< New Earth 11QA > There was interesting technology that was used that has not been brought back. There was the use of "magnified" energies at the time. There were priests who were extremely proficient in what you would call mind control that would gather large groups of people and concentrate the thought on specific areas. These thoughts were then transmitted from the group of humans through a series of crystal gridworks that were sent to another group of humans that would then literally lift the stones. They found within themselves great, great strength. As we say, this was "magnified" energy going from one group of humans to another. This type of energy work is still available. It will take much studying to bring forth. But as we say, these are all tools of the old energy. In your new energy, creating will be much different and certainly much easier than before.

< Embodiment 6QA > The Temples of Tien were not all pyramids. Some were very different types of structures. How to say - some of them were very block-like. Others were like pyramids. Others were simply tall columns. There were many energetic reasons for this, but the primary thing we would want to share here is that it was a way of concentrating Old Energy, is the best way to say it. Right now to try to rely on the energies of the pyramid would be cutting yourself short. Yes, indeed, they do have a way of bringing in energies. But, they are more prone to bringing in what would be an Old Energy right now than a New. You don't need the pyramids to be a resource, a conductor for New Energy.

Pyramids are fascinating. There has been much work done in the literal pyramids of the past. It is very interesting to note that these pyramids were constructed in part through human labor. But, the labor was assisted tremendously by the imagination efforts of groups of people at the time who would sit together and go through a type of… oh, a chanting exercise. They would raise their vibration level, and therefore, raise their imagination so they could imagine that these stones, these huge stones, were right on the backs of the workers. This aided and assisted the energies, the workers themselves. Some of the stones were literally - how to say - moved like a feather, where barely the human hand was put upon it. But, it gives you a good example of how imagination energies can work.

So, that being said, can you imagine the tremendous, wonderful energy inside these pyramids because of the very way they were built in the first place? Pyramids are fun to play with. And, at some point we're going to talk to all of Shaumbra about the New sacred geometry, not the Old, but a whole type of New sacred geometry. And, we will get into some more information about the pyramids. But, for right now don't get caught in their energy. There is a New type of energy moving in. You obviously - as you know - you were one of the builders of these pyramids, one who helped bring the imagination energies together. You're very, very connected with these. And, it is - how to say - a wonderful room to go visit in your own house.

< Embodiment 8 > Many of you here were in the Temples of Tien where you understood how to free energies from its structures, so you could go into the multi-dimensional realms while still existing in a space in the physical Earth. Many of you worked with the great energies of Atlantis. And, you knew how to hold time still. You knew how to keep the body from aging. You knew how to heal. You knew how to transport material objects without touching them. Much of that technology was later used in the building of the pyramids. And, we understand some are going there soon. It was all about illusion, energy as an illusion. In the Temples of Tien you understood it.

< Returning 8 > We sat less than two weeks ago with an amazing group of Shaumbra from all over the world in a vortex - a real vortex - called the Great Pyramid. Not only because it is a vortex aligned with grids and ley lines and things like that, but because it has become a vortex for humanity. Consciousness helped to create it as such a powerful vortex. It is imprinted in the memories and the consciousness of humans all over the world. It is imprinted on some of your paper money. It is a vision and a picture that the large majority of humanity has seen and knows about. And with this group of Shaumbra sitting in the inner chamber talking about the mysteries of life, getting into the real secrets of life.

< (Next) 12 > One of the problems with Lemuria is the spirit in a physical body was so light and airy and couldn't hold itself here, couldn't get grounded, and that carried over even into Atlantis. Now, by going underground, it really bonded that connection with Gaia. It was tens of thousands of years that humans lived mostly underground, and when the time was right, they began emerging. Ergo, the pyramids. That was the way of coming up. It was a type of protection and a housing. It was also a type of energetic focal point.

< (Next) 12 > The pyramids, my dear friends, for the most part - not all, but most - were built from underground up. History says, "Well, no. They had to take a bunch of rock and pull them for thousands or hundreds of thousands of miles, rocks that were too big for even groups of men to handle." They built them from the underground up. There was still enough energy resources in the crystal structures in the ground, plus just the natural energy sources underground - thermal sources, heat sources, pressure sources - it wasn't all that difficult to build them from the ground up.

< (Next) 12 > And, interesting revelations, now they're finding more and more pyramids buried deep below the ground. Well, that's not just desert dust that was covering them up. A lot of them … they're going to find that they were built from underground up. There were amazing tunnel systems running through these. What else did you have to do those 10,000, 20,000 years of time underground? Build more tunnels, you know, connect. There were grand rivers underground that carried goods from one spot to another.

< e2012 12 > After Atlantis, we came back from underneath the ground where we lived for protection, but also symbolic of our own inner look, going to the inner vision, connecting with our souls and our divine that would have been difficult to do while still being engaged in all the activities of the outside or the upper world. And from there we went into the times of Egypt, coming up, literally, from the ground into what are the temples, the pyramids all over the world. We emerged. So many of you in the times of Egypt, in the great pyramids, in the Kings Chamber, breathing in our divinity, breathing in the potentials for this era of humanity.