the name of the last lifetime of Tobias;

< Creator 7QA > I, Tobias, died in a prison, in a lifetime long, long ago. I was an owner of land, of property. This was not during the lifetime that I went by the name of Tobias, the one where I was thrown out of your scriptures (Agos). It was a lifetime that occurred afterwards. I was an owner of land and there was a person in a position of authority who very much cherished my land. He found a way to have me imprisoned. I was of a middle age and with a family. I was placed in prison to die.

Now, I had much anger around this. I had much feeling of betrayal by Spirit. I could not understand why I would have ever created this for myself as a human. This was one of the most significant lifetimes for me. Prison became a time of quiet and reflection, a time of true connection with Spirit. After going through the initial process of anger and betrayal, I came to understand Spirit and God within me. I died not an unhappy man. I died not in anger. I died having come to a new realization and a new enlightenment. In this lifetime, I chose to free myself from all of the bars that I had put around myself in the past, literally and figuratively.

The one who brings forth these messages, Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), the one I call my son, has also spent time in prison. Not so long ago, but not in this lifetime … thank you. (chuckling) He asked us to put that in. (audience laughter) Now it was not so many lifetimes ago that he spent some time behind the bars for rather reckless activities, which he does not want us to go into. (audience laughter) During this time he came to understand some realities of human conditions and power levels. He came to understand that there were injustices in your world. These knocked him down a few notches from the high chair that he sat on!

< Creator 8QA > As I have mentioned to you before, I have died in a prison and that was my last life upon earth. It was very difficult and challenging, yet very beautiful and I learned much from this. I moved ahead several steps in my progress by going through this, but I also did not have the fortitude to continue lifetimes on earth. I chose to stay here in my service - in the service of the Crimson Council and the other councils that exist to interface with the humans - to be here to help you on your paths.

< Creator 9QA > In this lifetime I chose the process of being in prison. One of the things I was working on from the soul level was to break out of the conscious prison that I had placed myself in. I had achieved much that I wanted to as a human in the many lifetimes that I had. The lifetimes in Atlantis were indeed the most powerful, but yet the most traumatic for me. As my final lifetime upon Earth - in that particular cycle - I chose to die in prison in order to truly understand the walls that I had placed around myself.

I chose to die alone, so that I would have to rely on those powers and those energies from the unseen, rather than from people in the human form. I chose a time of quiet, and although there was much physical suffering and much mental torment, I learned to overcome these things. I learned to go very deep within. It was my first experience with what I now speak to you of as the new house. I found comfort. I found energy, and I found love within myself. It took the walls of a prison for this to happen; otherwise I would have been out continuing my businesses, continuing my relationships. I would have been continuing my outer work. I chose this lifetime in prison as my final lifetime in that cycle. There will be a day when I return, following in your footsteps. There will be a day that I will come to some of you to be my teacher. Ah, we will have some laughs about that! (audience laughter)

< NewEnergy 8QA > When I spent my last lifetime on Earth in prison, it was the Archangel Michael (Tobias saying Mike-el), Michael (Tobias now pronouncing this as Meek-eye-el), as you would know, who helped me to understand the value of the imagination, the freedom of going outside of the walls of my prison anytime I chose. It was as real or more real than the reality within those walls. It gave me a new appreciation for life, a new understanding of the nature of reality.

< Embodiment 1 > So, I can talk about those who pontificate and who don't live it because I learned along the way. I learned it later in that lifetime as Tobias and in the next lifetime - indeed the one where I spent many a day in a prison (as Agos). I learned how to embody. I learned how to embody Spirit in a prison within my being. I learned to live it in every moment. I learned the greatest joy I have ever had as a human beyond those four walls. I had to. I had to learn to embody it.

< Embodiment 9QA > As my dear friend, Adamus, said, "I was a bit tight in my lifetime as Tobias." Everything in my life was about control. Interestingly enough, in the subsequent lifetime (as Agos) it ended up controlling me. I found myself in prison. All of the controls that I had exercised over my life loved me so much that they imprisoned me in my next. So, I learned about control. I learned how to let go of control. It was a difficult thing. It was the most challenging thing perhaps that I had ever done. It is truly the message that came to me in the form of a bird. But, it was really Archangel Michael. "Let go, Tobias, let go of all control."

< MNEC2009-K > In his last lifetime he was not known as Tobias; he was known as Agos. In his last lifetime, he did find love and he did have children, and he loved the lands around Galilee. He loved life once again. But, as the story goes, there was another who wanted his lands, who set him up and eventually caused him to be imprisoned where everything was taken - the love of his life, his children, his land and his animals. Can you imagine the dismay that Tobias had, feeling that God had turned his back on him?

< MNEC2009-K > It wasn't until nearly his last day in prison, just about to die, just about to cross over, that he finally got it. He finally released everything, as he has told you the story. He released all of his beliefs. He released all of his guilt and all of his suffering. He released everything he had thought about himself so that he could become himself. He was so close to death, it didn't matter for him at this point. It didn't matter. He let go. And in a brilliant flash that can still be seen in the Universe, Tobias finally understood four simple words. "I Am God Also." It all came together. All of the pieces fit. The love flowed in and Tobias ascended.