groups with their gurus, their systems, their disciplines and their concepts – not even close. They were on the path, but way back there. This is, indeed – and I've checked it out at the Ascended Masters Club – this is truly the first group of humans coming into Realization. And it's not a spiritual thing or religious thing. I don't know really how you would state it, it's just a becoming. That's it. It's the first group. All the other Ascended Masters have done it individually. This is the first time ever, because of the timing and things like technology, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, because of what I call the Atlantean Dream, this is the first group ever to be coming into Realization.

Many other groups have studied the spiritual and holy and sacred texts. Many other groups have gone on the path together, walked the holy path together, but have not come this far for a variety of reasons, and that actually is a good segue into my question for the day …


ADAMUS: … what we now call Shaumbra Wisdom.


Shaumbra Wisdom

You know, we could start calling it wisdom just recently, because before it was kind of like – mmm – I wouldn't categorize it as wisdom. It was just answers to questions. But now we call it …

[video plays]

And now it's time for Shaumbra Wisdom!

Good. Just like a bad game show, which it sometimes is (a couple of chuckles). Okay, lights up please. Linda on the microphone.

Question is, I say that this is really the first group ever that's been going into Realization and staying in their bodies, staying on the planet. Why is it that so many systems and self-help programs, why is it that they're really not effective in terms of enlightenment or Realization?

There's a lot of self-help programs out there, and you've all spent a lot of money on them. There's a lot of spiritual, what I call, guru courses out there and some of you have taken them. Some of you have been in ashrams for a long time. Some of you have taken – you've paid a lot of good money to have discipline and suffer and being told what an idiot you are. Not here, of course, but other places. Why is it that they're really not effective in terms of Realization? Linda, please.

LINDA: You were begging (to Mary Sue).

MARY SUE: (chuckling) I was.

ADAMUS: Yes, my dear.

MARY SUE: I think they're approaching it from the outside instead of from the inside, what's new.

ADAMUS: Okay. Approaching it from the outside. Okay, good. Good. Good answer. See? See the wisdom? Oh! Just radiating. Okay. Why is it that some of these self-help courses and spiritual courses, why is it they're not effective in terms of Realization? Yes, sir.

VINCE: Basically, basically, is it on?

ADAMUS: It's on.

VINCE: They have their program for you, rather than your own program to yourself.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Good. A couple more. These self-help programs and courses, why is it that they're ultimately really not effective?

LINDA: Your hand was in the air.

JOE: It was, huh?

ADAMUS: I think he was picking his nose (laughter), but …

JOE: There's no money in it.

ADAMUS: There's no money in it.

JOE: No money in it if you become aware.

ADAMUS: Oh! Okay. Kind of, they're invested in it.

JOE: Well, yeah.

ADAMUS: So you never quite get there.

JOE: Well, yeah.


JOE: That's why your checkbook keeps coming out.

ADAMUS: Ah ha! And …

JOE: Or the credit card.

ADAMUS: Interesting. So, an investment. In other words, the healer never fully heals the people. It keeps – “Oh, you've got a new problem.”

JOE: Well, yeah!

ADAMUS: Good, good. Okay. Have you been in anything like that?

JOE: Well, yeah! (laughter). Haven't we all?

ADAMUS: What caused you to get out? Why did you leave?

JOE: Awareness.

ADAMUS: Good. Oh! You guys are too good. I can't pick on you anymore (some chuckles). It's really annoying. You know, I have nothing to come back at you with.

LINDA: So, Adamus, do you want me …

JOE: Well, yeah!

LINDA: Do you want me to pick on one? Do you want me to pick out a different kind of energy?

ADAMUS: Well, it'll be a little obvious now! (they laugh) “Okay, no more wisdom. How about Shaumbra stupidity!” Boom! (laughter) I wouldn't want to be getting the mike on that one. No, let's stay with wisdom. These are really good and it's showing one thing, that you are allowing the wisdom. And watch when the answers are given. It used to be when the answers were given that there would be a mental response to it with a lot of stammering and a lot of – you could see the person going up there into a mental answer. You, dear sir, straight from the heart, no makyo, clear answer. That is wisdom.

JOE: Well, yeah! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: And it didn't take him 15 minutes to get to his story. I mean, it's right there. That's wisdom. Remember when we would gather, a question would be asked, and somebody would go on and on and on and on and on and on and on, and then I would rudely interrupt and say, “Back to the question, to the summary. What's the answer?” You guys are no fun anymore (more chuckles), because you're not doing that. So, but continue. We'll see.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Please continue. Self-help programs, these so-called spiritual classes. And, by the way, I'm just going to pause for a moment here before you answer that. So Cauldre complains to me once in a while – daily – that sometimes he and Linda get the bad email – and Bonnie get the bad email – for me making rude statements saying that a lot of these courses are total …


ADAMUS: … rip-offs (Adamus chuckles). Hello! Or makyo. They are. They are. But don't necessarily accuse the ones who are putting it out. Accuse the humans who are taking it. Yeah, they're taking it. Why? Well, let's continue. Yes.

ALAYA: In my experience of just graduating from college, I went to classes that I would sit there and go, “Well, I know that; well, I know that” as they were teaching. And then again there were certain things I didn't quite know. So that's when I wanted to exercise it a little bit more. But I truly knew. I truly knew, just as I know my own wisdom, and I don't need to enlist anybody else anymore or continue. I've graduated. I graduated (audience applause).

ADAMUS: Amazing.

ALAYA: Done. Done, done, done.

ADAMUS: Amazing. From what?


ADAMUS: I Am. Good. So you grad- …

ALAYA: I graduated as I Am.

ADAMUS: Good. And you got your degree?

ALAYA: I did.

ADAMUS: Your diploma and everything else?

ALAYA: Certificates.

ADAMUS: What is your degree in?

ALAYA: A certificate in business, a certificate in computer information systems.

ADAMUS: Oh, I thought you meant like, I thought you graduated from being just a human, a dreary human and now you're the … ah! I thought …


ADAMUS: I thought the “W” (on her shirt) was like “Wise.” “Wise Master.”


ALAYA: Yeah, “Wise Master.” Sometimes it was, “I wonder why?” (laughter) Why?!

ADAMUS: Why, why, why, why?

ALAYA: Wonder, wonder, wonder why. But yes, yes.

ADAMUS: Oh, you got a human degree.

ALAYA: A human degree. I satisfied a human desire and I created it with debt free. How about that?

ADAMUS: Wow. Wow.

ALAYA: So I feel really …

ADAMUS: Congratulations.

ALAYA: Thank you. Thank you.

ADAMUS: But I've got to ask the question.


ADAMUS: When are you going to graduate into Realization?

ALAYA: Right now.

ADAMUS: I don't think so.

ALAYA: Okay.

ADAMUS: I don't think so. And that's really the point of today's discussion – you and your graduation (Adamus chuckles). We're all going to talk about it.

ALAYA: That's why I brought this. You said …

ADAMUS: No, we're going to talk today about that “why,” “why not.” Yeah. I hear you saying, I hear all of you saying, “I'm ready,” but …

ALAYA: I'm faking it until I make it.

ADAMUS: … I'm not so sure. Fake it …

ALAYA: I fake it until I make it.

ADAMUS: … that I like. Fake it till you make it.

ALAYA: I'm saying it until it happens.

ADAMUS: That's okay, because we're kind of whittling away a little bit at a time and we're getting there. That's why I'm delighted and why I'm such a proud papa at the Ascended Masters Club these days, like the peacock. Oh! I really annoy some of the others. Yeah.

LINDA: That's believable (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Not all of them. There's a few that like me (Adamus chuckles).

ALAYA: We'll just keep doing what we do so that you …

ADAMUS: Exactly.

ALAYA: You know, so that you can just feel proud of us.


ALAYA: Exactly.

ADAMUS: I do! Good.

ALAYA: And I brought graduate cake for – with pizza (someone says “Yay”). So there's a graduation cake for everybody to enjoy.

ADAMUS: It's a graduate cake that's a pizza? (a few chuckles)

ALAYA: No. I guess there's some pizza later.

ADAMUS: They're two separate things.

ALAYA: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Humans actually …

ALAYA: Pizza.

ADAMUS: It's been a while since I've been on the planet, but humans actually combine pizza and cake together in a single meal?

ALAYA: Mm hmm. Yes.

ADAMUS: Oof! How about a little, you could do a little fresh flounder with that and really make it odd? (some chuckles) I, I … egh! You know, in my last lifetime, my sense of a meal was rolled oats, honey and nuts.

ALAYA: I like that. Yeah.

ADAMUS: So when I hear of humans, like, you're going to eat pizza and probably not really great pizza – sorry, Sandra. Not really great pizza. I've smelled it. Wugh!

LINDA: Are you talking about the pizza?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

LINDA: Oh, okay (a few chuckles).

ADAMUS: I don't eat it, but I've smelled it. And then you're going to combine that with what kind of cake?

ALAYA: Well, actually I know everybody likes chocolate here.

ADAMUS: Really.

ALAYA: I don't eat chocolate.


ALAYA: So half of it is a chocolate cake, the other half is lemon with raspberry filling and white frosting.

ADAMUS: You're going to combine chocolate and lemon (laughter).

ALAYA: Chocolate and lemon and raspberry.

ADAMUS: What has happened to this planet since my last lifetime?

ALAYA: And raspberry and sugar!

ADAMUS: Well, raspberry and chocolate work.

ALAYA: And raspberry and lemon works.

ADAMUS: Actually, they don't. Energetically, they don't.

ALAYA: Actually, they do.

ADAMUS: They don't go.

ALAYA: Well, you'll have to try it.

ADAMUS: I haven't tried it and, again, I'm Mr. Rolled Oats. So, yes.

ALAYA: I like rolled oats too.

ADAMUS: They're good!

ALAYA: They're wonderful.

ADAMUS: We should have dinner sometime. Rolled oats.

ALAYA: Yeah! Rolled oats.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

ALAYA: And I put prunes in it, you know, just to keep it …

ADAMUS:  I don't think I'd eat prunes, but … (she laughs)

ALAYA: Stewed prunes!

ADAMUS: No, not a prune fan. Not a prune fan.

ALAYA: I grew up in prune country. What can I say?

ADAMUS: You actually admit …

LINDA: You said you like the bathroom!

ALAYA: Yeah! (more chuckles)

ADAMUS: You actually admit that you grew up in prune country?

ALAYA: I did. I did.

ADAMUS: Where do they grow prunes?

ALAYA: Well, actually they're plums and then they turn into prunes.

ADAMUS: Ah! So we have an imposter. An imposter!

ALAYA: In San Jose, California, these three back here, we had a big conversation about San Jose. I was born and raised, third generation, in San Jose, California, and we grew plums, which turned into prunes.

ADAMUS: How does one ascend from being a plum into a prune?

ALAYA: Dry out (laughter). You dry those suckers …

ADAMUS: You're too quick for me!

ALAYA: You taught me!

ADAMUS: Would that be like a human?

ALAYA: Suck it dry!

ADAMUS: Well, I'll maybe redefine that a little bit. So here we've got the plum.

ALAYA: A plum, beautiful plum, plum.

ADAMUS: Beautiful plum, but one day it falls off the tree, you know, onto the ground, hits its head and it's just laying there, and what can it do? It's like, “Ehhh, I want to be a plum again.” It's like, “No way. You will never be a plum.” What do you do? What does a plum do? Take a deep breath and allow – “I'm going to allow myself to be a prune.”

ALAYA: Yeah.

ADAMUS:  Through Allowing.

ALAYA: They actually pick them and then put them out on drying racks in the sun till they dry.

ADAMUS: So they're not range free.

ALAYA: Yeah (laughter). They're not range free (they chuckle). They're not range free. No (she chuckles). They're set out there by humans, so they're not range free.

ADAMUS: To suffer in the sun. How typical of humans! (she laughs)

LINDA: Where is this going?!

ADAMUS: Straight to the microphone back to you.

ALAYA: These conversations we have!

ADAMUS: This will definitely have to be in, I guess what you call it, the outtake reel (more chuckles). In other words, take it out.

ALAYA: Don't take that out. That's just way too good.

ADAMUS: Mm. Anyway, congratulations on your graduation. But now that you got that human graduated, now we're really going to do the graduation. Good. Good.

ALAYA: I totally agree with you.

ADAMUS: Yeah. But your energy has changed so much over the last four or five years. Unbelievable. Just gets me right there. Yeah, yeah. Good. Could I get a picture of you to take back tonight to the Ascended Masters Club?

ALAYA: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Okay, somebody have a – oh, Dave! Yeah. Crash! What am I thinking? Come on up. No, I've got to take this back.

ALAYA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: I've got to take this back to the club (audience says “Aww” as it's a beautiful photo). And could I wear your hat?

ALAYA: Absolutely (some chuckles).


LINDA: Your head's too big.

ALAYA: I even graduated with honors.

ADAMUS: Adamus on steroids (more laughter as he models her graduation hat). Thank you, and as Linda pointed out, I have a big head, but eh.

ALAYA: You see the artwork?

ADAMUS: Oh, I love that!

ALAYA: My daughter designed it. (someone shouts “Ooh!”)

ADAMUS: Oh! Wow. Good. Thank you. Thank you for the distraction.

ALAYA: You're welcome.

ADAMUS: Back to the question. Why don't these things work? These self-help programs, these spiritual courses, the disciplines, they're effective up to a point. But why don't they work in Realization, coming into Realization? Yes, sir.

DAVID: Beep, beep, beep! Wait a minute. Beep, beep, beep! Oh, I'm sorry. Yes. It was …

ADAMUS: Garbage truck backing up.

DAVID: It was a garbage truck.

ADAMUS: They didn't get it.

DAVID: Yeah, I know.

ADAMUS: They're going, “Huh!”


ADAMUS: Garbage truck. Kuthumi, last month. Okay, great. How was it last month for you? Did you get rid of a lot of garbage?

DAVID: Yaah!

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Good. I'm just checking your energy. Yeah. Eh, there's something there we've got to get rid of today.

DAVID: Yeah. That's why we're here.

ADAMUS: But that's okay. It's not that big. So why do the – David, you've taken quite a few of these things … spent a few dollars on them.

DAVID: Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Spent a little bit of time.


ADAMUS: Why are they not effective going into Realization?

DAVID: Most are mental.


DAVID: Effort, trying …


DAVID: … discipline …


DAVID: … and they really have not included the most essential ingredient – Allowing.

ADAMUS: Can't say it any better. David just summarized it. I was going to stretch this little thing out for a while, but I can't. David summarized what you've all said.

First of all, they are not yours. They are not yours, and that's a really good note for all of you, if you're a healer of any type. First of all, if you consider yourself an energy worker, healer, you better understand what energy is before you continue your practice. You need to be able to understand, to define it for yourself what is energy. Otherwise, you're playing around with something that is potent and is going to eventually bring up seduction of power. So, if you are an energy worker, you consider yourself that – nothing wrong with that – but you need to understand what energy is.

The reason why these courses really aren't effective is they're not yours. They're somebody else's. Somebody else's Reiki, somebody else's energy balancing, somebody else's physical or mental balancing.

What you've learned through the courses has gotten you to this point, but they're not going to bring you into Realization. It's got to be your own, and that's such an important thing. It's one of the key points today. When you get to this point, you can't rely on somebody else's anymore – somebody else's system, somebody else's discipline, somebody else's chanting, om-ing, sweat lodging or whatever else it is – because that person has not got to the point that you're at. The person who developed that course has not gotten you to this point. So why go to college and take classes from somebody in sixth grade? The energy, the consciousness is not yours and it's not going to work anymore.

There's not a compatibility with their program anymore. And, as David and several of you mentioned, it's very mental. It's very, very mental. It's a discipline. It will get you caught in it. Initially, it's very, very good, and it'll get some things moving. But then it's going to seduce you into it, to have you stay in it – and not just for the money, but sometimes – get you to rely on it. You get to this point on the journey and you give up all those things. You honor them, bless them for being in your life, but you realize it's not what's going to bring you into Realization.



There's just one thing at this point, just one thing and it's Allowing. That is it. Allowing can be really scary, because you're not relying on somebody or something else.

When I'm up here at the Shouds or in the workshops and gatherings, I'm telling a story. I'm not telling you what to do. We're not developing new systems. I'll sometimes show you how things are structured, I'll help define things that you already know, but weren't quite sure how to put into words. There's nothing in our work together – Crimson Circle, Shaumbra work, none of it – that is a system that has to be followed. You don't have to start at a certain point and end at a certain point, go through different levels or anything else. They simply, at this point, don't work and can actually work against you.

Allowing is – and I know some of you are rolling your eyes, I saw you, saying, “Oh, we're going to talk about Allowing again.” Yes, because it's the single most important thing that you can ever do for yourself now. Before, you followed others. You took their courses, their classes. You took their self-help programs. Now, it's just you. You, the Master, and the I Am, allowing that integration. It's not the words that I say. I'm not giving you a specific direction on things. I'm just repeating, coming back here in our Shouds and telling you what you already know, where you are on the path.

Ultimately, from here forward, it's all just about Allowing. And it's really quite amazing, because, you could say, Allowing is now in the coasting mode, the natural, the autopilot mode. Allowing, you don't go out and do your daily disciplines. Allowing, you don't have to go on some strange diet. You don't have to follow a guru, none of that. It is you and You and You – yourself, the human of experience, the Master of wisdom, the I Am of Presence – whewww! – just allowing all that. No more studying, no more working, no more stressing, no more makyo. It's all about Allowing.

Let's take just a moment to do that. There's been a lot of misunderstanding about Allowing. It's like allowing everything out there. No, no. It's the Master, the human, the I Am. And as simple as that sounds, you know, a lot of people are afraid of that, because they're afraid of themselves. They're afraid, if they open up, suddenly Satan is going to come in or a dark force or aliens or something. That's an old fear. It's a religious fear. It's a fear of self.

When they're worried about Allowing, opening up, taking away all the walls, all the defenses, they're worried about some dark force coming in, it's really themselves they're worried about. I mean, ultimately, they blame it on the outside, an outside evil entity.

There are still Shaumbra – not many, but there are still – that insist that there are aliens doing anal probes on them, aliens clinging on to their bodies and there are outside evil dark forces hanging around them. No. No, no, no. That barely ever happens. You know this whole this whole thing – I forgot what you call it, Linda, you know the word. Like polt- … not poltergeist.

LINDA: Exorcism.

ADAMUS: Exorcism, demonic possession – 99.999 percent of the cases are not outside forces. They're from within. They're the inner darkness. It's much easier to deal with them when you put them on the outside, when you say, “I'm being attacked by alien dark energies.” Much easier, because then you're the victim, and then you can keep playing in that human experience and what an experience that is. But ultimately you recognize that's your own darkness. That's your own self, those demons, those dark beings.

So when one comes into Allowing, that's a tremendous sense of trust in I Am. Tremendous amount of trust. But it's also kind of coasting now, kind of taking a deep breath. You did all the hard work, we're here, and now just Allowing.

Let's take a good deep breath and do just that. Just Allowing.

I saw your eye roll again. I know we talk about allowing a lot, but it's the most precious gift you can give yourself right now. Allowing Self, allowing the integration of the Master and the I Am Presence. Allowing this caterpillar, which has gone into the cocoon, now to emerge. That's it. It doesn't come through any hard work, mental exercises, mantras or anything else at this point. It is all through Allowing a very natural process. That's it.

Many of you will teach, not meaning necessarily in front of a group, but you're going to share your wisdom with others. Maybe one on one, maybe through a book or a class or something like that. Don't teach disciplines, systems. Don't teach rigid type of hierarchical Level One, Level Two, Level Three type of things. Ultimately, it's not going to serve the human, and – one of the challenges in it – there is a tremendous seduction of power in that.

We know now, you know that power is an illusion, but power is a huge seduction, more of a seduction than sex, money, any of those. Power. And power ultimately, it's an illusion because it's basically saying, “Energy is outside of me. I need to get it from all these other places.” That's really what power is, whether it comes in the form of money or control over other people, but it's saying, “It's all outside of me, therefore, I need power.”

It's not needed at all, because everything is within you. It's all there. You don't need power whatsoever and you're learning to be true energy Masters. You don't need it from anywhere else, and that, again, comes from Allowing and is such a relief. It's such a relief not to have to get it from another person, not to have to get it from possessions, control or hard work. It's just there. But it's also a huge challenge.

Let's take a good deep breath.



Allowing Abundance

Ah! Before I go any further. I just remembered something, a little old business from our last gathering (Adamus chuckles, someone says “Uh oh”).

LINDA: Oh, no!

ADAMUS: Uh-oh is right. Ms. Uh-oh, right over here. Edith! Edith! I asked you to bring something for me, a little gift for me.

EDITH: Yes, indeed, you did.

ADAMUS: And can we have the microphone over here please. Edith, would you prefer to stay in that chair you're always in? (some chuckles) Would you do me a favor? Would you do me a favor?


ADAMUS: Next month a different chair and not the one right next to you. A different chair.

EDITH: No (some giggles).

ADAMUS: Okay. I'm going to prove something here in our dialogue and why things aren't going to change for you. Okay. So where's my … (she hands him some money) Okay. Now before I take this…

EDITH: Here's your hundred-dollar bill.

ADAMUS: Before I take it, is it yours?

EDITH: Yes, it's mine.

ADAMUS: In the microphone, please.

EDITH: Yes, it's mine!

ADAMUS: Come up to the front here. Bring that hundred with you. I may need that. I prepared a seat right there for you.

EDITH: Holy cow.

ADAMUS: Holy cow (some chuckles). Oh, Edith, you asked for it.

EDITH: I did?

ADAMUS: Damn right, you did.

EDITH: I don't think I can get up in this chair.

ADAMUS: Edith, take a deep breath and fly (more chuckles). (A) number one, I got her in a different chair (audience cheers and some applause). Geez!

So, I asked you to bring a hundred dollars for me.


ADAMUS: And you did.


ADAMUS: Is it yours? Microphone please.

EDITH: Yes, it's mine.

ADAMUS: Nobody gave it to you.


ADAMUS: It came from your bank account.

EDITH: Exactly.

ADAMUS: Okay. And actually, I need 102 dollars. Do you have two more?

EDITH: (pauses slightly, then answers grumpily) Yes (laughter).

ADAMUS: It's all the way back there. I'll trust you'll give it to me within five minutes. So, the hundred dollars is yours.


ADAMUS: It's my commission.


ADAMUS: Yeah (someone asks “Why?”). Well, I was her agent, and I do charge an agent's fee, by the way. Ten percent. That's why you owe me 102 dollars.

EDITH: You certainly have a vivid imagination (Adamus laughs).

ADAMUS: I deal with reality, my dear. So how much money did you raise in your Pity Poverty Party Program?

EDITH: One thousand and twenty dollars.

ADAMUS: You owe me two extra dollars then. I take ten percent. Now, I was so close. I knew that she was going to do this, and I was so close. I was two dollars off. I said bring a hundred dollars, because I knew she was going to raise – how much did you raise, a thousand twenty?


ADAMUS: Microphone up to the mouth, please (she's getting two dollars from her purse). Just give me your whole wallet (Adamus chuckles).


ADAMUS: No. Is that your driver's license there?

EDITH: Yes (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: (she gives him two dollars) Thank you. That's my commission. I get the commission for being her agent, and I knew that you were going to raise about a thousand dollars before you ever started. Are you happy with that one thousand dollars?


ADAMUS: Why not?

EDITH: Because I wanted more.

ADAMUS: You've got to put the microphone up to your mouth. We'll be done with that purse there. It's all right. We'll have somebody take that thing away (someone comes up and takes her purse).

EDITH: (whispers) Thank you.

ADAMUS: Now, Edith, you know, you could have easily raised ten thousand dollars, easily, and this is a point for everyone. It comes to you. But what are you allowing? Do you want to tell everybody your campaign this last month, which you knew I wasn't happy with? But I did make 102 dollars. What was your campaign about? Explain it.

EDITH: It was just, I was just trying to raise money to – last time I did it I raised a whole bunch, almost seven thousand dollars. It was grand.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but you had rely on …

EDITH: But I had to some other …

ADAMUS: … the death of one of your children.

EDITH: Yes. The loss of my …


EDITH: Yeah. I lost two children, actually, to diabetes.

ADAMUS: Yes. And in this latest program you were out trolling on social media.

EDITH: I don't know.

ADAMUS: Sure, sure, sure. You were posting.

EDITH: I mean, I can't say that.

ADAMUS: Posting saying, what did it say? “Elderly …”

EDITH: Never mind.

ADAMUS: Well, no, no. It's out there. It's public. It's “Elderly lady needs money” to pay for what? Pay for house?

(there's a pause)

You knew this was coming. When you were posting, you knew. You tried to hide from me, and it's like, Edith, do not do that.

EDITH: I tried to hide from you?

ADAMUS: Yes. Do not do that. Posts all over social media, “Desperate …” these weren't quite your words (she sighs), but “Desperate victim needs your energy.” First of all, you went outside of you. Secondly, the disappointment was that you could have raised so much more. So much more if you had listened to your agent, me (a few chuckles). You did it based on elderly. Elderly. Do you want to be mature or elderly?

EDITH: Well, I prefer the word “mature.”

ADAMUS: Okay, then we're going to start using that. And then you were saying you needed money, because … why?

EDITH: Do we have to discuss this?

ADAMUS: Absolutely.


ADAMUS: Because you put it out there.

EDITH: Well …

ADAMUS: And because I knew you were going to do it (she sighs).

Edith, we're talking here about letting energy come to you, and you did, but in a really kind of a victim way, in a way that isn't beautiful, in a way that I almost want to give this money back to you, because I know you're taking it from other people on this whole program of “I'm a victim” and you're not.

You're not going to change. You're going to sit in the same chair and you're going to do the same victim things until you either die or until I piss you off enough (a few chuckles) and piss off some of you out there too who are, “Oh, poor Edith. Don't pick on Edith.” She knows it. She knows what we're doing here. I know what we're doing here. You don't like it, I'm having fun, but this is not how energy goes to work for you. This is not how creation occurs. You could have made ten thousand, twenty thousand.

Edith, you are known all around the world. You are an icon. You are. How many Facebook friends do you have? Over two thousand, right? (she nods her head) Okay. That's a lot. Edith is known as kind of the Crimson Circle, the Shoud icon. You could have put something out there saying, “I'll sign autographs, a hundred dollars each,” and you would have gotten (someone laughs out loud) – I'm serious – you would have often at least a hundred, maybe up to two or three hundred. You could have done “Five Minutes on Skype with Edith” and people would have paid a lot of money. You could have put together a very, very simple little book, which is not hard to do these days – “Edith-isms” (laughter) – wonderful little quotes from Edith, and there are people here that would have volunteered – not out of pity, but out of creation – to do little illustrations or pictures and help you with it. You could have made a lot of money and we wouldn't be sitting here talking like that. You wouldn't be so aggravated with me. But you asked me to do this, so…

So Edith, you know, it's not letting energy serve you. It's getting back into victim consciousness, and I don't want to see you go through that.

EDITH: I don't want to go through that either.

ADAMUS: Why are you?

EDITH: It's a good question.

ADAMUS: What did you learn from the Master's Life 7, I Am Creation? What did you learn from it?

EDITH: I haven't taken that yet, have I?

ADAMUS: I knew that (some chuckles). Okay. All right. Well, then what did you learn from the Master's Life 6, No More?

EDITH: (sighs) I haven't taken that either.

ADAMUS: Why not, Edith? Why not?

EDITH: I didn't see any point in taking it.

ADAMUS: But you would rather go out trolling social media for sympathy funds, when you could be – Edith, you could be rolling in the money, but you won't move out of your chair. You won't change, and so you're going to continue to do it. And some Shaumbra are going to start getting really annoyed with it, because they realize that creation is open. It flows. Energy works for you. You don't have to go to her for a pity donation or her for five dollars or her for ten and get some people on social media saying, “Oh, poor Edith.” Do you want to be that Edith?

EDITH: No. No, thank you.

ADAMUS: Or do you want to be the head of Edith Enterprises International (someone says “Woo!” and some applause).

EDITH: Yes, I prefer to be the head of Edith Enterprises International.

ADAMUS: So, you're the perfect example here – and thank you for doing this for all of us – you're the perfect example of not letting energy serve you, going outside, whether it's going outside for the wisdom or outside for any of it, the money. You're relying on other people, and it's a pittance.

EDITH: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: It's a pittance of money, and you got seven thousand dollars of sympathy for your children passing away.

EDITH: One. Just for Lon.

ADAMUS: Just for one. Okay. And then you got a thousand and twenty dollars. I had estimated a thousand, but a thousand and twenty dollars for just “Elderly lady is desperate. Needs to make her house payment, needs to eat.” And Edith, is that who you want to be? And – look into that camera right there – there are Shaumbra all around the world applauding, hoping for you – “Edith! Edith! Edith!” – wanting it to work out for you. But you're not going to do it by getting five dollars here and ten dollars there. You're going to get it by what?

EDITH: Allowing.

ADAMUS: Okay and sitting in a different damn chair (some giggles). Changing the patterns, getting out of the old patterns, allowing energy to serve you. But I don't know if you're ready.

EDITH: Well, what chair would you think I should sit in? (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: Any other chair! (laughter) There are 59 other chairs. Take your pick next month, except the one Joanne is sitting in, because it's too close to the one you were already in. Any other chair.

To all of you, get out of these old ways. If it's not working, if you're stuck, if you have to go out and ask for money because you're elderly – you're not elderly! (she chuckles)

Edith, we're sitting right here and I'm seeing two scenarios, potentials. You're either going to pass away in about two years and seven months if you don't change your chair (someone giggles), and that's a metaphor. Or, Edith, you could easily stay on this planet for another 30, 35 years (she makes an unhappy face) in joy (laughter). In joy and abun- … (Adamus laughs) All right, it just went down to two years, four months (more laughter). We're dropping quickly! In joy, Edith, in joy and sensuality and (Edith makes another face and more laughter). All right, all right, and money, a lot of money. A lot of money (she nods her head). Okay, she's all right with that one.

And I know the thing is, you don't necessarily want to live like this way, but you don't know how to get out of the trap. You don't know how to get out of that … you don't know how to investigate the potentials. You haven't taken “I Am Creation.” You haven't the Master's Life, No More, because you don't have any money. You don't want to pay for it, and you're using that as an excuse, whereas, you could simply ask. You could say, “Dear Crimson Circle, could I possibly take a loan and I'll pay you back after I'm a great creator?” But you're not willing to get outside of that little box or your chair.

You could have an abundant life and a good life, and when I say, “Edith,” I'm talking to so many of you. And we talk here about letting energy serve you and enlightenment and Realization, but sometimes I wonder, is it a hobby or a game?

EDITH: Neither.

ADAMUS: Neither. What is it?

EDITH: It's just my true heart's desire to be a creator of – I love Crimson Circle. I've been coming since …


EDITH: … 1999 and …

ADAMUS: You like the pizza.

EDITH: It's all right (laughter).

ADAMUS: You know, built right into the word – Linda, could you write this on your magic board there – built right into the word “create” is eat.

EDITH: Is what?



ADAMUS: Linda, would you write the word. Watch the monitor as she writes this.

LINDA: Oh, you want – sorry. You want “create”?

ADAMUS: Mm hmm.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: We may be resorting to the white board.

LINDA: No, no, no. No, no.

ADAMUS: So think of it. The word “create,” a lot of people say, “I can't do it because I've got to spend all my time working at my job just so I can eat.” But, you know, once you're a creator, you're eating. It's right in the word “create.” C-r, e-a-t – eat (Edith is chuckling) – e. You don't have to worry about eating, it's built right into creation. You don't need to worry about the basics. I know you love Crimson Circle and I know right now you're really angry with me and I'm so delighted for that.

EDITH: I'm not angry with you.

ADAMUS: Then it's them out there that are? Because somebody's pissed at me right now.

EDITH: I'm not angry with anyone.


EDITH: Why would I be pissed at you?

ADAMUS: Because I'm giving you a hard time.

EDITH: I don't care (laughter).

ADAMUS: Edith, is it a game, a hobby or is it for real?

EDITH: It's for real.

ADAMUS: Sit in a different chair. And no more begging online. No more begging. I want you creating. You're my poster child here. Remember, we had one before – Kathleen. She doesn't come anymore (some chuckles), so I lost that poster child! Sorry, Kathleen. I know you're out there, but …

EDITH: She is. I saw her a while back, a beautiful picture.

ADAMUS: She's a dear, dear one. But you're my new poster child and it's all about going from begging to creating, going from trying to get sympathy and energy from other people. That's shitty money that you got, and it is. I'm sorry for those of you who donated. You did it for the wrong reasons. Not to make Edith a creator, but to enable her to continue on the old path, and that's got to come to an end, Edith. Yeah. Okay. So next month do not come unless you switch chairs. Okay?

EDITH: Why in the heck do you care what chair I sit in?

ADAMUS: It's a metaphor. It's a sample. If you're not willing to make a few changes, changes will not occur. They will not occur. Why do you insist on the same chair?

EDITH: Because I like it.

ADAMUS: Why? (audience says “Ohhh!” as Linda grabs her chair and puts it way in the back of the room) Why do you like it? Why do you like it?

EDITH: I can see everything and hear everything nice and clearly.

ADAMUS: That's a nice seat right here, right up front.

EDITH: Well, there are other people in them.

ADAMUS: Not when you get here (laughter as someone jumps up to offer her their chair). Edith, you get here two hours before we start to make sure you get your chair.

EDITH: No, I don't get there for that reason. Joanne has to be here to fix the coffee, so we always ride together and enjoy visiting on the way and so that she can come and fix the coffee for you!

ADAMUS: Now she's getting pissed! (Adamus chuckles) Damn it!

EDITH: Well, that's the truth.

ADAMUS: I know. But it's not the point, Edith. Edith, it's about let's make some changes. Would you like to go from being a beggar to a creator?

EDITH: Yes, indeedy.

ADAMUS: Are you willing to put up with me pushing you?

EDITH: I suppose so (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: Are you willing to be on this planet for another, let's say, 20 years (she sighs and a pause) … in abundance. We'll get out of the old human costume here.

You know, my problem is the Master of Self is so wanting to come in, to impart this wisdom and you're not willing to move. You're not willing to change – “I'm going to be Edith, and I'm not going to change, but I want everything to change” – and so we're kind of stuck here. I've got your Master bugging me to make you angry enough to do something.

EDITH: I'm willing to change.

ADAMUS: I don't see it, Edith. Then change chairs. Let's start with that.

EDITH: All right!

ADAMUS: Okay. All right. Good deep breath, Edith.

EDITH: I think you're kind of a bully (laughter).

ADAMUS: I'm a terrible, terrible bully! That's why you hired me. That's why you just gave me 102 dollars, to be a bully.

So, Edith, you are an icon and so many people see the Edith within themselves, that so much love is what we're doing, but yet kind of fearful of changes. So much compassion for being here with Shaumbra, but yet we're coming to that time of Realization. It's time to – no more begging out there, it's time to create. It's time to allow. I don't want to see you out trolling social media. I don't want any of you giving her ten more cents, because she is going to manifest on her own. Okay?

EDITH: Okay.

ADAMUS: You could have made so much more money. Next time consult me or the Master. It's so easy. Your asset is Edith, the name Edith. You should trademark it – Edith – because it has so much meaning with Shaumbra. If you would have done five minutes Skype sessions, just the pleasure of talking to Edith who sits up here with Adamus, they would have paid, I don't – how much would you have paid for … (someone shouts “Five hundred dollars”) Five hundred for a session. See? Look at, Edith! See? (some chuckles)

EDITH: (chuckles) Who said that?! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: So Edith, if you're going to do anything, take into account your assets. Take into account, “Energy now works for me.” Allow at a level that goes beyond the Edith chair level, we'll call it, kind of the limitation of Edith. Open up, allow. It's all there. Five hundred, you could have had, I don't know, just in this room alone, you might have made five thousand, and my commission, just five hundred off of that. We'd both be doing well. Thank you, Edith.

EDITH: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Any last words for Shaumbra watching in from around the world? Some applauding you, cheering for you, some going, “Oh, my gosh.”

EDITH: I love you all and wish you the very best. Loving blessings to all.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you, Edith.

EDITH: You're welcome.

ADAMUS: Thank you (audience applause). And Edith, as a prize for being up here on stage, I'm going to relinquish my commission. I'll give that back to you. So, what was it, a hundred and two dollars.

EDITH: Oh, thank you.

ADAMUS: And then watch how energy just works for you if you allow (he gives her more money). You just doubled your money almost. Cauldre owes you four bucks, but you just doubled your money! You see how easy it is. It just comes to you. You made more here in – how long has this dreary thing gone on, ten minutes, fifteen minutes? (some chuckles) You made more than all that work you did on social media. Take a deep breath and allow energy to serve you. Don't work for it anymore. Allow it to serve you.

EDITH: Okay.

ADAMUS: And sit in a fucking different chair next month (laughter and some applause).

EDITH: I guess I will now because somebody took my chair.

ADAMUS: I didn't do that. I did not move Edith's chair. You saw it. It's on film. I did not. So, thank you, Edith. Where is she going to sit? Oh! What a gentleman (someone gives her his chair). No, she's wants right back there! (Adamus chuckles) Good.

Let's take a deep breath. We had to do that. And Edith, thank you for playing along, even if you're irritated with me.

We have some things, and it brings it to an important point, I'll hopefully make sense of this in a moment. On the board, please. I'm going to kind of go through four stages. These are not terribly defined, but it will help you understand.

First, you go through … (laughter, as a young man rings a chair and sits where Edith used to sit). Oh! The new Edith! The new Edith! You know, your shirt kind of matches (more laughter). I don't know, this checked pattern. I don't know. So, I've got to ask you a question. So how is your abundance?

LINDA: Whoa! Whoa! (more laughter, as Linda runs over with the microphone and stumbles on the stairs and crashes into Adamus) I fell off the step!

SHAUMBRA 1: My abundance is great.

ADAMUS: It's not Edith. Good (more chuckles).

SHAUMBRA 1: It's all right.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank God. I just wondered if that chair had some magnetic gravitational effect and … okay. Whew! Good to know.


The Calling

So, four steps. First, the calling. The calling, if you would write that on the board. You all went through that. You know what the calling is. You're just sick and tired of life. You know something's got to change. There's this kind of almost haunting, nagging voice within you that you try to ignore, and the voice is saying, “It's time. It's time. It's time.” And you try to avoid it. You try to focus on your life or you smoke a lot of pot and drink a lot of wine, but “It's time” is still there. This is pre-awakening and sometimes it actually could go for lifetimes, but usually it lasts maybe three, four, five years, depending where you are in your life. But it's the calling.


The Awakening

You go from there into awakening. Awakening, number two. And awakening, oh! I'm going to need you on the microphone after you write that. The awakening. Remember your awakening? Some of you had it – boom! – it was just right there. Some of you kind of slid into it. But remember that euphoria, that innocence of awakening? You suddenly realize, “There's more out there. There is more to life than this.”

Lights up. Linda on the microphone. Tell me real quickly about your awakening. I mean, like, was it joyful? Was it happy? What was that like? Did it happen in a lightning bolt? Or …

MOSHE: Yeah, I'd say it happened, it started happening pretty quickly, when it started. Yeah.

ADAMUS: What was it like at first?

MOSHE: Exciting.


MOSHE: Exciting. All the answers.

ADAMUS: And did you feel you wanted to run and tell everybody about it?


ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

MOSHE: Yes. I found a new program. I found a new discipline, a new thing to do to improve everything – better sleep, better everything.

ADAMUS: Better sex, better sleep, better – yeah. And they were super-impressed by all this (Moshe shrugs, and shakes his head). Not really (Adamus chuckles). No. Like, “Woo, woo, woo!” (as if he's crazy). And how long did that, what I call, the initial euphoria, the kind of the innocence of awakening take place?

MOSHE: Like two years, one year.

ADAMUS: Two years. That's pretty good.

MOSHE: Something like that. Two years.

ADAMUS: Kind of walking on clouds for two years.

MOSHE: Yeah, and I was allowing some shifts in my life during that time.


MOSHE: You know, it wasn't all make-believe. But, yeah, it was a couple of years and then things started falling apart.

ADAMUS: Good, good. Yeah. Oh, and it's a very typical pattern – things started falling apart. But good, thank you. Good answer. Next. So, awakening, what was that like? Remember that? Yes. Your awakening.

SHAUMBRA 2 (woman): (chuckles) I was trying to remember my awakening.

ADAMUS: Did it happen in a moment or …

SHAUMBRA 2: I think, in a way, it did. It was an old boyfriend who was in tears, because he didn't know what path to take.


SHAUMBRA 2: And I said, “There's lots of paths. There's no one right path.” And I think – I didn't know where that came from – I thought that was kind of wise of me (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Maybe your spirit guides or something, you know.

SHAUMBRA 2: Something, yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, wow! Wow.

SHAUMBRA 2: I mean, you know, it's kind of silly now. But, you know, I think that's when I thought, “Oh, you know, yeah, I can – I know some stuff I didn't know I knew.”

ADAMUS: And how long did this innocence of awakening take place? What was it a month or a year or what?

SHAUMBRA 2: Mm (she sighs). Probably … it's probably still happening.


SHAUMBRA 2: I think.

ADAMUS: You haven't gone through losing everything, life going to hell?

SHAUMBRA 2: Yeah, oh, oh! Well, yeah. No, I mean, I have done the …

ADAMUS: Because you would have that to look forward to (laughter).

SHAUMBRA 2: No, I – no, okay. So, I have gone up and down a lot. I mean, we all …


SHAUMBRA 2: I get to the place where I think, “Oh, this is it. I've got it.”

ADAMUS: Right.

SHAUMBRA 2: And then just like the …


SHAUMBRA 2: … young man over there said.

ADAMUS: Why is that? Why is that?

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, it's the next …

ADAMUS: Up and down and, you know, suddenly one day you feel like, “Oh, I've got enlightenment,” and the next day the garbage truck pulls up and …

SHAUMBRA 2: Yeah or in six months later.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


ADAMUS: Why is that?

SHAUMBRA 2: I think – mm – I was going to say the word “level.” I think there's another level, but maybe that's makyo, so … (they chuckle)

ADAMUS: Who's speaking here? Master? Human? Master? Human? Conflict. Yeah, I mean, just take a deep breath, Master, and why is that?

SHAUMBRA 2: Why do we go through the ups and downs?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

SHAUMBRA 2: Because we're addicted to the downs

ADAMUS: That's good. I like that.

SHAUMBRA 2: Because that's what I know. That's the pattern.

ADAMUS: Drama, experience, all the rest of that.

SHAUMBRA 2: Mm hmm. Well, and we've got to have the downs, we believe, so that we can go back up again.

ADAMUS: Will the ones coming in after you have to do that up and down and up and down?

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, no, I hope they don't. But they might, a little.

ADAMUS: Maybe we all secretly wish just a little bit (some chuckles). Not too much, but just a little bit, because otherwise they haven't really earned their wings.

SHAUMBRA 2: Right.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. One more. That awakening, that time of innocence. That time of … yes.

SART: Crap.

ADAMUS: That time of crap (laughter). So, your awakening, that joyful, innocent part, how did it happen?

SART: In a room with a lot of people and in an instant it happened in the front of the room. So it was awesome. It lasted for years. Now the fucking garbage truck backs up every other day (more laughter). Well, sometimes.

ADAMUS: Sometimes. Yeah, yeah.

SART: Yeah. Sometimes. It's up and down.

ADAMUS: You know, I mean, it is the true history of Shaumbra anywhere around the world. You know, you hit the awakening – thank you – and you hit the awakening. I'm going to call that the new day. The new day. If you would write that under “awakening.” Ah! Suddenly, you realize there's so much more. It's a new day. Everything is coming up lollipops. It's just like, “Oh! Euphoria!” And it lasts for, I don't know, sometimes three or four months, sometimes a couple of years until everything goes to the dark night.


The Dark Night

If you would write that as number three, the dark night. You start experiencing the dark night and you wonder, you doubt to yourself, “What happened to the awakening? What happened to this innocence, this naïveté, this joyfulness?”

Now you've got the dark night. Now you're dealing with the demons within. And like I said before, they're not on the outside. These demons, they're from the inside, and now you're dealing with them. “Why, oh, why, oh, why the dark nights?” as you go into this Realization. And you wonder, “Is this even real? Am I just making this up?” You start thinking back, “Oh, if I could just have my awakening days back.” No way. They're gone. You are now in the dark nights.

These demons pop up and they make you wonder, “Is this real?” Are you a lunatic like everybody is saying you are? (laughter) A crazy witch, a wild lunatic, and maybe you're just – maybe you're frickin' delusional. Maybe you're going insane and maybe you should really go talk to that doctor (more chuckles) that they've been recommending for a while. Why the dark nights? (several people sigh audibly) Oh! (Adamus chuckles) Why the dark nights? As the audience lights come down (more laughter). I'm still in the light. Sorry about you, but …

Well, you've got a lot of stuff that's buried real deep and it comes up. You cannot bring it into Realization. You cannot bring your shit into Realization. That's why Kuthumi's coming by with a garbage truck to help pick it up. You simply can't. An unworthy being cannot go into Realization.

There is a dragon at the doorway that's making sure that you don't. That's what Threshold is all about. There's a dragon at the doorway making sure that you don't bring your stuff into embodied Realization. It is a blessing. It's not a curse. It's going to feel like a curse at times, but it's actually a blessing.

You would go insane if you tried, if you forced your way – tried to force your way – into enlightenment while still having issues of unworthiness. You would go insane. Some have tried it before. They've tried to battle that dragon at the door. They have tried to force their way in, and some have done it with somewhat unnatural means – drugs and some of these ceremonies, these extreme ceremonies. They tried to trick the dragon that is at the door and they end up getting very, very mentally imbalanced, because if one is unworthy – feels unworthy – and tries to go into enlightenment – boom! – it all breaks down.

The dark night is meant to do a couple of things: Go in and find all that crap, those feelings of unworthiness that are at many different layers and levels.

They're coming from past lives. They're coming from this lifetime. And you can tell yourself all day long, look in the mirror and say, “I'm a good person. I love myself,” but you don't really believe it. It's kind of makyo. It's kind of like trying to frost the cake with crap. That was a nice visual. Oh, sorry about that. Oh! I'm so sorry about the cake that you brought (some laughter). I shouldn't have mentioned that.

ALAYA: It's really chocolate.

ADAMUS: That's really chocolate! (Adamus laughs) Okay.

There is another important component to the dark night that plays in so well to everything we're doing right now. We're talking a lot about how now energy serves you. Energy. That's where we're at right now, allowing energy to serve you. It's the easy life. Edith, is that you way back there? Oh, I see you! Yeah. It's the easy life, allowing energy to serve you.

But a lot of you don't think you're worthy. I hear the words. You say, “Yes, I'm ready for Realization. Yes, I'm ready to let energy to serve me.” But I've been watching this last month, because we're really amping it up now with allowing energy to serve you, and there's a lot of feelings of unworthiness. You put a toe into the water of this pool of energy, but you're not letting yourself jump in.

It's a monster unto itself. It's a huge issue. So I say that the physics – the true physics – are: There is consciousness, the I Am; its passion creates energy; the energy is here to serve you. That all sounds wonderful, but when the reality hits, are you really ready to let energy serve you? Or are you going to rely on things on the outside? Are you going to call that “I let energy serve me” by trolling social media, Edith? I'm sorry, but I paid you money to say this. Are you going to call that “letting energy serve me”? That's not. That's continuing to look outside.

There is so much energy that's right here ready to serve you, but if you're not feeling worthy, you are going to block it. You are going to block it. You're going to stop it. If you're feeling that you're going to be seduced by power, by money, by control over others. You've got this wealth of energy that's right here, right now. But what I'm observing, this phenomenon across Shaumbra land, with a few exceptions of course, but I'm observing this phenomenon of you turning your back on it, of you waiting, of you not applying it, of you saying the words, but saying the words like it was a mantra, but you're not believing that you're ready. And that was kind of the reason my month was tough, when I watched how it's here now, but you're wondering, “Am I worthy? Am I going to abuse it? Am I going to just then get sucked right back into the human ways?” You've restrained yourself, you've stopped yourself from an energy flow that's actually very natural.


Spiritual Maturity

It's all here, Edith and all of you. It's all here, but it's about you now understanding that you have spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is when you realize that this whole thing of the human in experience, without judgment, and the Master being the wisdom, and the I Am now coming together; spiritual maturity, where you realize what energy really is and where it comes from. Right here (points to heart).

Spiritual maturity is Allowing.

Spiritual maturity is first being a creator, and you know, if you listen to I Am Creation and didn't just think you already frickin' knew about it; if you listened to it and understood it is so simple. If you cannot afford it, figure out a way to do it. True creation is the joy and it's the joy now of the human, the Master, the I Am all present right here. It's the radiance of that joy without any agenda, without defining it, without limiting it. Just the open expression, radiance of that joy. That's it. That is creation. That's it.

Immaturity is saying, “Well, what did I create? How big is it? Where is it? How am I going to benefit?” That's immaturity. True spiritual maturity is, “I create. Allatone. I create. And then I go into that experience. I go into that creation and I allow it to be whatever, because it is my creation. Not somebody else's. It is my energy that is coming in now to serve me within my creation.” That's spiritual maturity. Not defining it. Not saying what day it has to come or how big or how much money or anything else like that, what kind of car it's going to deliver. That is spiritual immaturity. That is naïveté. That is why many of you have held back this last month from letting energy truly serve you.

You wondered if you were going to get into that game. You wondered if you were going to be spiritually immature and do the things that maybe the human would have done before, saying that, “Okay, I'm a creator. I'm going to create new money, new car, new job, better physical body, better mind.” Let that go. Take a deep breath into your spiritual maturity. You're not going to go back to those old things.

Fear not yourself right now, any of you. You've got the wisdom of the Master, the presence of the I Am and the beauty of the experience of the human. Fear not letting energy serve you.

I know so many of you have held off on it, almost resisted it. You've let it be a mind thing but not a living thing, because you didn't know if you were worthy. You didn't know if it was going to hold you back or corrupt you. Let's break through that right now. Right now.

You are. You wouldn't be here if you were not of spiritual maturity, and there's really nothing left to learn. Now it's about being in your creation There's really nothing left to learn.

Let's take a deep breath and put all this into the consciousness shift of a merabh.


True Allowing – Merabh

It took a while to get here today to this point, and remember also, just if you'd feel into it, what we're doing here is putting together a story, the history of Realization. Remember, so much of what you're learning and doing, the others will learn. They'll do it their way, but they'll have a certain wisdom that it comes right from here, from all of you.

(music begins)

This month, this last month saw great gatherings of Shaumbra, but it also became so obvious to me that so many of you were holding back on your creations, on allowing energy to serve you. And I had to ask, why? Why?

There is such beauty, my friends, such transformation when energy is now serving you, when you realize that you don't have to manipulate anything. Such beauty when you realize – you look, you walk in nature – and you realize that the energy is serving you. Don't think in terms of what it's doing for your biology or what it's doing for your pocketbooks. Take a walk in nature between now and our next gathering, and realize how nature is serving you, how you're walking in your own creation, how you're conscious and aware.


We kind of hit a sticking point this last month. We're all excited and happy and “Energy is going to serve me” and then – boom!

I had to ask why. I actually had several beautiful meetings with Kuthumi, Metatron. Yeah, I brought in Metatron this month quite a bit. Kuthumi, Metatron, Tobias, some of the other dear Ascended Masters. Why is it that they hear the words, “Allow energy to serve you,” but they're not doing it? Why?

Worthiness. “Am I really ready?”

This whole thing with the dark nights. You know, the dark nights that are listed here on the board, the dark night, you know what it really is? It is you asking yourself, “Am I really ready?” That's what it is.

That's why it shows up as those tormented times, those awful times that you feel you're being ripped apart. It is you testing yourself, “Am I really ready? Am I really spiritually mature? Do I need to keep walking further on the path and struggling, or am I for real? Am I spiritually mature?”

You, trying to find out if you're really ready, and you assault yourself over and over and over with the dark nights.

You wonder where it's coming from. You wonder why it's there. You wonder why one moment you're up and the next moment you're down. It's you asking yourself, “Am I ready? Am I worthy?” You, testing yourself to the core. And it's got to end.

It's kind of like, dark nights are kind of like, heh, engineers. They'll just keep working on it and working on it and working on it. And there comes a point – lock the engineers in the closet and just get on with it.

It's the point here, my dear friends. Stop testing yourself. That's all you're doing and that's why this month the energies didn't come in to work for you so well. Oh, yeah, you said it out of your mouth, but it wasn't in your life. You thought about it, but you didn't live it.

Stop testing yourself right now. This is kind of a “do or die.” It's “stay or go home” kind of program. We're not going to keep playing this game anymore.

You have tested yourself to the point of great pain and misery, asking are you really worthy, are you really ready. Let's get on with it.

Let's get on so we can really do Allowing without the static and interference. Let's get on with it so energy can work in your creations for you.

Let's get on with it because there's a lot of other humans on this planet that are going to come in the second wave, but you're holding that back.

And if you're going to continue testing yourself, you're going to continue playing games, you're going to continue your energy issues, your abundance issues and all the rest of that, this is not the place.

The dark nights are simply you testing yourself. You want to get rid of these ups and downs. You need some of them when you first go through awakening and all the rest of that, there's a certain internal assessment, but then it becomes obsessive.

Let's take a deep breath.

It's as simple as making a decision, dear human. Dear human, are you ready to stop testing yourself? because that's all it is, a game. “Am I worthy? Am I still a schmuck? Do I still have imbalances?”

Let's take a deep breath and let's move into true Allowing, number four on the board. That's the next phase. I've been talking about it for years, and you've done a pretty darn good job with it. But after the dark nights, after the storms, we glide into true Allowing. No longer the human in control. I'm sorry, but no longer the human in control. The human in experience, yes, but we come into Allowing the beauty of the human, the Master and the I Am.

Next month I want to see that a lot of you have gotten over this whole testing of yourself and are really, truly beginning to let energy serve you. I'm not talking about little stories of finding a hundred dollars on the sidewalk. That's nothing. I'm not talking little stories of somebody coincidently pulling out of a parking space just when you're looking for one. Those are minor. Those are nothing. That's like feeding a raisin to a horse. It's nothing (a few chuckles).

Let's go into Allowing and letting energy serve you, letting it work for you. Your energy, Edith. Your energy. Nobody else's.

Let's take a deep breath.

And human, who is the experience, human, are you ready to stop testing? The Master is not testing you. The I Am is not testing. They're impatient with you now. Are you ready to be worthy? Period. And then we can move on.

In this next month, I'm not going to be coming around to you. I'll be in Keahak, of course, but I'm not going to be coming around to chat. I want you to find your own answers. Yeah, I'm still with you every step, blah, blah, blah (some laughter), but this next month consider that I'm on vacation.

I want you to go within yourself and I want you to dialogue with the Master and the I Am. I want you to hear what they have to say about your testing of yourself.

You're the one creating the dark nights – “Am I worthy? Am I ready for real creation? Am I ready to be within my creations?” That's it.

Let's take a good deep breath.

And with a very special honoring to Edith for being such a good partner in this today, but Edith, let's move on, okay? New chair. New month.

Good deep breath everybody.

We move beyond testing of self to find out are you really serious about this? Are you really ready for enlightenment? Do you have the grit for it? We're ready to move on. And it's going to show first by letting energy serve you. That's it.

With that, and all due respect to all of you, we'll see you in 30 days or so.

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Thank you.

(music ends)

And all is well in all of creation. Thank you (audience applause).


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