barrier / wall / energetic field

layer; façade; masquarade; overlay; pretending; faking; hypnosis; limitation; control;

< DivineHuman 1 > As we mentioned in our last discussion, this clarity also has its challenging moments. You will begin to see through the façades that other humans put up. You know, humans… they put up large walls. Do you know that sometimes we cannot see through these? If a human chooses to be off the radar screen, they can put up a type of energetic field where none of us, even the most powerful of the angels, cannot see through. If you do not want God to see you, God cannot, for you are God. And you have just played a hiding game with yourself! Do you see? (audience laughter) Humans do put up these walls. They put up these walls and filters for good reason also. It is a type of protection so that they are not inundated with all sorts of vibrations and information and frequencies and feelings.

< DivineHuman 1 > So many of you have experienced this before where you walk into a large crowd, and you become aware of what some others are feeling. If they are transmitting in a very strong way… if they have a painful headache… oh, they are strong transmitters at that point! AND, their barriers are down, so they are sending out this headache energy all around them. And, you feel it first, because, Shaumbra, you are much more open. In your new clarity you will pick up on these things very quickly. Do not take these as your own. Go in. Explore the feeling. Ask it where it comes from. Ask it why it is there. So often you will hear it say, "I am not yours. Do not try to own me. Let me go. I am simply emanating from another, and you are picking up on it."

< DivineHuman 1 > You, dear Shaumbra, are becoming strong receivers. You are feeling all things around you. As your clarity opens, it opens first in the sense of feel. And, you will feel others. Don't retreat. Don't put back up your own walls and barriers. Simply go in and find out where this is coming from. Then, release it, much as you would take a bird in your hand and release it. Set it free. Let it soar. Let it be gone. You will have just learned something from the experience, the energetic experience you've just had with another human. You will have learned something within.

< DivineHuman 1 > Dear friends, this clarity… oh, it is a wonderful thing! You will see beyond the façades that others put up. But, when you do, when you see the games that they play, remember it is not up to you to change them, or to heal them, until they come to you. You will see things. You will see great games that they play. You will see lies… and deceptions… and abuse… and corruption… all of these things. And, you will ask at that moment, "What is it I should do? Should I change that individual? Should I warn the others?" There is nothing you need to do at that moment. Everything appropriate will come to you. Then, act on it. You will know. You will know when it is time.

< DivineHuman 6 > You can be or live anywhere and not have it affect you. This is what we call compassion. Compassion is the true understanding of the journey of others, and of the journey of yourself. With compassion you can sit in the darkest of the dark, in the most fearful of places. You do not have to create shields. In your own right, now Shaumbra, you are illuminators. You glow. You shine. You send forth a New Energy, whether you consciously realize it or not. When you go to a grocery store, when you go to a crowded public place, you do not have to put up these defensive walls. You simply have to be in the moment. What you would consider negative, dark, or any other type of imbalanced energies pass right through. They do not have to affect you. They pass right through. When you put up these walls of protection, it also keeps the energies from coming to you.

< DivineHuman 8 > In our gathering last month, you acknowledged that power was an illusion. Therefore, dear friends, when you open up, when you allow yourself to feel once again, you do not need to worry about somebody intruding on your space or energy. You see, you have closed down so much. You have put up those barriers so that another entity could not control you, consume you, steal your energy, control your mind, control your life, or enslave you in any way.

< NewEnergy 10 > But, right now you are literally sitting in a safe energy. Yes, there can be all sorts of things happening around you. But, your energy is safe, because you are creating it that way. It is a very simple concept. It doesn't need a lot of explanation or a lot of thinking. If you choose a safe space, it is there. We have spoken before that you don't need to create these walls all around you of white light. It is simply about acknowledging that you are always in a safe space. When you get onto an airplane, the airplane becomes a safe space, because you are on it. When you are driving in your car, it becomes a safe space… if you choose that. Every moment of every Now is a safe space.

< NewEnergy 12 > Take a moment to look at the OH energy, the dark energy. It isn't what it appears to be at all. Humanity, individual humans continue to fight the light and dark within themselves. This provides a barrier, a wall, which prevents them from integrating everything of who they truly are. It prevents them from truly living in the New Energy. By separating the light and the dark within themselves, it prevents them from experiencing the joys and the miracles that life offers. Dear friends, we ask you to take a moment with us. Look beyond the obvious of the darkness, of the OH energy. Let us feel the compassion that this energy has had, the lover who would do anything for you.

< Clarity 1 > Let us take a breath. And, clearing means allowing the clarity into your life, allowing yourself to perceive things as they really are… what a concept when you begin perceiving them as they really are rather than the illusion (facade, masquarade) that they pretend to be… how much easier it is to work with everything. We are going to come back to this time and time again. We are going to dwell on it. God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life - not just life here on Earth - but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple.

< Clarity 11QA > As long as an angel or a human maintains a certain block - an energy block - it is impossible to penetrate that or to see or to understand them totally. The vast majority of humans have blocks or shields. There is this old concept that God or the angels can see everything and know everything, but a human can easily, easily hide themselves so even the highest level angel is not truly able to get deep inside.

This is a gift that every Being gave themselves, it's a certain type of privacy protection. So it makes communications very difficult, because even the angels... and you have to understand angels are nothing but nonphysical beings. Just having the title angel doesn't make them special or right or particularly perceptive. Even angels play games or hide themselves. So communications are very difficult.

There's a concern on both realms, human and angelic, that if you let your guard down, you let your defenses down, then it opens you to abuse - people stealing your energy. While this is not true, most entities operate this way. So communications are very, very difficult.

Once you totally let down those guards, you'll understand that nothing can hurt you. You're not going to have some demonic force coming into your life. You going to understand that you are the center point of all of your essence. Nobody can take it away from you, particularly when you are operating in compassion. When you're not trying to change anything else, nothing else will try to change you. Call it being invisible if you want. When you're in total compassion a... what you would call a "dark force" or "negative force" won't even see you because there is - how to say - you're not casting a shadow.