wrong / wrong decision / making a mistake


< MNEC2009-T1 > There wasn't one thing you did wrong, at all. Part of this seduction, part of this being on Earth is to say "I did something wrong," so that you can run in circles trying to find out the answer, trying to find out the way that you should have done it right. You play this whole game of holding onto "I did it wrong."

< MNEC2009-T1 > By holding onto that energy of "I did it wrong," you perpetuate the cycle. You continue to do wrong things, all in an effort to discover what's wrong with wrong, all in a way of trying to understand what is right. And at the end of the day, as I told a group in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, it doesn't matter. There's not a right or a wrong. There truly isn't. But yet even though I say that right now, and a few of you are nodding your head, but you're saying, "Yes, but I still did some things wrong. Tobias, you haven't seen all of my life. I never opened it all to you. I did a lot of wrong things." It's a game. It's seduction. It's a way to continue a search - searching for the right way - but it's a search whose end will never come unless you let go of this whole concept of "I did it wrong."

< MNEC2009-T1 > I say this to you because this is probably the biggest struggle that you and I have had. I asked you to just give it to me, turn it over to me - this whole concept of "I did it wrong" - and you're reluctant. You hold back. You say, "Well I have to get back to you, Tobias. I have to think about this, because I really think I did some things wrong." Just give it up. For a day, give it up to see what it's like. You may release a few things, but you're seriously invested in your wrong - your wrongness.

< MNEC2009-T1 > Oh, I can understand. It's absolutely seductive. It keeps you in the game. It keeps you searching. It keeps you thinking that you're alive, that if you have enough wrong things it's going to keep you firmly planted here on Earth so you won't die real quick, because there's a fear, "If I let go of all of my wrong, I don't have to be here on Earth anymore. Fwwttt - back with Tobias!" (laughter)

< MNEC2009-K > He was a rabbi lifetime after lifetime. He studied the texts, listened to the lectures, because he … he was going to be worthy in the eyes of God. He was going to get it right this time, because he felt he'd got it wrong in Atlantis. There were some beautiful times in his lifetime, but there was a lot of discipline. There was a lot of lack of the joy of life. He still felt guilty. He felt he had no right to enjoy life as it was. So he studied and he worshipped and he suffered - until his last lifetime.

< Master 3 > You cannot make the wrong decision. Try it. Try it. Don't hurt yourself too bad at first. What happens now, and I won't get into the deep physics of it, but because of the way you have changed your energy, and because of the fact that you are going beyond vibrational reality into expansional reality, you can't make a wrong decision. You can think you made a wrong decision, which seems very real sometimes, but ultimately what happens is your own energies, your own consciousness will self-correct. And you can resist it and you can pretend it's not there, but it really is. It really is. Trust me. No, actually, don't trust me. Trust yourself. Trust yourself absolutely.

< freedom 2 > And one last one for our list … stupid. It's the only “s” word I could think of that related to giving yourself a hard time for doing what you call are the wrong things. Let's do a little bit of forgiveness, because that wasn't you that's stupid. And you're not stupid. There's nothing stupid. You're in the midst of experience. You're starting to understand that you can choose your experience – how you want to have it, how you want to become enlightened.

< Discovery 9 > You've allowed in light and happiness and feel good and all the rest of that, but the fact is there's much more to it. There is energy even in the darkness. There is awareness in your irritation. There is goodness, there is benefit in some of the difficult things you're going through. And the worst thing you're doing, really the only thing you're doing that's kind of mucking it up, is wondering what you're doing wrong. And that will lead to depression, by the way, because it's a thought. It's a limitation. “What am I doing wrong?” Well, there's an assumption you're doing something wrong. And I say to you assume that it's all being done right. And you say, but your mind says, “Well, I'm not sure I can assume everything. I'll assume a little bit,” and then you don't sleep at night.

< Discovery 9 > So the only real problem here, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, is you keep saying “What am I doing wrong?” And I'm saying “Nothing,” and then you get mad at me. We have these long arguments at night, and you say, “But I know I'm doing something wrong, otherwise …” I'm like, no. You made a choice a long time ago to do this, to transform, and you're trying to do it in a single lifetime. And it's working. And it's working, if you could just breathe that in. It's about allowing. It's about you. It's about drinking it in. It's about stop saying “What am I doing wrong?” Nothing.

< WalkOn 5 > You actually can't make a mistake. And that's not just a nice metaphorical, metaphysical saying. I mean that. You cannot. You can't not read the right books or go to the right places or any of that. You cannot. You have something so ingrained in you that's far beyond any of your human capabilities, the human self capabilities, so deep within you it is going to guide you there in spite of the human, and that's often the challenge. Often the challenge is that the human thinks, “Well, it should be this way.” But that divine guidance system is going to bring you there. You're going to find that you'll be a lot less tired, a lot less stressed out, a lot less befuddled if you just realize you can't make a mistake. You can't.