Roman Empire / Romans


< Embodiment 4QA > Indeed, indeed… as you know, you were - how to say - very much a part of this Roman Empire. And, you have always held a strong affinity for Italy and those regions. And, you did watch this empire come apart through a combination of lust and greed and perhaps enjoying life in some very interesting ways. And, it has been heavy within you ever since. And, now you have this Old fear come up. It is really not about this America where you live. It is not about that at all. But, it is an Old fear about the abuse of power. You have found your way back to this area of this power center in Washington time and time again. You almost can't help yourself because of your previous experiences with the Romans and having to do with power and wanting to help hold an energy.

< freedom 9 > So when the humans came back up from Earth, the ones that went to Egypt were particularly interested in spirit. It's now often called afterlife. They had the understanding that there was something more to just this reality. They learned how to visit the other dimensions. They learned how to go into what would be called the Near Earth realms and come back. They journeyed. They took some of the original astral journeys in their starboats, their solar ships. Other cultures, other civilizations, for instance, like the Greek, were more about establishing culture, social and community balance, philosophy, balanced judgment. The Romans – that culture was about being civil. Establishing civil structures – roads and cities and systems. Many, many other cultures, but the Egyptians was about Spirit.