World Wars

the final battle of light and dark;

< New Earth 8 > There was a knowingness in the consciousness of all things that this last century on your Earth would be a both challenging and difficult but potentially a most rewarding time. There was the understanding that your world wars, which were true tests, true battles of dark and light, could terminate the Earth at that point. Then there was understanding that as you entered into your nuclear age that these had the potentials to put Earth at its end - somewhat similar to the endings on Atlantis. There was the equal potential to go either way " light or dark " of the end of this time on Earth or the continuation into two Earths. There was this understanding that each of you have.

< New Earth 8 > Now we come to this lifetime. So you chose to come in, most of you in this room, from a time period generally - and this is not limited to - but generally shortly after your last World War up until what would be your approximate mid-1970's, and those are general, my friend. There are some who came in before and some who came in after, but this was a time period when most of you chose to come in - the seed bearers - what we call the Lost Children of Christ. You came in, my friends, each carrying the seed within you, the seed containing the crystalline white energy of the Christ consciousness that would be needed on this Earth should the Earth move into two, should the Earth begin the graduation process. The Lost Children of Christ, the seed bearers, are here tonight and many other places around your Earth.

< Creator 12 > There has been much work you have done in this lifetime. As you know, things could have not worked out quite so well. There could have been destruction. There could have been termination around the time that began at your second world war, up through the time of your millennium. But that did not happen. Here you sit. Here you sit, ready for the next step, ready for the next level.

< Ascension 1 > You look back on when you came to Earth in this lifetime. For some it was shortly before the great war (World War II), the war of light and dark. You knew your energies would be needed on Earth during this war and immediately after it. You knew that this was a turning point and a challenging time for all of human history. You knew prior to coming in that there was a great karmic clearing that would take place and with it all the learnings and the understandings and the emotions. This was a phenomenal time period shortly before your World War II. It was, as your books and prophets would say, the final battle, the final battle of light and dark.

< Ascension 1 > But you know, dear friends, it (World War II) really was not about light and dark. It was the final clearing for much of humankind. It was the final clearing for major spiritual families that had came in. For the ones of Israel - indeed - it was a time of clearing and retribution, with the rest of the world watching. The world watched to see if they would hide, or to see if they would take part, to see if they would raise their swords for justice and love, or to see if they would turn their back on their own brothers.

< Ascension 1 > Many of you came in at this time, knowing that your energies would be needed shortly after this battle (WWII). Most of you were standing at the gates, waiting to come in as soon as this final clearing, this final battle of light and dark, took place. You rushed in. You found every available means of getting here, and now look at what you have - a big population boom! Many of you came in, rushing in at that time, knowing that there were challenges and difficulties ahead. Yet you made choices. You selected from the many potentials that existed to come in at that time, in your late 1940's, your 1950's, your 1960's. These were the turbulent years. These were the years that were predicted to be the End Times. Many on our side of the veil - many, many, many - assumed that there would be a final clearing and destruction of Earth in order to bring things to the next level.

< Ascension 1 > On your deathbed now, looking back over your lifetime, you knew you came in to be ones who planted energy and love to prevent these type of things from happening. If you had left the planet at that time (WWII), you would still have done a great service. You would have fulfilled so much for all of humankind, simply by being an energetic presence on Earth to help prevent this from happening. Many of you began your spiritual studies in earnest shortly after this, this thing you would call the New Age, your spirituality. Others of you simply knew it was not time. Your energy would be needed again later, and you set out in life, seemingly apathetic to all of this spiritual stuff.

< DivineHuman 9 > What you see happening in the war is a result of your changing consciousness. Yes, the war is your fault. (audience laughter) It could have been devastating. It could have been Armageddon. It could have been all across your world - World War III - but this time played with nuclear bombs. The war, yes, is your fault because it is isolated to a small area. There are only a small number of humans who will transition during the process. They have given of themselves for the changes to occur. The war will be quick. It does not have to play havoc on human consciousness. The war is televised in real-time in your Expanded Now so that you can see the effects, so that all of humanity can tap in and go through a consciousness change, go to a new point of separation.

< DivineHuman 10QA > The Jehovah family bonds are not just from lifetimes on Earth. They are from a group prior to coming to Earth, back before Earth was ever created. This was more of a celestial group called - how to spell - C-I-D-A, Cida, that you were all part of.

We emphasize that so many groups and religions right now have ties from long before they ever came to Earth, including the tribe of Israel that I was a part of. We were a group that knew each other so very well prior to coming to Earth. We brought much karma with us when we came to Earth.

This was intensified during the period of Atlantis, where our group tended to rule Atlantis. We tended to dominate. We were a very elite group. There was a karmic condition and karmic cleansing that the children of Israel, the Jewish tribe, agreed to. This is what you know as World War II.

< NewEnergy 10 > Let us talk for a moment about this movie called the "Wizard of Oz" and the song behind it, "Over the Rainbow." This movie was a hit. It was popular in your time of the late 1930's, right before the advent of World War II, which was really, in a sense, a battle of the light and the dark, a battle to see where Earth would go, a battle to see if the energies of dark or light would dominate. We have to say that Earth came to an understanding, and is now beginning to come to the consciousness that neither side won or lost. It was about bringing the energies together. It was about no more warring back and forth between the light and the dark elements, no more of the two-thirds/one-third going back and forth. That is so much about what World War II was about, not who would win ultimately, but how the energies could be brought back together.

< Embodiment 1 > And, this was towards what we would call the end of your grand World War. It was in the days where it was quite well known what direction this war would take; for the war, this World War II of yours, was such a time of decision and new direction. But, on this date 60 years ago the direction was known at least on our side. Oh, indeed it could have changed. But, things were so well-established at that point that those in Order of the Arc sent out a call for a whole new legion to reincarnate on Earth, or to join the few that had already come down.

< Teacher 3 > We're telling Shaumbra right now: "Go out, invest. Go out, build. Go out and do things because the world's not going to fall apart." The energies are not in that form right now. There have been times of course, as you know, in the world where the energies were about anger and aggression and war. World wars, wars that could have brought about Atlantis part two, the downfall. The energies of Earth aren't like that right now. They're different. There will still be some battles between countries. There'll still be what you call these suicide bombings, but these will not take place on a large scale.

< QLCeleb 1 > As we passed along the landscape of consciousness, together we experienced other shifts and changes. The early 1500's. The late 1800's with the Industrial Revolution. Most of you were there for that as well. Then again we saw another shift in this whole thing called consciousness shortly after World War II. When the humans had decided they would choose to go forward, they would choose to try to find this thing called peace amongst each other. They would choose to live and work and cooperate together rather than to destroy each other, rather than to try to take over the world. Have you noticed that it would be impossible right now for any country, for any one leader or for any group of people to take over the world? It can't be done because of the shift in consciousness that we all saw right after World War II.

< Master 6 > There were several major shifts in consciousness, one immediately after World War II - a big shift of consciousness - followed by changes in technology. There was another shift in the early 60's - huge shift in consciousness - that opened the door once again for technological advancement. Look what happened in the late 60's and the early 70's in terms of the explosion of new technologies. Sometimes it took a while to get to you, but consciousness comes first and then things like technology and science and business and government come next.