midst of a storm


< New Earth 1 > It is appropriate also that on this night we will talk about fears. We will talk of being in the midst of chaos, in the midst of the storm. And we will talk about staying in a place of peace while all of this goes on around you. All things are as they should be. Or as we have said many times before, there are no coincidences.

< DivineHuman 1 > Indeed, things are going to happen, and things are going to change. But, we can tell you one thing about yourself. You can be in the midst of a storm and not be affected. When we began our first series, we sat in the midst of a storm all around us in August several years ago in a tepee… storms brewing… the Earth shaking… the sky rumbling. And, we were not affected. It was a symbol. It was a metaphor of your journey. You can be in the center of chaos and be balanced and be in a divine moment.

< DivineHuman 1QA > The world around you will continue to have these ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Well over a year ago of your time, we told you that the stock market would be on roller coasters. We are not predictors of the future; however, we can see that right now things will be going back and forth, up and down. That is the natural course. In a sense, it is designed that way by you, because it builds momentum, and it builds energy. If it were always going up, there would be no corresponding energy to provide the momentum or the fuel. So, you experience highs and lows. You, Shaumbra, are getting used to this. You are learning how to stay in a place of balance, even when the world around you might be going through storms.

< DivineHuman 3 > You, dear friends, the ones who are Shaumbra, the ones who are connecting with this vibration of the Crimson Council, you have developed the balance. You have developed the wisdom to handle your divinity. These terrorist attacks that make the headlines of your papers… they will continue. They will continue. But, they do not have to affect you, Shaumbra. You can stand in the midst of a storm and be fully balanced. You can stand in the middle of a storm and not be affected by the rains, and the winds, and the rumblings of the ground. You understand what is happening. You understand that you continue to live and continue to grow. And, you understand that everything comes to you. Everything you need comes to you.

< DivineHuman 6 > You can be or live anywhere and not have it affect you. This is what we call compassion. Compassion is the true understanding of the journey of others, and of the journey of yourself. With compassion you can sit in the darkest of the dark, in the most fearful of places. You do not have to create shields. In your own right, now Shaumbra, you are illuminators. You glow. You shine. You send forth a New Energy, whether you consciously realize it or not. When you go to a grocery store, when you go to a crowded public place, you do not have to put up these defensive walls. You simply have to be in the moment. What you would consider negative, dark, or any other type of imbalanced energies pass right through. They do not have to affect you. They pass right through. When you put up these walls of protection, it also keeps the energies from coming to you.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, life will have its challenges. But, as we have said, "It’s not about you." You will see conflict all around you. You will be called to new places. You will be called to different types of work. Remember, it’s not about you. Remember that in every situation you are involved in, you, God, have already come up with the answer. Get out of that human brain, the one that is in fear and panic. Sit in the middle of difficult situations and watch how the Divine Solution unfolds in your life. It will unfold in your life.

< DivineHuman 6 > Now, we can be in the midst of their drama, but we can be in a very peaceful space, a very compassionate space. We will know what to do in the moment. We do not have to prepare our script for when we go home, what to think, what to say. We will be able to smile at them and enjoy what they are doing because we are in such great compassion. Being in a place of compassion is also being in a place of peace, knowing that we don’t need to change a thing, that they are being completely appropriate, that they are learning about who they are with what they are doing. Being compassionate means we can be peaceful. It means we do not need to be expending great energies trying to play the drama game, or trying to get them not to play the drama game.

< DivineHuman 10 > In the world around you right now there is an interesting virus (SARS). Last fall, when we were talking about the state of Earth, we said a new virus would pop up. Certainly it has. Certainly it is causing quite a bit of interest, causing quite a bit of concern, and much fear. We tell you, Shaumbra… and Cauldre please… we tell you, Shaumbra, you can be in the heart of this thing called SARS. You can be amongst people who have it, and it will not affect you because you have learned to breathe in life. Look at this disease. What does it affect? The respiratory system. It is a breathing disease. It is bringing awareness of the importance of breathing, the importance of life, and saying "yes" to life.