viruses and bacteria

energy strains that have gone out of balance;

< DivineHuman 10 > In the world around you right now there is an interesting virus (SARS). Last fall, when we were talking about the state of Earth, we said a new virus would pop up. Certainly it has. Certainly it is causing quite a bit of interest, causing quite a bit of concern, and much fear. We tell you, Shaumbra… and Cauldre please… we tell you, Shaumbra, you can be in the heart of this thing called SARS. You can be amongst people who have it, and it will not affect you because you have learned to breathe in life. Look at this disease. What does it affect? The respiratory system. It is a breathing disease. It is bringing awareness of the importance of breathing, the importance of life, and saying "yes" to life.

< Embodiment 2QA > Indeed… how to say - we could write a book about viruses and bacteria and all of these things. They are a natural part of your human existence. They are - how to say - they are very beneficial, for they help to keep energies flowing, believe it or not. They also serve a wonderful purpose in helping you know when there are imbalances in the body. They are like an alarm clock, or an alarm going off, telling you that there is something imbalanced.

One of the problems that we see with modern medicine - and a thing that we are working on here, as well as you are working on there - is you try to handle these things, the viruses and bacteria and fungus and all of these other things with force. You are trying to annihilate them and trying to get rid of them. They just come back in another form. They just come back in a strain that is more resistant, or they come back in a whole new strain that has never been seen before. So, you cannot fight with force. As we said before, when a force is applied, another force of equal energy - and sometimes even stronger - comes in a different way. So, with these things it is about understanding that - how to say - energies can be easily rebalanced.

We are going to be talking much about this, and particularly with Ohama during his new schools. We are going to talk about the whole nature of how the energies can easily come back into balance, how they are naturally balanced. And, they have to be unnatural to go out of balance.

These - what you call - viruses and bacteria and fungus and all of these other things are generally more applicable in your human reality. It is difficult to explain, but we have these type of things on our realms, but they are not of physical origin. They are of their energy origin. And, there are viruses here, as you would call them. They are energy strains that have gone out of balance. But, we have also learned some wonderful ways to bring them back into balance without force… again, a subject that Ohamah will be going into with great detail. But, there is much to be learned about these and to understand that you can't kill them or get rid of them according to many of the methods of your modern science.

< Embodiment 3 > The germs cannot hurt you. The germs are just energy. And, when they hit you in the appropriate way, if you allow them to be changed, they will be transmuted into pure energy, pure energy - not germ energy - that's all they are. (same as headache energy)

< Clarity 8QA > Indeed, any time there is a grand change of consciousness taking place on Earth you are most likely going to see a grand change in physical things taking place. A virus is there to help with the consciousness shift and sometimes, while you say, "But why does it have to be done in such a harmful way," it is because sometimes it is the only way to get the attention. So it is actually serving an appropriate need, it is helping to clear Old Energies.

And more than anything, for Shaumbra, you do not personally have to be affected by this virus. If your desire is to go through your own processes of change, and if your desire is to stay here on Earth right now, this virus simply will not affect you. Now, if you go out searching for it, trying to test the concept, it may backfire on you. But right now, we'd have to say the greatest thing is to understand that this virus is serving consciousness. and stand behind the short wall during this process. You do not have to let it affect you personally.