Egypt / Egyptian


< Creator 2 > Susan had many past lives, as you all have had. They ranged from the powerful and the energetic lifetimes of Atlantis to the provocative lifetimes in old Egypt, and through the many lifetimes in lands across your world, including a lifetime (like many of you here) that was touched by the Master of Love, Yeshua Ben Joseph.

< Embodiment 4 > There are some of you listening right now that are great holders of old Egyptian energy. You know it; you feel it. It resonates within you when you see something come from the old lands, from the old culture, a beautiful culture. It makes you want to cry. You have been holding that energy, waiting for the appropriate time, waiting for it to come back perhaps, waiting for it to enter into your life in one way or the other.

< (Next) 7 > In Egypt this month with these uprisings, it's not just a few thousand or maybe ten thousand, a hundred thousand or more people that are rising. It is the old energy in Egypt that is being released from the temple walls, from the ground, from the air. Ancestral karma which is deep and strong there, family karma, incarnating back and back and back again into the same family, is all being released. Millions, millions and millions who have been buried in the grounds are coming up now, being released.

< (Next) 7 > It's an interesting phenomena. There are spirit energies in the ground - old incarnations that don't currently have a physical incarnation on Earth, these can be released a little bit easier - but they've been stuck in the temples, in the walls, in the ground for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and they're coming up now. What you're just seeing on the news is the tip of the iceberg. You're not seeing the millions of entities who are leaving now, who are departing. They're re-collecting themselves back in the other realms. Their soul has been so fragmented - a piece here and a piece there in the ground, hanging around the Near Earth dimensions - and now they're re-collecting themselves.

< (Next) 7 > The more difficult cases are the beings who have lived, let's say, in Egypt in past lives. Some of their energy or consciousness was buried in the ground; now they have another physical incarnation happening simultaneously, and that physical incarnation is connecting with the ancient spirit energy of themselves, so it's more difficult for that spirit energy to leave. And a kind of a fight ensues between the current human incarnation and the old aspects. The old aspects want to leave, but the current incarnation is saying, "I'm not ready yet. I'm tied into this land. I'm tied into my family and my job. No matter how miserable it is I'm tied into it."

< (Next) 7 > They almost can't help it, because somebody has been traveling around the world, meeting in groups, talking about sovereignty, talking about freeing themselves, and when the energies in the ground, in the tombs, in the temples feels this and says, "It's time to be released," they do. They do. So there's this huge undercurrent of energies that are being released, that are leaving, that are going back to themselves, back to their true nature. You're going to see it sweeping across the Earth. Somebody's been traveling around, telling these old stuck energies that they can leave. Now, who would that be? And you wonder why some groups get a little upset with you? No mystery to me.

< (Next) 7 > The wars that are taking place here on Earth, what is the underlying energy? Religion! They're being fought in the name of God, under the banner of heaven. Religion. The situation in Egypt and some of the other countries right now is going to come down to, in many cases, religion. Religion is stronger than government because it deals with beliefs, and people become fanatical. And people actually would prefer to have organized spiritual beliefs, organized religious structures, they have more of a need for that than a government structure. So actually governments and religions have been at odds with each other for a long time - strange bedfellows sometimes and at other times directly opposed to each other - because ultimately religious control is stronger than government.

< e2012 12 > After Atlantis, we came back from underneath the ground where we lived for protection, but also symbolic of our own inner look, going to the inner vision, connecting with our souls and our divine that would have been difficult to do while still being engaged in all the activities of the outside or the upper world. And from there we went into the times of Egypt, coming up, literally, from the ground into what are the temples, the pyramids all over the world. We emerged. So many of you in the times of Egypt, in the great pyramids, in the Kings Chamber, breathing in our divinity, breathing in the potentials for this era of humanity.

< freedom 9 > Egypt was one of the original cultures to come up from the times of Atlantis. After Atlantis, of course, hiding underground – living underground – for tens of thousands of years, and finally coming up, back to the surface of Earth, reestablishing civilizations, and Egypt was one of them. You could say Egypt was the spiritual center for this post-Atlantean Earth. The Egyptians spent so much of their studying, so much of their energy and their consciousness on the issue of Spirit. The Atlanteans really didn't understand or have a concept of God. They were searching for a source of life, but not in the consciousness that you would know God, Spirit, the Eternal One. They were searching for something that was actually more mechanical, more earthly. “Where does life emanate from?”

< freedom 9 > So when the humans came back up from Earth, the ones that went to Egypt were particularly interested in spirit. It's now often called afterlife. They had the understanding that there was something more to just this reality. They learned how to visit the other dimensions. They learned how to go into what would be called the Near Earth realms and come back. They journeyed. They took some of the original astral journeys in their starboats, their solar ships. Other cultures, other civilizations, for instance, like the Greek, were more about establishing culture, social and community balance, philosophy, balanced judgment. The Romans – that culture was about being civil. Establishing civil structures – roads and cities and systems. Many, many other cultures, but the Egyptians was about Spirit.

< freedom 9 > Now, you've heard a lot of stories about pharaohs and slaves building the pyramids. I don't think so. And even the pharaohs were not what is written about in history now, because there was a tremendous level of service to all of the people, tremendous level of education or experience about going into the other worlds and trying to go into the other dimensions and bring it back here – if that sounds a little familiar to you. Much more difficult back then, the energies were much denser.

< freedom 9 > For whatever reason, the Egyptians ended up then going through many, many thousands of years of suppression. They allowed themselves … with their spiritual journeys, they somewhat forgot about the present moment and about their everyday human life. So that opened the door to those who were interested in ruling. Particularly outside sources, outside rulers and leaders came in and took over, then turned a lot of the Egyptians into slaves. Took away their basic freedom. And for thousands of years the Egyptians have had dictators, pharaohs without heart or without understanding of freedom. They have been controlled and ruled by others.

< freedom 9 > There has been a tremendous desire to bring back the freedom. You could say that this whole delving into tyranny and suppression and being dictated to by others was actually part of the interdimensional experience; really, you could almost say, part of a plan to have a true understanding of freedom and Spirit and bringing it into the Now, bringing it into the body. So this desire for freedom rose up recently. You saw it. Suddenly, a dictator who had been in office for a long time suddenly just stepped down. The military, the army didn't step into support, as a matter of fact defended the people, because an interesting thing has happened in Egypt particularly over these last 20, 25 years.

< freedom 9 > A lot of the energies that have been held in the sacred temples, in the pyramids and in the land itself, a lot of the pharaohs of the past and a lot of the spirit energy that was brought back from the other realm, but not physically embodied – left in the sacred temples – a lot of that energy and consciousness and even the entities that were held within those walls started to be released. A lot of you were attracted to go to Egypt in these last ten, twenty years of time, because part of the process of going there wasn't just to see the temples or to tone in the Great Pyramid. A lot of the process was you just being there as one of the Bringers of the New Energy, as one who has made clear, conscious choice for embodied enlightenment.

< freedom 9 > When you went into those temples and you touched the walls, you breathed the air, you did your toning in those temples, those entities and the energies that were contained in the walls, in the land itself and even in the people, those energies were released and freed. It's like the passing of the baton. They felt your presence. They knew that the new ones were finally here, and they could be released from their job as energy holders, that they have been doing for so long. So when they were released from their energy holding, from their, in a way, a type of a crystal prison, when they were released from that, knowing that the new ones were here, it also released a deep passion that they had, a deep love for this place called Egypt.

< freedom 9 > A lot of these entities and energies didn't just pass through the veil, go to the other side, but they chose to stay in Egypt. They chose to be there in loving support for anyone who chose the freedom of Egypt, of the people and of the land. So many of these energies are still there and they're still present, so you'll find strange and unusual things happening right now in this place called Egypt. You'll find that, as you just saw in the last few days, you saw what some are calling a coup, but actually – and this is what would seem very strange – here you have ancient beings – pharaohs, priests, those who truly understand astral travel and the interdimensional realms – they are staying around now to assist those who are choosing freedom for Egypt. And an interesting alliance is being made between these ancient beings and the army.

< freedom 9 > So there are those military leaders who have the title of general or some fancy supreme commander who are actually very spiritual. They really understand spirituality. They understand Egypt's soul and its heart. They wear the uniform, but inside they are very sacred human beings. They're working right now with these entities and energies who have come from the temples, who have been released from the past. They are working with those who are truly working for the freedom of Egypt, for the people.

< freedom 9 > So Egypt is a very interesting example right now for the world. After many years of dictatorship and lack of most general freedoms, you have a situation now: can they handle freedom? Now, they said yes, in a way. They basically pushed out a dictator without a lot of bloodshed. Suddenly, they started getting a taste, just a taste, of freedom. But suddenly the buts move in, the doubts move in. They start wondering, “Can we really handle freedom? What is freedom? Does freedom make us just like America or Canada? Does freedom corrupt us? Does freedom – does it make us capitalist? Is freedom this negative anti-Allah, anti-God thing?” So they put a lot of buts in there, and what happens? The minute they do, energies – other energies – move in, which is exactly what happened.

< freedom 9 > While they were 'but'-ing about it, thinking about it – after that initial wonderful taste – what happens? Well, you could say, the virus moves in – SES virus, whatever you want to call it – but those with agendas, those with imbalances quickly move in, because one is vulnerable during this stage. One is very vulnerable. One hand saying, “Yes, we want freedom,” on the other hand, worrying and wondering about it. So what happened? Somebody with an agenda that was not about the love and passion of Egypt came in. Worked very quickly – it was easy – worked very quickly and started shifting everything. But in this case something interesting happened.

< freedom 9 > That deep love, that deep passion for Egypt was still there and it was still strong. And it sat back and watched and waited. It observed what was going on, and at some point these entities of the past, combined with the ones – the humans who have a true love of this land – said, “No more.” Just like that – snap – “No more.” There wasn't a lot of saber rattling, wasn't a lot of noise. “You have 48 hours or hit the road.” And it happened. Again, on that particular day, not a lot of bloodshed. Now … now those forces that had an agenda that was not Egypt's agenda, an agenda that was not about Egypt moved in, now they're going to, of course, be testing the real heart and soul of Egypt saying, “Are you really serious? Maybe you do need us. Maybe you're not ready for freedom. Maybe you need a lot of rules and structures. Maybe you need discipline. Maybe all the women should wear veils,” and we could go on and on with this.