the future is the past rewritten;

< New Earth 4 > First, you will see an interesting rewrite of your human history of the past two thousand years, as there come new discoveries. Ancient texts that have been long buried are now ready to come forth. What you thought was history, what you accepted as reality, will change. Oh, and certainly this will shake the academic world and the scholars and those who have held the energy of your structured religions. It will be controversial when these documents from various parts of the world come forth, each bringing in a truth that is connected to the other truths that are coming forth. And it will be very difficult to deny the new truth, the truth of where you have come. These documents and these new truths will be coming soon, and they will continue to occur for the period of the next 12 years of your time. They will be all related to each other.

You will look at these truths and you will wonder about the history that you have learned, and wonder if perhaps that history that you have been taught by your teachers was wrong. But we tell you, my friends, it was not wrong history that you learned in the past. What you learned was appropriate for the times. But as we have said to this very group in channeling, each of you, who are here and all who are parts of family in other parts of the world, are literally rewriting your history by overcoming your challenges, and by the light that you now bring forth.

It is not that your history books are wrong. It is that you are transcending time and literally changing the outcome of the events that have happened in the past.

Watch your newspapers. Watch your news. They will be telling you that what was now has a different twist to it. And remember when you hear these things on your television programs and on the Internet, it is not that your old history is wrong. It is that you have healed your past, the past that stood a thousand years ago. You have changed the history and energy of that past.

The way you existed your past lives, in trauma or anger or hurt, you are going back now by the work you do in this lifetime and healing those past lifetimes. You are literally changing the course of past history.

< New Earth 12 > You the human that sits here perhaps does not think that you can influence the past, but indeed you can. Do you know that every past life aspect of who you are has been counting on you, as we have said before, the "designated ascendee?" They have counted on you to walk these last few miles on the long path of your lifetimes here on Earth. They have counted on you to transmute, to transform. They have counted on you to be victorious in what you would call that final battle of light and dark within yourself.

< New Earth 14 > As we have said before "the future is the past rewritten." The future is the past rewritten. Come to understand what we mean by this and you will come to understand why you are here on Earth. As you have gone through the many struggles and the turmoils and the challenges of your life… as you have gone through "choice points" and chosen a certain path, you have changed the outcome of those past lives.

< Creator 2 > She said, as she released her grip and opened her palm, "I will now live in the NOW. I will no longer fear a future that does not exist. I will live in the NOW." She began living in the NOW, as she continued to practice standing behind the short wall in acceptance of all that is. As she began to consciously release her grip on her own guilt and pain and the past, she realized that she was creating a moment, a divine moment, in all of the NOW that she was living. She was learning once again to trust self. She was learning that there was no need to project a future fear scenario, but simply to live in the NOW. As she did, there was a unique melding of her humanness with her divinity.

< Creator 3 > The divine moment is now. The divine moment has no judgements. The divine moment is complete in itself. It needs no other fulfillment than just to be. It is a quiet place. The divine moment is a space where you can feel love, where you can feel love washing through your entire being. The divine moment is not held back by the past. It is not plotted into the future. It is simply in the now. And it is perfect in all things. The divine moment can last for a fraction of a second. It can last for hours. In this case here, dear friends, our divine moment extends at least through the period of our gathering in the circle on this day. It is here surrounding each of you. This is indeed a divine moment where there are no needs or wants. You are all that you are.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Three: Live in the divine moment. Dear friends, as you know so well, it is easy to live in the past. It is easy to worry of the future. As a creator, you will not be in the past or the future. You will be in the moment, the divine moment. Interestingly enough, the divine moment includes the past and the future. If you are in your divine moment, you are healing your past. You are creating a future that is awesome. In the divine moment you are in the past and the future all at the same time, but you are truly in what we would call "no time."

< Creator 6 > While in this divine moment, dear friends - to give you some incentive to be here - your aging process is greatly reduced. That makes sense if you are both in the past and in the future and in "no time." If you choose to reduce the aging process of your biology, be in the divine moment. Healing of your physical body is exponentially faster if you are in the divine moment. The work that Dr. Mindy Reynolds spoke of tonight with the new machines will show this to be true. When you are in the divine moment, the healing process is exponentially faster and the aging process is slowed.

< Creator 7 > That is why you are here! That is why you have been here for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. You have been walking the cycle of Earth lives in an agreement to bring things full circle. It is an agreement to heal all of the past, to heal this time of going through the Wall of Fire, to heal this time of the building of the void, the creation of your universe as you know it. You have walked all of these lifetimes to heal and to rediscover.

< Creator 8QA > If you will remember, when you first entered the new house there was only one thing in this new place. There was only one thing that was brought from the past; otherwise your new house was empty. The one thing that was brought in from the past was the crystal rose. The rose bears a fruit and the fruit is the "passion."

< Creator 12QA > It is difficult in the human condition to deal with the fact that there are karmas that you are paying for from past lifetimes. As we have said in recent discussions, it is not only your past soul lives, but also the lineage of your family, of your ancestry, of your bloodline. We know it is difficult to not know exactly what was done back then, to not know whose head you cut off, to not know what things were done, but yet to have to release them. There is a blessing in this however. If you had specific and vivid recall of what those things were, it would be overwhelming. It would be overwhelming. It is not necessary to know what all of these were.

However, dear friends, as you find some quiet time by yourself, sit for a moment and observe the energies that surround you. Observe the circle that is around you. It is the identities of your past lives. It is the identities even of your ancestral lineage. They are all standing around you, cheering you for the work you do. As you release things in this lifetime, as you walk through the difficulties and learn to deal with them, you are not just healing yourself in this lifetime. You are healing the past of who you were. You are healing the past of your families, of your bloodline. You are healing the past from before you ever came to Earth. As we have said before, you are the designated "ascendee" for all of who you have been. That is why the work that you are doing is so important. We understand it is difficult going through this, dear friends, but you are literally rewriting the book of the past. You are healing what has been done in the past. At the same time, while you are going through your challenges and releases and healings, understand that the energy of your past lives has been held in the Earth. When one of you has died in the past, the Earth has held that energy until the appropriate time. Now is the appropriate time. Now is when the Earth is releasing the energies of the past, letting these go. Not only are you releasing, but the Earth is also releasing, through the volcanoes and the earthquakes, through the winds, through the natural movements of Earth. She, this precious spirit, is now releasing you from the past. And yes, this will also cause your body to ache. This will also cause your body and your mind quite some conflict if you live in those spots on the Earth that are letting go right now. If you live next to these quake lines and the volcanoes and the areas that will attract the high winds, it will affect you. These are difficult and challenging places to live. Do you not think there is a reason why you, Shaumbra, are there?

< Ascension sp > Consciousness is when you bring together the wisdom of the past with the potentials of the future into the "now" and express it. That is consciousness. And, consciousness right now is changing rapidly within you and on the face of this Earth. Very, very rapidly.

< Ascension sp > You change your consciousness. You allow it to soar to new heights by releasing the Old. Releasing. Releasing… a rather challenging and difficult thing it is for humans, I know. I, Tobias, walked in sandals at one time. Releasing is difficult . There is a fear that comes from the elements of duality that makes it difficult to release until something new is there to take its place. But, the New Energy does not work like that. It is releasing today in the "now," in the moment. And, immediately a new consciousness will come forth, a consciousness that is the meld of the wisdom of the past and the potential of the future.

< Ascension 9 > We said earlier that when you left Home, the Kingdom, a finite amount of energy came with you. No new energy has ever been created outside of the First Circle. You have just changed and transformed the existing energy base. And do you remember when we have spoken to you about all things in the Second Circle coming to an impasse? The energies of the universe came to a standstill at one point. Duality could no longer re-express itself. It was the "star wars" period where energy could move forth no more. It came to an impasse. It stopped. That is when the Order of the Arc was created to find a solution to the impasse. Earth was created to find solution to the energetic impasse that occurred. When you gaze into the stars at night, you are looking at your past. When your scientists use the new, sophisticated telescopes to probe the universe, they are also looking at your past. They are looking at what you left behind, at what you created. That is what it is.

< Ascension 9 > As we have said before, technology follows consciousness. Your consciousness is rising. You are at that point of quantum leap in your personal consciousness. So, is it no wonder that these recent, amazing pictures from space (using the Hubble telescope) would come back to you now? And, do you know what your scientists will see quite soon that will go in the face of everything that they have ever speculated? And, it will indeed go in the face of what so many of your world religions teach. They will find that the universe is finite! They will find that at some point in the history of the universe, all energies stopped. They will not understand how to interpret this. They will not understand why there can be so much energy in the universe, and yet, why everything stopped at a point. What they don't realize is that they are seeing something from the past (energy impasse). But, that is a whole other discussion.

< Ascension 10QA > Indeed, we heard the discussion earlier on this day about your movie, "Star Wars." This is your past. This is your past. It was about duality. It was about the conflict between the light and dark. It was about individuals or groups trying to consume others for their energy. Again, as we have talked about, this was done because you were all trying to find your way back Home. You felt that if you could conquer others and take them over, then you could find your way back Home.

< DivineHuman 2 > We have access to the past. We can easily go back into the past. We cannot be part of the past, but we can go back to the past and feel its energies. We cannot go into a future because it has not been created yet. We can look at potentials of what might happen. We can look at the direction you are going in. But, we do not even like playing that game here. We do not like playing that game. That is not living in the Now. It is imagining how things will be. We learned quite some time ago not to predict the future. We wonder when humans are going to learn the same!

< DivineHuman 3 > It will take a bit of work on your part to be present. You are so used to living in the past, or worrying about the future. The past, dear friends, was killing you. Living in the past creates death - period. When you live in the past, you are thinking about what happened before. It sends a signal to your system, to your biology, to begin the death process. When you live in the future… when you worry about what will be… when you worry about your retirement… when you worry about what the world will look like in 10 or 15 years… when you worry if you are going to get a pink slip at the office next week… this causes you to suffocate, to suffocate, to extinguish the fire of the divinity that is birthing within you. The past will kill you. The future will suffocate you.

< DivineHuman 3 > Living in one world was difficult enough… and, now we’re living in two worlds. But, as we live in the two worlds, we are finding that there is another simple tool, a very simple tool. It is awareness of the moment, "MOMENTAL AWARENESS." It is being in the moment, fully present. Again, we would have never thought that it would be quite so simple to be in the Now… to not worry about the past, for we have released it… to not worry about the future, for we have not created it yet. When we are fully present in the Now, in this moment, we are balanced.

< DivineHuman 3 > As we all sit here now as Shaumbra, life is balanced. Life is flowing. Things are as they are. And, in that is perfection in itself. As we sit in the moment, we are not leaking our energy into the past or the future. Our energy is fully contained in the moment. When we’re in the moment, alignment can take place. When we’re in the moment, we pause long enough for our body to come back into natural alignment. In the moment, our body adjusts from the Old Energy into the New. We give it a chance to catch up with itself. When we are in the moment, our emotions can come back into balance. Our emotions have been scattered over so much territory of the past. Sitting in this moment, breathing, our emotions can align themselves. Our bodies… our emotions… our mind… all realign naturally.

< DivineHuman 9 > Time does not exist on our side of the veil, but yet there is a progression of events, and a progression of consciousness. Some humans assume that all things have already happened - past, present and future. But understand that the future has not yet been created. The future is not known by Spirit, or by you. The future has yet to be defined. The future is defined by all of the potentials that you have to choose from. It is like going into one of your great department stores where there are thousands, perhaps millions of items from which to choose. The future, in a sense, is like a huge department store of potentials. You select what you want to experience.

< Embodiment 3QA > Time is indeed part of your story. And, it is very difficult to explain. Your association with time is based on everything from the wristwatches that you have and the clocks to the patterns and the cycles of the moon and the sun and the rhythms of Earth itself. You base your time sequence on this. This is an illusion, but there are things that allow for a flow of experiences.

We have been asked on a number of times if it is true that the past, present, and future are all occurring together. That is again one of those difficult questions to answer. But, from your perspective we have to say, no, they are not all occurring together. The future has not been created at all. You can go back to the past and change the story - or your perception of that - but you can't change the events. What truly matters is the Now moment that you are in. This is truly the important thing. So, you ask wonderful questions. And, it is so much about just allowing yourself to be in the Now.

< Embodiment 6 > This is the "year of freedom." We are going to help free you of the limitations of your body and your mind and the human dimension. We are going to have fun doing it, whether you like it or not. I had to throw that it in. We're going to have fun going beyond, getting out of those prison walls. We are going to have fun expanding. We are going to let those Old Energies be transformed. Now, what holds you back, Shaumbra? What holds you back from being who you really are? Well, first and foremost, it's the past. It's the past. The future can't hold you back because it hasn't been created yet. Only the fear of the future can hold you back. But, the past literally does hold many of you back. You're regretting many of the things you have done in your lifetime.

< Embodiment 6 > We are going to you ask you now to get over it (holdback of the past). Get over it. It was part of who you are. It was an experience you wanted to have to help you learn and understand something. It was a mighty challenge that you had given yourself so that you could learn something new. Some of you get down upon yourselves. Some of you who have drunk a little bit too much… you call yourselves alcoholics. Get over it. You are not an alcoholic. You are one who went to the depths of hell drinking to find out what that is about. But, the energy does not have to be attached to you anymore. That was the past.

< Embodiment 6 > The past holds you back sometimes because you have hidden it away. You have tucked it away… under the rug… in closets… in your subconscious… or whatever you want to call it… parts of you that you have been ashamed about… parts of you that you couldn't deal with up to now. Yes, there are some wildly ridiculous things that you have done in the past. Some of you are so filled with guilt for these things.

< Embodiment 6 > How do you handle that now? How do you solve it? You embody every part of it, everything you've ever done, and then you let it move through. We know you have done tremendous work in this area. But, now we're going to go to the real depths, the real hiding places of some of the Old Energies. You are going to start getting the glimpses and the full stories of your past lives. You can handle it now.

< Embodiment 6 > What else holds you back? Being the victim… wonderful role to play! It is sometimes easier being the victim than the Creator, sometimes easier blaming everything around you. You get caught into the trap of being the victim, the perpetual victim. And, do you know what we do when you do that? We support you in your victimhood. You're having fun with it. So, we're going to support you. We are going to help you experience what it is like to be the biggest victim on Earth because that is what you have been choosing up to now… some of you. But, now it is time to let that go. It is holding you back. You can't blame your parents. You can't blame your past lives. You can't blame anything. You are the Creator.

< Embodiment 6 > You are allowing that (victimhood) to be a hindrance and a block. Why? Because you don't necessarily want to face what it's like to be a Creator. You're sometimes afraid of going back to being a full and conscious Creator. You regret some of the things that were done in the past, especially before you came to Earth. You see… I created this cottage that we are sitting in. I made it real through the imagination. You used to do that also, especially before you ever came to Earth in a human body. When you were creating the stars and the heavens, when you were free out there, without a body, you could create very quickly and imagine very quickly. There were many, many things you didn't like about what you created.

< Embodiment 6 > But, Shaumbra, at your core you are a Creator. There is no need to truly worry about what was done in the past because it has gotten you here. It has gotten you to this point. No matter what you think, you've truly never killed anyone. A soul cannot die. It simply comes back in a new form. You can never truly take another's energy away, even though you have tried. Sooner or later you have to let it out because it's not yours. You have to release it. So, Shaumbra, many of you have been playing victim, and it has held you back. No longer blame anything else… unless that's the way you want to live. Take full responsibility. And, as you do, you will understand how Creator energies truly work.

< Returning 2 > Time is one of the most rigid belief systems. Time creates a linear path that humans then feel trapped on. When a human is so deeply involved in time, they're going to feel that they are in a prison, in a trap. Whether they believe in reincarnation or not, they believe in the past. And when a human believes in the past, they believe that it's going to continue into the future. The past is nothing but experience, but yet with the belief system of time, it becomes the future (the expected future based on the past) also. Remember way back when when I said to you the future is the past healed.

< Returning 2 > So often the human is afraid of the future because it's been created from the past. They're afraid of the potentials because the ones that seems to attract them the most are some of the most dramatic, some of the most severe (worst things). Because if they're in a place of fear and drama, if they're in a place of uncertainty about themselves, that is the future potential that they're going to be attracted to. They're not going to see the other grand potentials that are available to them. The future is wide open, but it hardly seems that way when they've been following a linear karmic path. Just like for you, tomorrow could take a sudden change in direction. Tomorrow could open up to reveal a grand new consciousness for yourself - if that is where you choose to go.

< Master 1 > Dear Shaumbra, we're going into the past to discover, really, our future. We're going into the past to unlock a very dynamic, love-filled, but sometimes frightening energy so that you're not squeezed into the definition; you're not in your own crystal. You laughed when I said I was in a crystal for 100,000 years. Do you know how long you've been in your crystal? Longer than 100,000 years. Your crystal is your past, and you've been locked in it. You've been isolated from it at the same time. We're going to go back and open it up.

< Master 1 > You're going to understand what a release it is; how much energy has been tied up; how much weight has been on top of you. It's like you've been buried underground the whole time. When you go into the past and unlock every part of it, it changes the present. It changes the past. It changes the course of your history. It changes everything. You're going to discover things about yourself that will amaze you.

< Master 9 > I would personally say that about 70 percent of the time is spent in the past. About another, oh, at the most, 5 percent is spent in the Now. The rest, pondering the future. And the future is very different from the past. I'll go into it later.

< (Next) 1 > So the past is also filled with incredible potentials that aren't negated just because they're in the past. The past contains … well, the past isn't the past anymore actually. You have to get through that thinking. Thinking. The past has nothing to do with before. The past is in this room right now and all of its potentials, and you are not - you are absolutely not - who you think you are. You think that you were born into this certain household and had these certain experiences and traumas, and you think that's you. It is NOT! It is one potential of you. But what if you are all of these other potentials?

< (Next) 9 > One of the core connections you have with reality - with your reality - is time. Time doesn't exist at all. However, the evolution of experience exists. What we have is an unfolding or unraveling of experience. And they tend to expand or to unfold in a very dynamic way. And we can actually look back - not a very good word but there's not another one - we can actually look back into the unfolding of experience. It gives us a concept of what you could call the past - it's really not the past, it's the unfolding of experience - to help them determine the potentials that they want to choose for the next experience.

< (Next) 9 > So you're at a point of separation right here, ready to break away. You've gone through it hundreds of times so you know what this is like. Well, it's always filled with anxiety, with excitement, filled with trepidation and filled with a lot of past aspects. Your aspects love lining up on your timeline, on your past. They love it. They cling to it! They hold onto it like it's a rope, onto that past timeline. And aspects get so jazzed up over the past that it solidifies their perception of themselves. They don't want to let go of it. They convince you not to let go of it, even though you really hate it, and it just reinforces the past. And then it's like dragging around a big rope, a big very stiff rope, with you, and on that rope are clinging a bunch of aspects. That's your past.

< (Next) 9 > So when you're coming from your own future back to your chosen experience of what you would call your past, but it's actually of your evolution, then you don't have to worry about things like accomplishment, abundance, healing, any of these other things. What you want is already there waiting for you. Kind of a weird … the mind doesn't like this so much, but just imagine yourself as free and already having ascended, or whatever you want to call it. You're already the I Am, and now you're free in the nonlinear moment to experience how you want to experience it.

< freedom 2 > Is it more responsibility to carry your past? Which really isn't your past, you're going to see, because your past is not what you think it is. Your past is a series of potentials, most of which have never been realized or understood. None of them – or very few of them – actually manifested, but you believe it's your past because of programming. But your past can be changed the moment you say, “That was not my past.” Suddenly, your past really isn't a series of chronological linear events that took place. Suddenly, your past is no longer history or his-story. Suddenly, the past is but one of many potentials or options that could have been played out. And now, literally, the moment you release yourself from your past, you suddenly realize how you can also change it tomorrow.

< Discovery 5 > This year is about power and freedom, in your own life and in the world. It's going to be about you giving yourself that freedom that's inherent within you, but you have a lot of overlays, a lot of issues, a lot of everything else that you've taken that very freedom away. Freedom sounds wonderful, but it's a tremendous responsibility. It sounds, “Oh, I'm going to be free,” but free of what? Well, you know, most of the time you think free of paying bills, free of having a boss, free of governments. But the real freedom is within. Free of your past. Free of your beliefs.

< Kharisma 5 > But what consciousness you have of your past, whether it’s a past life, whether it’s anything in this lifetime, consciousness is generally placed in things like failure and struggle, hardship, suffering, traumas. The consciousness that you have of your past is not truth. Not the real truth. But you put these little particles of consciousness at the most difficult, depressing and dark points of your past. And there they sit, these little particles of limited consciousness, and then they’re separated from the main consciousness, which would be your divine, your Free Self. It’s still consciousness, but then it starts coming back to you in limited thought and memory.

< Kharisma 5 > It’s still consciousness of your past, but now it comes back to you in a very perverse way – bad memories, stuck energy, ghosts, doubts and darkness. Your past, it doesn’t want that. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t want that limitation. It wants full consciousness, the full light … unlimited. I’ll say it over and over and over again until the popcorn starts popping, but your past is not what you think it is, thank god. Your past is not what you remember it as. The past, it deserves as much consciousness as the present. It deserves as much charisma as the future.

< Kharisma 5 > That past, that thing that really defines your present and your future is not what you thought it was. It’s a tough thing for a human to do, because the past defines them, or so they think. The past gives them something to think about and compare to, compare everything else to. But it’s one of the greatest limitations, because the past is not – not at all – what you think. Now, the mind will argue that, and it will doubt that. It’ll say, “No, I remember. I had a job from this date to that date. I got married at this certain time and I’ve done this and that.” 

< Kharisma 5 > Those are timeline incidences, but it’s not really the past. The past is really the wisdom that was gained or, in many cases, not gained. It has nothing to do with what specific thing happened on a certain date on the calendar. It was the way you perceived it. It was the way that you had emotions and feelings and understandings to it. What happens is an incident happens and the feelings are many. The mind quickly limits them and the mind puts them in a nice little storage box and says, “This is the way it was, emotionally and in every other way,” and then it keeps referring to all that. But it’s not true.

< Kharisma 5 > It’s a huge step to say, “I’m going to say farewell to the past.” A huge step, because in a way there’s a feeling like it’s denial. Not at all. The real denial is when you have limited particles of consciousness embedded in past events. That’s the denial. The denial is not accepting and allowing that there was a plethora of experiences and feelings and reactions, a range of them. But the mind will limit it and say, “No, this happened and it was bad.” Then you spend years and years trying to get over it, but in that years and years of therapy or whatever you do to get over it, you’re only giving it more definition and more credibility. And then it sets in deeper and gets more solid, and then you really believe that’s the past.

< Kharisma 5 > In order to experience and to be the Free Self, you must free your past also. It's not a mental exercise. We're not going to sit here for hours and hours and go through untying the knots of our past, because that, again, is a very mental and very ineffective exercise. But it's as simple as sitting here for a few minutes with the beautiful music and feeling what it's like to release the limitations of your past, to feel the liberation of coming out of those tight definitions of what happened. It frees you. It goes back to one of the most brilliant teachings of Tobiasthe future is the past healed.

< Kharisma 5 > This is a turning point. This is, what you would say, a moment of truth right here. It's a moment of truth because we're leaving behind not just the old year; we're leaving behind a limited unremembered past. I say unremembered, because you're not remembering what really happened. We're leaving that behind. As we go forward now into the new year, into the new times, it's going to be only for those who are choosing and allowing embodied enlightenment. That's it. No room for anything else. No room in the work myself and the other Masters are going to do with you, no room for doubt. There's no reason for the doubt. No need for the doubt.

< Kharisma 5 > I'll keep saying this over and over until the corn starts popping – everything, everything is about your enlightenment. Everything that happens, even that yawn that you're doing right now is about your enlightenment. That's the beautiful thing. Every action, everything that happens with other people, your whole life, bar nothing, is about enlightenment. Now, the funny thing is with the experience we just had, even your past is now about your enlightenment. You maybe thought, “Well, before it wasn't, because it was my past and I wasn't very enlightened back then,” but now it suddenly is. So suddenly, it all starts working together. It creates quite a swirl, quite a storm, quite a cleansing as this happens. But everything got to be about your enlightenment, otherwise it wouldn't be there.

< Kharisma 5 > And then I Know that I Know. You see, I've often said and often scolded when somebody stands up and says, “Well, I don't know.” No, you do know. You just don't know that you know. You do know every answer. You do know every twist and turn of the past, as well as the future. You know the future. That's the amazing thing. It kind of takes the impact out of the future. Kind of negates the whole word “future.” You start realizing it's just all right now.

< Transhuman 4 > It's strange for the mind to understand all of that. The mind thinks, “Well, how can all of this be happening right now?” because the mind is very linear. It's very focused in time. It cannot really grasp the idea that a future life is being experienced right now. But, as you release this whole concept of time, of clocks, of months and years ticking away, you come to the sudden beauty of realizing it's all happening right now. It's all happening. In a way, all of the past and future lives that are happening are independent of each other. They're all independent. They're not linked in such a way that you have to work towards your mastery one lifetime after the other. You can actually be a Master in a past lifetime that's occurring right now and not be a Master in the future. That's the beauty of releasing time.

< Wings 4 > Science is going to find, as science really hones in on things, probably not in your lifetime, but they're going to realize in hypothetical quantum physics at some point, somebody is going to write and paper and say, “This is just a big theory, but everything that I've found,” this physicist is going to say is, “As weird as it sounds, everything is existing and happening at the same moment.” And they're going to say, “So therefore, the future is already here. The past is here.” And humans who think so time-oriented go, “Oh, that's confusing. That's really a mess.” But actually, there is no separation of time, so it's here. Basically, that means it's in the air. It means your enlightenment in this lifetime is in the air, and with the maturity and discernment you can start feeling into it.