inner work / inner look

inner jouney; internal work; inside work; looking inward; looking within; introspective look; inner reflection; internal struggles; internal clearings; consciousness shift; transformation;
acting out other potentials in multiple realities/dimentions;

< New Earth 3 > When you took this journey to earth, most of your True Self was placed in an energy cocoon. There was reason for that. It was that there was much internal, inside work to be done. So, most of your True Self was wrapped in an energy so that others could not see it. Those from other planets and other dimensions could not see your True Self. Your True Self, while wrapped in this energy cocoon, was watched over by legions of guides and angels to protect the delicate balance that was needed.

< New Earth 6 > And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.

< New Earth 6 > You have not been abandoned by your True Self. Your True Self is not punishing you. Your parent has not left. It has been on its own journey. At the core part within you, you are still connected. There is a still a remembrance. Oh, you wonder why, why, you desire to return Home - because you can still feel at the very center of your heart your connection with something so grand. You wonder why you search for your soulmate, your twin flame. My friend, your twin flame is in a blanket, is in a deep sleep. How you long for the return! You wonder why the emptiness is there in your being, why you feel at night in your dreams that you are crying. It is because you know, you know, that your self has not been complete while you have journeyed here on Earth.

< New Earth 11QA > We have talked in previous discussions that the greater part of yourself, the True Self as you would call it, has been in a type of cocoon, an inward-looking type of energy. It is time that that True Self is emerging. It seeks to reunite with you, the one that carries human consciousness. It will stand and patiently wait - your True Self - until you release, until you put down all of your old systems.

< Creator 6 > While these pieces of Jack were sleeping in this cocoon, they looked inward. Jack had always been the outward creator, the adventurer, the one who sought new lands. Jack had always been an outer expression, but now most of Jack lay within a cocoon, deeply asleep, looking inward.
This had never been done before. There was in a need on the part of Spirit, through Jack, to look inward, to look from a new perspective, rather than to create outward.

< Creator 6 > Jack finally stopped his outer searching. He sat quietly and began to accept. He began to truly listen and began to follow no voice but his own. He put down his books. He put down what the others were telling him and put down the struggling that was taking place in his heart and in his mind. Only then did Jack begin to understand what was truly taking place. The greater part of him that had been in this cocoon, looking inward, had now finished its sleep. It had now finished its introspective look and was ready to awaken.

< Creator 7QA > Many lightworkers choose a time of aloneness for the inner reflections that are necessary to recharge their own energy levels. As you move deeper into the new energies and as you learn the first step of outward creation - pro-active creation with the broad stroke - apply this to your relationship area. Know that the appropriate acquaintances will then be drawn to you. They will come knocking at your door. And indeed, there is always Shaumbra, always willing to connect.

< Creator 8 > When Jack went into the Wall of Fire it shattered him into billions and billions of fragments. This was a very traumatic event for him. When he came out the other side of the Wall of Fire, he was different. The greater part of his energy and his consciousness had retreated into a "cocoon." It was wrapped in an "energy cocoon" for a long, long sleep. The purpose of this was to experience an inner journey. Up to that point Jack had never looked inward. He had always been an outward expression, but after going through the Wall of Fire, there was a new inner look occurring within this cocoon.

< Creator 9 > Several years ago, in this very room where the circle now gathers, the Kryon explained the other attributes of the guides. They stated that as you go through experience, and you reach a new understanding or enlightenment as a human angel, your energy would fill the vessels that the guides carried with them. It was like a golden, liquid light that filled these grand vessels carried by your guides. It was filled with your enlightenment and your new understanding. The guides would collect this wonderful energy of golden knowledge and wisdom that you exuded.

< Creator 10 > Dear friends has it ever occurred to you when you, as you are out in the world among other humans, that they are not doing the extent of internal work you are doing? It does not matter to them so much, for they are still outward looking. Honor them for this, it is appropriate. But has it not occurred to you the tremendous amount of internal work that you are doing, and how much time and energy it occupies? It is because you are going through a metamorphosis. You are going through a divine process. And you are going through changes.

< Creator 10 > There are thoughts you have the first thing in the morning - thoughts of "Who am I?" and "What should I be doing?" and "Where should I be going?" These inner thoughts create important energies that are moving you forward into greater understanding. They are moving All That Is forward. Throughout the day you have thoughts about Self, what you call the other side of self, what you call the doubt of self, that you are dealing. Has it not occurred to you that other humans do not have nearly the amount of chatter and internal discussion as you do?

< Creator 10 > Do not chastise yourself for the work that you are doing within. It IS making a difference, not only in you, but in the energy of this planet and of the universe and of the kingdom from whence you came. Dear friends continue your inner work and do it with love and honor at this time.

< Creator 10 > They will communicate to the others of their council that things are moving faster. They will tell their councils about a group of humans who have done extensive inner work. The work of Shaumbra is now to a point that it can be taught through books and through classes in order to help other humans who are beginning to walk the path. They will tell their councils of the group of humans who are helping to make change on Earth: The Changeworkers of Shaumbra!

< Creator 10QA > But dear friends, in your original contract was a "what-if clause." That "what-if" clause said that if indeed, you were to move to the next level without these traumatic things happening, then what would you do? And that is why we sit here with you now. That is the very reason we began these very specific lessons and discussions in past. The date of August 19, 1999 was the predicted date of destruction. This was also the time when we began these discussions in the teepee (see Tobias channeling "The Departure of the Guides", August 21, 1999).

We began to work with you on your "what-if" clause. That being if things DID work out, then dear friends, there would be a need on Earth for teachers, those who had done much internal work, much internal processing and transformation. These would be the ones - and you are the ones - who agreed to go into their next lifetime while staying in body.

< Creator 11 >
In the Kingdom, all was One. All was singular. There was a singular expression in the Kingdom. But at some point in this Oneness, in the love and the bliss of Home, Spirit, All That Is, the Eternal One, God, knew that it was time to take an inner look. It was time to come to a greater understanding of why existence existed. It was time for All That Is to take an account of Self, of all of creation, of all that had been done. Everything up to that point had been a singular outward expression.

< Creator 11 > The very moment Spirit even contemplated looking within, even contemplated taking a look in the mirror at Self, what had been one became two. God now had the ability to look at Self. What had been a singular energy in the Kingdom now became the King and the Queen. It became what you would call a "male" energy and a "female" energy. And there was a "marriage" between the two. There was still unity, there was still oneness. But now, because Spirit even thought of looking within and contemplating Self, it instantly created a duality of sorts, different than what you have here on Earth, but it created two energies that we call the King and the Queen, the Mother and the Father.

< Creator 12QA > The healings that you see, especially with your family of Lightworkers, will become quicker and quicker. For all who are healers and facilitators here, we remind you that you are simply a conduit of energy. You are simply bridging the potential of healing of a person with their own time and desire to release those lessons of disease. Those who are ready now for healing - and you will see many this weekend, for they have come here for healing - they have come here to release, and the healings will be quick. Others, dear friends, as you have learned, are not quite ready. They are looking for many outside solutions and cures. They have not taken the deep, inner look yet. And it will be difficult. Remember, it is not about you. It is not a measure of your own effectiveness as a healer. You will learn tomorrow (through Dr. Eric Scott Pearl) of very powerful healing techniques and exercises that you can perform. You can learn to be that conduit of the potential of healing that is here. And yes, it will be quick.

< Ascension 1 > Do you remember when we have spoken to you of the grander part of your energy that stayed behind when you came to this place called Earth? This grander part, what you would call your True Self, what some call the Higher Self, or your Golden Angel… the large part of your energy stayed behind in a cocoon, an energy cocoon. The spiritual physics behind this was such that you and Spirit needed to take a deep inner look, for as we have said, Spirit has always been an outward projection. But your True Self wrapped itself into a cocoon, hid itself, made itself invisible. Your True Self in this cocoon has been watched over. It has been guarded and protected and also disguised by legions of angels, so that it could sleep deeply, so that it could take an inner look.

< Ascension 1 > Part of the role (inner work) of your True Self all of this time (in the cocoon) has been - somewhat difficult to explain - but it has been taking the potentials of your thoughts and actions and deeds, and then living out these potentials in other dimensions. Indeed when you have three choices in front of you - to go left, to go forward, or to go right, and you, as the human, the one who is in control, choose to go right, the other two choices are acted out interdimensionally from within the cocoon of your True Self. At night when you dream, many times you see in a symbolic form all of the potentials, all of the possibilities acted out.

Now you do not need to so much worry about this, for this is something that is being handled by your own True Self, your Full Self. You do not need to worry about these potentials. They are simply energy elements. They do not take on substance in your reality. They do not in any way come back to affect you on your human journey on Earth. But again, we say, while you are going through all of your processes here in the 3D, there is so much else that is happening. Your True Self, your Full Self is exploring the many, many possibilities while you are acting out the chosen one.

Who comes to visit on this day is the energy of self that carries the potential, that carries the alternative realities of who you are. That part of yourself (in other dimensions) comes to visit today. They come into the second circle, first of all to touch you and to join you, but also to applaud you for the choices you did make. There were no choices that were right, none that were wrong. They were all potentials and experiences. The ones you have selected … you have acted out on Earth. The ones that you did not were acted out on an interdimensional basis.

< DivineHuman 2 > So much is said in the silence. Humans have a difficult time with silence. Humans don't like the pause. Why is that? It is uncomfortable, because in the pause, in the stillness, you have to begin looking inside. You don't have the distractions on the outside, the noise, and the chatter, the things to occupy your mind and your hands. Oh, humans do not like the silence.

< DivineHuman 5 > The important thing is that you are already doing the work, or you have done the work. The work is on the inside. The work is on the inside. The changes on Earth, and the changes in the universe, and everything in the Second Circle are affected by what goes on inside you (making golden liquid light=new energy within emotions and feelings).

< DivineHuman 5 > The changes you have done within youself, the releasing of the Old, and the accepting of your divinity… this is what truly makes a difference. We know you have been going through many internal struggles, many clearings. This is truly powerful work. This work makes a difference more than anything else. When you change your vibration (by divine integration), you change everything around you. You change the vibration of the mass consciousness. You change the vibration of the angels and the archangels. The true work is what you have done inside yourself.

< DivineHuman 5 > The changes you made by facing the darkness within you, by facing your fears, by releasing old wounds… these changes have changed your world to the point where you did not need to go through any sort of catastrophe or termination. The work that you have done within yourself is the true work. The work you have done internally has changed people all around you. It has prevented what could have been very catastrophic Earth changes.

< DivineHuman 5 > The Old Earth has the potential of changing. The Old Earth has the potential of bringing in the attributes of the New Earth. The Old Earth also has the attributes, dear friends, of being a place for souls who want to continue playing the old game, who want to continue to be in search of the answer to the question, "Who am I?" The Old Earth has the potential to continue wars… to continue pollution… to continue mistrust… to continue the emotions of anger, and hate, and rage. It has that potential also. Which way the Old Earth goes really depends on you and the other humans at this point. It really depends on the work that you do within you, deep within you.

< DivineHuman 6 > "How is it that the answer could have been so simple, yet overlooked for all these years?" We tell you that it is because of the work that you and other humans on this spiritual path have been doing. We have said to you before - it is not about you anymore. You are going through all these processes within. You are changing your consciousness. You are raising the consciousness of the planet. What happens when you raise consciousness? It expands outwards! You illuminate a new level of consciousness to the whole world. Then, when your scientists, when your engineers, when all of your leaders go to do their work, your consciousness change allows them to come to new understandings, new discoveries.

< DivineHuman 10 > you will continue to see disruptive weather patterns. We are so delighted to report to you that the changes of the Earth are going quite smoothly. There are storms, earthquakes, and other types of natural events. But again, we say the loss of life has been very, very small. It is because there is a group who is making a change by changing within themselves. They are helping to release the energies of the past, of their past lives, of their past ways. They are helping Gaia to release the pressure, so now there is just burping, rather than vomiting. (audience laughter) The Earth can release gently.

< NewEnergy 8 > The very work that you are doing at the deep inner levels - what you would call the psychological levels of who you are - is making a difference on this Earth… making a difference for the ones who will come after you… making a difference in the whole universe. Get out of your mind for a moment here and join with us in feeling how you are helping to change the Earth, how you are helping to change the universe and the omniverse. Every time you have gone through a battle or a challenge within yourself and made a choice, come to a new level of understanding (new level of vibration), you've just helped to change the world.

< Master 5 > Next you created what would be a, you could say, a masculine/feminine aspect of yourself and a light and a dark and an inward looking and an outward looking. You created separation of yourself in many different ways. It was brilliant, because separation, diversity, division allowed you to see yourself, to know yourself, all in answer to the question that you asked - perhaps you shouldn't have - "Who am I? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?" All of these questions of the consciousness caused you to separate. You now had a yin and yang. You had the mother/father, light and dark. You had all these different dualities within yourself.

< (Next) 5 > We talked to you before about connecting with your pakauwahs. That is a form of sha-dhar. We talked a few months ago about taking an object - any object, something from your wallet, something from your home, your car keys, anything - and infusing yourself into it. Why? Because you've been doing so much internal work, you've been in the cocoon for the last five, 10, 20 years doing the internal work; it's time to bring it out.

< (Next) 5 > You've been taking that very deep dive inside. And while you were doing it, this part of you that Tobias talked about years ago, this part of you that left Home - remember in Journey of the Angels, part of you left Home and became an outer expression; part of you went into its own cocoon in the other realms - you're done with that on the other realms and here on Earth. You don't need to do that anymore. You don't have to do it. So what happens next is there's a natural tendency to be at one with your own sha-dhar, the ability to breathe life into life, into your life. Many of you were trying to squeeze life out of your life and go numb, denying life. Now we come to the point of breathing life into life.

< e2012 12 > After Atlantis, we came back from underneath the ground where we lived for protection, but also symbolic of our own inner look, going to the inner vision, connecting with our souls and our divine that would have been difficult to do while still being engaged in all the activities of the outside or the upper world. And from there we went into the times of Egypt, coming up, literally, from the ground into what are the temples, the pyramids all over the world. We emerged. So many of you in the times of Egypt, in the great pyramids, in the Kings Chamber, breathing in our divinity, breathing in the potentials for this era of humanity.