age of consciousness

the third age of four eras on Earth;
it began 6000 years ago after coming up from underground;

< NewEnergy 1 > This is a monumental time, a time that has been going on for some three, four thousand years, an age of consciousness that is so ready for change. And, of course, as you know, you are the ones leading the change. This is a monumental time when the energies and the entities, who have paved the way up to now, and who have held a type of archetypical energy, are now ready to pass this on to you.

< Teacher 5 > Let's take a deep breath and allow this New Energy infusion, here at the end of your calendar year, but an end of a cycle right now. Your calendar tells you there are only a few more days left, but what's really important to look at is you are at the end of a cycle. A cycle that's gone on for thousands of years, specifically, but even a bigger cycle that's been going on for well over 100,000 years. You're at the very tail end of it right now.

< Teacher 5 > While that old cycle is slowly, slowly dissolving away, the new cycle - the New Energy - is slowly making its place known. That is why we are spending a few moments here today, for this infusion. I am not doing it, I am not forcing it. The other angelic beings who are in the room are not making it so. It is you that is allowing it into your life, into your reality. It is the change that Saint-Germain talked about. A transformation of energy, but actually energy going to a whole new level.

< Teacher 5QA > Coming back to Earth in this time was indeed a choice by all of you. It wasn't for karmic reasons. As we've told you before, you got through all that. You didn't need to come back here. But yet when you saw the potential and the opportunity in this era of transition into the New Energy, in a sense you almost couldn't resist it. You've been such a part of creating Earth, of going through the ages of Lemuria, of Atlantis, of the Christos era and now going into this new era of New Energy. You almost couldn't say no.

< e2012 12 > After Atlantis, we came back from underneath the ground where we lived for protection, but also symbolic of our own inner look, going to the inner vision, connecting with our souls and our divine that would have been difficult to do while still being engaged in all the activities of the outside or the upper world. And from there we went into the times of Egypt, coming up, literally, from the ground into what are the temples, the pyramids all over the world. We emerged. So many of you in the times of Egypt, in the great pyramids, in the Kings Chamber, breathing in our divinity, breathing in the potentials for this era of humanity.