< New Earth 9QA > First you must understand that the relationship that you are in is appropriate at this time. There are no mistakes about this. There is no holding of one (person) or the other back. Now it may be that your partner chooses not to walk in the new energy at this time, and it may be appropriate that only one of you does so first. There could be imbalances that were caused if both went through at the same time. This is not a rule, so to speak. There are couples that will find it appropriate to walk through together, but in many other cases, they provide a counter-balance to each other. If you are in a relationship that is no longer appropriate for your soul, that relationship will change on its own. This is part of the allowing process. There is nothing you need to do, for it will change on its own. The energy will find its own level.

< New Earth 11QA > In the new energy the relationship that will matter, that will be of the utmost importance here is the one with yourself, the one with your Divinity. You will not feel the need to seek outside relationships, though they will come quite naturally and quite beautifully. As a reminder, they may not be with those entities that have crossed into the new energy. For purposes of balance there may be ones that you meet that are on no spiritual path, that are in the old energy. But these relationships can be absolutely appropriate. The first relationship, my friend, will be with your own divine self. From there you will begin to understand the dynamics and the importance and the energy of an appropriate relationship.

< New Earth 14 > You have given much and asked for little. You have recently, within the past several years of your time, forsaken relationships that had once been near and dear to you. This tore at your heart. There were reasons for this. You have given of those things that you would call material wealth. You have given up abundance so that you were not distracted. You have even given up parts of your health and of your physical body to come to deeper understandings of the new energy that you are now beginning to walk in. You have given up much, dear Lightworkers.

< Creator 3QA > This is one of the most challenging areas, for many of those who are in the spiritual service find themselves alone. We know there is the desire in the heart to share with another. But there is a reason why you have given yourself this quiet time, this time of being alone. It is so that you could truly focus on your own process without distraction. Indeed it is not that you are not worthy or capable of love, but you have asked to be in the house by yourself, to go through the processes of the new energies so that you could become a teacher of the new energy. As you live in the divine moment where it is now a balance and a harmony - oh, they will be attracted to you. They will come to you.

< Creator 4QA > As these two energies move further apart, as you are exploring the new earth energy in greater detail, many have mates, spouses or partners who have chosen to remain in the old earth energy. They have chosen to remain there to be a balance for you, to hold an energy for you. For even as you are going off once again, into new areas that have yet to be defined, there is always a 'tether' to the old energy.

We used the analogy of the two mountain climbers. While one was secure and fastened and had his grips into the side of the mountain, the other would then go forth with a tether. One would be there for safety and balance and the other would be the explorer. That is much of how relationships are coming to be now. You may have a spouse or a partner who has remained in the old energy, to hold the energy for you as you explore these new areas.

And in many cases, dear teachers, in many cases it is no longer appropriate to be in that relationship on a daily basis. We are pointing out an energetic dynamic that is taking place. Now it is up to you and up to your being to know if it is time to remain or time to move forward. But if you choose to move forward, if you choose to disengage that relationship on one level, understand that many times they are holding the balance of energy for you on another. Honor them and thank them for that. While you may dissolve the human ties of the relationship, love them for what they are doing for you, allowing you to move into the new energy.

< Creator 4QA > It will take conscious effort on your part to stay on the other side of the short wall. You will continually find yourself pulled back into duality. Right now you are experiencing here the energy of the Two Earths moving apart, you are experiencing relationships moving apart that are no longer appropriate. You are hearing chattering in your head, because you are still connected with them in many ways. Know my friends, that as the energy of the new earth moves to new levels, these old chains that connected you to the past will dissolve in love. They will dissolve slowly and surely. You traumatize yourself by the chatterings of your mind. Simply understand that is part of the releasing and letting go process. When you have these discussions in your mind, simply stand behind the short wall and honor these people, even though they have caused you much friction and challenge in your life. Simply honor them. As you consciously do this, the last vestiges of the old energy will dissolve.

< Creator 5QA > This is a difficult and challenging area for many of you. You are making rapid changes in your being. You are going through the creator process. You are going through the process of the integrating your divinity very rapidly. For many of you, relationships are not so appropriate right now. We know you long to be with someone, to share the love that you have in your heart, to share day in and day out parts of being human. But for a period of time here, relationships will tend to hinder the path that you are on. Understand it is not Spirit that is withholding a relationship from you. It is the part of your being that understands you are truly destined to be a teacher of empowerment. During this time of changing, the distraction of an outside relationship would tend to throw off the balance of energy that you are so diligently and carefully working on. This is not easy news to convey to you and to those who are linking here. But again that is why we come here so often and thank and honor you for the service. We know that you sacrifice much here. We know that you sacrifice much. We know you long to share the love that you have. We can only say there will be an appropriate time for this.

< Creator 6 > we see four areas of human concern.
Second there are the issues of relationships. This has been and will continue to be an issue for many of you for the time being. At their core, relationships represent duality. They represent the "two." That is why relationships are such a challenge and an issue.

< Creator 8QA > In a sense you are very correct in this. (chuckling, struggling with the proper structure of the answer) We are treading on thin ice here! We will say politically - in deference to Cauldre - that indeed your relationships will change. At its very core, the relationships of a male to a female originate in the old energy. They are indeed based in duality. It is duality to say, "We will commit to each other no matter how happy or miserable we are. We are here to learn of this balance of this thing called duality."

In the new energy, the way relationships are viewed will change. You will not feel the need to bind another in the institution of marriage. You will be able to live happily with each other without the old contracts. Or, you may chose to live happily by yourself. You will not need another person to be complete. There will also be some who will live happily together in groups but yet maintain their own individuality.

< Creator 12 > That next level is to bring in your new relationship with Spirit. Up until now it is not been quite so possible or quite so easy to understand and to truly know God. Up to now it has not been quite so easy to understand who you truly are, to see yourself as an angel in the mirror. You have had to work at it and struggle. Even then it has seemed elusive and distant. Spirit has seemed like some intellectual concept, far and removed from you. It has seemed to you that you have been placed here on Earth, not knowing what you were here to do exactly, not knowing your relationship with Spirit, but desiring it and longing for it.

< Ascension 1QA > We can only have compassion for you. We know it is a difficult journey. But we remind you… when you begin to not look at yourself as a victim of all of this, and you understand that you are moving to a new level, there will be new relationships and new joys that are associated with it. Again this is all quite new. Do not look to the past for the answers.

< Ascension 4QA > This is one area that is receiving the most amount of energy and the most amount of transformation right now, but one that causes the most concern for humans. You have been taught that there is a ceremony that takes place. You have been taught that there are certain rules that you must abide by. Relationships and marriages, all of this… this is one of the areas that is causing the largest amount of guilt within humans at this time.

In a sense, you can look at marriage as one of the original ceremonies of duality. You take a man and you take a woman - duality - and put them together and bind them, tie them together and make them stay together. Some of your churches do not even allow you to leave, claiming God will be upset if you do! What type of hell is that, if you are not happy? (audience laughter) It doesn’t even make sense to us that you would have to be with someone that you did not so much like any more.

Now, the greatest thing you can do with relationships right now is to release, to be free, then to allow them to come back together in a new expression. And, if it is not your choice to leave, honor the partner who you have chosen to be with. But, release them, for it is not making you well, and it is not making them well if you are not happy.

In the New Energy there will be less relationships for a period of time. Your first relationship will be with yourself. We told you it would be lonely at times. You are seeking to become integrated with Self. It is difficult to do in some cases when there is a partner that does not so much understand your process. In the New Energy, the relationships will be with Self for a period of time.

And, when the new relationships develop with other people, there will not be so many rules. They will be more open. They will be based in trust, rather than in law. They will be based in love, rather than in rules and regulations. It may be, dear friends, that you have a number of relationships at one time. It may be that your relationships with those of the same sex become less inhibited, and you are not so fearful. They will become more open, because you will be communicating with your partner in a new language.

It is not about duality. There is a new Language of Ah that allows you to understand your partner and their divinity, and they to understand you and your divinity. Why would you need rules? Why would you need contracts or karma, when you are operating at this very high level of love and integrity?

Relationships are one of the first casualties of the New Energy. This is truth, because relationships with a male and female were created and are grounded in so much old duality. It was one of the original expressions of duality.

Speaking of which, we have talked to you in our recent gatherings and said that the real problems on Earth at this time are not even about religions battling with religions, or countries against countries. The real core energy issue is about the imbalance of male and female. Now, perhaps you will understand why relationships are the first casualty. But, they also have the greatest potential for new consciousness in this New Energy.

< Ascension 5QA > Relationships are very intertwined with energies of the past potentials of the future. Relationships are old, in a sense, and very new, in a sense. This is another area we will talk of later in this Ascension Series. A whole discussion will be laid out about relationships. But, it is to say right now that there is no right or wrong answer about relationships.

< Ascension 10 > The loves and the relationships in your life indeed will change, but it will be different than what you have known in the past. Some of you rejoice for that. It will be different. It will be a new type of love. It will be a love that is complete unto itself because YOU are complete in yourself. It will be a love that carries no agendas. The love will not be the other face of duality like it was in the old energy. It will be a love that is complete, and full, and true unto itself. It will engage you only for the purpose of love. Imagine that - a relationship with another human that engages you ONLY for love. It won't be about agenda, or about somebody trying to get into your emotional back pocket. Only for love!

< Ascension 11QA > You are at that chasm, that crossing-over point, not having trusted your own inner self enough, so you have not truly let go of your old ways. You are still trying to hang on. You want something from the New Energy to replace it before you let go, don't you? Now is the time to let go of the Old. Trust your divinity to guide you into the New Energy fully and completely. That is when you will get out of the rut. That is when relationships will move forward for you. Right now you are trying to hang on to old attributes regarding relationships, but wanting in your heart a new relationship.

< Ascension 11QA > That is quite an issue for so many of you. We have said this before - perhaps some of you have been disappointed with it - but relationships are not what they used to be and will not be what they used to be. Relationships are changing because you are changing. You are no longer seeking another portion of yourself out there. In the New Energy you are complete unto yourself, and therefore, your relationship will not be something that needs to fulfill you. It will be because you simply choose to be with this individual.

< DivineHuman 6 > The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But, yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, "If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans?" Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< DivineHuman 10 > You wondered why there wasn't money, or love, or health in your life. You were approaching it with the Old Energy mind. Now, release all of those problems. Stop focusing on them. Do something in your life. Those problems will go away all by themselves. Do anything. Make a radical move. Eat something different for dinner tonight. Take a walk. Come out of hiding, dear Shaumbra. Allow creativity to move you. And, understand that all of the time it is you, but it is a part that you have not known for so very long.

< NewEnergy 5QA > They will be changing drastically. Old relationships were based on two entities coming together for fulfillment of each other, two halves coming together to form something more complete. They were based on a male and female archetypical energy having to meld together.

So many of you have gone through relationship breakups because it was no longer appropriate for you to play in that sandbox. So, you are in a time here for a bit of no relationship, truly waiting for a balanced partner to come in. Now, looking across the globe at all of humanity - how to say - there are not too many to choose from right now. (audience laughter) There has been a small number that have chosen to walk into this New Energy.

However, you don't have to limit yourself to that either. There are many dear and wonderful souls out there who will understand energetically that they are not here to fulfill you and you not for them.

The New Energy relationships will be based on total and implicit trust. Can you imagine total and implicit honor and compassion? It will be based on mutual respect, and encouraging each other to soar, even if it means that from time to time you need to be apart.

New Energy relationships will not have the certificate of marriage that you have seen in the past that energetically and legally bind the people. They will be based on a day-to-day, on true love and true honoring.

New Energy relationships will be based on experiencing a whole new type of sex, one that is fulfilling and gratifying for both, one that is a sharing of energies rather than a robbing of energies. New Energy relationships will be - how to say - take place physically, but the two will be connected energetically in a whole New way.

In the New unions of two people - whether it is male and female, female-female, or male and male - this will bring in a whole different type of angel runner energy into their relationship. Because they are working so closely together, it allows more of us on our side to facilitate what their New Energy passion is.

For yourself… stop looking… no more journey here. Understand that it is about developing of a relationship with yourself first. That is the most holy and sacred thing - developing the compassion within you. And, then stay open to the probabilities and the possibilities - how to say this - it might be someone quite a bit younger that comes into your life (audience laughter) because they carry a different set of - how to say - energy attributes that would be more compatible to where you are at. So, keep your eyes wide open here.

< NewEnergy 6QA > Many of you will have to… many of you will go through the process of releasing your Old Energy relationship. And, when we say releasing, it will have to come from the core of your being, to fully release - not somewhat release, or kind of release, or a little bit - but fully release. And, when you find yourself being so truthful with who you are and truly allowing them to go, some of them will… some of them will.

There will be situations in the relationship that seem to come from the outside, but are actually generated from the inside, that will cause the two of you to go in separate directions. You have to be willing to lay it all down on the line. You have to be willing to let go totally.

For some of you, it will not mean going separate ways, but rather a whole rejuvenation in the relationship. But, it will cause - how to say - having to make an evaluation from the heart of everything in the relationship… including money… including sex… including the compassion that you have for each other… including your own goals and desires in life.

So, we do not want to define what a New Energy relationship looks like in specific detail, other than to say that it is no longer built on two unfulfilled pieces coming together to try to create one fulfilled piece - which, as you know, did not work anyway - but rather two humans that are in their own fulfillment, in their own divine energy, now sharing the feast and the joy of life. As so many Shaumbra know, in your heart you truly must let go. Then, if it is appropriate for everything to come back on a new level and a New Energy, it will.

< NewEnergy 7 > You wonder why you don't have abundance in your life. It is because you're not choosing life; therefore, abundance can't come in. Abundance is there for those who choose life because it supports your desire to live. Some of you wonder why there isn't a relationship in your life. If there was a relationship to come in, it would be one that matches your indecision about life. You can both die together then, slowly rot away (audience laughter). When you choose life, a corresponding relationship will come in. It will be another who chooses life… who wants to live… who wants to enjoy and experience… who doesn't judge everything as right or wrong… who doesn't wonder why their life seems to be falling apart.

< NewEnergy 9QA > It is time to - for you, but indeed for all others - to release the relationship. And, we mean that in a good sense. We mean that to say that you have come to a point of fulfillment with this. It is not that you have to be there anymore. So, it is time to release it in every way, so that it can be brought back together on a New level and a different level (New paradigm 3). There have been many, many lifetimes spent together, learning and loving and sharing. How to say - you each hold an energy for each other. And, that is no longer appropriate to hold each other's energy. You did that out of love and compassion… one of you playing one energy… while the other was playing the other. But, you no longer have to do this. And, this is a wonderful question because it relates to all of Shaumbra.

< Embodiment 3QA > When one departs their physical body and comes over to our side, if there is grieving that is based on guilt, it is very difficult for that being to come over easily and gracefully here. And, they are kept, in a sense, earthbound. But, when there is the accepted grieving process, when there is the understanding and the releasing, then that angel can come back and visit, and you can have a wonderful relationship, a wonderful companion. And, they will actually help take you into some of these nonphysical realms. They will be your guiding hand in this. And, it is wonderful.

< Embodiment 5QA > Sometimes creating for yourself means that there is no relationship… you see… because in a relationship you are no longer (complete) unto yourself. In a relationship you draw in somebody else's energy. And, there - how to say - there are very few with compatible Shaumbra energy right now. Create the relationship for yourself first. That is so important. And, we know the heart longs for another to share this blessed and sacred part of your life. But, it is important to create that relationship within yourself first. Then, your whole concept, your whole understanding of relationships with others will change.

< Embodiment 9QA > The abundance isn't the issue here. And, even the relationship isn't the issue here. It's "can you let go of control and the Old limitations?" If you are having these problems in your life - abundance or relationships or health, any of these things - it means something is stuck energetically. Begin a process. Do anything. Let go of the control, and watch to great amazement how everything comes to you. If there's anything in your life that is lacking or hurting, let go of the control. Begin to move energy, and watch what happens. You are phenomenal Creators… all of you. All of you begin the process.

< Clarity 4 > Relationships - how do they feed you? How does the energy of your mate, your partner, feed you… or your children? Many times you tell us that your partner is taking away from you, keeping you back. No, your partner is feeding you. Somehow, some way, there is an energy there that is serving you in a way. It is bringing you energy… it truly is. It is helping to support and sustain your consciousness and sometimes even your illusions. It is serving a purpose. Your children, the same way… they are feeding you somehow. What energy is coming in from that?

< Clarity 6QA > I'm going to ask you to do a few things. First of all, the mirror of the relationship from now on should be with yourself. You become your own mirror. You become your own relationship and you see yourself within yourself. Stop looking now ... It has been appropriate up to now, but stop looking now for a relationship to serve that purpose.

We want you to move beyond the old potential that a relationship was just there to help you grow. It's not. It doesn't have to be that. Relationship can be the grandest form of love where you don't have to share a thing, you see. Where you don't even have to share experiences and lessons - where it can just be. Imagine that.

Typically, the old energy relationships have been exactly what you have said. They've been dualistic. They've been filling in empty spaces for each other. They have been ways of prodding and pushing each other to grow. They have been ways of keeping from being lonely, even at their core level, and some relationships even have been strictly financial for somebody to support somebody else, and vice versa. But move beyond that.

< Clarity 7 > So you cut yourself off. You cut yourself off so you would have to go inside and begin looking. You would have to explore yourself. In the same token, along those same lines, you've cut yourself off energetically in this life from things that you knew didn't serve you anymore. You cut yourself off from families, because it's been difficult to an extent. You've cut yourself off from jobs and businesses and lovers. Not because you did anything wrong, not because you didn't deserve it or because you were abnormal. You have cut those things off so you continually, working together with your soul based energy, have to go in and in and in - the Self discovery.

< Clarity 8 > Your relationships and your connections with other people change, again. They've changed before but they change yet again. The way you employ yourself... the work that you do, even how you get paid... starts to change. You're used to very old energy ways of getting paid; for instance, by the hour. What should be by the creative expansion of what you do, not by the hour. The symptoms for this disconnection go on and on and on. They're very similar to the original Shaumbra symptoms - the awakening symptoms - but there are some differences. Yes, different body aches and pains now, so often in the legs. Where before you were feeling it in the shoulders and back, now you're starting to feel certain aching in the legs. It is because the energy is running in and through you differently now.

< Teacher 4QA > The most important thing here right now, is as we discussed today, is that relationship with yourself. When you have that intimate passionate relationship with you and you allow the masculine/feminine to come back together, the relationships with other humans aren't even an issue because you are in your own place of balance that no others can throw you off, but you also appreciate exactly where they are at.

< Teacher 11QA > Well, I'll give you an answer perhaps you don't want to hear, but have the relationship with yourself first and no other relationship can take anything away from you. You're going to be so grounded in yourself that another human coming along to feed and to take and to take your energy will not be able to do so. Now, the other side of that issue is how many humans right now are there on Earth who aren't looking for a relationship because they want to feed? Very, very few; very few. So that now limits the total number of available partners that you would have.

So I'm going to have to state something perhaps you don't want to hear but as a Shaumbra living in this day and age, you're going to have to accept the fact that you may be by yourself. The relationship may be with you. You may not find the one who can share with you on the highest level. The other thing is to make the terms of the relationship very clear up front. So, make it very clear with the one whom you suspect you might have a relationship with that "Here's my energy terms for this relationship." And perhaps as it comes out of your mouth it could sound a bit selfish, but it makes it very clear to the other "No feeding allowed."

< QuantumLeap 9QA > Also the problem is - on another note - relationships are difficult for all Shaumbra right now, because you are, to use a measurement, you're at a 3,000 consciousness level. Most humans are at about 2,000. It is going to be very difficult to maintain a long term relationship, because there is a basic major difference in consciousness, unless they are so loving and so compassionate, but then their consciousness would be up with yours! So, seize the day … or the night.

< QuantumLeap 10QA > Most relationships were created in an old energy and oftentimes with so many karmic overlays. What each and every one needs to understand is you are your own self, that you are not obligated to a relationship. And sometimes the old karmic overlays or the old feelings of responsibility and guilt keep you bound into a relationship that is not healthy for either one of you.

< (Next) 4 > There are patterns in relationships, and these are some of the gnarliest, stickiest. Ancestral karma - karma going long, long ways - and the fact that you still haven't learned that you're your own best lover, and you're your own best partner. But you want to keep trying to find a partner who is going to unbalance you - not always, but a lot. You're looking for something in a partner that you think that you can't have within yourself, so you end up in these bad relationships. You become patterned into them. You don't know any better.

< (Next) 4 > There are patterns in your life that you're actually not willing or ready to let go of. You're really not, because what if you didn't have this financial issue? What if … big pattern here, search for God or truth or the answer, whatever makyo you want to call it, the search. That's a big pattern. That's a huge pattern. What if you got into enlightenment in this moment? What's going to happen? You'll vanish off the face of the Earth? Probably. And part of you says "I can't, because I have to take care of my kids." Really?! Your kids?! They're yours? You own them? You made them? Well, kind of. But they're not yours. And believe it, they really don't need you. I hate to tell you, they really don't. I mean, love you, yes. Need you like you think, like you want them to need you, like you're sometimes desperate for? No, no, no, no. They really don't.

< (Next) 8 > A lot of sexual energy feeding taking place, going on, and a lot of relationship issues, mostly based on energy feeding. Most relationships in the Old Energy were based on feeding. Really. Relationships were meant to fill the void of your masculine/feminine imbalance or your karmic imbalance or your doubt imbalance or … It doesn't need to be. The greatest relationship in the world is the relationship with yourself. When you have an intimate loving relationship with yourself, then any other relationship can be so beautiful and liberating and joyful and unencumbered. You can actually enjoy life with another human. That is a true gift. And it can be sexually.

< e2012 4 > First of all, it's about loving yourself, and you've set up a life design – all of you, one way or the other – it's about loving yourself. You're not going to find a man. Why? Because your soul is smart enough to know that it's sticky. It's sticky stuff. Finding somebody else is going to distract you. It's about loving yourself. You're not going to find anybody until you can love yourself. It's a beautiful plan.

Look – if you're into statistics – look into the statistics of Shaumbra who are single, or single without children, or single with children, doesn't matter. Why? Why? Because of bad breath? No. Because you don't have much personality? Not at all, you've got a great personality. You designed it that way so you could have time to fall in love with yourself. You don't need a man or a woman or anything else. You don't need a dog or a cat. It's about you, and your life design says, “Discover yourself.”

Now, I would come back on you and say, why are you so desperate for a man? Why? It's just going to be another lifetime with another one of those man experiences. This is the lifetime to be with yourself. Why not take that same passion and that same energy and invite your soul into your life? Instead of sharing your bed with a stinky old man (laughter), why don't you share it with your soul? Instead of taking a drive with a man and then having to …

LINDA: Can you do both? (someone says, “Yes, you could do both”)

ADAMUS: Yes, you can. Good question. But I know you on the Internet. You're going to try to do man first, enlightenment second. Seven-year-old with the fastest bike on the block – seven-year-old – it's not going to work. You already set up your life design to be with you. You're da man! (laughter)

< e2012 6 > How many online have been divorced? More than once? More than twice? Oh keep going. Okay. More than five times? So you got married for love. Well, actually, you didn’t at all. Most of you did not get married for love. It was karma. You’d been together before. You had things to work out and experience together. So you came back together. You met each other. “Oh! I know you! You must be my soul mate!” No, you’ve just been together before. You had stuff to work out. Maybe you could do it this lifetime.

< e2012 6 > True love will never be found in another person until you find it in yourself. You’ll never have a partnership with anyone else that’s healthy and balanced until you have it with yourself. Then every relationship will be different. They won’t be feeding. They won’t be used to balance your masculine or feminine side or balance whatever. You’ll never select a partner again to complete something within yourself.

< freedom 4 > If you were by yourself, you'd pretty quickly learn to love yourself. You'd almost have to, in a way. If you were by yourself, you were without all these other pressures from relationships and humans and family members and things like that, that your enlightenment would come very, very, very fast. Now, I'm not saying to go out and dump those relationships. I'm not officially recommending it, but I'm asking you to take a look it. They're karmic, for the most part. They're done, for the most part. It just means change the dynamic of the relationship so that they're no longer your mother from a past life, or a mother from this life; they're no longer a karmic line that's keeping you connected.

< freedom 4 > I've said this before, subject to a lot of debate from the outside, but 95 percent of the things that are holding you down really aren't yours. They're coming from relationships, from the outside, mass consciousness and all the rest of that, but they're not yours. Let's make this the year of no more old relationships. I want every relationship is started anew. No more old relationships.