2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference
Breckenridge, Colorado Friday, July 18
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Namaste! (audience responds, "Namaste") Namaste! (audience responds again, "Namaste") And one time for the world, Namaste! (audience responds, "Namaste")

Greetings, dear Shaumbra, It is I, KuthumiCauldre had a bit of a belch there. What a delight to be back with all of you here, high on top of this mountain, and to hear the overtones and the music - my type of music - as we came in.

Let me take just a moment here to fully bring in my energies and to express the love from the God within me to the God within you…

And the honor from the God within me to the God within you…

And the respect from the God within me to the God within you.

That is Namaste. That is when the Gods get together, just like we are doing right now.

Mmm, I'm breathing it in. I'm feeling it, and let me repeat it one more time, but go into your feelings this time.

Namaste, from the God within me to the God within you. Namaste, dear Shaumbra.

What a blessing we have today, perhaps a bit of sadness also, but as you have discovered in your own life, every sadness has its happiness. Every perception of darkness has its light. Every wrong turn is actually a right turn. When you can embody those simple principles, and as Tobias said the other day, get over being wrong, when you can embody those and you can relax in life, then you can enjoy life - and then you can ascend.

Energy Hygiene

So today, we have two sections of our discussion with you. The first one is personal hygiene with Coach Kuthumi (laughter), or Advice For This Dirty, Dirty World. (more laughter)

I feel a bit like your high school coach, the one that had to tell you to "Put soap all over your body, wash up and down, don't forget Mr. P or Mrs. V (laughter), get between all of the cracks and in your ears. (laughter) Wash, wash, wash, scrub, scrub, scrub every part of your being. Stop, you're scrubbing there too long now. Move on, move on." (lots of laughter) Oh, I remember what it was like to be human. (more laughter) Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm (Kuthumi makes a singing sound while pretending to scrub) Oh, dear poor Linda. Dear poor Linda. (lots of laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) Oh, she was laughing inside. (more laughter)

But personal hygiene right now is so appropriate - so appropriate - but we're going to talk about a few other types. I assume that you bathe and shower regularly, so we don't need to focus on that part. But let's talk about energy hygiene today.

What is energy hygiene? Well, first of all, it is, to a degree, starting with your body. You want to keep it cleansed, because it's also a symbolic act for all of the rest of your energy fields. It's you taking time to bathe or to shower, to clean, to refresh.

As most of you know, it's very easy to pick up energies. They're floating all around right now, and while this room is filled with beautiful angelic energy, it's also filled with energy critters, energy bugs, energy parasites, energy goop, that's been - and poop too! - that's been hanging around. And as you become more sensitive and more integrated, there is the tendency to pick up these odorous energies all over your body. And while most other humans cannot detect the odor, self-respecting angels can. We can smell it on you.

So you want to cleanse the physical body, of course. But let's talk about something more important - cleansing the mind. Oh, the mind is just a big energy field programmed and tuned to certain frequencies and certain patterns. The mind picks up a lot of junk, as you've probably noticed.

It is important to cleanse the mind, and it can be done very easily through the breath - through the breath, yes; spending a few minutes each day on conscious breathing - because as you breathe, you're letting the clear energies of you and clear crystalline energies outside of you now wash away many of the unneeded energies and thoughts that are in your mind.

Next, for energy cleansing of the mind: song. You have heard it today, several times. Singing. Singing is much like breathing. It gets you out of the mind, and when you get out of your mind for a moment, the mind has a natural built-in mechanism that cleanses itself, that releases itself of thoughts that are no longer appropriate for your vibrational and expansional status. But when you're always in the mind, when you're always tinkering around in there, your mind doesn't flush itself out.

So, breathing and a bit of song, and one more thing - very important thing, and I mean this very seriously - tell a joke. Make fun of something, because you see, you have programmed your mind to be so serious, so v-e-r-y serious and sometimes b-o-r-i-n-g, because you get so s-e-r-i-ou- s. And you're trying to figure everything out, and you're not going to be able to anyway, so let go now. Let it come natural. Let it flow.

You are a natural being - natural in your energy expansion, natural in your energy resolution. So, when you tell a joke, you get out of your regular mind for a while. You lighten up a little bit. And some of you are so afraid of telling a joke because you think you might offend somebody. Well, look at Saint-Germain! (laughter) He tells… (Kuthumi laughs) Don't worry about offending. You're not in that Old Energy anymore. You're not going to tell something off color. The point is - let it up, let it out, get out of the mind.

That is a beautiful way of mental energy cleansing. It will actually - to use a computer analogy - it will be like reorganizing all those file cabinets. It will be bringing in more efficient methods for using the brain and the mind or intellect in this New Energy. You're going to find that the mind can be much speedier than it is right now, consuming less energy and causing less stress on you.

Next, your personal energy field that goes slightly beyond the body and the mind. You carry this thing called your aura, your energy field. It is what connects to, brings in energy from, and releases old energies out of your personal experience. It is an integral but often misunderstood part of you. You have heard about the aura, but you really don't understand it. It is there. It has a tendency to collect a lot of energy debris, a lot of junk. As you go around - as was mentioned earlier by the Pleiadians (Channeled by Wendy Kennedy) - you go into a store, you can pick up energies from other people. If it doesn't go into your body or your mind, often it is in your energy field. It collects there.

Dark Psychic Energy

But there is another type of energy that … almost a … oh, you would say spiritually radioactive energy you really been picking up on lately, and it's been causing you a bit of confusion and grief. Because you are growing more sensitive, you are aware that these energies are there and they are very sharp. They like have little spears on them, and they get right in. And sometimes they penetrate the ethereal field and go straight into the body and the mind. These are energies of what you would have previously called black magic, witchcraft and the dark arts, and you're accumulating them in your energy field right now.

There are several reasons for this. First, some of these are old curses and black magic that you put upon other people in past lives. And the funny thing about any form of black magic, it always comes back to the originator. So you're feeling a lot of this old black magic energy that you laid out there - curses and spells and everything else - coming straight back at you - whoosh! - as your aspects come in. Don't be so naïve to think that all that old black arts wouldn't come back in either.

You're also feeling psychic attacks from other people. They're not necessarily conscious of it, but it's happening. As more and more humans are going into a slightly deranged mental state (laughter), it is also propelling them into a deranged psychic or spiritual state. They are somewhere between here and there - here, being Earth; there, being the other dimensions - very confused and very lost. And what they tend to do is send out what you would say would be black magic arrows, not in anybody's particular direction, but guess who they're attracted to first? Ones who are more open and increasing their vibration and their consciousness, and that happens to be you.

Let's take a deep breath here …


There is also a lot of very deliberate, what you would say, curses or dark energy assaults right now. As Earth is making its transition into a New Energy, there are many Old Energies and aspects, cultures and civilizations that don't want to see it happen. Some of these are literally in the physical realm and actively practicing very dark energies.

Some of them exist in the Near Earth realms where they are also laying an assault of this very confused energy on Earth right now. They have an agenda. They are vested in the old way. There is an underlying belief that they will go out of existence if Earth goes through its evolution. They are doing anything, in a very righteous and very deliberate way, to hold on.

So you are feeling all of these energies coming in, but not to worry. Not to worry.

What is also happening is your divine energy, your oversoul energy is coming in closer and closer, filling you up, particle at a time, coming into your energy field, into your body and into your mind. Its brightness is also feeling and attracting some of these very, very difficult and dark energies on Earth right now.

Now, while this sounds a bit ominous and a bit threatening, and I see the anxiety level here shooting up to the top of the ceiling and beyond, it's really not a big deal. Not at all. It's just energy. That's all it is.

Of course, it's energy that's been packaged and shaped and formed into a certain structure and thrown at you. But it's just energy, and with just a little simple change of perspective, what you're going to find is that you're no longer dragged down by these Old Energies. You're not carrying them around anymore, but it's just energy coming in to serve you.

So what do you do? Well, of course, you know the first part of the answer is to breathe. So let's breathe right now.

While you're breathing, breathe in those energies. Oh yes, breathe them in. Stop resisting them. Stop trying to push them away. Having been masters of, let us say, dark energy works - as all of us have been at some time or the other - and being masters of New Energy, you don't have to try to run from them anymore. And you spent a lot of lifetimes running from dark energies, because you used to be there. You used to work with it. You understand its potency.

And when you decided not to delve into those energies anymore, you actually became frightened of them. You started running. You hid from them. The mention of dark energies, psychic energies, alien energies, can bring you to fear, and the fear can close you up in your heart, limit you in your mind. Talking about the dark arts can cause you to stop breathing, to freeze up and to go very, very small.

But I'm going to invite you to breathe them in, understanding it's just energy, understanding it can no longer turn on you. Others can no longer manipulate you. Your aspects can no longer control you. The ones in the other realms can no longer haunt you when you breathe it in. Oh, and I know - a bit of tension here in the room, a bit of tension - you say, "But what if I breathe it in and I become dark?"

You see, this is an old fear that darkness - these psychic, abusive energies - have held over you for a long time. So what they do is they create the perception that they can do something to you that if you even open the door a little bit that you'll be doomed to their hell and their control. But we're big boys and big girls now. We understand how energy works, and in just a moment we're going to understand how energy can absolutely be cleansed; how you can have personal hygiene for all of your energy fields.

So instead of running, instead of blocking and instead of hiding from all of these energies that are around now, the ones trying to hold onto duality, the ones trying to hold onto the suffering of the church, the ones trying to hold onto the belief in karma, the ones that are trying to hold onto their beliefs in heaven and hell. All the rest of these energies are at work and they're all around you. And how they affect you some days. How deeply they affect you and cause you to hide.

You can cleanse these energies, transmute them, without going mental, very easily. The first thing you do is breathe - and I mean really breathe. Breathe like you're bringing the energy in, like you have nothing to fear, because you don't.

Breathe like the love and the divine within you knows that it's just energy.

It's not dark and it's not light - it's just energy. And it's not going to try to control you or harm you. It's there to serve you, no matter what illusion it was created under - by the ones who are trying to create this psychic assault right now, by your own dark energies from the past - it doesn't matter. It's there to serve you.

After you breathe it in, then you do something extraordinary. You imagine something - anything you want. You just imagine it.

You see, the imagination is one of the greatest gifts that you have. Imagination creates the reality and its sub-realities. The imagination is your beacon of light for who you are and who you're choosing to be.


Now let's talk about the difference between imagination and mental visioning or envisioning. Imagination is open and free. It doesn't try to establish focus and it doesn't come from the mind. You could say that it comes from the heart and it comes from the inspiration and it comes from the divine.

I'm not saying to imagine little; I'm saying imagine big. I'm not saying to imagine for the world; I'm saying to imagine for you.

You can imagine, even in this Now moment. Some of you say, "But I thought imagining was for the future only." Oh no, indeed. We can imagine right now. Let's do this together.

Let's imagine that we're sitting on top of a mountain, together on a beautiful day of sunshine, the glory of Gaia everywhere we feel. Let's imagine that we're sitting in a room together, that we're sharing our energies and our love, that we're sharing our safe space, that we're sharing our journey together. Let's imagine that for a moment. Let's imagine there's music. Let's imagine there's laughter. Let's imagine there's Shaumbra from all around the world connecting. Just breathe that in and imagine it.

Imagine this glorious picture - which is happening right now. Imagine that you're surrounded by angels filling this room, coming from every part of creation to take part in this celebration. Imagine that for a moment.

And the moment you imagine - set yourself free. Open yourself up. Let yourself flow in creative, dynamic, divine energies.

You have just transformed any dark energy, any stuck energy, any assaults, any of these psychic arrows. You've just changed them, just like that. Just like that.

You can imagine yourself floating on a cloud if you want. You can imagine yourself singing along to the music of Yoham. You can imagine yourself lying in bed just before you fall asleep in that beautiful in-between world. It doesn't matter.

You can imagine yourself dining on the finest food that you've ever, ever tasted. It doesn't matter. It's not necessarily what you imagine, it's just that you imagine.

Imagination is your expression. It is you expressed, you see. It is taking your soul and expressing it, opening it up. And the moment you do that, you come back to you. You come back home to you.

You can imagine butterflies. You can imagine floating across the skies. You can imagine bathing in a beautiful mountain stream - it doesn't matter. You can imagine suffering if you want. I don't know why you'd want to. You can imagine yourself in the shower, cleansing. Anything you want, dear friends. The imagination is the transformation of energies that would otherwise torment you, haunt you and chase you.

Don't make it any more complex. Breathing and imagining.

Let's imagine right now that we're in this beautiful place you call the Shaumbra Service Center. It's filled with water features, beautiful energies, nature - anything you want. Can you free yourself to imagine, imagine grand and open?

Take a deep breath and imagine it. Imagine you there. Oh, you're always there. You don't have to focus on it, meaning you don't have to be analytical. You don't even worry if the imagination changes, flows and opens up, if it transforms from one setting to the other. Free imagination frees you. That's how you clear some of these dark junky energies that have accumulated, that have gotten into your energy field. Some have even gotten into your body, and a lot of them have gotten into your mind.

You free yourself. You cleanse yourself with simple imagination. That's all. Imagination.

Once you start imagining on a regular basis, you're going to realize that it is also a tool of manifestation. You don't have to focus on stacks of money. You don't have to focus on the specific parts of your body that may be slightly out of kilter. Any imagination - imagine swimming in a river of chocolate. Imagine laying in a very comfortable large chair with angels fanning you and feeding you grapes. It doesn't matter. Don't be judgmental about your imaginations. Don't fear your imaginations. Start living your imaginations and cleansing your energies.

So that is our lesson in personal hygiene for a dirty, dirty world.


I would like to take a few moments here to talk about our dear friend Tobias and to explain a few things that he has never talked about before. We're shifting our energy gears here, so bear with us and we'll bear with you as you do also.


Our dear friend Tobias - so close to birth right now, birth back on Earth - he is very preoccupied. Even at this moment his energy is hardly present here right now, because tomorrow he's going to be embodying back on Earth, walking with you, sharing with you and hopefully imagining with you.

Let me tell you a little bit about him. Every one of you here, every one of you connecting to us right now has known Tobias in the past. You've shared lifetimes with him in Lemuria and Atlantis, and times even before in the angelic realms. Tobias is a stranger to none of us.

In the end days of Atlantis, Tobias had a name, but it was actually more like a title. And that name was Muir. Muir. It wasn't his given name, it wasn't his name at birth, but it was rather his title. And it meant - in your English terms today - it meant Lord, Grand One. Not Lord like having to worship, but Lord as the Great One, the Wise One, the Evolved One.

Tobias' love was known throughout all of Atlantis. His proficiency with science, with spirit, with humanity was such that people from all around Atlantis came to him and those who worked with him, which are you, for advice and counsel and healing.

And it was, indeed, Tobias as Muir who led the exodus of so many who now call themselves Shaumbra from parts of Atlantis into the Temples of Tien.

And it was Tobias who brought us together, who helped us develop our own divinity and humanity.

It was Tobias working with all of us who helped us understand the blessings of life here on Earth.

He was the high priest. He was the Lord. He was what you would now say the King, but not with the ego, not with the old attributes. There was no control; there was vision. There wasn't structure; there was desire for all to work together. He was revered and honored.

And in the end days of Atlantis when the armies of Azura Timu were closing in on the Temples of Tien, a memory so many of you still have deep within, it was Muir who finally said, "We will sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the others." And it was Muir who walked first from all of us in the Temples of Tien, giving of himself to the armies that were closing in. It was Tobias as Muir who died amongst us first in these final days of Atlantis.

When Tobias crossed over to the other side, as you would say, he carried with him tremendous grief and guilt for what was happening. He loved Atlantis dearly. He carried this grief and guilt onto the other side, and each time he saw one of you crossing over, dying at the hands of the invading armies, dying at the hands of the natural disasters in Atlantis, it was Muir who took on more grief and more sadness and more guilt. Each time he saw another cross over, it laid heavier on his heart.

And so it was Atlantis and life as we knew it on Earth was terminated.

There were small groups of humans who escaped from Atlantis - not many, but enough - and there were some who went underground because the surface of the Earth was so violent. Human life was not sustainable. They went underground, they followed the passageway of the crystals where life was sustainable, where there was no need for sunlight because there was crystalline light, where the oxygen that was needed for the humans was created through the crystallines. And many of you may remember the life deep down below the surface of the Earth.

Tobias chose at one point to come back to Earth as his suffering, as his penance, to see what had happened, to live within what had happened. And he lived deep, deep within the Earth for a long, long time, not as a King, not as a Lord, not as a Great One but as one who was shy, one who was basically what you would now call a peasant, one who was a loner.

Tobias let himself suffer many, many lifetimes for what had been done to Atlantis. And although the angels tried coming to him and saying, "Dear Muir, you don't have to endure this, you don't have to suffer this," he did. And many of you lived in those times with him beneath the surface of the Earth.

About 5,000 years ago Tobias decided to reemerge, decided to come back to the surface where now life was prevalent - many, many humans had come to the surface, few lived beneath - and he chose a lifetime on Earth. Chose the lands of the Middle East - Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran and Iraq - the countries that you now call by these names.

Tobias continued his suffering but in a different way. He suffered for God in the name of religion. Oh, he studied religion. Initially, he studied what you would perhaps call the Pagan religions. Then he became involved in Judaism and he studied every letter of every book that he could possibly get his hands on.

He was a rabbi lifetime after lifetime. He studied the texts, listened to the lectures, because he … he was going to be worthy in the eyes of God. He was going to get it right this time, because he felt he'd got it wrong in Atlantis. There were some beautiful times in his lifetime, but there was a lot of discipline. There was a lot of lack of the joy of life. He still felt guilty. He felt he had no right to enjoy life as it was. So he studied and he worshipped and he suffered - until his last lifetime.

In his last lifetime he was not known as Tobias; he was known as Agos. In his last lifetime, he did find love and he did have children, and he loved the lands around Galilee. He loved life once again.

But, as the story goes, there was another who wanted his lands, who set him up and eventually caused him to be imprisoned where everything was taken - the love of his life, his children, his land and his animals. Can you imagine the dismay that Tobias had, feeling that God had turned his back on him?

Tobias' Ascension

It wasn't until nearly his last day in prison, just about to die, just about to cross over, that he finally got it. He finally released everything, as he has told you the story. He released all of his beliefs. He released all of his guilt and all of his suffering. He released everything he had thought about himself so that he could become himself.

He was so close to death, it didn't matter for him at this point. It didn't matter. He let go. And in a brilliant flash that can still be seen in the Universe, Tobias finally understood four simple words. "I Am God Also."

It all came together. All of the pieces fit. The love flowed in and Tobias ascended.

Tobias went on to his own sovereignty and agreed to be here in spirit to work with each and every one of you, no longer out of guilt for the times of Atlantis, but out of genuine love. And his message for ten years now has been the same - You Are God Also. Breathe it in. Live it.

His message to you has been "You can do it while you're own Earth. You don't need to cross over. You don't need to die. You don't need to go through lifetime after lifetime of suffering. You can do it right here. You can make it simple or you can make it difficult, but you can do it."

Tobias went on to his own sovereignty, and there are not that many what you would say ascended masters in all of the realms - perhaps about 9,000, it doesn't matter - but not many. There are a lot of remarkable masters; there are a lot of remarkable angelic beings at very, very high levels, but yet not many ascended masters - ones who have accepted the sovereignty.

And there are none to date - none to date, dear Shaumbra - that have ever returned back to Earth in physical body. Ever.

We have come back to you in many different ways - Sananda, Quan Yin, Matraiya, Afra - and the list goes on and on of ascended beings who have worked with you, who are working with you. They come through what you call the channelers, they come through the prophets and the inspired ones, and they come through each and every one of you in their own way.

They come to you sometimes, as Adamus does, in manifesting a temporary illusion of being here, but he has not birthed back. I have not birthed back. Yeshua, Sananda, has not birthed back. Yeshua died, but has not come back.

The Returning

But I, Kuthumi, would like to share with you today that Tobias - To-Bi-Wah - is actually the first ascended master to be rebirthing to Earth, something he never mentioned all of these years in working with you. So it is my honor to share that with you. And in a matter of hours, he's going to be back. He's going to be right here with you. It's only been possible - only been possible - because of you; because of passing that marker called the Quantum Leap; because consciousness was at a point that would allow the very complex physics to take place.

Tobias is not coming back to save anyone or anything. He's coming back to be on Earth again, to live in joy and to live in love, to live with the masters who are you. He's going through an interesting process at this very moment of being pulled back to Earth. He's going through his own challenges at this very moment of rebirthing, of forgetting, of getting into this type of energy tube that quickly makes you forget where you come from.

But I know Tobias is going to remember who he is, for one reason - because you're here right now, helping to bring in that energy. You're not here for necessarily what you think you are. You're here for an event that is of historic proportions - an ascended master rebirthing on Earth - and it's happening right now.

I want you to feel … I invite you feel in for a moment, into these amazing energies of Tobias being rebirthed, because part of you is being rebirthed also. Part of you is coming back in on this comet of energy with Tobias.

I was trying to figure out the best way to help you experience what Tobias is experiencing right now … coming home … homecoming … and then I heard a song yesterday, right here, and I knew in that moment that there is no finer way for you to experience Tobias coming back and you coming back than to have Anders sing the Homecoming.

So, please experience, in these final hours before Tobias comes back in, let yourself experience the rebirthing of an ascended master and a rebirthing of you.

[Anders Holte sings his profoundly moving homecoming song]
("Lemurian Home Coming," Track 1 from Anders' CD of the same name)

And now you know.

The energy of Tobias coming back to Earth … you coming back to you.

Welcome home.



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