realizing who you truely are;

< Kharisma 4 > And, my dear friends, it's here. It's done. There is nothing that you have to work at anymore. There is nothing that you have to study. It's the time of the realization, what already is. I used this term “Kasama” with Keahak recently. We're going to be experiencing that, all of us, in a variety of different ways. It's what has already been done, already there. Whether it's enlightenment, whether it's a few extra dollars in your pocket, whether it's your health or your light body or any of that, it's done. It came through a vision, through a desire. It's there. Not out there. That song didn't need to stay out in the future somewhere. That wild expression of creativity or abundance or knowingness or simplicity doesn't need to be out there, out in the distance. Nothing to strive for. It's here. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.

< Kharisma 4 > Now, I've said many times there is no destiny. There is no fate. Not in linear terms. There is nothing out there. There's not the higher hand guiding your life and making things happen. There's no angelic council or alien beings or beings under the ground or even government beings that are manipulating your life. There is no outside destiny, but there is the soul destiny. There is what is already within you, Edith. Already done. The money – and money is just the tip of iceberg – but the realization. The realization. We've done an effective job in these past five years of weeding out, letting go, pushing away those who weren't committed. There's no room in Crimson Circle for those who are not absolutely committed to their enlightenment. It's more than entertainment. This is it. This is it.

< Kharisma 4 > As I've told Cauldre and some of the other Shaumbra, it's the year (2015), it's the time, it's the right now when the popcorn starts popping. It's been heating up. But I say that and I start out our session today by saying it's really quite easy. But then when it comes to you, when it's right there ready to be realized, you start with the excuses and the “buts” and “let's wait” or “I don't knows” or whatever. My dear friends, Santa Claus is real, very real. You could say Santa Claus is within you. You helped to create it with your wonderful childlike, childhood beliefs in Santa Claus. It's right here, and where we are going is realizing it. I don't want to hear any more excuses, any more buts. All the tools are here, and it's just now letting yourself explode into who you are. Yeah. A beautiful explosion into Self.

< Kharisma 4 > You say you want an outburst, an explosion of your creativity. You want the enlightenment, which is really just realization. You want it to happen, and I started this conversation saying it's easy, really easy, if you don't get in your own way and if you don't give excuses. If life comes to you, you embrace it. You command it. You dance with it. You feel alive with it. 

< Kharisma 4 > And in the meantime … and I don't really care because it's happened already anyway. I can see it when I look at you, any of you. It's done. The realization, the mastery, the enlightenment, whatever – it's done. So I'm not worried about it. The only thing that I find painful is when you're just surviving, when you're not truly alive. The only thing that I find difficult is looking at you knowing that it's already there, knowing that you're afraid to realize it, maybe. You're putting it off. You're waiting for that other kernel of corn next to you to pop first to make sure it just doesn't pop and go invisible when it does.

< Kharisma 4 > My friends, we can't wait anymore. I don't think you want to, but yet it's happening. Yet, there is this hesitation. We can't wait anymore. I've said before that enlightenment, realization is a type of thing you want more than life itself. But yet there is that hesitation, holding back. So it comes to the point where you're just surviving. There's part of you that knows it, and it's going to push you off the ladder. Not me. Not some conspiracy, but your self pushing yourself right off that ladder so you can feel alive. That's a wonderful thing about near-death experiences. Oh! They're amazing.

< Kharisma 7 > There are worlds around you right now, but when you live in that cave and when you're afraid to step out of it, afraid of being crazy, afraid of your phobias, afraid of your addictions, afraid of yourself, you can stand right at that doorway, that entrance to the cave; you can stand right there and not cross over. I'm going to provoke you and annoy you and anything else I can, entertain you, whatever it takes to have you say, “It doesn't matter anymore. I don't care if I go crazy. I don't care if my body goes to hell. I don't care if I lose. I don't care, because it's all just one great big 'and.'” That's all it is. One great big “and.” Fears, phobias, joys, sensualities and it's enlightenment and stupidity. It's “and.” It's all of the above – living in a cave and living outside of it. That, my friends, is realization.

< Wings 10 > Now the human's getting a new experience with the wisdom of the Master and the I Am – the I Am consciousness, its Presence. I like the word “I Am” rather than “divine.” There's too many Jesus things around the word “divine” and New Age stuff around it. I Am is Presence, awareness. That's all it is. And what we're doing here is integrating those three together, and it's happening right now. And, again, the human can't really imagine it. All it can do is allow it. It's actually the Master who has instigated the whole process. It's the Master who wants the Realization. The human wants a new experience, but the Master with the Realization. So we're going through such an exciting time of this integration.

< Wings 10 > Realization is really one of the most simple things. It's so simple. But because of its simplicity, it's made complicated and difficult at times. It's so simple but then it's covered over with makyo and hardships and difficulties and a lot of self-examination combined with self-loathing. It's really quite simple, and that's what the next group who comes after you is going to learn from your experiences.

< Wings 10 > I've said before, I made a bold statement that this is the first group of humans going into Realization. I've been challenged on it a little bit, given examples of other groups – not even close. Other groups with their gurus, their systems, their disciplines and their concepts – not even close. They were on the path, but way back there. This is, indeed – and I've checked it out at the Ascended Masters Club – this is truly the first group of humans coming into Realization. And it's not a spiritual thing or religious thing. I don't know really how you would state it, it's just a becoming. That's it. It's the first group. All the other Ascended Masters have done it individually. This is the first time ever, because of the timing and things like technology, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, because of what I call the Atlantean Dream, this is the first group ever to be coming into Realization.