The four-TIONS of embodiment

the four-TIONS to be SHUNNED of embodiment;
1. distraction; staying on the course;
2. translation; translation of downloaded information from other dimensions;
3: validation; validation in the old energy if you have all the answer;
4. perception;

< Embodiment 2 > We want to talk today about something we call The Four "TIONS" of embodiment. And, this is spelled "TIONS." But, you could also take it as SHUNS." The -TIONS, the Four-SHUNS of Embodiment… these are things that you have been going through. These are challenges that have come up in the last 30 days, in particular. And, you have wanted to talk about them, to share them, to put them out in front of you and also to make them available for others… four areas that you have been working with. We want to talk about that for a little bit today.

< Embodiment 2 > The first one, the first TION, is DISTRAC-TION… distraction. Oh, Shaumbra, hold the course right now. Hold the course for yourself. Don't force the course. Simply stay on course. Be on course. It is so easy right now to get distracted… distracted by the events in the news… distracted by your family… your loved ones… distracted by your own mind even. You are at this point, this wonderful point, of bringing the energies in and your divinity in. But, right now the distractions heat up. So many things seem to be taking you away. They try to pull you away - don't they? - making it difficult. Just when you think you are making some progress, or getting deeper insights, the distraction comes in.

< Embodiment 2 > The second TION of embodiment is TRANSLA-TION… translation. Now, this is an interesting phenomenon because there are all sorts of things happening in and around you right now. You feel them. You complain to us about them all the damn time! (audience laughter) You know that they are there. You know something is happening all around you. Oh, and you feel so off-balance some days and out of sorts with yourself.

< Embodiment 2 > So, let us go onto the third TION. It is VALIDA-TION… validation. Shaumbra, right now, sitting here in this safe energy moment of Now together, YOU KNOW EVERY ANSWER. You know every answer. Part of the problem is that you doubt yourself, and so then you seek validation all around you in the world of duality. You know the answer in the New Energy dimensions and realities. But, then you seek validation in the Old Energy duality. And, we have a big conflict there, don't we? They don't work together.

< Embodiment 2 > Let's move onto the fourth TION of embodiment. That is, Shaumbra, PERCEP-TION… perception. You are moving into such a whole different state right now - and you know you are. Reality changes. Perception changes. Everything changes. You are having a difficult time with it some days because you wonder why everything is changing. It is because YOU are changing. You are letting yourself go crazy some days because everything is changing, and part of you is fighting it. You want everything to remain the same, but you just want it to be a better same (audience laughter).