soul being / oversoul being / soul essence / soul self

・soul energy;  grand self;  I AMsourcepure consciousnesswisdom;
・executive of your oversoul;  essence being;

< Embodiment 12 > From the time you left Home, whatever you want to call it - the great central sun, the Kingdom, the oneness with Spirit - when you left Home, and chose to leave Home, and when you were blessed by Spirit to leave Home so you could go off to explore what Spirit did not know, you went through this thing we call the Wall of Fire. And, in the Wall of Fire your individual identity was created. What you call your soul being, your Creator-ship, was created.

< Embodiment 12 > Now, an interesting thing could happen here. Your mind has not caught up yet. The human physical mind has not caught up yet to perceiving input like you're going to be receiving. So, it does not understand some of the information that's coming in. It is hard for you to even fathom the concept of not understanding something through the mind. But, this is where another beautiful benefit of the New Energy clarity comes in. Ah… it's going to cause you to start using the Divine Intelligence, the soul being, the inner knowingness, the one chakra. It's going to get you out of your head and into that centered place.

< Clarity 6 > The soul… the self… that part of you that loves to create, that loves to re-create, that loves the expression of life, whether it is in physical body or out. In a sense, the soul, your true being, has no desires or needs or agendas. It knows it's already there. The soul self is the part that understands every probability and potential. It's already there. The part that sometimes you hear crying at night is your soul because you choose not to see that it is already there, that you're already there.

< Clarity 8 > This lifetime is so very precious. It has its own resonance, its own identity. It has its own very sacred energy that's based on the other lifetimes but whose energies have been released. You see, in a typical lifetime for a human, that lifetime is relatively independent. It's by itself, supporting only itself. If you take a particular lifetime, perhaps 500 years ago, that aspect or story of you was just trying to express something within that story. And you could say that you, as an Oversoul being, allowed yourself to do that. But that lifetime was fairly much just about that lifetime, about a particular story.

< Clarity 11 > It is difficult to describe here, but from a - what you would call a soul level standpoint - you don't have a progression (continuation) of lifetimes. You don't. Your Soul Being has tried different experiences - but they are not you. You are not the linear progression of a past life 2,000 years ago or 10,000 years ago or even in Atlantis. There is a common energetic bond, but you are not your past life.

< Clarity 11 > You are who you are in this lifetime. This lifetime, this time you are experiencing right now, is very unique and very special. It is not the culmination (growth) of the past. Although there are elements that you have learned from the past, but you are no longer guided by the past. The concept of reincarnation as it's popularly known is quite deceiving and quite distracting. You are THIS lifetime - and this lifetime is special, as we said recently. It is a very, very special lifetime. It is a very special time that your soul energy (oversoul being) has brought itself down into human form (you) and then the rest of it (other parts of your soul) comes down and enters into your human lifetime.

< Clarity 11 > It is that your soul (oversoul being) is embodied right now in this physical experience that you are going through and it will never have that experience again. It will never have another lifetime again like this. This is very, very special and we will get into more details of that in our next gathering. We're going to ask you to let go of the concept of reincarnation. It's just being incarnate. It's not over and over and over again. It's not a series of cycles. It's not a trap or a merry-go-round. The past from a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, is really not you - is really not you.

< Clarity 11QA > Once you totally let down those guards, you'll understand that nothing can hurt you. You're not going to have some demonic force coming into your life. You going to understand that you are the center point of all of your essence. Nobody can take it away from you, particularly when you are operating in compassion. When you're not trying to change anything else, nothing else will try to change you. Call it being invisible if you want. When you're in total compassion a... what you would call a "dark force" or "negative force" won't even see you because there is - how to say - you're not casting a shadow.

< Teacher 3 > A consciousness. Well, now where do you find that? It's not in your brain, it's not in your physical body necessarily. Consciousness is all around. Consciousness is very close to you and very, very far away. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness first of self, of identity, and then ultimately of everything. That's what consciousness is. You are consciousness. You're consciousness that has a unique identity. You were granted this thing that we call - or you would call - soul beingness, as Spirit. Not all beings have a soul. Trees, planet Earth, most animals do not have a soul being like you. Soul being also is the key to creatorship, or holds the keys to creatorship. You are a soul being. You are consciousness.

< Teacher 5 > That energy of numbers is still here. You can still play with it and you can still use it. You can align numbers. You can play with math to help you to understand and assist you in creating anything you want. But I came to understand - not in that lifetime (as Pythagoras) but much later - I came to understand that the numbers don't create the reality. The mathematics don't shape the universe. They are simply in response to a very personal and very intimate energy called the Soul Self - called you - the creator.

< Teacher 6 > Belief systems make up everything. Belief systems ... some can be more in truth or in alignment than others. Some can be closer to your true soul passion, your soul energy. And anytime you adapt a belief system or create one for yourself, it is like a factory. You've just put energy in. You've create the working manual for your little consciousness factory and then you start churning out your product or the reality. Belief systems are everything.

< Teacher 6 > Kuthumi's going to take on more of an active role with Shaumbra this year. He's been off in the other regions of the dimensions much of this past year helping to balance things having to do with your spiritual families, having to do with essences of you from a long time ago. Helping to create some new bridges and links so the energies can open up and flow once again, both in your reality here and in these other realities that you are not consciously aware of right now. But now that his work there is done, now that these conduits have been opened up to allow the flow of what you would call your True Self into this reality, he's going to be here as your inspirer.

< Returning 6 > Over a period of time, I have been melding and integrating my essence into Sam. Sam very much has his own personality. I'm not just Tobias controlling Sam. I help to create Sam, but as much as I help to create Sam, I gave him his freedom, his independence, his own sovereignty. Incarnations are like that, in the best of cases, where what you would call the soul being gives sovereignty (own identity) to the creation of the human on Earth. And I have given that to Sam, slowly integrating myself with him, and it's an amazing, amazing study.

< Returning 6 > This is the New Energy. You are the ones that are changing that old dynamic, bringing the essence and the spirit here to Earth and allowing the soul to bring your awareness to it in the other realms. This is where heaven and Earth meet. This is the new consciousness.

< MNEC2009-K > What is also happening is your divine energy, your oversoul energy is coming in closer and closer, filling you up, particle at a time, coming into your energy field, into your body and into your mind. Its brightness is also feeling and attracting some of these very, very difficult and dark energies on Earth right now.

< Master 3 > So Shaumbra - this group of New Energy pioneers, this group of beings who have had so many experiences here on Earth and in the other realms, a group of people who have been leaders in their spiritual families, leaders in your spiritual families. The ones - you - who left your spiritual family to go it alone, but knowing all the time that it would have a profound impact on those that you left behind.

A group that in recent years, a group - you - who have actually disconnected from the spiritual family from which you came, whether it was the Order of Sananda, whether it was the House of Michael, Gabriel, any of the other archangel houses where you were leaders. You eventually, in recent years, disconnected from those, for a couple of reasons. You had to find out what it was like on your own without carrying the responsibility of trying to free the energies in the other realms. You had to free yourself first. You had to do it for you, not for everyone else. You had to learn to love yourself first.

< (Next) 10 > "What is this whole purpose of the new Earth? There are billions of angelic beings in the other realms from your spiritual families - spiritual families that you were leaders of or you were the progressive element of those spiritual families, the ones whose connection you could still feel deeply into - they're waiting. They're waiting, waiting for you, waiting for a space. There are not too many spaces left on Earth anymore in physical body. Tend to get precedence for those who have been here before, they kind of elbow their way back into the physical body.

< (Next) 12 > History is one of the greatest fiction of all times, because history, well, your history, your history of your incarnations, is really not. As Kuthumi pointed out, he was really not Pythagoras. It's the lineage, perhaps, the cousin or brother of his soul, but really wasn't Kuthumi, and he wasn't Pythagoras or Balthazar or any of the others purported to be. That's a linear progression of the spirit, and true spirit doesn't progress linearly. There's an association, you could say, with those aspects of the soul - cousins, a familiarity, and indeed, some bleed-through, because they came from the same soul source - but as Ah-Kir-Rah pointed out to Kuthumi, it's really not you.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< e2012 4 > You’re not your past lives. They’re your brothers or sisters or cousins, but they’re not you. And the sooner you can let that go, the sooner you’re going to free yourself, unburden yourself, get over their crap. Some of them are still out there, these past lives, traumatized, active, looking for a new residence, looking for a new house – you. They haven’t freed themselves, and the soul, in its brilliance, is allowing them to do that. You say, “Why doesn’t the soul call them back, make them come back?” Well, you can’t. A creator cannot force his or her creations to come back. You can only invite them back.

< e2012 4 > Up until this lifetime there was a definite link between lifetimes. There was a type of progression. But then, in the brilliance of the life plan and the life design of the soul, it says, “I’m going to create an expression of myself that’s different, that’s not just another lifetime.” Why? Because it got tired of doing the other lives, and realized it needed something to set itself free. The soul, you realized that you’re the Standard for all those other past lives, for all the other humans, for yourself. You’re the [focal] point of integration of [all of] yourself. You’re the point of enlightenment for yourself, not those other lifetimes. Even if you were a Buddha – not that lifetime. This lifetime, right here.

< e2012 4 > You are the point of integration. You are, as Tobias said years ago, the designated ascendee of yourself, of your soul, and in order to do so, your soul comes in here to join you. Your wisdom arrives. It comes in from the other realms – and it’s not even the other realms, it’s just an imaginary block – but absorbs in to your Body of Consciousness.

It arrives, and in doing so, something interesting happens. You become the Standard for these other past lives of that soul. You become the example. You, by example, help set them free. Not that you’re going to go around with a knife, cutting their chains or their ropes that bind them, but your example will release those ropes.

You release, you could say, some energy of your soul – your wisdom. You release yourself of that burden thinking you were your past lives, and in doing so, you integrate all of that energy, all of the consciousness. It is squished and distilled into wisdom, which arrives. Wisdom arrives for you.

< freedom 5 > In here (heart), there's a dream, a real aspiration, sometimes coming from the soul, sometimes from the self, sometimes the soul self, and it has passion attached to it, and that passion is what brings dreams into reality. That passion is what breaks through barriers, and there are a lot of barriers to break through in bringing your dreams in. That passion is what draws energy, and energy then helps to manifest and make real your dreams.

< Discovery 7 > It used to be in your earlier lifetimes when you would leave the physical body, you'd go to the other side, there was somewhat of a type of reconnection with soul Self, other realms. You know, the great release from the physical reality. But as the Near Earth realms got more and more dense, it became more and more difficult to go into the crystalline, to go the Bridge of Flowers, to go beyond, and so many now stay. Even when they die they stay in the Near Earth realms. It's not physical, but it's pretty dang close. It has all of the consciousness factors of this planet. So there's not that rest or reprieve in between now. Not in the dream state, not in the death state.

And people then do extreme, emotional, dramatic things just to feel something again, thinking maybe this is the way back to Source. They take drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, and that gives them just a glimpse sometimes, but in a very distorted way.