Christ consciousness / divine consciousness

clear/crystal/pure consciousness;  christos consciousness;  spiritessence;
christ energy
Christ Self
God Selfhigher Selfdivine Selfsoul self;

< New Earth 5 > There came a time in your youth - some of you were 3, 4, 5 years old, some a bit older. You chose to take on an even stronger veil to forget, to hide, to temporarily bury that part of you, that Christ consciousness that you brought into this lifetime so strongly. You agreed to bury it for the time being for it was not appropriate to bring it out. The Earth was not in an appropriate space. So you hid it. You hid it out of love for your family, out of safety and protection for yourself. And then you forgot that you hid it.

< New Earth 8 > We ask you to remember a time that most of you here were involved in. That time was 2000 years ago, and most who are here walked with one known as Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus. Most of you met Yeshua personally at that time. Most of you sat together in groups like this, talking of the need for the Christ consciousness to be brought to Earth, not by one but by many. You experienced a very interesting time then. We ask you not to be ashamed or embarrassed within yourself to know that you were there at that time, that you walked with the Master of Love. It was part of your full contract, to come into contact to learn. For this one, known as Jesus, was the seed that had germinated, that sprouted the fruit that you tasted of. It was important that you tasted of that energy while you walked on Earth.

< New Earth 8 > Now we come to this lifetime. So you chose to come in, most of you in this room, from a time period generally - and this is not limited to - but generally shortly after your last World War up until what would be your approximate mid-1970's, and those are general, my friend. There are some who came in before and some who came in after, but this was a time period when most of you chose to come in - the seed bearers - what we call the Lost Children of Christ. You came in, my friends, each carrying the seed within you, the seed containing the crystalline white energy of the Christ consciousness that would be needed on this Earth should the Earth move into two, should the Earth begin the graduation process. The Lost Children of Christ, the seed bearers, are here tonight and many other places around your Earth.

< New Earth 8 > When you came in to this Earth, you were delivered at the hospital or other places. Your parents looked into your eyes and saw something different that they did not see in their other children or other people's children. And, in many cases, this frightened your parents. They did not understand. It seemed odd to look at pure love and Christ consciousness eye-to-eye (an experience that would be a wonderful, awesome event), but they were not prepared for what they saw. They were not prepared for the strength of the energy that you carried. And as you began your very early years, and you were still required to be in the hands of your parents, and they fed you and changed you. Many of them felt uncomfortable; they did not understand. They did not understand your strange patterns of sleep. They did not understand the supposed ramblings that you had as if you were talking to others. They did not understand why you were not like the other children. And their energy, my friends, conveyed to you as a small child that you were different, and you were unusual and perhaps odd. And you felt this in the core of your being; you felt that you were not satisfying something within your parents.

< New Earth 8 > That is why we sit here tonight to share with you, to help you to understand what you have gone through, to help you to understand that after the measurement of December 13th and the understanding of the balances and now the creation of the new Earth that the seeds are ready to come out. The seeds are important for they will begin to shine a light as energy for others to see. You carried this consciousness within you, all of these days. It was important, my friend, to have a human carrier of this seed, to have you. It is you.

< New Earth 8 > This is not an energy that could be delivered by asteroids or comets or the planets. Oh, they play a part in it, but it was energy that had to be brought in within you. That is why there was a time 2000 years ago where you walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph, when you saw what it was like for a single seed to germinate, to be part of that energy, so that one day you too could be a carrier. Each of you in this room has felt from time to time that you were perhaps crazy for feeling like you were Christ because your books had taught you that this is wrong, because they had taught there is only One. But the Master of Love Himself, the one you call Sananda, the one that you walked with, stands here tonight asking each of you to accept the Christ consciousness that you carry in order to allow the melding of the germinating seed with the divine light that comes in - to carry on, to bring the energy that you carry into this new Earth, to be the plant, to be the fruit of the Christ consciousness here on Earth. This is needed. This is needed.

< New Earth 8 > They work only in response to your intent, to your committed intent. This is different than the wondering of the mind. Your committed intent is when you verbalize or when you envision intent. When it is that you are working with another in healing, you are working to facilitate them, and you are allowing the Christ consciousness that you bring in to work with them, these, the runners, are the ones who will open energy conduits with your client's Higher Self and with Spirit. They are there in service to you.

< New Earth 8 > As they come in, you will feel a tingle of familiarity around your energy field. They will generally come in one-by-one over a period of time. They will not come in en masse, for this would disrupt some of the energy grids of your physical being. But they will let you know in their way that they are there, and you will feel them. They are not there to answer your questions, for you must ask within yourself. You must go back to the Christ consciousness, to the crystalline structure within you and begin to pull that from yourself.

< New Earth 8 > Do not ask your runners which way you should turn. They simply respond to your committed intent. Ask within, my dear friends, for you are the one that is responsible. You are the ones who have carried the seed within you. You are the ones who are planting the Christ consciousness in the new Earth energy.

< New Earth 8 > We will tell you now that there are certain parameters with this that you have set up for yourself but we will repeat to you. If you choose to use energy of the white light, the Christ consciousness, for totally self-serving purposes, it will not work. It will be blocked. You have set up this energy pattern for yourself in love and honor. Oh, it will not backfire on you, my friends, but if you choose to use this for selfish or self-serving purposes, it will be dormant for that intent.

< New Earth 8 > It is not that it is bad to use this energy for selfish purposes; certainly, it could be. But you have set up the energy dynamic that it would be dormant because you assumed that you would have all things that you needed. Begin walking in that space of trust and knowingness, that everything that you are is in perfection. Begin using the energy of the Christ consciousness with your committed intent and with the help of the runners who come in to work with you.

< New Earth 8 > Each and everything that comes your way has a purpose. You have brought it to you. It has been attracted. Begin to work with it. Begin to be creative, expressive beings. See no boundaries, for there are none in this energy of the new world. Be the healer and the teacher that you truly came to be. Allow the Christ consciousness to explode in joy around you.

< New Earth 9 > This energy carries some interesting attributes. It carries the energy of 33. Now, my friends, look at the sequence of events. There was what you have known as the 11:11 and the 12:12. The 12:12 is the number "1" and "2" separated by the colon. If you add each of these sides together, you have a "3" and "3." It represented the 2 faces or aspects of the 3rd dimension (human+divine on earth). And if you take out the separation (the colon), it is " 33." It is the Christ energy. It is the energy that is available for you to work with now. Look at your year 2012. You have considered to be a major time of change. The year 2012 represents the last year of the old energy. The Earth will then enter the year 2013, my friends, "2," plus "1," plus "3" - or " 33," the energy of the Christ consciousness. That is the energy that is becoming available for you now. It is the divine energy that you brought in as a seed that is now coming forth. In this classroom here you are being challenged to begin working with it.

< New Earth 9 > We also remind you that now as you begin working with your own Christ consciousness… even while still you remain on your side of the veil… each of you is beginning to have access to "runners."

< New Earth 10 > For there is a grand one… there is a grand one, who wants to be your light, who wants to integrate. It is your True Self, your Christ consciousness. As we have said, in your current human mind, even the human consciousness that you bring here today, you could not possibly imagine the depth of love and the depth of awareness and the depth of creativity that is contained within this divine human that you are becoming. It is time for the old human to release, to allow, and to do "NO-thing."

< New Earth 10 > With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year (1999) and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their "judgement."

< New Earth 10 > As the past continues to file by, as you continue to thank them and bless them… it is also, my friends, your ancestors who pass by, for they are you also - your grandparents, and their grandparents, and all who are in your biological lineage. Make no mistake about it, that you are also tied to them. But as your DNA changes and as the Christ consciousness emerges from its sleep, your own ancestors - who are you - also file past, file through the gateway and thank you and ask you for release to return to the oneness of your soul.

< New Earth 10 > With the awakening of the Christ consciousness and the releasing of all of your past lives, the releasing of the "dark angels," there is just you. And this provides the ideal energy now for your True Self to come in. It is time to allow this and to listen it and to be in the greatest place of trust with this happening.

< New Earth 10QA > In terms of the Lost Children of Christ, we are referring here to primarily the Christ consciousness, and indeed you have walked with many masters, but you have equally become frustrated with as many masters. That has been appropriate, my friends, for the days of following are long gone. Most who are in this room have followed masters of various types. Most have become frustrated, perhaps not with the master him or herself, but rather with what has been done with the teachings subsequently. Most of you that are here tonight and reading this have walked away from all spiritual involvement, from all religious involvement in total disgust and have walked a lonely and difficult path. Most of you who are here and reading this have vowed to find the Truth from within, and that is why we are here tonight.

< New Earth 11 > Let us tell you a little of the carpenters of your house, the ones who are building and keeping you awake at night. There are two who go by the name of Joseph. Joseph the carpenter, and Yeshua ben Joseph, the carpenter’s son. They are working with you on your new house. They are helping to frame the energy of the Christ consciousness. It is no wonder that they were called the carpenters in your sacred books.

< Creator 5QA > This fourth element is coming into your human energy composition. Cauldre asks here, "Where does this element come from? Does it come from the first circle?" And the answer to that is, "No." This is difficult to explain here, but this fourth element is the "child" of the white and the black. It is birthed from the relationship of your white and the black energy balance. It comes from the great love and dynamics that there are between these two. It is what you would call the Christ child. Understand that all of these things we speak of are happening within you at this time. There is the birthing of the Christ consciousness within your energy composition.

< Creator 6 > They have been amazed at what you have done, and what is like to be on Earth, to be in duality, to have no remembrance of who you truly are. They are honored that you are coming back into remembrance. They are honored when they see that you have gone from the energy of "two," and you are now beginning a new balance. You are bringing in the energy of the Christ consciousness. When there is appropriate mass, when enough Shaumbra and enough lightworkers around your world have brought in and integrated this energy of the Christ consciousness, then it will be their turn to begin coming in.

< Creator 6 > Dear friends, when the greater part of Jack that was in the cocoon decided to awaken, it was like an infant. Oh, you think the True Self is like your father or mother? No, it is like the infant. As it awakens, the first thing it longs to do is to reunite with you. As the True Self is awakening and coming forth from its cocoon, it is seeking to find you. When it does, dear friends, this is what we call the awakening of the Christ consciousness that is within.

< Creator 6 > The process of the awakening of your divinity is so deeply personal within you that we could not possibly begin to define it. You will come to understand.

< Creator 10 > The Divine Will is not owned outside of yourself. The Divine Will is contained within. When you move into Divine Will, when you release the old Free Will, you once again make a type of connection with Spirit. It becomes a conscious connection and a conscious understanding that you have not felt for eons of time. Divine Will is not sitting and waiting for God, for Spirit, to tell you what to do. It is an understanding that it is already a part of you. It is an inner understanding that Spirit is there, that there are no outside voices to listen to, that Spirit and God and Divinity and the Christ Consciousness is already within you. Divine Will is listening to this deep, passionate inner voice.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago the energy of Earth was appropriate to begin bringing this seed of divine consciousness - what we sometimes call the Christ consciousness - from the outer realms and dimensions where it existed. For you know your consciousness does not truly exist within your biology. It exists on levels and planes surrounding you. It is much like your movie projector. The consciousness - the film and the projector - are in one location, and the image is projected onto another. In a sense, you are the image of your consciousness projected into 3D, projected into this body that you carry, projected into this Earth that you walk on.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago it became appropriate to begin bringing more of this consciousness to Earth, to your reality, to your 3D. At that time there were families of angels who chose to come in to help facilitate this process. There were individuals who received notoriety for this. There was the one who is called Buddha - Siddhartha - who came in with many, many others. It was not just the Buddha who brought in the consciousness. It was all who came in at that time and the surrounding times.

< Creator 12 > Then there was a group also, the ones we call Shaumbra, who came in 2000 years ago. You came in, knowing it was time to bring this Christ consciousness from the outer realms to Earth. You were the carriers of this. You helped to bring this in. Many of you here walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph. Many of you lived in surrounding lands at that very time. Many of you came in right after the time of Jeshua Ben Joseph when the energy was still strong and sharp. You helped to set up the new churches. These churches were the incubators for the Christ consciousness. You are the ones who helped to bring this in.

< Creator 12 > When it is abundance you choose to create in your life, do not be so specific with it, but rather breathe in abundance, and understand that it is not coming from the outside. It is coming from within you. When you breathe it in you are allowing this awakening divinity, this Christ consciousness within, to now come from the outer realms of who you are into your very being. You allow it to manifest in your life. When you are paying your bills, breathe in abundance. Breathe in abundance. When your body aches and hurts and is in disease, dear friends, breathe in, breathe deeply, breathe in biological balance.

< Creator 12QA > We want to see you continue to do the work, to help all of this Earth and all of the humans upon it transition into the new energy. Transition means to bring forth the divine consciousness that has been hidden within all of you since you left Home.

< Ascension 1 > You are the ones who started the churches all over the world. No wonder that you feel somewhat ambivalent about them on these days! But you were the ones who started these. These were the temples. These were the churches where the Christ seed would begin its growth process and would reach out to the others. For these past 2,000 years, dear Shaumbra, you have been coming back lifetime after lifetime, learning how to bring this energy in, providing the space and the energy for it to grow. And you know from our past words with you, now is the time for this to come forward.

< Ascension 1 > And how do you best do this? You breathe it in. You breathe it in. This energy of divinity is within you. It is in your body. It is in your consciousness. It exists all around you. We look at you now, and we can see it. It is so young. It is so innocent. It is the child. Although it is your own divinity from Home, it comes back to you now, and it comes through as the child. You are the ones who have the responsibility now to nurture it, to listen to its needs, to love it and to care for it. As you do, you will find that it takes very playful form, that it becomes very expressive.

< Ascension 1 > The vision, going back some 2,500 years ago, dear friends and Shaumbra, was to bring this seed of Christ consciousness into this grand and glorious planet of yours. And as you did, and as you now allow it to emerge, to come through you, to be breathed through you, this opens a whole new - what would you say - you call them "portals." It opens whole new pathways, not into the darkness of your outer space, but it opens pathways all the way back through what used to be the void, all the way through the Wall of Fire back Home to the kingdom. As you open these pathways through the work you do, through the consciousness changes that you are going through and through breathing, this allows All That Is, the kingdom of God and Goddess, to now begin their journey from Home to you.

< Ascension 5QA > Indeed, that is one of the largest challenges for Shaumbra, for you are integrating a new energy. This clear marble, this fourth element that we spoke of a while back… you were the ones bringing this. As you know, and as you have experienced, this can cause both the dark marble and the light marble to resist and resent you. This is duality in action!

You can see this in your own family situations. You now come in with a new clarity (christ consciousness) that neither of the other (light and dark) charged elements like so much. They will challenge you to the core. But, listen and feel with the Language of Ah as to why they challenge you. Understand that it is not about you, and you will come to realize the reason why those around you - from the light or from the dark - are challenging you.

They WANT to know how strong you are. They WANT to believe in you, but they cannot believe in you unless there is conviction and strength and wisdom behind who you now are. You will find this in work situations and in family situations. And, dear Shaumbra, you will find this particularly in spiritual situations. The ones who - how to say - wear the label of "light" will challenge you deeply! And, the ones, obviously, who wear the label of black will challenge you, but it will not hurt so much as the ones who challenge you who claim to work for the light.

The reason that they challenge you is because you represent change, and change is difficult for them. You know. You have been through it. The reason why they truly challenge you is that underneath it all, they WANT to believe you. They have found that their ways of limitedness and duality do not work anymore.

We see so many lightworkers who are frustrated because their expectations lie in duality! Their expectations, their dreams, and their goals are unbalanced to the light. Perhaps it will take a bit of studying of these words to understand what we mean. Now, you come along with a clarity, with an integration of light and dark, male and female, positive and negative. You come in with clear (non-charged) attributes, and they want to know, above all, that you are real.

< Ascension 11QA > And, you share an experience so much closer in time, the time of some two thousand years ago when you incarnated to bring in and to open up something that has been called the Christ Consciousness.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, the energies of Camelot join the energies of Yeshua - interesting combination here today - and Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed to hand you the baton… not to leave you alone, dear friends… for as we always say, "You are never alone"… but to say, "It is time for you now to carry this seed of Christ consciousness even further for those who are ready. These masters… they were ones who helped to spread the Christ consciousness. This was not just about Yeshua. Within Buddha was the consciousness of Christ… and within Mohammed… within Moses indeed… many others. But, now it is up to you.

< NewEnergy 11QA > We use the term "Christ consciousness" quite broadly. And, at its core it would mean a "crystal consciousness" or a "clear consciousness," not held back by things such as karma and such as duality in its simplest state. Yeshua - or also known as Jesus - was one of the first to come in with this energy of Christ consciousness. So many of you helped to bring in the initial seeds of this several thousands of years ago. It created a potential on Earth at the time that would grow and grow and grow.

The Christ consciousness is not a person. It is an attribute of clarity and simplicity and moving beyond duality. And, it can be embodied and brought into your everyday life. Quite simply it has been brought in by many of those who you have called Masters, such as Buddha, and such as Mohammed, and such as Yeshua. All held within them the Christ consciousness, but it could not be expressed as fully and demonstrated in life as you can now do. So, the Christ consciousness is clarity and release from the past. It is, at its core, also energies coming back into balance and expanding once again.

< Embodiment 8 > This hypnosis of religion holds so much of the consciousness of Earth right now. I am not speaking ill of the churches. I'm only trying to state facts. I can't speak ill of the churches. You and I helped to create them. We created them for a different purpose, especially two thousand years ago. We created some of the initial churches, some of the initial ways of humankind, as we were birthing this divine seed, this Christ consciousness on Earth. As you came into incarnation, you realized it was so hard to maintain the divine seed, the Christ consciousness in a very hostile and difficult world. So, you started to build churches, physical places that could be sacred, that could hold the sacred energy, that could house the divine Christ energy until it was time to truly radiate throughout all of the world. So, you helped to build the physical churches.

< Embodiment 8 > It (your family) didn't serve you very well as a radiant being in your early years because you were trying to glow, and you were trying to open up. You were trying to let that Christ consciousness come into this reality. And, it was shut down through family members who let you know very quickly that you shouldn't be shining your light… that you should be humble… that you should be small… that you are insignificant… that you should not be so pompous, as I've been called (some laughter)… that you shouldn't be so sure of yourself.

< Clarity 5 > Take the energy of Yeshua, Jesus. As we have said before, Yeshua is not a souled being. Yeshua is a composite. It is a collective energy of a large group of angels, including you, that helped to bring it into manifestation. The energy was so strong, filled with so much compassion and love that you were literally able to manifest "Christed-ness," the Christ seed, the Christ consciousness and allow it to come into a physical body, a collective energy from all of you - and many others, of course - coming in at the appropriate time to Earth. Yeshua, in a sense, you could say, is not real at all, not real in the terms that you would normally think. It doesn't have an actual soul identity. But, yet Yeshua has come to mean so much.

< Teacher 5 > You were there. I was there. We planted the seeds. And now, over 2,000 years later, we are here harvesting. That is what you are here doing, harvesting this Christ seed energy. This Christ seed that has grown into a beautiful new consciousness. This beautiful new consciousness that you and I helped to start has grown and prospered. It's gotten strong and healthy. Even in spite of all the consciousness weeds growing around it. Even in spite of drought - consciousness drought. Even in spite of consciousness storms, this new Christ consciousness has grown, has evolved.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > In terms of the Christ Consciousness/Christ Seed, again, we deal with all of these different definitions, but it comes from the root energy "crystal" or "Christos," "clear" or "new." It is not that it has to do with Jesus Christ, as it were, or the Christ that you read about in your holy scriptures. It is about the clearness or the newness. So when it was referred to that the Christ Seed had been planted, the Christ Consciousness is here, it means the new. Basically, New Energy.

Two thousand years ago so many of you were here on Earth in that general time era to plant the seeds of new consciousness that are now coming out. You've come back to be the ones to harvest what is coming in as new consciousness so you can therefore share it with others in the world. This is the new consciousness I talked about earlier.

< Master 4 > You are divine consciousness. You are a souled being. Nobody can ever take that soul away. Your soul is consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. If you took away your physical body, your mind, your memories and everything else, you're still awareness, because you're always going to be aware of yourself. Even if everything is stripped away, even if you go back to the time when you went through the Wall of Fire into nothingness, you're still aware of yourself, and that was the scary part - aware of yourself in nothing. It's also a wonderful part, because it caused you to start creating.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

< Discovery 5 > For Yeshua it ended on the cross, and there's a lot of stories what really happened. But he really did leave the physical body. He didn't die for your sins, because there is no such as sin. But he did die for you to come back, to incarnate back on Earth. He left so that those who would become the new Masters would come in. So in a sense you could say the second coming of Christ, the Christ consciousness, the second coming, the incarnation – so that you would reincarnate, would come back at this time right now. So for him it ended on a cross, and he did show up later energetically. He rose from the dead, integrated his body, but he showed up energetically just to remind the Apostles and to remind all that there really is no death. It keeps going.

< Kharisma 2 > For many of you it's been both –  Yeshua, several thousand years ago; me, now. Am I comparing myself to Yeshua? Sure. (laughter) Why not? Is it some sacred territory, because in fact you and me are and were Yeshua. We were that Christ seed consciousness that came to this planet. Now you're coming back to realize the very Christ consciousness that you implanted. You're coming back to realize what you have always been, what you have always, always been. It's nothing new. It's who you truly are.

< Transhuman 4 > I still like to call it Christmas time. That may not be politically correct, I guess you're supposed to call it the “Holiday Season,” but to me it's the time of the year when we all remember why we came here – to plant the Christ Seed consciousness on Earth. It's not really about the birth of Yeshua, which didn't take place in December at all. He was a Pisces. It is really about that time to remember why we came here, the Christ Seed consciousness. We came here for a new hope, something on Earth, ultimately what would be the integration of humanity and divinity together. That's what Christmas time is all about.

< Transhuman 9 > This beautiful Tree of Sensuality – like I said, they talk about the Tree of Life, but it's really the Tree of Sensuality – this beautiful tree represents crystals, the very thing that this planet was seeded with so long ago by the angelic beings prior to human arrival. The crystals themselves held energy. They emitted light and they emitted energy, but a different type of energy, a very different type, something that we'll talk about today. Crystals themselves embedded in the Earth. As a matter of fact, the core of Earth isn't just a bunch of hot molten lava. It is a huge crystal and it has been such an important part of this planet, because a crystal represents clarity. Crystal is symbolic of Christos or the Christ. Not Yeshua, Christ, but the Christ consciousness or the Christed consciousness within each of you.