; intensification of the energy of duality;
ability to transform energy (expression of love of God) from one state to another;
power is an illusion;

< Ascension 6 > Now, let’s continue moving around this five-pointed star. Next is the SENSE of FOCUS. Focus. We also call it the Sense of Power. It is the ability to take raw energy that comes from the imagination, blended with compassion for others and for self, and focus that energy, to bring it to reality, to bring it to life.

This sense is so important, dear friends. So many of Shaumbra have allowed this divine sense of Focus to go dormant while you have been on Earth. You forget to focus. You forget to bring it into your reality. So many of you have totally ignored this divine sense. You don't want to necessarily focus on being human, for someone along the way told you that it was a sin. You ignore the sense of focus, and it is so important for the balance.
Focus on your imaginations and on your compassion and on your humanness. The sense of Focus draws the energies of the raw God-power and brings it into a focus. It begins to funnel the raw energies.

< Ascension sp > Real power occurs when you change your consciousness. Sit in front of the rock now. Your new consciousness changes the consciousness of the rock. Your new consciousness does not take any form of exertion, or willing, or strength, or pushing. It is simply a consciousness shift. The rock moves in direct response to your new consciousness. That is how you move a rock without touching it, without willing it, or without trying to psyche it out. Change your consciousness, and the consciousness of the rock changes. Then, you will understand how to move it without touching it. Oh, and it will take no real effort on your part!

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to KNOW yourself, to truly know yourself? In the past you have known aspects of who you were. You have tried to know yourself. You have tried to find yourself. But, are you ready to truly know something about you that has been kept within, that has been kept a secret from you by yourself? It has been kept a secret, because in duality there was part of you that did not want to accept who you are - a unique being with all of the energy and all of the power of God (divinity).

< DivineHuman 7 > Let us go back to the time when we left the Kingdom, and we left Home, went through the Wall of fire, and for the first time felt a sense of our own individual identity. At that point we started to have a feeling of power, a feeling of power that we could go and create stars, and galaxies, and planets. We could create these from nothing. You see, we were in a void. There was nothing.

We felt a great power come up through us, an expression come up through us to where we could create all of these grand things. We felt power when we would encounter another entity, another angel. We could then bump our energies off of each other. We could have battle and see who is the most powerful, who is the strongest, who is the best. We had so much power back then to create and destroy. But, in a sense,
it was really only transforming energy from one state to another.

The power was addictive. The power was exhilarating, and we wanted more and more of it. This was one of our ways of experiencing our own identity outside of Home - to feel power, to acquire more power, and then to use it.

But at one point, all energies in the universe began to slow down until they came to a standstill. No matter how much power we thought we had, something was causing all of our energies to come to a gridlock.

This is when the Order of the Arc was created to find resolution and to free up our energy once again.

We, Shaumbra, chose to come to Earth at that point and take on human bodies. When we descended and lowered our vibration and took on mass, we discovered something. We discovered what it was like not to have power, as humans to feel like we could not create much of anything, to feel we had all of our magic taken away from us, all of our ability to create out of thin air, to create a universe. It was quite a shock to us to learn what having no power meant.

So many, many lifetimes have been spent trying to work our way back through this, trying to rediscover our power once again in this funny place called Earth, no place else like it. How do we become powerful angels and powerful beings? How can we manifest something immediately in front of us, simply by thinking it or willing it?

So, we have been in this true duality journey, wanting power, wanting to have that come back to us, but yet walking in these funny bodies with no power at all… difficult some days to even find a job, or feed ourselves, or to create the things we want in our life.

We remember at a deeper level when it was easy to create a star, easy to create a new type of life form before we came to Earth. So, that is the dilemma that we been in for so very long.

Now comes the New Energy. Now comes the opening of our awareness. And now comes the realization that there is no power. There never was. It was an illusion. The illusion of power… we had to come this far, this long of a journey, to discover it. We had to have what we thought was power at one point, then to lose all of that power when we came to Earth, to come to the understanding that there never was power.

There is energy. And we can make that energy into anything we want. But, this whole concept of power does not exist. It was an illusion. We have been struggling for power in our own lives. But, yet it is an illusion. There is no more struggle.

There simply is energy. It is not measured by how much of it we can contain or control. That's what we thought power was. There is energy. It is ours to work with, not to be used against another, not to be accumulated and stored like we did in the past, not to be used to try to show others that we are grander.

There is no power, Shaumbra. It was an illusion. There was only energy. There was only love and expression. We know what we mean, even though our mind is trying to figure it out right now. We know what we mean. It is the illusion of power.

We can release all of those concepts that we had about being powerful beings. There is no need for that anymore. And so it is.

< DivineHuman 7QA > When you let go of the old identity, you become the "nowhere man." You truly can become everything, everything, a whole new level of experience that is difficult to describe in words. At that point there is no need to build your identity. You are all things. It is a joyful experience. It will bring you to your knees when you understand this, when you understand what it is like to allow Spirit to dance through you, your spirit to dance, unrestricted, unrestrained. As you said in Shoud Seven a few moments ago, there is no need to build power. There is no need to accumulate power and to try to be power. You felt what it was like to have all the power in the universe, then have it taken away. You have come to the realization that power is an illusion. You don't need power. You already ARE all things.

< DivineHuman 7QA > In the past, you tried to build your base of power. You felt like you were disconnected from Home and Spirit; therefore, you had to create a house of power around you. Now, you realize there is no need to do that. Everything you need is in the moment (the road moves). What you don't need now is any power in the moment. Why would you need the illusion of power when it is all right there?

< DivineHuman 7QA > Allow yourself to express in your fullest, grandest way in the moment that you are in. Allow yourself to feel a bit uncomfortable at first with this. Allow those old feelings from the past to come back to visit (to be addressed and healed). You know the reason why old feelings, people or experiences from the past are coming to visit you now also? It is that they want to see what you have. They want to feel your enlightenment. They want to feel your divinity. So, we say to you, release all of this. Understand that the power was an illusion, that you simply are. The sabotaging and self-sabotaging will disappear.

< DivineHuman 8 > You have been slaves and slave owners, not just in lifetimes on this Earth but even before you were human. You have felt what it is like for somebody to take your power. You have felt what it is like to have power over another's life. In doing so, you closed down. You hid your own feelings from yourself.

Now you come to realize that power was an illusion. There is only energy, energy for you to play with however you want, however you want to create with it. But the power was an illusion; therefore, you can never truly enslave another. You can never truly take them over. And nobody can control you.

Dear friends, at your current level of wisdom and understanding, there are no forces that can control you or take you over… unless you want them to. So this is an appropriate time to be bold and daring. Open your feelings and know that nothing can come in… nothing. Nothing can absorb you.

< DivineHuman 8QA > You talked today in Shoud about a new aspect of the illusion of power. The illusion was that there were two separate forces battling within you, battling for control, one trying to take over the other. As you expressed in Shoud today, there is no need for this battle.How do you heal yourself? You allow the energies to work together. You know, dear friends, all of these energies have a common goal. All seek spiritual realization, divine realization. Trust yourself to know that everything that is in your biology, in your mind, in your emotions and your spirit seeks divine realization.

< Embodiment 4QA > Indeed, indeed… as you know, you were - how to say - very much a part of this Roman Empire. And, you have always held a strong affinity for Italy and those regions. And, you did watch this empire come apart through a combination of lust and greed and perhaps enjoying life in some very interesting ways. And, it has been heavy within you ever since. And, now you have this Old fear come up. It is really not about this America where you live. It is not about that at all. But, it is an Old fear about the abuse of power. You have found your way back to this area of this power center in Washington time and time again. You almost can't help yourself because of your previous experiences with the Romans and having to do with power and wanting to help hold an energy.

< Embodiment 12 > First, Shaumbra, understand that God is not power. Human consciousness right now equates God to power. It says God can create clouds and lightning and trees. God can move objects. God can do all of these powerful things. Humanity is still in the consciousness that God is power. There is a direct, related energetic link between the two concepts - God and power. When it boils down to it, the religions of the world still feel that God is power. They are frightened of God and her power.

< Embodiment 12 > But, now in the New Energy, God (all that is/all things) is simply expression (of neutral poential/source). It doesn't need power. It doesn't even need the old negative and positive. Imagine and feel for a moment, existing and creating in your world that doesn't need to activate negative and positive. It doesn't need the Old Energy balances. It operates in a New Energy type of expression. You see, expression and force, or power, are two different things. We know we are dealing with semantics here. And, the English language sometimes is very limiting. But, imagine… feel for a moment operating in a synchronistic life where you don't have power. It is simply pure, clear expression. That is one very important thing to remember. God is not power. God is expression.

< Clarity 3QA > Those forces who do attempt to control - who are based in fear or directly based in evil - will continue, will try to continue to do their work, especially over these next few years. Whether they are terrorists or politicians - and not much difference between the two (much laughter) - or any other beings, whether they're large companies or small, they're finally going to realize what you have already realized: you are sovereign in your own right. You don't need to steal someone else's energy. You don't have to try to take away from another. It is actually easier to create on your own as a sovereign being rather than trying to take somebody else's energy for power. Ultimately, you can have what you choose as a Creator unto yourself, rather than having to take it from others.

< Clarity 10QA > What you're doing right now - what Shaumbra is doing - is actually letting go of what we call the field energy or external energies and you're going into an internal essence energy that is not measurable by any human devices right now. So you are actually letting go of all of the external ways that you have been connected and bringing energy into your life. You're going into the essence energy and this energy actually isn't powerful at all, because in true essence there is no power. There is no need for power, you see. Power has to do with opposing forces, and when you get into your essence, there are no opposing forces, you see. But it is your inner essence energy (New Energy).

< Teacher 2 > Humans give up their - I'm going to use the word here, initially - power, although power is an illusion. It doesn't exist. It is manufactured. The word "power" itself connotates something very strong that has motion and direction, but power is a lie. It doesn't exist. It has been created as something in the fabric of human consciousness. Put in there, embedded in there, hypnotized in there so that humans actually believe in this thing called power, and by believing in power, they can become dis-empowered. There is no power. There is no power. But humans believe in it so I'll use that word "power." What's really a more accurate representation though, is the words "energy balance."

< Returning 1 > The New Energy does not use power, so power cannot enter into that form of consciousness. If it is a spiritual leader trying to grab power, it will backfire. Religious leaders trying to use their power, it will backfire. And down the line and down the line it will go. The New Energy in this new era is not about power. It's about consciousness and acceptance and freedom. When there's power there is no freedom, by the way. You cannot have both. Leaders have found this out. Countries have discovered it. The rest of the world is still somewhat oblivious to it, but you cannot have that power.

< Returning 1 > When you have power, or you try to have power… power means a force. Power means an intensification of the energy of duality, and usually it is at someone's expense, usually. But if you are trying for power you cannot have true freedom. You can have a temporary illusion of freedom, because you think "I have all the power in the world, therefore I can do anything I want. I have all the power of money, all the power of control, therefore I must have freedom." But it is actually a prison. It is the antithesis of freedom, and the New Energy is truly about freedom - freedom of consciousness. Consciousness has been pretty much locked in, closed in, but now it is seeking its freedom. It's seeking its resolution.

< Master 5 > "Well, what then creates reality?" Well, as I mentioned before, the driving forces are desire, passionjoy and simplicity. These things create … they actually are creating your reality, but you're just not aware of it. These are true motivators or the true dynamics behind creation of your reality. So the false motivators, the false dynamics, where a lot of people get very - well, where you get confused. The ones that aren't working right now are force. So you have these false motivators that, again, come from the mind, not from the true heart. And they are force, they are power, and they are efforting. Efforting.

< Master 8 > Comfort and the pleasure are also programming that I'd like to see us get rid of, release. You don't need to get a little biscuit at the end of the day. You're not lab rats anymore where you have to get the goody. Sugar was a wonderful discovery a long time ago. So the human needs to survive, have pleasure, comfort, and then it gets into other energies like control and power. It loves those. It gets into the building of its identity. This is the negative interpretation of ego. So let's say identity. Old programming.

< (Next) 12 > This is not just a religious or spiritual trend. Matter of fact, it's a consciousness trend that's taking place. It has nothing to do with religions. Religions don't like it. Religions, as humans tend to do, they get very into their system. They get very caught in it, and then they power into it. In other words, there's certain people and groups, organizations with power, they don't want anything to interfere with that. Well, unfortunately, any time you have a power structure, sooner or later it will come down. And that's a good thing. Any time you create something with control and generally power - because control and power go hand in hand - it will break down. Any time you create something in freedom and liberty, any time you create something and give it absolute freedom, the same freedom your spirit and your soul has given you, it will thrive and it will evolve.

< freedom 8 > Crystalline energies are … there is no power in them. There is what you would call power or density in Earth and cosmic energies, but crystalline there's no power. So, for the most part, you're not going to feel them in your typical sensory receptors. You're not going to feel them. You're not going to feel it as an ache in your arm or anything like that, because there's no power. There's no aggression. They're in their pure form. So most beings in the universe, most humans also, are totally unaware of them, go right by, because most beings are looking for an element of power or force, and there is none within the pure crystalline. You could argue and say that when they make their way down to Earth as crystals they have a certain amount of power, but think in its pure form.

< Discovery 5 > If you want to summarize the year, and really into the next three years total, look at it from the perspective of two of the most important elements on this planet, maybe in the whole cosmos, and those elements are power and freedom. Now when you see something happen in the news, take a look at it from what's happening to power. What's happening to freedom in your own life. Releasing power in your life. Oh! It's confusing and scary – “Well, how can you release power?” – and the interesting thing is you can't release just a little bit and hold onto a little bit. You release it all together – the need for power.

< Discovery 5 > Power is an illusion. It really doesn't exist anywhere other than in a belief system. Power is about the accumulation, the getting of energy, the fear that there might not be enough energy for you. The biggest number one human need is not food or water or money or sex. It's for energy. Energy. It then manifests in these other forms, but that is the number one human need is getting energy. People do it through power. They think they have to force it, struggle, steal it, manipulate it, accumulate it or anything else. Imagine going without power.

< Discovery 5 > It seems frightening because you live in a world that's filled with power, that's filled with people who play with power, who have used power on you – mental power, financial power, physical power on you. You say, “How can I go without power? I won't have any defenses against this crazy sometimes insane world.” The fact is, without power, they're not going to see you. They play power and that's all they see is power. When you release the power game in your own life, you become invisible to them. In other words, they go to somebody else to steal, to do all their power things with. You are then free. You don't have to play the game. They're not going to be coming after you.

< Discovery 5 > This year is about power and freedom, in your own life and in the world. It's going to be about you giving yourself that freedom that's inherent within you, but you have a lot of overlays, a lot of issues, a lot of everything else that you've taken that very freedom away. Freedom sounds wonderful, but it's a tremendous responsibility. It sounds, “Oh, I'm going to be free,” but free of what? Well, you know, most of the time you think free of paying bills, free of having a boss, free of governments. But the real freedom is within. Free of your past. Free of your beliefs.

< Discovery 5 > Beliefs are kind of like power. They're an illusion. They're made up. Not that they're bad – they're a fun tool to play with – but at a certain point, they get old. It's freedom from beliefs, freedom from limitations. And, again, while that sounds wonderful, it is a tremendous responsibility. Many people who are given the choice of freedom will find a lot of excuses not to accept it, not to take it. Those, to me, are the issues for 2014. There's going to be a lot, a lot, a lot going on in the world. Come back though to the underlying fundamental reasons for it; it's power and freedom.

< Discovery 5 > I'm going to come to those who are going to go with me, I'm going to come as the Master, but I'm going to require, expect that you come as the Master also. In other words, no “I don't know.” No victims. No energy feeding. No power. So, my dear friends, you have the opportunity – and again, it doesn't matter, this is not about numbers or anything – you have the opportunity to come to this next level. It's going to be, I hope, exhilarating on one hand. It's going to be tougher. I'm going to have no tolerance for those who are still victims, for those who are still thinking about awakening. It's mastery or nothing. Mastery or nothing.

< Discovery 6 > Dear Shaumbra, this is why you're here. You chose to be here in this lifetime as embodied consciousness. Embodied awareness. After many, many lifetimes of being in the mind, many lifetimes of being in power, you chose to be here as embodied consciousness. You don't need power anymore. It'll be all around you. You'll feel it at times, and a part of you will still try at times to be in power once again. But you don't need it ever again. You'll find that there's something far grander than the mind or intelligence. It's called knowingness. It's always been there, but it's been covered up. The mind will still function. The mind will still work up to a point, but we're going into knowingness. It's far more efficient and far more joyful than the mind.

< kharisma 9 > Power is the greatest and perhaps you could say the only true addictive force on this planet. It's an illusion. Once you go beyond the need for power in your personality, in your life, you'll be free. You'll realize you don't need any power. Energy is always going to be there. It's a natural thing. When you're in consciousness, there's energy. When you're passionate, there's energy. You don't need power. It's very, very false.

< WalkOn 5 > And in here, in this scenario right here, – this is where the power dynamic comes in. This has been a problem in creation for a long time, because there are many, many beings on this planet and everywhere else that mistake power for true energy. Power is a saccharin. It's artificial. It does not exist, but there are enough who will not, do not love themselves or honor themselves enough to be in their own energy. They do not consider themselves worthy enough to have their own energy for their own creations that they take it from someone else. They are unconscious or blind to the fact that there is no power. You don't need energy from anyone else. It's all there for you in, you could say, unlimited quantities. There's plenty.