order in the near realms


< Teacher 4 > But there are those who can see through the veil or feel through the veil, and there are ones on the other side (near realms) right now - deliberate and very specific groups - who are working very hard right now to maintain the old balance and the old separation. I don't want to say this is a conspiracy. It is just a group. It is just entities of similar consciousnesses, entities of similar agenda, and much of the work that they are doing right now is deliberately influencing mass consciousness and therefore deliberately influencing what you do and sometimes even what you think.

< Teacher 4 > These groups on the other side (near realms) who have a very strong agenda about maintaining the separation of masculine and feminine are influencing those who are church leaders, unbeknownst to the church leaders, for so many of them do have good intentions and good hearts, but because of their own imbalance of masculine and feminine, they are vulnerable. They are susceptible to the energies from the other side.

< Teacher 4 > The extent of these energies and these influences from the nonphysical realms (near realms) should not be overlooked by any of you because they are deliberately trying to keep Earth from moving into the New Energy and they are deliberately trying to keep humans from integrating or melding their masculine and feminine back together. The influence is strong right now and it is getting stronger every day, and it is going to be something that every one of you is going to feel in these next few weeks of time and even over the next eight or nine months of time. It is my task, my job, to come here and discuss this with you, not from a standpoint of fear, because there is nothing that these energies can do.

< Teacher 4 > If you are totally whole and you are totally into your own self, knowing who you are, there is nothing that I can do, nothing that I can take. Entities on the other side are no smarter and no more talented than humans here, but they play tricks because you can't see them. They play tricks and they try to instill fear in you. They will play games because they play deliberately with the minds of humans. You see, the very ones who are on the invisible realm have been humans before, for the most part, so they understand what it is like. They understand how to manipulate, how to invoke fear, how to come in so subtly that you don't even know it's their thought in your mind.

< Teacher 4 > They (order in the near realms) do this all the time, all the time Shaumbra. Ultimately, most humans, because they tend to be a little bit thick headed, don't let it affect them overly in their lives. But right now it's heating up. Right now the pressure is stronger and stronger. Between now and the end of the year, in particular, each of you is going to be challenged three or four times by these energies, and I want you to understand that there is nothing that they can do to you.

< Teacher 4 > They (order in the near realms) will try to trick you into thinking that you are inadequate. They will try to trick you into thinking that there is something inherently wrong with you. They will try to trick you into thinking that there is nothing you can do to effect your own life. They love playing in this whole energy of destiny and they love playing in the energy of this false God that you have.

< Teacher 4 > These entities (order in the near realms) on the other realms, in the invisible realms, are doing a wonderful job of marketing this old God. They are doing a wonderful job with the way it controls people, the way it brings people to fear, the way it intimidates them and the way it limits their life. There is a deliberate attempt to do that, and they have their partners who are in physical body on Earth.

< Teacher 4 > Oftentimes the ones (their partners) on Earth who are carrying out the same message simply don't know any better. They became hypnotized. They started preaching all of this rubbish, spewing it out to humans basically to keep them in the old divided energies of masculine and feminine. And they're going to continue to do it. In a sense you could say they have their own order on the other side, highly organized, very broad and they know exactly how to manipulate individual and group consciousness.

< Teacher 4 > Don't go overboard with this Shaumbra, in any type of worrying or trying to figure out who's doing what to whom. This is a very personal thing we're talking to you about today. We're telling you this because particularly as a group of Shaumbra, enlightened human beings and individuals as you are, you're going to feel the effects - not only feel it all around you - but you're going to feel it right in you.

< Teacher 4 > It is almost like a laser beam coming through from the other realms and it's going to cut right through some of the old blockages, some of the old ways that people kept out energy from their consciousness. And it's going to cut right through into many of you as well. You're not immune from it. You're not immune from these tremendous amounts of very powerful and deliberate streams of consciousness being sent to Earth right now from those in the nonphysical realms. But you can let it pass right through you. You don't have to let it affect you. You don't have to let it freeze you in your tracks.

< Teacher 4 > How do you know it's there? How do you know it's around? The first thing it does is confuse. It comes in and confuses you about right decisions, wrong decisions to the point where you make no decision at all. Not only that but then you blame yourself. You say that you're indecisive. You say that you cannot make a decision. You blame yourself for being weak. You say you are filled with fear. Shaumbra it is not about you. Blow it right through. Let it pass right on by. You know who you were when I asked you today for permission to come into your body, and your mind, and your spirit, and your gnost. As we're sitting here together in a safe space, and you know I would not manipulate you. And even if I tried to, you know yourself enough that you'd just let it pass right through.

< Teacher 4 > These energies coming from the other realms, as I said, are very vested into the old division of masculine and feminine. They are sending so much energy to Earth right now that it is causing things like battles and wars and it is causing people to go crazy. When one person goes crazy, when one person loses their mind, ends up in a mental hospital, that's more than just that one person. It affects the balance of human consciousness - mass consciousness - and that is exactly what these beings, what this order on the other side is trying to do right now. They are trying to affect and hold back mass consciousness.

< Teacher 4 > And you could ask yourself why, what is the agenda? Aren't they enlightened beings on the other side? Not particularly. Some of them feel very righteous in what they're doing. They feel that this essential split of the soul into masculine and feminine was the fault of one or the others of the energies, and that if these two energies of masculine/feminine reunite, that one in particular - the feminine - will try to now dominate and annihilate the masculine energy. They don't truly understand about energy balances. They don't understand about the reunion. They are so into their own consciousness, into their own hypnosis, that they're playing out this drama.

< Teacher 4 > They could feel that something is happening on Earth, that things are speeding up, so they've intensified their efforts. When energy gets very intense like that, it has a habit of finding the weakest link in the chain - the ones who are pompous, the ones who are egotistical are easy to influence. Leaders who carry so much weight and responsibility that it makes them personally weak in themselves, they are very susceptible to these energies. Anybody who is imbalanced to a large degree in their own masculine and feminine, for instance let's take a priest - very much into a masculine only energy - they become very vulnerable as well.

< Teacher 4 > As you see this intensify all around you and you even feel it within yourself, take that deep breath, remember who you are. Remember there is not a being, no matter how grand or powerful they are, there is not a being on the other side who can do anything to you. They have no dominion or rule over you, no matter what they say. They have no influence on your soul, no matter what they say.

< Teacher 4 > You're in the process of birthing right now. During this birthing process of yourself, you become very vulnerable in a way. You are birthing the united reunited energies of the masculine and feminine for yourself. You are birthing what you could say would be your own next lifetime, but not a lifetime that you've been used to, not a lifetime where you come into a physical body. You're birthing the next grand aspect of yourself, the next version of your own consciousness. Right now it's in a gestation process, but soon that birthing is going to take place, and as you guessed for most of you, that next level of birthing takes place in September 2007.

< Teacher 4 > During the birthing process you are the mother and the father to yourself. During this birthing process you are bringing up grand creative energies from every part of you and they're all flowing into the new birthing of self. This is something that the forces who choose to remain in duality, choose to keep masculine and feminine separate, do not want to see at all, because what you are truly doing is reuniting your masculine and feminine together and giving birth to the new you which is neither masculine nor feminine.

< Teacher 4 > So there is a very deep concern from those who choose to remain back in the Old Energy whether they are living as human beings on Earth right now or whether they are without physical body in what you would call the invisible realms, they don't want to see this new birth of yourself take place. They have literally sent out their energies and their scouts to try to find where this birthing is taking place, to try to find and destroy this new process that is taking place - your process.

< Teacher 4 > They're going to come into your dreams at night and they are going to terrorize you. They are going to try to wear you down. They're going to try to fool you and manipulate you. They're going to tell you that this whole spiritual journey that you have been on is nothing more than a bunch of psychological hogwash. They are going to tell you all of these things because they are charged with destroying this new birthing of yourself. Once a very small number of humans are able to do this new birthing that is without duality - it is an expanded consciousness that does not contain elements of duality - once this happens Shaumbra, it is going to be very, very, very difficult to stop the rest of the energies, to stop the masculine and the feminine from coming back together.

< Teacher 4 > So you can see why they are very concerned, why they do not want you or anyone else to have this reunion. You can see why I took a sabbatical to go off by myself, to integrate my masculine and feminine. I still have those attributes. I have dealt with them in a very balanced way, but I still contain these elements of duality. It is important for me to take the time to recognize both of them, to honor the grand king and the grand queen within, to allow this new love making between them to take place in order to birth the new I AM of I AM.

< Teacher 4 > Let go of the small things in your life right now. That is where they love to affect you. They get you caught in the small things, in the details. Why? Because it consumes tremendous amounts of energy and it keeps you from having an overview. They get you caught in little things, little tiny points that are meaningless. Take a look at some of the minutia that you get caught in. Is it really important? Is it really essential or is an energy manipulating you to make you think that it's important. Don't get caught in the small stuff. Right now in these times, as I said before, remember who you are. You say, well how do I do that? Well you take a deep breath. You are divine. You are sovereign. That's all you have to remember. Everything else is rather insignificant.

< Teacher 4 > Keep a clear mind, Shaumbra. Keep a clear spirit. As I said they tend to work in the levels of confusion. They are even, as you can tell sitting here now, deliberately trying to confuse the energies of our Shoud together, trying to throw it off, trying to spin your head as they're doing with some of you. It's not my energy doing that. I am deep within you. I am part of you right now. But the energies from the outside will come in and make you nauseous, make you confused, make you irritable and edgy. That is how they work. You simply go back to remembering who you are and why you're here right now. There ultimately is nothing that they can do. Nothing that they can do.

< Teacher 4 > And I say "they" ... and you say, well who is they. It is not just one person. It is actually not even just one group. It is those who are very invested into the old separation of masculine and feminine. There are many, many, many entities on the other side who are vested into that. There's also energies on the other side that are like the great lost group. Many of them, they don't even know they are a group they're so lost. They are just hovering around the other realms. They are - if you feel their energy for a moment ... they are not evil, they are not bad, they are just lost and confused.

< Teacher 4 > Many of them have been on Earth before and were so traumatized by events. Some of them just linger around the near realms, but it is a gray energy. It is a lifeless energy. They are lost, they are wandering and they are confused. They are part of this whole energy right now. They don't want to see anything change. They don't want to see any evolution in energy because they are so much into being lost. And their energy has a direct influence on you as well.

< Teacher 4QA > The outside pressures that are trying to confuse you, trying to keep you in duality, trying to make you feel low and worthless, trying to make you feel that the masculine and feminine are incompatible when you see it in examples in your everyday life. Married men and women who can't get along. Your parents possibly who didn't get along. You have so many examples of how it didn't work that you're afraid to try it within yourself. Your afraid that one will try to dominate the other, one will make the other suffer. Shaumbra, let go of those old ideas and allow this blessed and sacred reunion and re-melding of the masculine/feminine to take place.

< Teacher 4QA > One of the things that is going to be very important in this process for you to do personally is to make decisions. This energy of separation and confusion has it so you find it very difficult and challenging to make any decisions, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you. Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won't be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back this reunion of masculine and feminine.