Santa Claus

manifestation of human mass consciousness; 

< Clarity 5 > So, indeed let us welcome in the energy of Santa Claus into this room (some laughter). Now, while some of you may laugh at this, there is much more to it. By inviting Santa Claus into the room today - and I almost have a hard time saying it without laughing - it helps you to understand the importance of the imagination, the importance of other realities and probabilities. It helps you to understand that, Shaumbra, as you think it is, you believe it, as you accept it, it becomes so.

< Clarity 5 > Santa representing the spirit of Christmas for so many who have grown up in the Christian culture. Santa was basically invented over 100 years ago. And, the energy of Santa has been built upon ever since. Most of you have had that magical experience with Santa when you were very, very young. Yes, Santa helps all of you to remember the magic of this season and the magical potential of life.

< Clarity 5 > What is Santa? Well, Santa is real. Perhaps, he doesn't have a physical form that you can touch, although we have known children who actually have… you see… young ones who are open to potentials. Santa doesn't necessarily have a house at the North Pole. He doesn't necessarily have all of these elves working for him. But, yet Santa is as real of an entity as Shaumbra, as real of an entity as Yeshua, for instance. Because humans have brought it into their consciousness, it has been - how to say - fed into their consciousness and then fed out or projected out of their consciousness to other humans. And, pretty soon what was just once an idea, an imagination, a fairytale, now becomes a reality.

< Clarity 5 > You could say that Santa Claus actually exists on our side of the veil literally. It is not a souled being. It's not like you. It is a composite energy. It is a collective energy. So, there is a Santa Claus on our side of the veil. Yes, Virginia, there is (some laughter). This Santa Claus has an energy then on Earth that is identifiable and quite real. Over the years - how to say - you've come to accept it. The analytical part of your mind says, "But it is just a story. It is for children. It is not necessarily real." But, yet every year we see it happening.

< Clarity 5 > This energy of Christmas - and represented through Santa Claus - does allow miracles to happen. It does allow young children who have - how to say - were in families that do not have the abundance. Suddenly the gifts do appear. Oh, perhaps you could say it comes from a charitable organization or humans who are just trying to do the right thing. But, it comes through this energy of Santa Claus. So, it is real.

< Clarity 5 > You see, we go back and forth; humans go back and forth all of the time about imagination versus reality. And, there is no difference… absolutely no difference. The dualistic human thinks that you have to be able to touch it, or you have to be able to see it, or at least to be able to analyze it, in order for it to be real. And, that is not so at all. That is an illusion in itself. That is also perhaps one of the biggest lies about living as a human being - that there is only one reality, and you have to be able to touch it, feel it or analyze it for it to be real. That is a great myth.

< Clarity 5 > Shaumbra, you're literally truly leading the way to break through those barriers, that barrier that separates the mental or human reality from the imagination. The imagination represents multiple realities, multiple probabilities. So, we felt it was very important to bring in the energy of Santa Claus. And, some of you may think it is childish, that it is not real. We're going to ask you to feel it for a moment. Feel this energy of Santa Claus. Yes, it was created by humans; indeed it was. But, now it is a real entity who has a presence or an identity both on our side of the veil and yours.

< Clarity 5 > When there is enough energy behind a concept and imagination, whether it comes from one person or a group, it therefore becomes a reality in its own right. It doesn't have to exist in the physical planes. It can co-exist in the physical planes. Shaumbra, for instance, was created out of your hearts. It is now an entity, much like Santa Claus is. Shaumbra is real on our side of the veil. It has a definable, identifiable nature; therefore, it becomes real on your side as well, if you allow it and accept it. Shaumbra carries an energy just like Santa Claus carries an energy. The imagination, allowing yourself to be who you are, creates things, creates them on probability dimensions and planes that are… oh, it would be difficult for your mind to even fathom right now.

< Clarity 5 > These are some very essential principles, essential tools, that we're going to talk about. We are going to discuss shadow potentials and probabilities. Santa Claus, in a way, is a shadow, is a potential or probability that exists; it is very, very real. You are a myriad of shadow potentials and probabilities. You're seeing and experiencing just one expression of yourself, one expression because you've gotten locked into it. You've agreed to it. Now, you want to get out. You want to go beyond it.

< Teacher 5 > Saint-Germain loves this time of the year. He can take on one of his very favorite roles and channel through multiple humans all over the world. He loves this role of Santa Claus. He actually claims, amongst the many, many, many, many, many claims that he has (some laughter), that he helped to create this entity called Santa Claus because this season of joy was getting a bit too serious, getting too much caught up in old rituals.

So he looked at the energy of Christmas and he looked at what it should be. It should be childish. It should be joyful. It should be happy. So he helped to co-create this entity called Santa Claus and he helped to bring it to the ones who were most open - the children. A way of children bringing back their imagination, bringing back this element of love - this element of magic - back into the holidays.

So Saint-Germain is out all over the world right now where they have these Santa Clauses helping to be with the Santa Clauses who sit with the children. Children who are frightened at times, children who are hurting at times, and he helps channel his energies through the various Santa's all over the world helping to bring a bit of joy into their lives.

< (Next) 5 > Is Santa Claus real? Absolutely! You see, when humans, in their consciousness, agree to certain archetypical energies, it actually creates them. Now, Santa Claus doesn't necessarily live in the North Pole, but the essence, the magic and the beauty of Santa lives. It's in your hearts. When you were children and you allowed yourself to connect with this energy, it was real.

< Kharisma 4 > As I've told Cauldre and some of the other Shaumbra, it's the year (2015), it's the time, it's the right now when the popcorn starts popping. It's been heating up. But I say that and I start out our session today by saying it's really quite easy. But then when it comes to you, when it's right there ready to be realized, you start with the excuses and the “buts” and “let's wait” or “I don't knows” or whatever. My dear friends, Santa Claus is real, very real. You could say Santa Claus is within you. You helped to create it with your wonderful childlike, childhood beliefs in Santa Claus. It's right here, and where we are going is realizing it. I don't want to hear any more excuses, any more buts. All the tools are here, and it's just now letting yourself explode into who you are. Yeah. A beautiful explosion into Self.