full consciousness / expanded consciousness

fully expanded consciousness of all of who you are/True self;
new consciousnesschrist consciousnessexpanded nowcosmic consciousness;

< Ascension 7 > Your perception of ascension was based on an Old Energy concept of duality. You perceived this from the mind of yesterday, without having the full consciousness of what it truly can be. If you had ascended based on your Old Energy consciousness, it would not ultimately have been as fulfilling and as complete as what you can experience now.

< Ascension 7QA > Indeed! And there will be some confusion, dear friends, amongst you about what is "agenda," what is "goal," what is simply part of living. Agenda, as we described it, is a desired outcome, a specific desired outcome. Your goals, in many ways, have been good. They have brought you to this point, but they are filled with agenda. It is now preventing you from seeing the whole picture. It is now preventing you from having a complete consciousness. Release these for a while.

< NewEnergy 1QA > Indeed, they come in certainly as - how to say - we don't like the label so much - but you'd call them "crystal children." They come in with clear attributes, highly sensitive children, having a hard time maintaining a focus in an Old Energy world, and appropriately so. We have talked before about the New Energy schools, that would not grade a student or judge a student for this type of attribute, which in a sense, is a gift. They are also in a state where they are in an expanded consciousness and Expanded Now.

< Clarity 2 > Imagine putting your arms around your human self… holding you… loving you… reassuring the humanness of who you are… that you will take care of its body… that you will stimulate its mind - even though we go beyond the mind, we don't leave the mind behind… telling that human self that it is appreciated for mowing the lawn and doing the dishes… telling the human self it is loved from every waking moment, everything it does… hugging your human self and assuring it that it will never be left behind… never be forgotten… and never be denied. Hug yourself. Tenderly kiss yourself like you've never done before. There is no need to destroy the human aspect. Humanness is wonderful. There is no need for Shiva to have to come in and destroy human. It is about embracing, loving and embodying human, even in your expanded state.

< Clarity 4 > You feed yourself through the air, just through breathing. Breathing is an incredible way of feeding yourself. It feeds your reality. It feeds your reams and desires. Breathing feeds your spirit. It is more than just taking the oxygen from the air. There is spirit energy in the air. And, you breathe that in. That feeds your reality base. It feeds your sense of beingness. When you do the deep spiritual breathing, it feeds partly your own desire for grander consciousness and expanded consciousness.

< Clarity 4 > But, eventually any entity will have to come back to Earth, even with an expanded set of beliefs to basically manifest them here on Earth to see how they play out. In the astral realms everything is a bit etheric, as it is were. Everything is a bit temporary. So, it is about being able to bring the belief systems back to Earth in an expanded way, in an expanded consciousness for the soul, for the divine being to finally take it in, to finally meld it all together. So, Shaumbra, belief systems - beliefs that you have - define and create the reality. That is your consciousness. That is your awareness level. Most humans live in a very limited or very restricted set of belief systems. They are very, very focused and sometimes extremely rigid.

< Teacher 3 > There's not a God with all of the answers. There is a God who chooses to evolve and expand, a God who chooses to experience on every different level, and you are that God. You have the answers. They don't come from the mind, they come from an expanded consciousness - a new consciousness that you are evolving into right now.

< Teacher 4 > They're going to come into your dreams at night and they are going to terrorize you. They are going to try to wear you down. They're going to try to fool you and manipulate you. They're going to tell you that this whole spiritual journey that you have been on is nothing more than a bunch of psychological hogwash. They are going to tell you all of these things because they are charged with destroying this new birthing of yourself. Once a very small number of humans are able to do this new birthing that is without duality - it is an expanded consciousness that does not contain elements of duality - once this happens Shaumbra, it is going to be very, very, very difficult to stop the rest of the energies, to stop the masculine and the feminine from coming back together.

< Teacher 4QA > It is appropriate for you to also spend the time with your masculine and feminine. Give them the space, give them the energy, give them the love, for they come back together again to reunite. In a sense you could say to annihilate the old concept of division and to replace it with a higher consciousness - an expanded consciousness of a total self. And as this whole elimination of the need for separation occurs, it also lets go of the duality within you - the need to have a light and a dark, a good and a bad. It eliminates the need even of this thing that we call the veil.

< freedom 8 > Once the eye starts to open, once the awareness starts to come in, you can't stop it. Once you have a little bit of awareness, it begs full awareness. Full awareness. It is going to come open because awareness desires more of itself. Awareness continues to ask for more awareness, for the dissolution of false realities, for the awareness of itself and ultimately the feeling, the experience of love for itself. So that other eye will come open. And you can resist it, you can try to force it shut, you can go so far as to sew it shut, and it will come open. That's also the good news. That's also where we are – somewhere in between. Somewhere in between being blind and having vision. Here we are.

< Kharisma 5 > But what consciousness you have of your past, whether it’s a past life, whether it’s anything in this lifetime, consciousness is generally placed in things like failure and struggle, hardship, suffering, traumas. The consciousness that you have of your past is not truth. Not the real truth. But you put these little particles of consciousness at the most difficult, depressing and dark points of your past. And there they sit, these little particles of limited consciousness, and then they’re separated from the main consciousness, which would be your divine, your Free Self. It’s still consciousness, but then it starts coming back to you in limited thought and memory.

< Kharisma 5 > It’s still consciousness of your past, but now it comes back to you in a very perverse way – bad memories, stuck energy, ghosts, doubts and darkness. Your past, it doesn’t want that. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t want that limitation. It wants full consciousness, the full light … unlimited. I’ll say it over and over and over again until the popcorn starts popping, but your past is not what you think it is, thank god. Your past is not what you remember it as. The past, it deserves as much consciousness as the present. It deserves as much charisma as the future.