guru / old guru issue


< QuantumLeap 9 > We had you do the homework and mention this also - because obviously knowing it would bring up fear in some of you - many of you have had a very bad guru experience, either being one or following one. Many of you in past lives started, I guess what you would now call a school, enlightenment schools. Many of you taught others when the teaching of this type of material in a past life was not so acceptable. You were persecuted for what you believed in. Working with your students, you had to hide. You had to have secret meetings. Many of your students betrayed you, turned you in. You ran into great conflicts with the churches and governments, which were usually one and the same, with the territorial forces - the armies that were occupying the lands at the time - because they didn't want any other teachings.

< QuantumLeap 9 > So when you were a guru in the past, which many, many of you were, you found it to be very painful. You also found that, as a guru, that it didn't end at death, that your students had become addicted to you and they followed you even after death, even if they were still on Earth. Oh, and especially when they came to the other side. They came looking for you. They called you up - "I'm here, come and pick me up." (Tobias and Linda chuckling) We said that for a little bit of a private joke.

< QuantumLeap 9 > So, Shaumbra, your experiences with gurus weren't necessarily good when you were one. Also, many of you, especially in the past lifetime or two, in this lifetime even, have followed gurus. You have given yourself up to some being, and you put your dreams and your hope and you put your spirituality and your God-self in them. You've allowed them to become some sort of elevated master and then, to your despair, so often you found out that they weren't any different than you. You actually made a better guru in a past life than they are making right now. You know guru-ship in and out. You know its wonderful moments, but you also know the moments that are very difficult and challenging.

< QuantumLeap 9 > So you have shunned this type of thing. You have stayed away from it in particularly these recent years. We watch and listen through your consciousness sometimes when you see a guru on television or read about one, and we can feel the - what you call - the negative thoughts or feelings coming through. So when we say to you "Share with people who you are," it brings up the old guru issues, either the pain of having been one or the loss of hope in having followed one.

< QuantumLeap 9 > You have stayed away from this, and to that we understand. But this is different. This is a new age. It is not an age of gurus anymore. It is not an age of having followers or following someone else. You could say that it is an age of guidance and compassion. It is an age of the teachers right now encouraging the students but not doing it for them; asking them to find the answer but not giving it to them; helping them to understand what a Standard is, a Standard being one who has done it - or is still in the process of doing it - but can show through their own example of their own human life that it's not just a theory, it's not just another dogma, it is very, very real.

< (Next) 5 > I have yet to meet a guru who is enlightened. And I've never met a guru who enlightened anyone else, ever. Because any system that doesn't keep it simple actually pushes it off somewhere else. It's been thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of years where humans have been trying to make it very difficult. Why? They make it complex because nobody's ever really caught on. They really haven't. Nobody's ever really figured it out. So what they do is devise some complex system, put you through the maze, take your money at the same time, and then you walk out of it thinking, "Well, I'm just not good enough. I didn't get it," because it was complex.

< e2012 3 > Spirituality is so simple. You don't need any studying. You don't need to pay for courses. You don't need to follow a guru. The guru is probably less enlightened than any of you, but he's got that magic because of your - oh, Steve is saying your idiocy (laughter) - of being able to extract money and power and admiration from the guru worshippers. I say, in spite of what Steve says, I say it's because many humans - not you - but many humans were not quite ready yet to take that responsibility. That's why they also hang out in the churches. You have done, actually, an exemplary job, a wonderful job of going beyond that.

< e2012 8 > You have a certain archetypical concept of this thing called enlightenment and guru, and it's very distracting, because you put this as the standard or the example, the shining light in your path and say, “I have to be like that. I have to be – in order to be my spiritual self – I have to do as the gurus did.” Just like we talked about before, dismantling this whole concept of getting to know yourself, it's also time to dismantle the whole concept of the guru that you're aspiring to be.

< e2012 8 > Now, the real Yeshua? The most impatient human I had ever met! Absolutely, totally impatient, had no patience for stupidity, for rules, hated organizations, didn't like time, didn't like dawdlers. Why? Because underneath, even though he was not a souled being, he brought in so many of the aspects or the energies of you. And impatient – “Let's get on with this!”

He was known to brawl. Boom! Punch right in the face. Down on the ground brawling. This isn't in the Bible, is it? It wouldn't do them very good, you know, they thought, to put this in. He liked to eat a lot. He got a little pudgy later on. He got a little hm (Adamus gestures “large”) thing going.

He was known to cuss and swear. There were a lot of people that were afraid of him. He was a rebel, a revolutionary and he was intolerant. A loving being, totally compassion, but absolutely impatient. That's not the nice portrait picture that you have of him, but this is what many aspire to be. “I have to be … what would Jesus say?” Jesus would say, “Get the fuck out of my way!” Sorry. I apologize for being so irreverent.

But it is true! It's like “Move aside, we've got work to do. We're here to seed this Earth with the Christ consciousness, the Christos, the crystal consciousness, for a new age that's coming about. Move on with it! Move on! Get off to some other planet, go someplace else, because this is a place where we're growing and expanding.”

So he was quite a revolutionary. And no, they didn't write about that, because then what would happen? Everybody would try to be a revolutionary, the organizations, which I don't like, couldn't handle that.

< e2012 8 > Buddha was neurotic, phobic. He had phobias, a lot of phobias. There were certain types of insects and bugs he was just deathly afraid of. He was neurotic. He was always having to clean his hands and his feet all the time. He was very selfish, in the bad meaning of the word selfish. He stole energy from everybody. “Oh, here comes Buddha. Get out of the way. He's going to try to steal energy.” And he could never settle into anything. He had chosen a nice rich family to be born into; he couldn't settle into that.

He had demons going after him all the time. He was perhaps what you would call a multiple personality, flipping back and forth, as a lot of the neurotic people do – one minute holy man, next minute total jerk. And he would be offended if there were certain things you were wearing or certain odors coming from your body. So he was very difficult to get along with it.

Later on he chilled. He relaxed a little bit. He had this neurotic obsession for enlightenment and just starved himself to death to get it. Actually, he starved because he was phobic about a lot foods. He just wouldn't eat them. If anybody even looked at a food that he was going to eat, he couldn't eat it.

Finally he relaxed. He gave up trying to find himself, trying to get to know himself. He relaxed. That's when he started eating. He gained some weight and he finally had the enlightenment that he had always wanted. He melded with himself.

< e2012 8 > And – not that this next one is an Ascended Master, but he's an interesting study – Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, somebody from your era – brilliant, driven, totally insecure. Absolutely insecure. One minute very obsessed about the project he was working on, and the real project actually was technology tools to expand consciousness, interconnectivity to share, to actually expand the consciousness of humanity. That was kind of implanted in him. Brilliant ideas.

He was a visionary who had this mental/creative melding a long time ago, but totally insecure. Always questioning. It got tiring after a while. “Am I doing the right thing? Am I going the right way? Should I have done it this way or that way?” Wasted a lot of energy doubting, worrying all the time.

< e2012 8 > Here's another one I just happened to be taking a walk with the other day – St. John the Baptist. Crazy man. (laughter) He was a lunatic! Another good example of a multiple personality; one minute screaming and yelling to get the demons out of people, pushing their heads under water. He used to drown people. It wasn't baptism! It was called murder! (laughter) Later they change it and said he was baptizing. It's like, “No, he's trying to kill the bastard!”

And the next minute very pious, reverent, asking God for forgiveness. Well, I would have too if I had done all that bad stuff. Down on his knees. He was a mad man! His hair was a mess. His beard – filled with food from years ago. He didn't bathe himself. He and Buddha would have never gotten along. (laughter) They would have had a hard time together.

< e2012 8 > The guru dilemma, your dilemma: who do you aspire to be like – any of them? In other words, they had human characteristics because they're here on Earth as humans. They have what you would call flaws, but they're actually not, they're just idiosyncrasies. And so do you. You've been trying to get to know yourself and perfect yourself, make yourself just this pure, holier-than-thou human. They didn't do it. Why should you? They had disturbances! Issues! Challenges! What eventually caused them to be Ascended Masters? Acceptance, let go.

< e2012 8 > They let go of this need to try to define themselves, to find themselves, to know themselves, to improve and perfect themselves. They came to a point of exhaustion – anybody feel a little connected to that? – a point of exhaustion, of saying, “This search, this desperate search, is exhausting. I'm just going to give up. To hell with this whole spiritual path and all of its books and all of its workshops and all of its accoutrements and everything else – to hell with that! I'm done! I'm done!”

In that moment of acceptance, then it came together. Then they had a good laugh, every one of them. And then it didn't matter. It didn't matter that they weren't perfect, because they were never going to be. It mattered that they accepted. It mattered that they loved themselves, quirks and all. Bad bank accounts, overweight, stupid little tics or strange things you do, your bad temper, your impatience, your lack of real understanding of the spiritual being that you are. You get over all that. You go into a place of acceptance. You could say it's surrender, but it's only surrendering to you.

< e2012 8 > And then, suddenly, you're just being. You're not trying to perfect anything. You're not trying to find yourself. Now you're just being. In that, the creative energies that we talked about earlier rush in now. The mind can slow down. The need to try to make things right or perfect or in some sort of delusional ideals of old gurus goes out the window. That's when you can sit here today and say, “I am the Master. I don't care what they say, I am the Master. I am the Master.” It's that simple.

< freedom 3 > The esteemed beings that I hang around with, they do not want you doing enlightenment like they did or like I did. They have no concept of living ascension. They have no idea. The energy is very different, consciousness is different, and the word “enlightenment” is different. I'll tell you right now one thing I do know by watching you, you, as an enlightened being, are not going to be a bliss ninny. You're not.

No. You're going to be real. You're going to be in life. You are going to be more clear and more arrogant and stronger than I am with you! No truly. Why? Because as an enlightened being living on the planet, your tolerance level is going to be low. And you probably thought enlightened beings just had all of this patience. Not at all. You're going to have less patience than I do. No patience. Why? Because you are going to know it can be done. There are no excuses. You did it.

< freedom 3 > You've been modeling yourself after Yeshua. There is this model also of Yeshua as this holier than thou being. He wasn't. He fornicated. He drank. He got drunk and puked. Yes! No, he really did! And he told racist jokes. He told politically incorrect jokes about the Romans. Wouldn't you have if you lived in Jerusalem back then?! It's like, “Hey, did I tell you about the Roman who …” So that's a model that's imprinted into many of you. And then you hear the stories of walking on water. That was totally fabricated. And the stories of the healing. Yeshua was the first to say he wasn't a healer, but he knew how to bring out the healing within you.

< freedom 3 > He knew how to get so laser focused, and he wasn't necessarily nice about it. If a beggar or a sick person would come up to him, he didn't do the “oh you poor thing.” He's like, “Are you going to heal yourself or not?!” And he would look them straight in the eye, and when they started doing the mumbo-jumbo, he would laser focus on them until they felt it within themselves. And then he would basically say to them, “When I see you next time you better be dead or healed!” You laugh! That is what you're going to be doing, because you're not going to have the patience for all the games, all the feeding that's going on, all the excuses.

< freedom 3 > You're not going to have the patience for it. You're going to say, “Get rid of the old models, the old concepts of what you thought enlightenment is going to be.” Let those go – this state of perfection or turning lead into gold or any of the rest of those things. It's all child's play.

< freedom 3 > If you had an actual Standard right now – one person – that you'd say, “Ah, it could be done,” but they haven't come out to you yet. There have been a few. There have been a few. They're wise. There was one recently, a young man in Brazil, very young man. Nobody knows about him. He wasn't part of a spiritual group. He lived in a small village. Obviously, he had been working up to this for lifetimes. He didn't have coaching. He didn't have the benefit of Crimson Circle. Suddenly, he just walked into it. He's going to stay quiet for a while. Quiet, for a lot of reason. But if you had one of you that suddenly walked in here next month and suddenly you all knew that this person just got it, it would give you a model or a template.

< freedom 3 > It's probably not going to happen, because you're probably all going to do it at about the same time, general timeframe. But I can tell you right now it will be good. Eh, no that's wrong. It'll be … you use words like awesome, amazing; highly overused words. It will be beyond. It will be so beyond, and it is going to happen.

< Discovery 11 >  And ultimately the real answer is it's a feeling. Enlightenment can't really be defined. But this whole thing of enlightenment is about perception also, a perception of what you have to do. In this little closet hidden away are a few of the known Masters who have achieved enlightenment, but their stories, as we've talked about, are not so good. They're filled with suffering. They're filled with hardship, a lot of loneliness, a lot of angst, and at the end perhaps you could say a total breakdown or death. Not such a good perception to have.