2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference
Breckenridge, Colorado Friday, July 17
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And so, for one of the last times, dear Shaumbra

And so it is.

What an honor and a joy to be here with all of you today and for the next three days of time, sharing our energies at the deepest and the most real levels; washing away all of the stresses, washing away the resistances, washing away the challenges that humans do face in their lives; taking these three precious days that we have to share together.

It's About You

Let us take a deep breath and bring in the energies of all Shaumbra all around the world - the ones who are joining us now over your Internet, the ones who are joining us in their hearts and their minds and their spirits, for as Cauldre just said a moment ago, this isn't about I, Tobias, returning; this is about you becoming. This is about you coming back to you, completing a circle that began a long time ago, coming back to you in every way - these aspects that you've had coming back.

Oh, have you felt those aspects that hadn't integrated? Could you feel them over the last week or two, getting closer and closer, poking you and prodding you, waking you up in the middle of the night, making you feel a little anxious and you not knowing where that anxiety was coming from? Well, those aspects, the ones who have really been fragmented, really been cast out, they know something's happening. They know that you're coming back to you. A grand and glorious thing it is - the acceptance of all that you are.

So this isn't so much about I, Tobias, coming back. That's fairly mundane when you think about it - just coming back for another lifetime on Earth. This is about you graduating. This is about you coming full circle. This is about you leaving some things right here in Breckenridge after the end of these three days - things that really haven't served you so well, things you just couldn't seem to let go of; they're almost like ghosts haunting you - you can leave them here.

What an amazing, amazing time it is to be a human on Earth. And in just a few short days I'm going to be right in there with you, experiencing what it is like to be in human form and divine; experiencing what it is like to have every part come back to you; experiencing what it is like to be God also in human form on Earth in the time of change.

(Tobias takes a sip) I guess it wasn't time for my wine yet! I have to stay with the water. (laughter) But I did notice that Cauldre tried to grow … (sighs) … and he calls it a beard … I was expecting something a little more substantial. (laughter) I wanted to be able to stroke down here, not have to pick up here. (more laughter) But at least I give him credit for trying. And for the rest of you who've been growing beards in celebration, I honor and thank you.


Oh, dear Shaumbra, what a journey it's been. What an incredible journey.

As you know it's been several thousands of years since my last lifetime. I have been on this side, by agreement with Archangel Mikael and those of the Crimson Council, to be back here to talk to you, to help guide you. You see, we've known each other far, far long. We've known each other long before there was an Earth, in the angelic realms. We've known each other in Lemuria and Atlantis.

It was a bit of a challenge to agree to stay back on the other side while you were down here. I truly felt like I was missing the … well, you may not call it this, but missing the fun, missing the excitement, missing the evolution. How I have longed to come back to sit next to you, to do the things that you do, to … yes, even to experience some of the challenges and the frustrations. That's part of life. That's part of living. It's not meant to put you down. It's not meant to make you small.

You see, these challenges, these experiences, you give yourself so you know what it's like to go through them. And now what it's like to have been through them, and now living fully conscious as an angel on Earth.

How I have longed to come back, and every one of you - every one of you here or listening in - we've had our talks; one-on-one, group talks. We've been in the Shaumbra Service Center. We've been on Angel's Peak. We've had long talks, and how envious I was. yes, even of some of your most difficult experiences. Just longing to come back, to be able to do the things that you're doing, and now in a few short days I'll be back with you.

I will be here in spirit to talk to you one-on-one. I'm choosing for a wide variety of reasons not to do this public channeling. I want to talk to you. I want you to talk to me spirit-to-spirit and human-to-human. That's how it should be. Adamus will work with those who want to go explore New Energy; I'll work with you one-on-one in both human and angelic form.

So, dear Shaumbra, I'm coming close, so very close right now, in a few short days going to fully focus my energies on Sam. He's going through some interesting experiences right now, which I'll tell you more about on Sunday. But as I come closer to Sam, I find myself closer to each and every one of you. I find myself not just feeling the experiences that you have told me about in your life; I find myself really deeply becoming part of them as well. The closer I get, the more compassion and the more empathy I have for what you have been going through. The closer I get now to my reentry back to Earth, the more clarity I'm having about some of the talks that we had and some of the frustrations that you were going through.

There were times when it's difficult for even an angel to understand how the density of Earth and how mass consciousness really pulls you in, really makes you forget who you are. Sometimes when Adamus or Quan Yin or Kuthumi or I on the other side, we know that Earth is very seductive - very, very seductive - but we also forget that feeling of the seduction.

Now that I am so close to my full reentry, I'm feeling it once again - that deep seduction - that seduction both in very positive but sometimes in very challenging and frustrating ways. The physics of Earth are so seductive. They're pulling me in right now. I can feel that, like a spiritual magnetism, pulling me in. Now, yes, I've chosen to come back, but I forgot what that seduction was like.

As I come closer to my reentry becoming one with Sam, I forget about the seduction of things like food. It's very seductive. It's beautiful. I could talk to you on the other side - we had long talks about food and diet, didn't we? Didn't we? Now that I'm coming closer to Earth, I'm feeling the seduction again. It's not good or bad, it just is. It's deep, it's full and it's meaningful.

I'm feeling the seduction of a friendship with other humans. You know, sometimes friendships are so difficult, because sometimes when you're most looking for love is when you're the least loveable … Cauldre. (Tobias chuckles) I said that for Linda, of course. (laughter) But you know, that friendship, that bond between another human is so seductive. There's nothing like it.

Oh, we have beautiful relationships on the angelic realms, but they don't have the depth. They don't have the draw and the meaning. What I'm finding right now, as I'm getting so close, is - the term I would use is - Earth, humanity has so much meaning, so much substance. It is so real. It is so very seductive. So seductive that it does draw humans back, lifetime after lifetime.

The seduction of their own karma or their own feeling of having done wrong; the seduction of seeing a sunset; the seduction of taking a nap in the afternoon - angels can't do that! The seduction of taking a walk in nature, or, for some humans, the seduction of drama, indeed. The drama of always having their life in a chaos - you know, that's seductive. That's why they keep doing it over and over. The chaos is energy. The chaos reminds them that they are alive.

The seduction of life itself in every way. Now I get what you've been telling me all of these years, dear Shaumbra. (laughter, Tobias chuckling) I knew it, but now I'm really getting it. (audience applause and cheering) And in this, I have to say, one of my greatest moments, one of my greatest feelings is the honor I have for you. I always have. We have walked a long way together. We have come from afar to be at this point.

But now, when I'm looking at the intensity of life on Earth … your technology - it's amazing - your conveniences, if you want to go to lunch, you just go down there and give them some paper and you have lunch. I'm used to going out and having to hunt my lunch, you know? (laughter)

It is so different now - the intensity of … you have these vehicles that you drive around in. Talk about loading up the drama, getting in those vehicles. We didn't have that back when. I'm … you see, there's things I could feel, I knew, but the meaningfulness, the seduction, the beauty and the depth - I had forgotten.

And you know, these other angels that are here right now in the room, the other entities that are coming in, are really beginning to get it also. We're beginning to get what you've been sharing with us - the beauty of this experience, the depth of it, like the angels can't even imagine.

We're gathering around in this room right now - all of us who are in nonphysical form - amazed by you. These angels that are gathering around, some of them are going to be coming back to Earth again soon. Some have never been to Earth - can't even imagine the depth, the meaningfulness, the seduction of life on Earth. That is why we are here in honor of you, in love of you, in absolute respect. That's why we are here with tears in our eyes for what you are doing.

Tell you what, I'm really beginning to understand - it's easy to be an angel. (laughter) It's difficult to be a human angel. It's challenging. (audience applause)

Over the years, I know, in our talks - whether it was in a Shoud or whether it was one-on-one - I know there were times when you felt small, when you felt like, "I'm just a puny little human. I don't know the answers." Oh no. Oh no. You are grand. You are so highly evolved. You always have had the answers; sometimes you play the game that you don't. I've been here to basically listen, to basically let you open your energy up, whether it was to me or Adamus or Quan Yin or any of the others. We're here to listen. But you really do have the answers.

You really do get it. I am so impressed. I can say I'm so looking forward to really being embodied back on Earth, and I'm a bit anxious about it also. I am a bit anxious.

Beyond the Intellect

A couple of things I want to mention here in our chat, things you already know but I'd love to remind you of, things that I'm reminding myself of right now - reminding Sam of.

Right now, this point of separation that you're at, this time of going from one - how to say - level to another. If you want to boil it down into its simplest forms, you say, "So what is this about? Where do I go next?" It's quite simple, as an angel would say, but quite challenging, as a soon-to-be-human would say. This is about going beyond the intellect - your brain or your mind, whatever you want to call it. That's your next evolution. That's your next expansion.

You've been preparing for it for a long time. You've been learning how to feel and oftentimes cussing the fact that you're feeling again. You've been learning to open up your heart, and when you do, you find your heart held a lot of tears. Your heart held a lot of pain and a lot of anger. But over ten years you've learned to open that up again and let yourself experience at the deepest level.

You've been going through the experience of intellectual frustration. For so very long you, and most of humanity, has held the intellect as the highest order of energies or consciousness on Earth. You have been preparing yourself and lately discovering that there is something beyond. The intellect is having a difficult time comprehending it, and there's part of you that's struggling with the intellect, saying, "Where's my brain going? Why is it turning to mush? Why can't I remember things? I used to be able to be so articulate. I used to be able to quote the great beings of the time. Why is it now that I can't even get my thoughts straight?" And you've been struggling with that at very deep levels. It causes you to doubt yourself. It causes you to wonder about, "Why am I on this crazy spiritual journey if I can't even think anymore?" But that's the very reason.

You're going beyond intellect into whatever name you want to call it - divine intelligence, the gnost, the being that you truly are - where the mind doesn't have to calculate and analyze and judge and balance. Where there's a true creative flow that comes in, the answers before the question, the solution before the problem, the knowingness before even the awareness of what the issue is at hand. You're turning yourself basically inside out, from an intellectual basis, so that you can expand yourself, open yourself.

There are a lot of angelic beings who are assisting with this. They're not doing it for you, they're not activating it for you, but they're helping you to maintain a balance and a footing, primarily on the angelic realms - keeping your energy balanced there along with you - while you go through the process here on Earth.

This process is very confusing and disorienting because you have had everything intellectualized. You've had everything graphed in a very mental basis, and for so very long you put away your feelings. You hid your heart. You put down the emotions. You let the mind override all of these things.

But now you come to a point of separation. You come to the releasing of that intellectual ceiling that you've been operating under, and you open yourself up to things you have always known but never knew. You open yourself up to wisdom beyond any definition in human terms. You open up the faucet and allow the spiritual and creative and divine flow of energy to join you in this lifetime.

Yes, it seems a little awkward at first, not knowing how to use this tool, not knowing what it means to get an answer before the question comes in. And your mind, your intellect, has a difficult time adjusting and balancing, and so often then you say, "What's wrong with me? Why am I going through all this torment? Why do I have headaches?"

It is because you're going through a natural process - and I want to underline "natural." You don't have to study for this, that's the old mind telling you it has to study. There's nothing to study. It's a natural process - evolving beyond the intellect into who you truly are, going beyond the brain into a divine knowingness, having gnost as a natural part of your life instead of having to think about it. That's where you're going.

It will present its challenges, of course, because there aren't a whole lot of others who have gone this way ahead of you. It's going to present its challenges as you learn to re-relate to people, to nature and to life here on Earth. You could say it's like rebooting your entire computer, but with an operating program that you can't even imagine right now. It's going to be what you would say is trial and error, but what we call just experience - allowing yourself to transcend beyond the mind.

It will cause readjustments in the rest of your physical body, in your memory systems, in your problem solution systems, and more than anything, it's going to dig very deep down within you to ask you how you want to live. How you want to live. It's going to dig up some old core issues, some old programmings that you've had, but you know what? The best way to handle it is to allow it. Let yourself go through those experiences. This opening up beyond the intellect is a natural process.

The beauty that each and every one of you have is that you can share your experiences with other Shaumbra. You can talk about what it's like to lose the grip on that intellect, to forget your names some days, as some of you have been doing. To forget where you are, what time it is. These are all part of the process of opening to your divine, opening to your grand mind - not just the human mind, but the grand mind.

That's where you're going. That's what you're experiencing right now. You can't really read about it in a book, because that book hasn't been written. You really can't go to some counselor or facilitator or reader to find out what's going on, because they haven't gone through it. They don't understand it. So it becomes a very personal experience, but one that you can share with Shaumbra.

Letting Go of "Wrong"

One other quick point, as we talk this morning. There's something I'd like to take away from you. I've been trying to take it away for a number of years, but seeing as we have only a couple of days left together like this, I really want to take it away right now. But I can't if you keep holding onto it. Oh, and some of you hold onto it dearly.

It's a game. Oh, it's an exciting game, and now I'm beginning to understand a little bit more about why you play it, now that I'm coming in closer. But the game is "I did something wrong. I've done a lot of things wrong." And I'm trying to take that away from you - have been for years. I've been trying to say "You haven't done anything wrong," but you want to hold onto that. Oh, you've given me a little bit. You've let go of a little bit, but you still want to hold on, saying, "Well, yes, I've made the wrong decision in a marriage. Now that was wrong. I made a wrong career decision. I did things that were wrong." And you start going through your list of "I did it wrong."

There wasn't one thing you did wrong, at all. Part of this seduction, part of this being on Earth is to say "I did something wrong," so that you can run in circles trying to find out the answer, trying to find out the way that you should have done it right. You play this whole game of holding onto "I did it wrong."

And you say - you justify it - you say, "Tobias, if I hadn't done it wrong, why would I have gotten a disease? I must have done something wrong. If I didn't get it wrong, why have I been broke? I must have done something wrong. I have troubles with relationships. I must be wrong, because I can't get along with others." And I keep saying to you no, you didn't do it wrong, at all. There's a lot of reasons that are difficult for the old human mind to understand - why you chose certain experiences, why you did things a certain way - but certainly you didn't do it wrong.

By holding onto that energy of "I did it wrong," you perpetuate the cycle. You continue to do wrong things, all in an effort to discover what's wrong with wrong, all in a way of trying to understand what is right. And at the end of the day, as I told a group in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, it doesn't matter. There's not a right or a wrong. There truly isn't. But yet even though I say that right now, and a few of you are nodding your head, but you're saying, "Yes, but I still did some things wrong. Tobias, you haven't seen all of my life. I never opened it all to you. I did a lot of wrong things."

It's a game. It's seduction. It's a way to continue a search - searching for the right way - but it's a search whose end will never come unless you let go of this whole concept of "I did it wrong."

I say this to you because this is probably the biggest struggle that you and I have had. I asked you to just give it to me, turn it over to me - this whole concept of "I did it wrong" - and you're reluctant. You hold back. You say, "Well I have to get back to you, Tobias. I have to think about this, because I really think I did some things wrong." Just give it up. For a day, give it up to see what it's like. You may release a few things, but you're seriously invested in your wrong - your wrongness.

Oh, I can understand. It's absolutely seductive. It keeps you in the game. It keeps you searching. It keeps you thinking that you're alive, that if you have enough wrong things it's going to keep you firmly planted here on Earth so you won't die real quick, because there's a fear, "If I let go of all of my wrong, I don't have to be here on Earth anymore. Fwwttt - back with Tobias!" (laughter)

As I get closer and closer, back into the physical body, and I'm taking a look at what I as Sam is going through - what are the issues, what are the challenges, what have we talked about for ten years, how do we boil this all down into a few simple terms? You didn't do anything wrong. Could you let go of that concept? Well, there are layers and layers and layers and layers. Yes, indeed. But could you let go of where you think you took the wrong turn?

It's going to create a bit of an empty feeling at first, because you're so used to … it's a blanket that you hold onto. It's your teddy bear that you cuddle up to. "I am wrong" actually provides some definition to helping you understand where you are right. But it's a very inefficient Old Energy way of discovering who you are. "I am wrong" keeps you from opening up to your fullest potentials. It keeps you in a maze, almost an endless nightmare of self-discovery.

Today, tomorrow and part of Sunday, I'm going to wrestle with you for your wrong. I'm going to try to pull it away from you.

Now, as most of you know in your journey to get here, yes, there were some games and pranks that were played by Adamus and Kuthumi and I. We had fun with you. We had fun traveling with you, and we were all trying to pull away this baggage that you were carrying with you, and I'm not talking about for your clothes. I'm talking about "I am wrong" baggage that you insist on carrying. Over the next couple of days, I'm going to be working with you, trying to pull it away. I'm going to be asking you, "Why do you keep carrying it around? Why do you keep insisting that you did it the wrong way? Why do you keep insisting that you're searching for the answer when you already have it? What is the seduction in that that keeps you in the game?"

So, with that, we have a grand time ahead of us the next few days. I ask you to enjoy, I ask you to celebrate and I ask you to really let go of what you did wrong - because you didn't.

Imagine right now, all around the room, all of these angels in absolute honor of you for what you've gone through here on Earth - absolute honor. How could you have been wrong if we love you so very much?

And so it is.


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