trust / trust in self 

becoming one with it;  loveacceptancecompassionunion;  faith;  surrender;
absolute undeniable trust in self and in self as God also;  ahmyo;

< New Earth 1 > The biggest issue that each of you will face is trust. As humans you have not been so good about trusting yourselves. You have learned well to trust your mind. When you have been in trouble you have trusted your guides and Spirit. But you have never been challenged like you are now to trust Self. Oh, my friends, there is no one to turn to at this time other than Self. There are no magic words. Even the grandest of the archangels, many who are here on this night, cannot be here with you when you cross the chasm. The issue is of trust. The challenge is fear. The intent is divinity.

< New Earth 2 > What you have created is a new energy called Hope. HOPE! Look at yourself and you will see that Hope is stronger than darkness. Hope is inner trust. Hope is the tie and connection back to Source, back to Love, back to the remembrance of the Oneness. Hope is the energy that allowed you to go this deep into duality to do the transformational work that you have done. It is a wonderful thing, this Hope. The Creator did not know of Hope before you created it. It will be brought, this energy of Hope, into what we have called the Second Creation. It will be a foundation that will stands right next to Love and Truth in the Second Creation. Love, Truth … and Hope.

< New Earth 3 > You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness any more. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

<New Earth 4> All things that you need will be brought forth to you. The bicycle will remain the same; the backdrop changes. You do not need to fear whether you have been good or bad, or what your balance of light and dark is. You have gone through that, you have truly released your karma. You have rewritten your histories. There are still residues of karma that are there, but sit in a place of love on your bicycle - in a place of trust - and watch what happens. You will be amazed. It will be the antithesis of the way humans have lived their lives up to now.

<New Earth 4> Through your trust in Self and Spirit (all of who you are), you will create this new way. You will be amazed at what happens when you sit still and allow those appropriate things to come to you. Even when your intellect tells you "this is not the way to go", when it sends up the danger signals, simply take a deep breath and release, and know and trust in your sacredness.

< New Earth 6 > "This was a fine story, but what is it that I should do now? What is it that I can do to balance the human self with the True Self? If indeed the True Self is awakening, how can we get back together?" Again we do not know all of the answers, but we can tell you that there is one energy attribute above all that will make the process smooth. And that is quite simple. It is a trusting.

< New Earth 6 > This fog and mist is the veil, and you are being asked to place yourself in a heart state, in a state of trust, in a state of letting go. It will go against all things that your human intellect has learned. It will go against all things your human intellect has devised as safety mechanisms to protect the Christ-self. But that is what you are being asked to do at this time - to simply trust, to simply allow this trusting. This is a new energy that we are talking of here. This trusting is an inner knowingness that you may have had glimpses of but you are not yet used to working with this energy.

< New Earth 6 > We have used the analogy before of sitting on your bike and not pedaling, not struggling, but allowing yourself to sit on this bicycle that simply floats. The backdrop changes. The environment around you changes. This is trust. If your intellect gets in the way, you will wonder why the bicycle is floating, and why it is not falling over, and why you are not pedaling. And then certainly when you focus your energies on these activities, then you will certainly tip over. The new trusting will present many challenges associated with this. Again it is difficult to describe the feelings that you will have, what will come forth, what it will be like to integrate with the awakening True Self. It will be an experience that will be close and personal to you. But in your trusting state, not asking Spirit or your guides for anything, simply allow it to be in your trusting state. And it will most certainly come to you.

< New Earth 8 > We told you there was a chasm to cross, that it would be difficult for you would not know how far the chasm was or how you would get to other side but that by trusting in yourself and trusting in Spirit, you would suddenly emerge on the other side of the chasm. And that is what we are seeing with this group and spiritual ones all over the world.

< New Earth 8 > The reason we mention this is also to help you understand that all things that you need as humans, all things that you need in terms of your health, in terms of your abundance, in terms of your energy levels - assume that they are there. Do not work from a position of lack, but assume that they are there. You will find that your own Christ-self responds to that (your needs) when you assume that all things that you need are there, when you have trust in yourself. That is why you set up the energy parameter of not using this new empowerment for things that you need for yourself. It was assumed that you have all things.

< New Earth 8 > It is not that it is bad to use this energy for selfish purposes; certainly, it could be. But you have set up the energy dynamic that it would be dormant because you assumed that you would have all things that you needed. Begin walking in that space of trust and knowingness, that everything that you are is in perfection. Begin using the energy of the Christ consciousness with your committed intent and with the help of the runners who come in to work with you.

< New Earth 8 > My friend, do not look to others for the tools. Look only to yourself. Ask the question of yourself. Bring it forth yourself. With the practice of this, you will become adept. You will understand how to work with the new energy. The guides, as you know, could not answer most of the questions for you. The runners that will come in to work with you will not be able to answer questions. Simply rely on Self. Allow, allow the seed to germinate.

< New Earth 8 > The reason we mention this is also to help you understand that all things that you need as humans, all things that you need in terms of your health, in terms of your abundance, in terms of your energy levels - assume that they are there. Do not work from a position of lack, but assume that they are there. You will find that your own Christ-self responds to that (your needs) when you assume that all things that you need are there, when you have trust in yourself. That is why you set up the energy parameter of not using this new empowerment for things that you need for yourself. It was assumed that you have all things.

< New Earth 9QA > In the new energy that you are beginning to walk in, allowing comes from trusting your divinity. Allowing comes from trust in your divine nature, in the Christ seed that you came with. As you learn to trust, as you learn to remember who you are and trust self and trust Spirit, allowingness is a natural by-product of this. You cannot force allowingness to happen. It comes from deep within the core of your being. Allowingness comes from letting go of all things. When you let go of all things, when you cross the chasm, as we have talked of, then it begins to open the potential of all things that you are.

< New Earth 11 > It is about trusting now in who you are. Perhaps the picture you see of yourself in the mirror does not elicit trust. And because of all the judgements of failure that you have put on yourself and your own soul, you cannot trust yourself anymore. You think you may fail again. But we tell you simply and firmly that you cannot fail God. You are God. You are Spirit. You are shaumbra, simply being and doing. We come to this group and see magnificent beings who don’t understand who they are, who see themselves living in small houses, old houses. We see magnificent beings who left family eons ago to go on a course to a place called Earth to experience something never experienced before.

< New Earth 13 > Fear not your own creative ability. Learn to begin trusting your own Divinity. It will come from within your Self. Do not fear it, for within the energy structure of your new house there is also woven an energy that would make it most difficult for you to ill-create. That was an attribute of the old energy. That was an attribute when there was separation. But, as we have talked to you about before, there is now unity at the source. There is unity in your new house. Fear not your creative ability. Don’t wait for Spirit or your guides or others to do it for you.

< Creator 1QA > Above all, it is about letting go of beliefs and perceptions. It is not about a particular job or a particular situation. It is your beliefs and perceptions that are keeping you in that. Our friend in the canoe was pulled toward the abyss and he felt himself going over the waterfall. He came to sudden and new realizations about who he truly was. As humans, you fear releasing one thing until you have another firmly in place. You go through the obstacle course of life with the hand on one ring, not willing to let go until the other hand is firmly on the new ring. We are challenging you to let go of the ring of beliefs that you have held onto, even the recent beliefs that you have had. We know that for some of you this is frightening. For some you may call Tobias crazy, certainly Cauldre crazy. My friends, in this release of old beliefs have trust in Self, in your own Divinity, and all things that are appropriate will come into play.

< Creator 1QA > As one lightworker said recently, "Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of the universe." Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of creation. Trust in yourself, and you will know that all things will come to you appropriately and lovingly. Trusting in yourself, in a sense in our discussion on this day, is the release, the acceptance and the letting go.

< Creator 2 > As she lay awake at night with a tremendous feeling of release surging over her, she came to another realization. She realized that she had been living in the future, and she had been creating a picture of fear for what the future might hold. She realized that she was worrying about unpaid bills in the future that never existed. She was worried about illness that may come to her. None of these were real, but she was projecting her own sense of unworthiness into the future. The future represented a lack of trust in her divinity. She found that she was spending much of her time and energy in the future with her fears.

< Creator 2 > She said, as she released her grip and opened her palm, "I will now live in the NOW. I will no longer fear a future that does not exist. I will live in the NOW." She began living in the NOW, as she continued to practice standing behind the short wall in acceptance of all that is. As she began to consciously release her grip on her own guilt and pain and the past, she realized that she was creating a moment, a divine moment, in all of the NOW that she was living. She was learning once again to trust self. She was learning that there was no need to project a future fear scenario, but simply to live in the NOW. As she did, there was a unique melding of her humanness with her divinity.

< Creator 2 > She realized that the Spirit within always provides the divine moment - always - but that she had been blocking it. Much like when she was a child, she had blocked her own light and had not helped to teach and heal others, as she knew she was capable of. She had put up a wall, the wall of unworthiness. But now as she brought this down in her adult life as a Lightworker, as a teacher of the Crimson Circle, she realized that she could trust in herself to provide the divine moment.

< Creator 2 > The biggest challenge will be the remembrance of the time when you lived at the outer edge of the All That Is. This is when you felt the original rumblings of duality and separation, and you lost trust in Spirit. This is what will be coming back to challenge you right now. It is not about your past lives. It is not even about this life. The nightmares you are having are about a different time and a different place and the original feeling of the rug being pulled out from underneath. We are reminding you of this at the very time we are asking you to trust in self. This will be the challenge.

< Creator 3 > Aaron learned on his journeys in his second lifetime not to worry of the wind and the rains, not to worry of the currents, not to worry of what lands he might go to. He lived in the divine moment. He appreciated each day, and each day a new gift was brought to him. Each day he understood he was attracting it through trust in his own divinity.

< Creator 4 > Dear friends, Taylor learned to trust herself. She was not turning her problems over to an angel or a guide or to Spirit. She was allowing the fulfillment within her own being. And indeed in this Lesson #4, "Create in Grace", you will also learn the beauty, the flow, the balance and the love of the grace that exists within you now. Up to now, you have not trusted in your divine grace. Also the energy of Earth has not been appropriate up to this time to truly utilize this energy. But now it is yours.

< Creator 7QA > As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

< Creator 9QA > The lesson of "dancing with what comes to your front door" will challenge you. While there are some here who think that they will step into this easily, the old tendencies will want to come back; the tendency to want to control what happens, to want to plan what happens, and the tendency to not trust what happens. Dear friends, in your divinity, in your new emerging divinity, you will be a creator in a different sense. This will take a bit of work.

< Creator 9QA > Accepting and allowing is also being in the "now," being in a state of grace, knowing your own divinity. When you create the broad brush stroke, there is no need for intent. You do not have to direct your new and emerging energy to any specific place. This will be the challenge for many of you. You will want to take that brush, and you will want to say, "Give me a relationship. Give me $1000.00. Give me one thing or another." This limits your divine power and its potential. Allowing, accepting, and knowing will become the energy of the day. After you create the broad stroke, after you add your passion to it, dear friends, simply sit back. The appropriate things will come knocking at your door. This will take much trust on your part!

< Ascension 2 > There is one person here who begs almost nightly for us to show up, to give her a sign, and then she will believe. She says that when we show up, and we give her a sign, then she will believe. But dear friends, that is not believing. That is not believing. That is dealing. That is bargaining. Take ownership in your own divinity. When you do… when you do, then we will appear to you, and we will shake your hand. We will thank you for the work that you have done.

< Ascension 8 > You will begin to have a new level of trust within yourself. Things will start coming together. Things that you have been yearning for will start coming together in strange and mysterious ways, but ways that YOU have set up. You will begin to understand how you can truly be your own guide. You do not need a guide that is an angel. You do not need a guide that is a human professing a certain philosophy or selling a feel-good-quick scheme. Your soul (divinity) is your own guide.

< Ascension 10 > Many things are happening in your life. You are wondering who you are, what you are doing right now, why you are here. Oh, you are filled with so much doubt at the inner levels. Michael comes in to ask you to trust yourself, to trust in your divinity, to begin to understand that all things are appropriate. Even if it feels like the walls inside are coming down. Even if it feels like the fabric of who you are is coming unraveled. Indeed, it is time to trust yourself. You are carrying the energy of divinity. Indeed, you are carrying your own Sword of Truth. It is time to trust yourself. Come forth, as difficult as it may seem when you're going through challenges in your life, as Metatron talked about. Begin your teaching, begin your work.

< Ascension 10 > Michael comes in on this day to say, "Trust yourself in this period of "no identity." Trust yourself. Step forward now. Step out of your cocoon. Take responsibility as a teacher. Take responsibility as your "new identity" emerges all around you."

< Ascension 11QA > Allow yourself the time for your true inner work. Allow one gift to yourself. That gift is trusting your own divinity. You have struggled with this. You have tried to trust your own divinity. But yet, that human part of you continues to go back to the old ways. You are not so sure HOW to trust your divinity, WHEN to trust your divinity, or who leads in this beautiful dance of Spirit. Your divinity is you. It is not some outside entity. It is not Michael, Kryon, Metatron or Mary. It is you. Trust who you are. Trust the intuition that has been trying to come forth. Trust those inner messages and feelings that you are not so sure of. Have confidence in who you are, in your divinity. Be in a state of release. Be in the Void to allow all that you are to come forward.

< DivineHuman 6QA > It is about trusting your own divinity to provide the solution and the resolution. It is about learning to release the old ways of going to the brain, going to the logic. It is about feeling. Dearest friends, you will call it a miracle when it starts happening in your life. It is not a miracle at all. It is the spiritual physics of the New Energy - fulfillment, total fulfillment where you do not need to worry about the details. Your Self handles the details on other levels.

< DivineHuman 8QA > We are asking you to be bold and daring. Trust in yourself and your divinity. Trust that every aspect of you, every past life and every multi-dimensional aspect, has always been moving towards divine realization. Divine realization now comes when you are in the Expanded Moment. The boat does not need to speed across the lake anymore. Can you trust yourself so implicitly that you can rejuvenate your body, that you can bring in the abundance? Can you trust yourself that deeply?

< DivineHuman 8QA > The last frontier for Shaumbra is trust. It is about ultimate trust in self. In a sense, this is like a surrender. But, it is a surrender to your divinity. It is a total trust that all aspects of you are moving towards divine realization. You are moving towards divine realization. There are not parts and pieces that are working in opposition or trying to defeat this.

It is about trust. It is about truly trusting your divinity. Let go. Let go of the control that you have from the mind. Let go and allow your divinity to come through.

It is about trust. It is about being in the moment. This is a difficult and challenging thing you are going through. Can you truly trust yourself and your divinity?

< NewEnergy 3 > Imagine - a whole day of not trying to figure it out! You will be surprised at how much more energy you have. You will be surprised at how more clearly you see things. Your clarity level will increase exponentially. You won't get yourself into those mental binds. You won't get yourself into those places of depression. Stop trying to figure it out. That will be difficult because - you see, we already know - you're going to release some of the figuring it out, but not all of it. You still have to have that element of control. You still don't have that total trust in yourself. So, you do a little less figuring out.

< NewEnergy 7 > Dear friends, it (the answer) is right there already. So many of the answers to the questions that you have are right in your energy field. We see them. You access this information by allowing it in, by understanding it is already there. You access it by the deep breath, which allows the mind to pause for a moment and the information to come through. And, then it is about trusting what you are receiving, trusting the knowingness that comes over you. If you do not feel the knowingness is there, simply let it go. Simply move on in your life. It will come to you… whether you are driving down the road in your car… whether you are having a fine meal… whether you are doing something that takes your intellectual mind off of the pressure of having to come up with the answer.

< Embodiment 8 > Now, walking out of every belief system, walking out of this state of hypnosis takes the most incredible level of trust. You have to be willing to let go of everything. You have to be willing to know that you are going to die the moment you let go, not only die, but not exist anymore because you're not going to exist anymore in the way that you did. You have to be willing to let go of everything, but yet embody everything simultaneously. Release and accept simultaneously. This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for those who are trying to make their life just a little better. This is for those who are ready to be where I (Adamus) am. This is for those who are ready to walk out of your hypnotic state of the reality that you're sitting in.

< Embodiment 9 > You have forgotten the tool (the fruit of the rose) because you are so trapped in your reality. It is time for that to change. The tool is there. It is directly in front of you, much as I was directly in front of the dear one last month. It is there. How do you get at this tool? It doesn't exist in the 3-D. You can't see it. You can't touch it. You can't hear it. So, how do you know it's there? How do you know what I speak is a truth? You can feel it, Shaumbra. You can feel it. In order to do so, it requires something that I had to learn to do also when I was entombed in the crystal. I had to get to a point of total and complete trust in myself… total. As I said in our last gathering, I had to be so willing to let go of everything, 100 percent, total trust in self (divinity).

< Embodiment 9 > I am speaking here of total trust in yourself - not God - because you don't even begin to know what God is. How can you trust something that is just an Old belief system? A total trust in yourself… an implicit, 100%… give everything… trust in yourself. Some of you go there at times in trying to understand the level of trust in self. Some of you get close, but you haven't gotten all the way there. Total trust… now that raises issues. How can you trust something (divinity) that you feel has betrayed you, or you don't understand? How can you trust yourself when you don't know who you are? Well, that is the irony. That is the beauty of this whole thing. You're being put in a position now to have to trust yourself - not yourself as in your limited story - but yourself as God also. You have to love yourself.

< Embodiment 9 > So, it is about trust. It is about loving yourself. It is about living beyond. With those basic, basic things, Shaumbra, this is going to be easy. This is going to be easy. You see, that tool, that key, that you gave yourself is going to come soaring back into your life. The knowingness is going to come to you. We cannot explain it here. We cannot say that there is a specific thing that you have to do. But, the knowingness, the remembrance, is going to come to you. With that trust and with that love and with no limitations, living without limits, you're going to be able to do exactly as I do - walk in and out, walk in and out. You're going to be able to transmute energy in any way you want.

< Embodiment 9 > You have to understand that you are creating this. You may not totally understand it right now, but you are creating it. We are going to ask you if you give permission for yourself to be fully trusting of you, fully loving of you, and living beyond anything you have ever known. With it will come changes - we guarantee that.

< Embodiment 9QA > Adamus talked to you about this whole concept of living beyond. It involves the intimate - the deepest and most intimate - trust with yourself. He talked about the concept of the total, unconditional love. And, again, you have heard the concepts. But, now you are going to start living this way, the total love of self, reintegrating every part of who you are. He talked about expanding, going beyond the limits. And, God knows, there are many limits that you create. The limits actually help you to understand the reality around you. But, the limitations and the restrictions on the energy also lock things into place.

< Embodiment 10 > So, Saint Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren't the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It's not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It's not a key hidden word… none of those things. It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

< QLCeleb 3 > When a person transcends the Old Energy space and gets into their New Energy expression, it is about trust. It is about letting you trust you to be here in this moment, to be in this New Energy. The New Energy is different than the Old. There are not the demons of the Old that we have talked about recently. There is not the duality of the Old. Now, it may be in people around you, but it is not necessarily in you. It is about trust, as Adamus Saint-Germain says so eloquently. It is about trusting that right now, together, individually, we are soaring into the New Energy potential.

< QLCeleb 3 > If somebody says, "What is this New Energy?" it is very difficult to describe. It is not like anything of the Old. It cannot necessarily be measured. It can't be quantified. Certainly, it is very difficult to put into human words, so it comes down to trust. Can you trust yourself to be in this New Energy right now? Can you trust that you have already created the answers - and the answers are many, not just one. There is a field, a whole potential of answers out there. And the answers will come to you, quite easily. We are in this whole field of potentia right now, all these different answers.

< QuantumLeap 2 > So you see, you come to Earth with that fear and then you live it out, and it's amplified by the fact that somebody can "take your life," that you can be in an accident and die. So there's this constant fear, constant fear that ultimately creates such a collision of energies within you that you don't want to be here anymore. So your body - kind of like Sam - out there (other realms) wandering around, but not really occupied, not really present, no longer making choices, no longer trusting.

< Returning 3 > What you're seeing happening all across the world right now, all around you, is a profound loss of trust - loss of trust in old systems, old organizations, lost of trust in government and it is falling apart. What you have, dear Shaumbra, one of the most important tools is the true trust in yourself. And ultimately, for the rest of the world, it is the same thing. It is about them learning to trust that they have the answers. But right now in these most shifting, in these most collapsing of times, it is time to remember, it is time to bring up the trust in yourself.

< Returning 3 > You will be able to get through every part of this nearly unscratched if you remember to trust who you are. And I'm not talking about trusting some unknown god. I'm not talking about trusting a guru. I'm not talking about trusting who you think you're going to be five or ten years from now. I'm talking about trusting you right now. You have every tool. You have every resource. You have everything you need right now, because, as a messenger, as one who can go across time and space, you put it there for yourself. Trust that you knew enough to put that tool in the path to be utilized in the Now moment. Trust that you already put it there and it will then be.

< Master 1 > New Energy does not work well with the mind at all. One of the challenges is going to be trusting yourself enough to get out of your mind. This is where we get into some of the divine principles that we have talked about for thousands and thousands of years in the Mystery Schools and the work that we have done together. We'll go beyond the human mind; we'll go into the divine mind. It operates different. It doesn't use judgments, and it doesn't use what you call analysis, and it doesn't use straight-line logic or hierarchal logic.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

< Master 3 > So, let's take a deep breath and understand that you can trust yourself in every way - in every way. You say the words "I am God also." When are you going to live it? "I am God also" means trusting in everything. The human aspect has certain expectations and things don't always work out the way Mr. or Mrs. Human would think they're going to work out. But they do work out. They do. That's trust. That's trust. It's interesting, if you don't have trust in yourself, what is there? Lifetimes of trusting others? Lifetimes of doubting you? If you don't have trust in yourself, I contend that you don't exist. You really don't exist. You put your energy in everything else so you don't exist. It doesn't mean you're dead. You just don't exist.

< Master 9 > So these separate elements finally came together. And remember our original symbol for you (dot with a circle around it), and those elements have come together, no longer the Merkaba but now New Energy. But here you are in the "X" zone and the question is, so what can you do right now? What can you do while you're here? You know now that it works out, because you got the human/divine, masculine/feminine, every other duality part of you starting to meld back together. But the critical ingredients in here are trust , and trust is not blind, by the way.

< Master 9 > A healthy trust in yourself - not a blind trust but a healthy trust - requires or beckons you to really open yourself up, let those formulas dissolve away. A healthy trust that you're going through a process that's very appropriate and ultimately isn't going to be a process anymore. The process falls away. A trust that you are God also, but don't be stupid or blind to it. Really, really let your human self, your human consciousness feel into it. Does it feel right for you? Does it feel right to open up to your divine? Is it absolutely like a blank wall? Is it like a big abyss when you open up to the trust of your divine? If it is, take a deep breath. There's no rush. There's no race.

< Master 9 > The trust has to be very real. So ask yourself, as you're exploring this, because trust is one of the keys - trusting yourself. Not Him or Her, not spirit guides, not a guru, but only yourself. Underline eight times "only" boldface exclamation point. Only! yourself! Not even beautiful beads or crystals or mantras or anything else. The trust has to be real. Don't tell me, "Okay Adamus, I'm going to trust myself," and then walk out of here going back to mistrust of yourself.

< (Next) 3 > Can you actually laugh out loud, "Ha, ha, ha. I know I created this. God didn't create it. Adamus, hmm, no, he didn't create it. (laughter) The evil spirits didn't create it. I created it." Can you be at that level of trust and say, "Damn, this is fun!" Or at least, "I know it's going to evolve from this point forward." That's trust.

< (Next) 3 > Your soul self wants to be with you, and you've called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that's unstoppable, and it's going to happen. And thank god that there's wisdom in your soul that's going to … now, your soul didn't create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn't like change, that doesn't want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn't believe its own self. It really doesn't. It doesn't believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It's manufactured. It's an act, and it really doesn't believe itself because it knows it's an act, but unfortunately you don't know it's an act - yet.

< (Next) 3 > The question is, can you have that level of trust? That's a big one. Can you have that level of trust when a wave of anxiety comes over you, as it has done lately, and say, "Everything is in perfect order in my life" - in your life. If you miss an airplane, if you slip on the ice and fall and mess up your back, can you have that level of trust? Can you? Now, an interesting thing happens. I'll give you the end of the story. When you do, when you choose that, then you don't need to have all those things happen, because you've already gotten unstuck.

< (Next) 3 > There is a word - Zen-ish kind of word - for absolute trust in self. Ahmyo. Ahmyo. Can you say it? In the other realms, it's really not a word. It's kind of a vibration. Ahhh-mmmm-yoooo. It kind of rolls. Absolute trust - not in the world, not in the outside world, not in other people, not in deities, entities or anything else, not in aliens - but in yourself. Ahmyo. "Ahmyo. I Am that I Am. I know whatever is happening in my life, I'm absolutely creating it for the higher good of myself. Not for punishment, not for some lesson, not because I'm bad. I'm actually creating it for the greater good."

< (Next) 3 > The moment you get to that point, you unlock potentials that were previously unknown to you. The moment you can be in this place of Ahmyo, absolute trust - "I'm creating my own life; I don't care what the outside circumstances may look like, I'm still creating it" - that's ahmyo. That's absolute unconditional, un-mental trust in self. Ahmyo. When you're at that point - which you are, you just have to recognize it - then things can really start moving. Then we start to have some fun, which we'll do in just a moment.

< (Next) 3 > What happens is when you truly begin to have the conscious understanding of ahmyo, you quit worrying about the little stuff. You quit worrying about what's going to happen next, you see, because you realize what happens next is absolutely perfect. But the moment you're in the state of ahmyo, it opens up all the potentials of an illness - which is really not an illness; it's just a clear signal. It opens up the potential of things like lack of abundance that you've been focusing on - the lack - for so long.

Suddenly, when you say, "I created that," it expands out, it opens up the true highest potential. Then you don't have to experience all the junk in your life anymore. Then you don't bring in these, what you call, bad scenarios, because there's no need for them anymore. Your, what you would call, your soul has now got your attention, and it was just asking to trust you, to trust yourself.

< (Next) 5 > I tell you this. No one government or family or group of families can control the world finances anymore. It's way too confusing. It's way too diverse. It's enormous. So you can't have a little group … you could two, three hundred years ago, but come on. Not any more. The system isn't really based on any true value. It's all based on trust. And what do you know about your personal experience of trust over these last few years? Questionable. Makyo-able. (Adamus laughs) The last thing you could do is to really trust yourself, so this is what the world is going through. It's very easy.

< (Next) 6 > Ahmyo is the total acceptance and the trust in yourself, knowing that you are God also but taking it from an intellectual concept, taking it from a few words in a cliché, and really feeling it, absolutely, every one of you. You're not want-to-be Gods. You're not Gods in training. Maybe you're Gods hiding the fact that you're Gods, but indeed you are.

< (Next) 6 > You blew up the world at the end of Atlantis in a way. And look, you're still here! Magic. Incredible. Because really the part of Spirit that's in everything and in you is always rejuvenating, is always expanding, is always rebalancing. But, you know, the human aspect somewhere along the line got out of trust with that natural balancing that takes place and stopped relying on it. There was a lot of brainwashing and hypnosis and all the rest of that stuff that took place, and it got you out of trust. It's been an interesting experience: What's it like not to trust yourself?

< (Next) 6 > Many of you go to bed, or have gone to bed, now, really just totally going numb, totally erasing everything, not allowing it to come through, when, in fact, your dreams at night are potent fields of creativity and understanding and wisdom. But this brainwashing has caused you to go out of trust with yourself and to fear going out there at night. You've been programmed to fear the true parts of yourself. That's done and over with now. That's done and over with - at least in this group.

< (Next) 7 > A lot of the lack of freedom is still your lack of trust in yourself. We talk about ahmyo, but do you really understand what ahmyo is? Maybe there (head), but is here (heart) ready for ahmyo? No. No. You're getting closer, but when I say ahmyo, it's that complete trust in yourself, that you're not worried about your body anymore. You're allowing your body to heal itself. You're not worried about trying to think through everything. Stop thinking. The aspects have infiltrated the brain. They use the brain, and so does mass consciousness and so does all of the other hypnotic makyo out there - it uses the brain. When you really stop thinking you will be free.

< (Next) 7 > Your mind wants you to keep thinking. It's pushing for you to keep thinking. It'll do anything to keep you thinking. But when you stop thinking, you get back into your Body of Consciousness, your soul, when you have that much trust in yourself. And you don't yet, so you're not free. You're getting there. And if I could do anything in my time with you it's to aggravate you and encourage you and to humor you and to do whatever it takes to get you to trust yourself and to be free.

< e2012 2 > You're going through a very interesting transformation with New Think. As I said in the beginning of our discussion, can you remember your balance? Can you remember that you already have the tools? Now, here is the fine print. The balance isn't where your mind thinks it is. The tools aren't where you think they are, because that's old think. You have to be able to reach beyond, past, out. You have to be willing to be so trusting in yourself, or so open, or so crazy, whatever it happens to be, that you're willing to go outside of the old place where you found things.

< e2012 5 > This is the year (2012), the high potential opportunity to really invite your wisdom and your potentials, also known as your soul, into your reality. In order to do so, it's about going beyond the mind, trusting yourself; going beyond the mind, as it would try to define the soul, because the old definition you can definitely throw out the window. It is about trusting yourself that there is something beyond the mind, that there is this part of you that's really aching to be here, wanting to be here with you.

< Discovery 4 > Trust is kind of a surrender, in a way, but trust is … trust, for some of the Masters, has been, “I don't have anything else. There's nothing left. That's all I have. I can't even effort into it. I can't make myself believe in, but that's all I have because everything else is gone.” That's when you discover real trust, by the way. Yeah.

< Discovery 4 > A lot of things [potentials] in your life won't have to happen if you trust yourself. If you absolutely emphatically “I've got nothing else in my life” trust yourself. It will change the experience. The outcome, the end result is still going to be the same – enlightenment. I would say most of you have made a commitment to it, you've got a pretty good shot at it in this lifetime, pretty good chance. You have a 100 percent chance. Yeah. There is that potential. Most of you seriously have an excellent, excellent, excellent potential for realization – I don't even want to call it enlightenment; realization – in this lifetime, if you trust yourself.

< Discovery 4 > What tends to happen when you're on this path, when you're coming into your enlightenment and you don't trust yourself – everything will be ripped away so all you have left is you. It's not such a bad thing, but it doesn't have to happen that way. You can actually just trust yourself. And I'm talking about trusting you that's sitting here right now. Trusting this that you have. That amazing trusting yourself. So it doesn't have to go into the rip down experience. It doesn't have to go into this whole scenario.

< Discovery 4 > When you trust yourself, suddenly you trust everyone else. Actually, the word 'trust' goes out of the dictionary. Somebody comes to talk to you about trust you don't even relate to that word, it's so old and foreign. You don't even have to think about trusting others. It's implicit. It's already there. “But I tried this before and the minute I let my guard down, they took advantage of me.” Well, (a) you didn't let your guard down; (b) they can't take advantage of you, unless you're kind of in that victim energy. They can't. When you trust yourself, You're just never in that circumstance. You'll hear stories about people who are being abused, taken advantage by others, and it's just like, “Wow. Huh, it doesn't even happen to me. I wonder why?” Because you trust yourself.

< Discovery 5 > The knowingness is already there. It doesn't come from me. It doesn't come from that God. It's already right there. It's not in your belly necessarily; it's in your moment. It's in your I Am-ness. It has the answer to everything, even if you're faking it. It knows where to be at the exact right moment. It knows how to bring in the exact right amount of energy at the exact right moment. It is trust and it is love. And, by the way, this year, if you're having a difficult time loving yourself – I guess that is a pretty big leap for some – at least just be kind to yourself. Start with being kind to yourself.

< kharisma 9 > Life is whatever you basically imagine it, choose it to be with the Kyeper. The Kyeper. There's this air, physical air, ethereal air, it creates a fabric like a material, like a beautiful glistening material. You throw your Kyeper on that fabric and it creates your life. Most people don't know that and they don't do it consciously; they just kind of splatter on that fabric. But there's this beautiful fabric and with the Kyeper you can create anything you want. Where you're going, where all of us are going is beyond, into whatever you want. There's this fear that there is going to be some darkness. You just laugh at the darkness. Yeah, it's going to be there. It's going to be yours. You just laugh at it, and then we become whatever we choose to become, and continuing to evolve it, to expand it, to make more of that painting on this air and ether fabric. It's that simple. In other words, none of it matters. It's only what you choose. So, but a part of it is trusting yourself.