divine realization / spiritual realization

divine balance
; divine resolution;

< DivineHuman 8QA > You talked today in Shoud about a new aspect of the illusion of power. The illusion was that there were two separate forces battling within you, battling for control, one trying to take over the other. As you expressed in Shoud today, there is no need for this battle.How do you heal yourself? You allow the energies to work together. You know, dear friends, all of these energies have a common goal. All seek spiritual realization, divine realization. Trust yourself to know that everything that is in your biology, in your mind, in your emotions and your spirit seeks divine realization.

< DivineHuman 8QA > Let go for a moment. Let go. This is what Moses/Mohammed tried to tell the people of Islam. Islam means "release" and "surrender." Let go. It had to be presented in a different way back then also, so people could hear it, and understand it, and accept it within their being. So many of the messages that were told thousands of years ago are so very relevant today, so much more a part of your realization and consciousness than even they were thousands of years ago.

< DivineHuman 8QA > Trust your own divinity to know that all of these energies work together. Release the duality consciousness that you can only be light… that you can only be dark… that these two cannot combine together. Watch how your body heals. Watch how your mind comes into new balance. Watch how you become so divine, so much of a creator. Trust yourself. Know that everything within you seeks divine realization. Sometimes you try to control processes in your body through your mind. You think that if your mind doesn't tell your body what to do, it will go off in the wrong direction. It will work against you.

< DivineHuman 8QA > We are asking you to be bold and daring. Trust in yourself and your divinity. Trust that every aspect of you, every past life and every multi-dimensional aspect, has always been moving towards divine realization. Divine realization now comes when you are in the Expanded Moment. The boat does not need to speed across the lake anymore. Can you trust yourself so implicitly that you can rejuvenate your body, that you can bring in the abundance? Can you trust yourself that deeply?

< DivineHuman 8QA > As was discussed in the Shoud earlier on this day, that even the bacteria, even what would be considered the negative energy or the diseases, can be put to work, can be unified. Even those diseases are looking for divine realization. They are helping you, and helping all others to search for it. So, ultimately there is no need to be concerned. Ultimately, all of you can transmute anything. Now, we are not suggesting that you go out here and try daring feats to prove what we have talked about. We simply ask you to put yourself in the situation where this will not affect you, and where it will not affect friends and other people.

< DivineHuman 8QA > The last frontier for Shaumbra is trust. It is about ultimate trust in self. In a sense, this is like a surrender. But, it is a surrender to your divinity. It is a total trust that all aspects of you are moving towards divine realization. You are moving towards divine realization. There are not parts and pieces that are working in opposition or trying to defeat this.

It is about trust. It is about truly trusting your divinity. Let go. Let go of the control that you have from the mind. Let go and allow your divinity to come through.

It is about trust. It is about being in the moment. This is a difficult and challenging thing you are going through. Can you truly trust yourself and your divinity?

< NewEnergy 5 > As you allow the journey to come to an end, you will have a whole new understanding about yourself and why you are here, why you ever came to this place. You won't be struggling with it. You will have a divine realization. You are already getting glimpses of that. It is already coming in.