choosing life

embracing life; breathing in life; enjoying life;

< DivineHuman 9QA > To breathe in deeply, to stay in the Now moment, and, for you - and you may debate with us - but for you, my dear, to choose life. You are still debating whether to come or to go.

< DivineHuman 10 > What can you do to affect and change the consciousness? Be in your Now. Breathe in, Fill yourself with life, Saying "yes" to life. This will raise your vibration. Your vibration then goes outward to the rest of the world. It goes outward through all the multi-dimensional zones. It gives other people and other life forms the energy of potential for change. Then it is up to them whether or not they want to use it. When you sit in a place of love and balance in the Now, you have the potential to change the world, to end some of these conflicts.

< DivineHuman 10 > In the world around you right now there is an interesting virus (SARS). Last fall, when we were talking about the state of Earth, we said a new virus would pop up. Certainly it has. Certainly it is causing quite a bit of interest, causing quite a bit of concern, and much fear. We tell you, Shaumbra… and Cauldre please… we tell you, Shaumbra, you can be in the heart of this thing called SARS. You can be amongst people who have it, and it will not affect you because you have learned to breathe in life. Look at this disease. What does it affect? The respiratory system. It is a breathing disease. It is bringing awareness of the importance of breathing, the importance of life, and saying "yes" to life.

< NewEnergy 7 > YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO LIVE! You have forgotten how to live. Does that ring a bell? You forgot to embrace life. You've gotten so caught up in the day-to-day that you have forgotten how to embrace life. You are not living anymore.

< NewEnergy 7 > You come to this point when the journey ends. You forget to live life. You get frustrated and confused. You don't embrace life anymore. You can't wait to get out of that physical body of yours. You can't wait to come back Home. You are waiting for some stroke of magic, some nod from God in your life, forgetting that you are the Creator, that you are God also. You get into a rut. You get depressed. You get frustrated because you are not embracing life, every aspect of life.

< NewEnergy 7 > You see… basically, you forget to live. That is why we have said to you over and over, "Take that deep breath." Make the conscious choice of life. You choose life. I, Tobias, say to you today, "You have been given this gift of life here on Earth. You're at the end of your cycle. Don't forget to embrace life. Embrace every moment."

< NewEnergy 7 > I'm concerned because I see so many of you dying… yes, indeed. You're not sure if you want to live. You don't necessarily want to die, but you're not sure if you want to live. So, you simply exist. And, then your body starts crumbling out from underneath you. Your mind isn't as sharp. You feel a depression, a sadness. You feel that everything is being pulled out. It is because everything is responding to you. If you're not embracing life, then life is not so sure it wants to be with you. It will start to go away. This will only serve to reinforce some of that Old thinking, simply reinforce that perhaps it is time to come back Home.

< NewEnergy 7 > You wonder why you don't have abundance in your life. It is because you're not choosing life; therefore, abundance can't come in. Abundance is there for those who choose life because it supports your desire to live. Some of you wonder why there isn't a relationship in your life. If there was a relationship to come in, it would be one that matches your indecision about life. You can both die together then, slowly rot away (audience laughter). When you choose life, a corresponding relationship will come in. It will be another who chooses life… who wants to live… who wants to enjoy and experience… who doesn't judge everything as right or wrong… who doesn't wonder why their life seems to be falling apart.

< NewEnergy 7 > It is simple. Life is simple… you see. Stop trying to figure it out. At this point of where you are at it is either about embracing life, or it is about dying. Perhaps, not tomorrow… it might be several years. But, you will slowly fade away. You've seen it happen to others, others that you love, how they slowly fade away. If you don't embrace your life - embrace the life energies - this is what happens. If you embrace life every moment of every day, take joy in everything, everything… if you embrace it - these New Energies that we talk about, these things that we say "when it will come to you" - they will come to you. They are sitting outside of your energy field right now because you're not sure.

< NewEnergy 7QA > It is time to embrace every moment, everything in your life. Find joy even in the darkest of things. There is a gift. There is a pearl in the darkest of the dark. That is why I chose this day, this energy, to bring this forward to ask you the very specific question, "Do you choose to embrace life right now?"

< NewEnergy 8 > So, it is that Mary joins us on this day for a very interesting opening. She was a teacher. She was the master of the imagination… of imagination… helping even Yeshua to understand how to open the imagination, how to use it. So, she comes in today to go through an opening with all of Shaumbra - if you give permission… it is up to you. This is not being forced on you. But, it is time. That is why last month we had to talk about choosing life, for you weren't choosing life, and you are opening up this dynamic gift of the imagination. Oh, it is not the imagination that you think it is. That is a very limited imagination that comes from the mind. This is "spiritual" or "soul" imagination. It is ready to be opened within you.

< NewEnergy 8 > You are the Imaginers. You are the Creators. If you choose now, breathe THAT reality into your life and ground it. Breathe it in. Give it life. Give abundance life - in YOUR life. Don't worry about the details. Everything will come to you. There is so much more to this, dear friends, than meets the ears, the eyes on this day. It is about a new way of living. It is about creative imagination. It is about embracing life, and then choosing how you want to live. You see… you're expanding your energies now. You're allowing yourself to feel again, opening up this thing called imagination. It is one of the New tools. It is very New.

< NewEnergy 10 > All of this that is happening to you right now is coming from within… the divine Christed energy coming to you… into your reality… into your Now moment as you breathe… as you embrace life… as you open up. Some of these feelings that you have been getting lately - this feeling of parts and pieces wanting to come together - all play into this. It is the Christed energy wanting to become part of you and part of your life.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Your greatest service is to allow yourself to go through the process (metamorphosis) and to give thanks to yourself as you do. This is the greatest thing you can do. And, simply embrace life. Along those lines, Shaumbra, there are not enough of you who allow yourself to even partake in the pleasures of life because you think you will get addicted to them or sucked into them, or not be able to get out. That is Old Energy thinking. You have denied yourself so much. It is time to give yourself love in every way… and, yes, absolutely to enjoy the pleasures of life. Embrace life in every way.

< Clarity 1 > It's amazing that all of you have chosen to stay here on Earth. Wow! Oh, it's been difficult. You all had the choice to leave in these past years of time. You all had the choice to come back to our side, but you chose to stay on Earth. You chose to be here at this incredible time of transformation and change and moving out of all of the Old ways, moving out of the Old paradigm of a human, moving into the New concept of a beautiful angel simply playing in this playground of Earth.

< freedom 8 > You've been used to using Earth energy. It's very crude, it's very old, it's very slow. We're going to go beyond that. You are the Bringers of Energy – cosmic and crystalline – and you're going to learn to come back into resonance with your core I Am energies that respond to passion. Very simple. Stop focusing on money or abundance or those other things. Start looking at how you're going to bring in these energies. How do you bring in energies? Passion! You bring in energies in passion. It's the passion, and it starts with the passion of choosing life. It's only about the extent you're going to allow it out, and it's joy.