one of the four-TIONS of embodiment;

< Embodiment 2 > Let's move onto the fourth TION of embodiment. That is, Shaumbra, PERCEP-TION… perception. You are moving into such a whole different state right now - and you know you are. Reality changes. Perception changes. Everything changes. You are having a difficult time with it some days because you wonder why everything is changing. It is because YOU are changing. You are letting yourself go crazy some days because everything is changing, and part of you is fighting it. You want everything to remain the same, but you just want it to be a better same (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 2 > Shaumbra, you have asked for this. You have chosen this to go through these changes. Your reality is changing. Every moment now it will continue to change. The nature of reality is no longer what you thought it was. The nature of reality is no longer the stable form that you were building on before. The whole foundation of reality has been pulled out from underneath. It has been pulled out from underneath, Shaumbra. The whole nature of reality changes. You don't have your story. You don't have a stagnant Old Energy. What you have is New Energy… new freedom… new creativity. You wonder sometimes why the days are difficult, why everything seems to be in disarray. It is… because it is changing.

< Embodiment 2 > The nature of your reality is changing, so begin looking at it from a different perspective. Have a different perception of who you are… of reality. Have a different perception of the nature of reality. Let it be free and flowing, rather than static and stagnant. Begin looking at everything from every direction. We worked with Shaumbra at our recent embodiment workshop on looking at things, observing things, and evaluating things from every different direction. Where did you think we were going forward right now? Take a look at how we are also going backwards. As you think that some things are high and some things are low… look at it from the other way.

< Embodiment 2 > Everything now… we are going to challenge you… we are going to ask you to look at everything from a different perspective. Change your perception. Things are NOT as they seem… at all. That is only one angle you're looking at it from. Things are NOT what they seem. You are looking at it linearly, three-dimensionally, limited. Look at it upside down… backwards. Look at everybody you know now from a different perspective. Change your perception. Look at every event, everything different. Just when you thought something was the beginning, look at it as the end. Just when you thought something was slow, look at it from the perception of fast. Everything now… that is where we are going with all that.

< Embodiment 2 > The nature of reality is changing. You can choose the reality, by the way. It is not inflicted on you. This is the freedom. This is the sovereignty. You can choose it. But, the nature is changing. Any assumption you have had up to now about anything… now take a look at it in a different way. If you think something is heavy, an object is heavy, change your perception. It is actually quite light… you see. What's between all those molecules that appear to make it heavy? What is between the atoms that appear to make the molecules that appear to make it heavy? Nothing… nothing… nothing… elements that move in and out of reality, so that heavy item that you are thinking about is not heavy at all. You just thought it was.

< Embodiment 2 > Together we are going to a place where the whole nature of reality changes. So, you can't get angry anymore about change. You can't get upset that things are no longer what they seem to be. You can't get upset with us anymore that nothing seems to be stable anymore. You had a certain definition of what you thought your life was going to be, and where you should be. Change your perception of that also. More than anything, change your perception of your story. Give yourself freedom. Everything changes… the nature of reality. Just when you thought it was cold, change your perception and feel the warmth.

< Embodiment 2 > It is like going in to view a picture on the wall of a museum, a painting. You stand in front of it, and you say, "Oh, there's the painting." Ah… you are looking from one angle and one dimension. Now, imagine yourself for a moment, standing, looking at that painting on the wall in a museum, staring at it from straight on. You think you see the whole painting. We challenge you, so you try to look at the nuances in the brushstrokes and the lighting effects and all of these other things.

< Embodiment 2 > Oh, no, we are going far beyond that. Take a look from inside the painting outside, looking back at yourself. Ah… take a look through the painter's eyes, rather than your own. Take a look at how that painting isn't truly two-dimensional. It exists in many different dimensions at once. It has New Energy dimensions of depth, height, and width. Not two-dimensional… these are inter-dimensional depth, inter-dimensional height, and inter-dimensional width. They can't be measured with any of your measuring systems. What we are saying is that painting on the wall now goes multi-dimensional. It stretches out in all different directions and dimensions.

< Embodiment 2QA > We are going to ask you to again look at your perception of things. Look at how every moment of every day is built for you in order to see how the house is built, to understand how you can change the entire nature of this house you call reality. Everything from the moment you wake up until the moment you retire for the night in bed is made up of a series of little formulas… yes, little formulas… the formula for waking up you've developed… the formula for your routine first thing in the morning. There is a formula for how to get in your car and how to drive… a formula for how you do your work… how you create music, for instance… how you create whatever it is that you do. There are formulas for feeding your body, formulas for even your playtime and enjoyment time. Your whole day is made up in a series of these.

< Embodiment 2QA > You can almost see… you have this thing called "computer programming" with all sorts of interesting code. Well, your day is made up of codes, formulas, that help you go through this thing you call reality. You can change those formulas just like you can change a computer programming code. You don't have to be locked into any particular way of doing anything. You've only come to believe, to have the illusion, that you are locked into those. You can go into any of the little formulas and begin to change them.

< Embodiment 2QA > There are formulas in everything. What you consider truth… these are just formulas. Your belief systems are formulas. Your opinions are formulas. You put them all together, combine them all together, and you have a day - a day in the life of you. It is not just about developing new formulas that - I want to say - are similar to old formulas, just a bit rewritten. It is whole new code that can be written by you. No, you don't have to be a programmer to change reality.

< Embodiment 2QA > What we are saying here is - take a look at every little aspect of your day. Everything that you accept as real is not real. It is just the way the code was written. The formula is written by you. It can be changed. Look at everything different now… from on top… from underneath… from every different side… from the inside looking out. And, then do that - not just in the third dimension you exist in - but every dimension. You begin to understand how none of this is locked in concrete. None of this is so hard and fast that it cannot be changed. It is just simple formulas, little formulas that have been developed to get you through the day. So, again we are going to push and push on this with you. The nature of reality, the perception of reality, is so easy to change.

< Embodiment 2QA > Indeed… it is very confusing, and going into these New Energy realms and dimensions is (confusing) because it throws off everything that you think you would have known, and - how to say - at times the doubts come in. You may think it is a thinking or an intellectual exercise. But, what we are literally doing underneath when we are asking you to change your perceptions, we are literally here asking you to expand your mind. Your mind has agreed and has followed the formulas that you have been feeding it. And, by saying now, "Look from every different direction," it now - how to say - softens up the mind, so that it can begin working with the Divine Intelligence in a whole new way. So, at first it is a bit confusing, a bit difficult to understand. But, be patient with the process of this. Allow your mind to expand. And, sometimes it will rebel. Sometimes it will wonder what the hell you are doing with it (some laughter). But, this is all part of the expanding of the mind as well as the spirit… you see.

< Embodiment 3QA > Time is indeed part of your story. And, it is very difficult to explain. Your association with time is based on everything from the wristwatches that you have and the clocks to the patterns and the cycles of the moon and the sun and the rhythms of Earth itself. You base your time sequence on this. This is an illusion, but there are things that allow for a flow of experiences.

We have been asked on a number of times if it is true that the past, present, and future are all occurring together. That is again one of those difficult questions to answer. But, from your perspective we have to say, no, they are not all occurring together. The future has not been created at all. You can go back to the past and change the story - or your perception of that - but you can't change the events. What truly matters is the Now moment that you are in. This is truly the important thing. So, you ask wonderful questions. And, it is so much about just allowing yourself to be in the Now.

< discovery 2 > There's no need to go back into the drama. You're going to perhaps feel some emotional pain or imbalance, but I want you to remain as the compassionate observer into these incidences in your life. As you do, as you remain that compassionate observer, what happens is the wisdom, the wisdom and beauty of those experiences are distilled into pure wisdom for the soul. And suddenly, maybe now, maybe later, suddenly you get that “aha” that that experience was not really what you thought it was. It was just one perspective. It was just one emotional perspective, but so much more took place.

< discovery 2 > Basically, digesting belief systems that really weren't yours. It created the other traumatic events, and you weren't seeing what really happened. You were blaming it on that experience saying, “I made a mistake. I did something that good girls shouldn't do. I did something that hurt somebody else.” But, you see, you didn't have the perspective or the awareness of where that came from, why that was there. It was there because of belief systems that you took in that weren't yours.

< Discovery 11 > There are so many perceptions. When you really start looking into it, the perceptions don't necessarily match the reality. But I guess one could say that everything, no matter what, is perception. So I ask you to look at your own perception – your perception of the world, your perception of your place in the world, your perception of enlightenment, your perception of what it takes to allow the enlightenment, the embodied enlightenment. There's still a lot of perceptions right now that you have to work hard or suffer, that's engrained in that little room, almost like a tiny little closet in the house of human consciousness. 

< Discovery 11 >  And ultimately the real answer is it's a feeling. Enlightenment can't really be defined. But this whole thing of enlightenment is about perception also, a perception of what you have to do. In this little closet hidden away are a few of the known Masters who have achieved enlightenment, but their stories, as we've talked about, are not so good. They're filled with suffering. They're filled with hardship, a lot of loneliness, a lot of angst, and at the end perhaps you could say a total breakdown or death. Not such a good perception to have.

< Emergence 1 > As long as there are people, other people on the planet and you stay in the physical body, there's challenges. But you have a whole different way of looking at it. It's no longer, “Why me?” It's no longer, “What's going to happen tomorrow? Am I going to die? Is my house going to burn down?” It's a whole different way of looking at it. And suddenly the solutions are there right away. You don't have to spend months or years working through things. Suddenly – (snap!) – it's like that. You just know what to do and you know how to bring whatever that is to wisdom. It happens instantly, in the moment.

< Emergence-3 > It goes back to the premise that there is no reality, there's no life unless perception is present. Nothing exists unless consciousness is here. But consciousness or perception can come at many, many different levels. It's not an all or nothing. There can be very limited levels of perception – self-imposed, limited levels of perception – which I would call immature. So focused on just surviving, so focused on the ego, so focused on your aches and pains, your wounds and everything else that you become very immature, very limited in perception.