Ascension Series 5 Q&A Session
Presented at the Crimson Circle December 8, 2001
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TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we are here, those in the Crimson Council. We are here, indeed, calling on each one of you, calling on the human angels to begin using your divinity in your day-to-day life. It is not separate and different any more. It does not exist in a far-off, different place. It is not outside of you. It is within you, and it is coming forth now and expressing itself through all of your seven senses.

How do you make this practical in your life? When you are talking with your children - when you are having conversation with them - allow this divine hearing now to let you know what they are really saying. Not just the words that come from their mouths and from their brain, but their real needs, their real feelings. When you acknowledge that your divinity is expressing through your hearing or through any of your other senses, then it does. And, then you will hear your children tell you things in a way you've never heard before.

When you are with your patients and your clients and the ones that you work with on balancing and healing, your divine vision - what comes through your eyes - won't be just what is obvious in front of you. You will see things in them and around them that you have not seen before.

You can apply these divine new senses. It does not come from a distant far-off place. It comes through you.

When you are at your job, making decisions for your company and for those who work for you and those who you work for… this Language of Ah, the divine language… it is even part of the sense of your mind, your intellect and all of the experiences and the understandings of your company and its competitors and the market and the people behind each of these. These have been stored in your brain, but now with the divine language, you will have a new sense of balanced judgment about what is really going on.

This will allow you to see things from a new perspective. It will allow you to have a type of judgment that is no longer based in the old ways, the ways that were getting so very frustrating for you. Now, the mind, using divine language, will have an expanded knowledge of what is really taking place. Your contributions to your company, and to all who your company serves will take on whole new dimensions.

What we are telling you in this is that the Language of Ah - the divineness that you are - can come into your daily life. Do not sequester it to only your spiritual life, to only that "nice" part of you. Bring it into the part that drives down the street and that has to use all the senses to operate the car - the sight, the hearing, the touch, the wisdom, knowledge, feelings - all of these things come into play. Use your divinity when you're doing something so mundane as driving a car, but yet something where you can begin to apply your divinity.

In your health, when you are trying to determine what to put in that mouth and to take into your body… your sense of divinity will come in. It will come in through the nose, the mouth, the intellect, the feelings. So, acknowledge that it is there, and listen to it, and feel it, and sense it.

Now, you will not necessarily get it right the first time. Do not become frustrated. Continue to apply it. You will learn quite well. That is when you will get the "Ah" that we spoke about in our gathering last month. That is when there is a deepened understanding, and you go, "Ah, that is what my body has been wanting. But, I’ve been trying to deny it, because I’ve been on a damn diet!" (audience laughter) "Aaah. Ah, this brownie is exactly what I have been needing!" (more laughter).

The Language of Ah, dear friends… it is so simple. But, it is also like a child that is emerging from within you, expressing itself through the senses, through the corridors and the distribution channels that you already had opened. It is coming in through you, but it needs to be nurtured and loved, not challenged and shut down.

In this time of your Christmas and your holiday season, where there is celebration for the birthing of the Christ, celebrate the birthing of your own Christ and your own divinity. Use this time to allow expressions through all of the seven existing senses. Use it to have fun. Use it to go to a whole new level.

Now, we will be brief with our comments here, for Cauldre tells us time runs short and pizzas come in. (audience laughter) So, we will go directly to our questions on this day.


QUESTION: Dearest Tobias, how do we let our light shine, at the same time helping others to let their light shine?

TOBIAS: It is what we talked about today. Humans - you Shaumbra - have been searching for this mysterious and often elusive way to let your light shine. You have been looking for an eighth or ninth sense that would come in. Yet, it is in the seven that you already have! Your light can shine through every one of your existing senses. You are looking for something totally brand new, coming to you as if by magic. It is coming to you in what you already know, and in what you are already so proficient with, and working with.

Dear one, specifically in response to your question, your light IS shining. You are so filled with desire for service, but your light shines. You are ALREADY making such an impact on consciousness. As you work with the Language of Ah, you will begin to see the effect that you truly have. You will see how your light is shining and how it is changing things around you. You are - how to say - quite a generator of light. Now, let it express fully.


QUESTION: Last Christmas you spoke about the introduction of the clear crystal marble, representing Christ consciousness. The more I integrate that marble and move past duality, the more I become the marble in situations. I am in a situation now where I feel on a soul level that I am being called in to bring Christ consciousness into a state of duality, and it seems as if I am being resisted by the dark and the light equally. My inclination is to move away and move toward those that are ready. How should I navigate, and when is it appropriate to walk away? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, that is one of the largest challenges for Shaumbra, for you are integrating a new energy. This clear marble, this fourth element that we spoke of a while back… you were the ones bringing this. As you know, and as you have experienced, this can cause both the dark marble and the light marble to resist and resent you. This is duality in action!

You can see this in your own family situations. You now come in with a new clarity that neither of the other charged elements like so much. They will challenge you to the core. But, listen and feel with the Language of Ah as to why they challenge you. Understand that it is not about you, and you will come to realize the reason why those around you - from the light or from the dark - are challenging you.

They WANT to know how strong you are. They WANT to believe in you, but they cannot believe in you unless there is conviction and strength and wisdom behind who you now are. You will find this in work situations and in family situations. And, dear Shaumbra, you will find this particularly in spiritual situations. The ones who - how to say - wear the label of "light" will challenge you deeply! And, the ones, obviously, who wear the label of black will challenge you, but it will not hurt so much as the ones who challenge you who claim to work for the light.

The reason that they challenge you is because you represent change, and change is difficult for them. You know. You have been through it. The reason why they truly challenge you is that underneath it all, they WANT to believe you. They have found that their ways of limitedness and duality do not work anymore.

We see so many lightworkers who are frustrated because their expectations lie in duality! Their expectations, their dreams, and their goals are unbalanced to the light. Perhaps it will take a bit of studying of these words to understand what we mean. Now, you come along with a clarity, with an integration of light and dark, male and female, positive and negative. You come in with clear attributes, and they want to know, above all, that you are real.

They do not want to be lead down the road by another guru or another teacher who does not teach Truth. They do not want to spend another nickel at seminars and seminars that are fluffy. They do not want to read another book that leads them into more frustration, or more confusion. They challenge your clarity because they want to know you are true and you are strong. Thank you for this question.


QUESTION: Are there tools, techniques, or technologies already available that can help us learn how to use the Language of Ah?

TOBIAS: No. (audience laughter)


Now, we will back up a bit here. And, again Cauldre does not always like what we have to say, but we choose to say it anyway. You take classes. You take courses in many things, such as reading auras, such as - how to say - understanding past lives. These things have all been appropriate. They have gotten you to this place. But, dear friends, we ask you now to use your new sense and your divinity to feel whether these things are appropriate.

There are many new and emerging techniques, and we feel many of these facilitators will be consciously or subconsciously integrating much of this Language of Ah. They may not call it that. They may call it a "divine vibration." They may call it the "god sense". But, they are beginning to understand that there is a new energy emerging.

Use your own intuition to understand. Your intuition will come faster than your mind goes to work. You will know the answer before you hear it in any of your other places in your mind.

Now, also understand that there have been no books written. There have been no seminars created on the Language of Ah. It was only a bit over a month ago since we first talked of it. You are the ones to be doing that. You are the ones to be walking through it first, learning how to use it, and then helping others along the path. Your help may be in the form of a song, a book, a seminar. It may be simply in the form of a counseling with someone. It can take many different forms.

Dear Shaumbra, do not look to the others. You will have the responsibility for learning to use these things, and then being the teachers. Do not go to your bookshelves, or even to your Internet for information, because you have not written it yet.


QUESTION: (An audience question was asked about relationships. Because of the very personal nature of the question, Tobias chose not to directly answer it in front of the entire audience. Instead, he gave a general answer about relationships).

TOBIAS: Now, in answer to questions about relationships… this is very difficult for us specifically to answer.

Relationships are very intertwined with energies of the past potentials of the future. Relationships are old, in a sense, and very new, in a sense. This is another area we will talk of later in this Ascension Series. A whole discussion will be laid out about relationships. But, it is to say right now that there is no right or wrong answer about relationships.

If you go to a psychic or a medium, and they tell you that a relationship is no longer appropriate, it is time for you to leave. Yes, it is time for you to leave … it is time for you to leave that psychic or medium immediately!! (audience laughter)

There is no book on your side or ours that says a relationship is right or wrong, that says a relationship is new or old, that it is time to leave or not. This is one of the most challenging areas that we work with you on, for you ask us, "Should I leave Billy now?" How would we know? (audience laughter) Perhaps Billy should leave you for asking a question like that!! (much audience laughter)

When you do these things… when you ask another about your relationship… you are disempowering yourself. You are not using your divine senses that you now have so available to you. It is a simple question. It is a simple question. Are you being given the space to be divinely free by this other that you have chosen to journey with? And, do you still share in a common love and compassion with each other? Can there be a future built on mutual honoring with each other? Those are the questions. It is so simple, but you must answer them.


QUESTION: Tobias, thanks.

TOBIAS: (chuckling) We will say a word about that beyond, "You are welcome." Now, understand, dear friends, our role here is simply to bring forth to you the information that is already on the tip of your tongue, but you have not quite defined it yet. Our role here is to reflect back to you and to encourage you along the way, indeed. So, it is we that thank you for the work. It is we that understand you are on the edge of the edge. You are the ones taking the lead. As Yeshua and I have said here on this day, we are amazed at how you will break through the barriers, how you will withstand the pressure and the criticism from the duality all around you to continue moving forward with all this. Thanks.


QUESTION: Could you teach us how to be a good teacher, how to be better students?

TOBIAS: (emotional) Dear friends, there is no better group of students than the ones that sit here, than the ones who call themselves Shaumbra. There is no better group of students! Now, I, Tobias, have had the opportunity to work with other groups of humans, but THIS is family. This is the group so dedicated to the work that, even after challenging and difficult experiences with your relationships and your health, being criticized and ostracized by the very ones who are the closest to you, you continue to do the work. How could any of us - Yeshua, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Amael, all of us - how could we ask for any better students than the ones that sit here?

And, as you know, dear friends, the best teachers are the ones who have gone through the experience! The best teachers have opened their hearts and their compassion, so they would know exactly how to teach. The teaching that you do will be intuitive. It will be at the moment. It will be just in time. You will be responding to all of your divine and human senses to the situation around you. You will know, as the teacher, when to plant the seeds with your students. You will know, as the teacher, when to pull the weeds and nurture the crops. You will know when it is harvest time, when it is time to let your own student go. It will be difficult at times. You will want to hang on to that student, for you love their emerging energy. But, as the wise teacher, as the spiritual farmer, you will know when it is time to harvest and release them so your student too can now go be a teacher.

There is no better group than Shaumbra!


QUESTION: Last question. Tobias, what advice do you have for those translating this material into other languages?

TOBIAS: Translate it from your heart. Translate it in Truth. Use your divine senses when there are questions. And, above all, call me, for I will come, and I will speak to you in many different ways. I will help you to understand what was the energy behind the original words. There will be many different translations of this material for many, many years to come. And, there will be those who challenge a specific translated word or phrase. There will be some who will want to argue, "Tobias meant this, or Tobias meant that." Ask Tobias. I will tell you. I will share with you.

What will always remain intact in the translations is the energy behind the words. What will always come through, no matter who translates it, and no matter how accurately they do the translation, we are the ones on this side who translate the energy and the vibration, and it will always be laid down the same. The words might change. Vibrations will continue always through these translations that you have.

Now, it leads us to a closing comment here. It is up to you, all of Shaumbra and family, the ones that sit in this energy today and the ones that connect to it. How far you want to go with it, how far you are willing to bring this energy? We are not talking about sitting others down and making them read each word on the page, but we are talking about how far do we carry this message of the awakening divinity to others?

It is up to you. If you are so willing, and if you so accept the challenge, then you will get a lot of knocking at your door. You will get new opportunities. You will get those who seek your council and wisdom and advice. You will get those who open doorways for you also to put forth the learning materials, to put forth the information. We are not talking about lesson-by-lesson of the Tobias materials. We are talking about what is being created in your minds, in your heart, and your divine senses.

This group of Shaumbra has a dream. You have a dream to help bring this information to humanity, to help bring your experiences, and to help bring the single statement to all of humanity. And, that statement is, "You are God also." Dear Shaumbra, are you ready… are you ready to help others come to understand that they are God also? Are you ready to use your human and divine senses to help you do this? Are you ready to move to the next level? Challenging, perhaps, but if you allow it to be, it will be more playful than ever.

We will continue to intensify here the energies of this family, of the channels, of what we are challenging you with from an inside level. We are challenging you to be a divine human, challenging you to be God also. We will continue to put the pressure on in a loving but firm way.

In the meantime, dear friends, remember to take the time to breathe in your divinity. Allow it to come into your reality as you exhale. Take the time, as family and Shaumbra, to celebrate, enjoy, to have ceremony of joy for all that you are, and all that you do.

Now, go eat chocolate!! (referring to the Christmas party, followed by audience laughter and applauding)

And so it is.


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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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